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Poem read on RTE 2nd Feb 98 by Harry Gregg 

Wreaths were then laid by the various representatives. At one point my heart missed a beat when the announcer said "Mr Roger Byrne will lay a wreath on behalf of the players' families". For a second I was confused and then realised that this was Roger's son, born after his father died.
The whole of Old Trafford seemed to draw in its breath at that point. Then it was time for the minute's silence.
The crowd needed no signal. When the whistle blew to start the silence, the crowd was already quiet. For a minute there was absolute and complete silence within Old Trafford, except for the ringing of a mobile phone somewhere in West Stand.

During the silence the lads in the present squad were standing together, with arms around each other - anyone who has seen the photo of them with their heads bowed, supporting each other, will know why the tears came to my eyes. Then the whistle blew, Nat Lofthouse laid the last wreath on behalf of Bolton Wanderers and everyone in the stadium raised the roof as the ballboys carried the wreaths across the pitch and off through the entrance under L Stand to place them around the statue of Sir Matt outside the ground.

As the participants left the pitch the United Calypso was played. As I said, it had been a dignified and respectful remembrance, but ended on a note of deserved celebration of the greatest Manchester United team ever.

Moving description by Linda Harvey

In loving memory: For those that died.
  Roger Byrne, 28
Studious, speedy England international left-back from Manchester who made his debut in 1951 and was the captain of the remarkable team.
  Eddie Colman, 21
Short, compact, right-sided midfielder from Salford who could, it was said, dummy the grandstand with a swivel of his hips.
  Duncan Edwards, 21 
Incomparable, the biggest loss to the English game. The prodigy from Dudley dominated the left side of midfield and could single-handedly turn a match.
  Mark Jones, 24 
Strong, commanding central defender, born in Barnsley.
  David Pegg, 22
The archetypal left-winger, pacy and tricky, signed from school in Doncaster.
  Tommy Taylor, 26
Signed from Barnsley for £29,999, led the attack with bravery and gusto, a "target man" ahead of his time.
  Liam Whelan, 22 
Tall, sinuous inside-forward from Dublin, picked his way through defences with an unhurried gait.
  Geoffrey Bent, 25 
Byrne's understudy, the left-back from Salford would have enjoyed first-team status elsewhere.

How they laughed and loved and played the game together
Played the game and gave it every ounce of life
And the crowds they throng to see such free young spirits

My good god there won't be many coming home
There are those gone down that long long road before us
Yet each morning we try and keep them in our sight
In memories eyes the Busby Babes are all immortal
The Red Devils spirit lived it never died

Written and read by Harry, written many years ago whilst away on his own
Quote "for a long time felt guilty, although glad, about being alive after the crash, same as I can now"
Harry said all this "very" emotionally
Munich memorial at Riem airport
Due to the 1958 Manchester United Air disaster here (München-Kirchtrudering) there is a field cross-memorial in the nearby village Kirchtrudering (where it happened) on the corner of Kartotstraße and Empl-Straße.
The memorial is decorated with a trough filled with flowers and just next week - due to the 40th anniversary - the community of Kirchtrudering and the parish St. Peter and Paul prepare a ceremony where they inaugurate a commemorative tablet:

"Im Gedenken an die Opfer des Flugzeugkