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RED sky at night UNITED delight!

Comment from Barry Leeming:    MARK HUGHES THE LEGEND

  Yes we must all be happy for this master of football.
  He left Old Trafford twice and all to early :(
  Chelsea were 2-0 down, goals from Poyet Zola had drawn the scores level to 2-2. 
  Mark came on with 15 mins left 2-2, Vicenza were going thro' on away goals.
         (we all know about that rule)

  It was on 76 mins, Mark first wins a difficult header, slips his man
  and a first time volley right in the bottom corner past a helpless goalkeeper.
  Wonderful goal just like in the final v Barcelona for United,
  just like v Oldham in the FA Cup semi, just how many times has this
  wonderful player come through with important goals?
  3-2! A place in the Cup Winners Cup Final v Stuttgart in Stockholm May 98
  All this was good for English Football, Mark Hughes and Chelsea.
 A Manchester United Legend!

Date: Fri Apr 17 06:51:05 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1. United reserves v Birmingham City reserves
2. Giggs and Johnsen back soon
3. Results from  Arsenal v Wimbledon


TODAY's Birthday Boy 34! Richard Martin "J-stand": Famous REDS in the pub pic from Derby October 97 are Alan, Kerry, Richard and your editor Barry, click on pic for more!
X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 14:34:39 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: L Harvey (by way of Red Devils Mailing List ) Subject: United reserves v Birmingham City reserves United reserves 2 Birmingham City reserves 0 (Solksjaer, Mulryne) Last night, as we sat freezing to death, trying to see the players through a curtain of snow, I did actually question my own sanity! What a bloody mad woman!! A look at the team sheet suddenly made the journey seem worthwhile - May, Berg, Cruyff, Sheringham and Ole, all appearing. Along, of course, with the every faithful (and wonderful) Choccy. Add Raimond van de Gorgeous and a liberal sprinkling of youngsters and it looked like we were in for a treat. There was also a talking point as Schmeichel appeared to sit on the bench with the coaches - is he already looking at a career in coaching? The game didn't really live up to expectations. The first half was fair, with goals from Ole and Philip Mulryne, but most of the good football came from the younger members of the team. Clegg, Curtis, Mulryne and Ben Thornley in particular, were excellent. Jordi impressed me with his attitude (not something heard very often recently!). He seems to have decided he is going to fight for his career here. He played well in patches, putting Ole through for the first goal. May was, as always, strong and dependable. Sheringham was, as always, anonymous. Berg was middling. We were 2-0 up at half-time and cruising. Fergie had obviously seen what he had come to see by half-time and neither May nor Sheringham reappeared after the break. (Make of that what you will) The snow and ice whipped around the stadium in the second half, and to be honest, neither team seemed really bothered about anything other than getting through the game and getting in a warm bath! We found ourselves constantly looking at our watches hoping it was nearly over and we could go home! There was a bit of excitement when Birmingham got a penalty but Raimond saved it and became the night's hero! The only other excitement was Choccy falling over and hurting his finger and looking towards the bench as if to say "Dad, I've hurt myself". I managed to control myself and did not rush on immediately to kiss it better! So the score stayed the same and the best team (probably) won. Man of the match? Difficult to choose but probably Raimond for the penalty save and a couple of other saves late on in the match. Choccy also has to have a mention though. not just for his bravery in playing on with a sore finger, but also for appearing on the pitch 5 minutes before everyone else for the second half, in the middle of a blizzard, wearing a short-sleeved shirt. As he strode manfully towards the centre of the pitch (and the rest of the players cowered in the dressing room) he got a loud cheer from the crowd! United: Van de Gouw, Clegg, Curtis, May (Healy), Berg, Mulryne, McClair, Cruyff, Solskjaer , Sheringham (Notman), Thornley plus one unidentified sub! Birmingham: Poole, Gardner, Rea, Ablett, Gill, Johnson, Holland, Dyson, Dukes, Furlong, Forster. Subs: Forinton, Hinton, Needham. ****************************************************** Linda Harvey linda@eccles.u-net.com ******************************************************
TODAY's Birthday Boy 34! Richard Martin "J-stand": Famous REDS in the pub pic from Derby October 97 are Alan, Kerry, Richard and your editor Barry, click on pic for more!
X-Sender: helgi@pophost2.business.auc.dk X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Light Version 3.0.3 (32) Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 15:13:07 +0200 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Helgi Adalsteinsson Subject: Giggs and Johnsen back soon To: MUFC@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU Injury boost for duo United look set to welcome back two star players for the trip to Selhurst Park a week on Monday when they take on Crystal Palace. Defender Ronnie Johnsen and winger Ryan Giggs both were forced out of the action against Liverpool over the Easter programme and both were thought doubtful to return before the end of the season. However it is good news for Alex Ferguson who has learnt that Johnsen's ankle ligament damage is no where near as bad as first thought. Giggs had to be taken off in the 1-1 draw with Roy Evans' men because of a recurrence of his hamstring strain but all the signs are that he will be fit for the game against the Eagles but not this weekend's match against struggling Newcastle United. Ferguson confirmed: "Thankfully neither are as bad as we first thought." Good news, good team and a good miracle please ;) HELGI ADALSTEINSSON Aalborg University helgi@business.auc.dk http://www.business.auc.dk/~helgi
TODAY's Birthday Boy 34! Richard Martin "J-stand": Famous REDS in the pub pic from Derby October 97 are Alan, Kerry, Richard and your editor Barry, click on pic for more!
X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.0.1457.3) Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:30:40 +0200 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Ian GRANT Subject: Results from Arsenal v Wimbledon Comments: To: "RED DEVIL List (E-mail)" To: MUFC@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU I'll try (as I always do) and post something regarding our fixture with Newcastle but since destiny is not completely within our own hands these results become 'United related'. They certainly make for interesting reading, not that they'll mean anything come 3pm on Saturday: 1996-1997 Feb 23, 1997 Arsenal - Wimbledon 0 - 1 1995-1996: Dec 30, 1995 Arsenal - Wimbledon 1 - 3 1994-1995: May 4, 1995 Arsenal - Wimbledon 0 - 0 1993-1994: Apr 19, 1994 Arsenal - Wimbledon 1 - 1 Cheers, ------------------------------------- Ian Grant, igrant@businessobjects.com -------------------------------------
TODAY's Birthday Boy 34! Richard Martin "J-stand": Famous REDS in the pub pic from Derby October 97 are Alan, Kerry, Richard and your editor Barry, click on pic for more!
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.2106.4 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4 Date: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 21:49:17 +0800 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Red Devil Marcus Subject: Carling POBORSKY CASH ON THE WAY / FIRST CLASS STAM Man United 16 Apr 1998 POBORSKY CASH ON THE WAY Manchester United are finally set to receive Karel Poborsky's missing transfer fee now Benfica say they have the money to settle the deal. United have yet to be paid a single penny for the Czech Republic international, who joined the Portuguese club for a reported 3million at the end of December. Benfica, managed by Graeme Souness, cited financial problems in raising the money. United called in FIFA to intervene, and Benfica are now ready to pay the first instalment. FIFA spokesman Keith Cooper said: ``We've been told by the Portuguese FA that Benfica can now start paying. They're doing the decent thing and paying up the money.'' Benfica were in danger of being penalised for non-payment. Man United 16 Apr 1998 FIRST CLASS STAM WORTH EVERY PENNY - TOMASSON Manchester United have been told that Dutch defender Jaap Stam will be worth every penny of the 12million they may have to pay for him. That's the view of Newcastle striker Jon Dahl Tomasson, who crossed swords with Stam several times while he was playing for Heerenveen in the Dutch League. United were told today that they must continue their wait to sign the 25-year-old PSV Eindhoven star with Stam set for talks with club officials in Holland. But Danish international Tomasson has no doubts that Stam will be worth the wait for United fans. ``It is difficult to say whether he's worth that amount of money,'' said Tomasson. ``But in football now they are paying many millions for almost any player and while I can't say he's worth it I don't think he is in any way overrated. He is top class.'' The Dutch champions have said that there will be no further dialogue with United until Stam has met PSV President Harry van Raay and football director Frank Arnesen. Former Danish international Arnesen is away from the club at the moment but will return shortly to talk with the central defender. A PSV spokesman said: ``There is an intention to have a meeting between Frank Arnesen and Jaap Stam. ``Mr Arnesen is not here at the moment and when he is here there will be a meeting between them and Jaap Stam.'' Newcastle faced Stam in their first ever taste of Champions' League football this season and also in a pre-season tournament in Dublin. Tomasson remembers their encounter in Ireland clearly, not only because he scored twice in a 3-2 semi-final win but also because of Stam's battle with England captain Alan Shearer. He said: ``I remember their meeting pre-season. Alan is one of the strongest forwards that I have ever come across and yet he found Stam equally as tough and he had some problems against him. ``Their battle was a highlight of the match and because I remember this I believe the Dutchman would do well in the Premiership. ``I think he is a brilliant player. He is the best defender in Holland and in that position in the middle of the defence, he is without doubt the best. ``He is strong, intelligent, good with the ball and fast as well. He has a little bit of everything which makes him one of the very best.'' With Shearer out through injury, Tomasson was partnered in both of the Champions' League defeats against PSV by Wales legend Ian Rush. And the former Liverpool star said of his meeting with Stam: ``He's very strong, clearly a fine player and really he's like a typical English centre half. ``There aren't that many of those type about these days. If they are going to strengthen then he's a good player to go for. ``He's a class player certainly from what I remember of him.''
TODAY's Birthday Boy 34! Richard Martin "J-stand": Famous REDS in the pub pic from Derby October 97 are Alan, Kerry, Richard and your editor Barry, click on pic for more!
Man United 15 Apr 1998 Subject: BECKHAM KEPT HUNGRY IN EARLY YEARS David Beckham has revealed that it was a fear of embarrassment which led to him becoming one of the country's best players. The Manchester United and England midfielder added that his manager Alex Ferguson used basic psychology to bring on the youngster in his formative years. Beckham said: ``He gives you the confidence but he doesn't give you too much of it. ``He can bring you into the first team for training for two days on the trot. And then for two weeks you won't be training with the first team again. ``That was how it went. ``The first time I really got into the squad the manager wasn't really using me a lot - I was on the bench and sometimes I wasn't even getting changed. ``And it kept me hungry. I always wanted to be there. Once I got a taster for it I felt sort of embarrassed that I wasn't there. ``When I got to Manchester I didn't want people down London saying `Oh he's back in a couple of years because he's crap. Didn't make the standard.' ``It was a sort of an embarrassment,'' Beckham told Arena magazine.
TODAY's Birthday Boy 34! Richard Martin "J-stand": Famous REDS in the pub pic from Derby October 97 are Alan, Kerry, Richard and your editor Barry, click on pic for more!
Subject: UNITED CLOSE IN ON STAM UNITED CLOSE IN ON STAM + SIMPLE FOR STAM 16.April By David Anderson, PA Sport Jaap Stam took another step closer to joining Manchester United today following a meeting between his agent and PSV Eindhoven. PSV are prepared to do business below their original 15million asking price if Stam makes a personal sacrifice and United increase their offer. Stam is desperate to move to Old Trafford and PSV told his agent Don van Dalen they will let the Dutch international go if he waives his 15 per cent cut of the transfer fee. PSV rejected United's second bid, believed to be around 9.5million, but are willing to sell Stam under these conditions. The deal would be a world record for a defender and it would also make the 25-year-old the champions' most expensive signing. PSV spokesman Pedro Salazar-Hewitt said: "The difference between what Manchester United want to pay and what we want is too big. "Jaap Stam has a clause in his contract which entitles him to 15 per cent of the fee and if he lets that go, then we will be a little bit closer. "The difference, though, is bigger than 15 per cent and that will not be enough on its own. "It's not a question of us saying that we expect Jaap Stam to give up his 15 per cent. "We want to give him his 15 per cent, but Manchester have to pay more too. "We have a right to the money which we want for him and we need money in the bank to buy other players. "That's what we told his agent and it's now down to Jaap Stam and Manchester." United chief executive Martin Edwards has claimed they do not want to become involved in a "Dutch auction" in the bidding to buy Holland's Player of the Year. But United could finally clinch a deal if they put an extra 1-2million on the table on top of Stam's slice of the fee." ---------------------------------------------- Simple for Stam By Nigel Clarke Friday, April 17, 1998 Jaap Stam is a disarmingly simple man. Use any derogatory euphemism you like to describe him and he won't be offended. Stubborn, old fashioned, pedantic even boring - none of these would even cause him to turn his menacing head in your direction. If he ordered a sandwich it would be brown bread and cheese, not pumpernickel and pastrami. So when he has set his mind on a move to Manchester United, the whole PSV structure could crumble behind him as he closed the dressing room door and he wouldn't blink. It's that simple. The lucrative contract which 'commits' him to PSV Eindhoven for another five years impresses him as much as a verbal contract used to impress movie mogul Sam Goldwyn - not worth the paper it is written on. The fact that another four internationals want to get out of PSV as fast as they can, because they reckon the side is finished without Stam, is neither here nor there to the object of Manchester United's affection. He said: 'The team might well be weak next season because of my departure. Maybe my announcement that I'm going to leave has started the other players thinking about what's going to happen next season and that is maybe why they want to leave also. 'But if you want to move to Manchester United you have to think of yourself. You cannot think "oh, if I leave, PSV will get weaker so I should stay".' Don't mistake the lack of sentiment for greed, although one might ask what does a five-year contract really signify if you can tear it up less than a year later? It is just that Stam, as I say, is a simple man. We conducted our conversation in his sleek silver Mercedes while he drove me from where he was having physiotherapy on a slight injury to Eindhoven train station. He volunteered the idea, and went a little out of his way, because he saw it as the only practical solution when his treatment over-ran and he was chasing another appointment with his agent Ton Van Dalen. When asked why he supported Manchester United as a boy he said, without a hint of sarcasm or irony: 'What do you want to hear?' The slight weariness in his voice is not yet wariness, but it is another indication of his preference not to gild the lily. He supported United from the age of eight because all the other kids with whom he used to kick a football against parked cars supported Ajax and United. Now he can't even name one of the United team of 17 years ago and he admits that without changing his stance: 'Once a Manchester United supporter, always a Manchester United supporter.' Now that he has grown to look like a labourer who could power a farmyard windmill with his huge bare hands, he doesn't run with the gang. Now he merely wants to live a life which would make a Trappist monk seem like a hedonistic playboy. 'Maybe everyone thinks that I'm very sober, maybe they just think I'm boring but I don't mind,' he said with perverse relish. 'In fact, I like that fine. 'I'm not like Romario, who thinks he has to disco dance before training or a game. The steady life is what makes me happy, it's what makes me the player I am. 'My wife and I are going to have a baby in August, so as long as everything is just going along nice and quiet that's fine with me. I'll come home from training, we'll occasionally go for dinner and that's it.' Nice and simple. Perhaps his homely attitude is what cost Trevor Francis and Sheffield Wednesday a player now worth around 11million. A little over five years ago, when he was a strapping lad of 19, Jimmy Calderwood, his Scottish manager at Cambuur, the Dutch First Division club, sent him to train at Hillsborough. It took four days for Wednesday to reckon that they liked him. It took those same 96 hours for Stam to decide that his bottle had gone. Even then, Stam was using that black and white brain of his. He simply did not return for the further week which was on offer. But he said: 'I made up my mind there and then to succeed at a big club in Holland, then come back to England as soon as I could. I've done what I wanted to do and now my mind is set on England.' If he seemed young then he appears a little old before his time now. 'People do say that I'm not 25, I'm 35 because of this lack of hair,' he chortles. 'But perhaps it is that I think about the answers I give to questions. If you answer too fast you can put yourself in a difficult position and you can hurt someone. 'If I've got something to say to someone it will be right to their face, not first in the newspapers.' What he said to startled PSV chairman Harry Van Raaij at the beginning of last November, months after signing one of the most lucrative deals in Dutch football history, was: 'I'm off.' The lure of the Premiership, where coincidentally United were top of a wage table which went up by 31 per cent last year, had been too much for him. But Stam wants to be the best defender in the world and he thinks United is where he can achieve that. He said: 'To me, United are not just the biggest in Britain but in the world. 'I know that the English League has much less of a gap in quality. I need to test myself and the way in which I can extend my game is by playing in England and for Manchester United. 'I've made up my mind and I'm going to go.' It's that simple for a simple man.
TODAY's Birthday Boy 34! Richard Martin "J-stand": Famous REDS in the pub pic from Derby October 97 are Alan, Kerry, Richard and your editor Barry, click on pic for more!
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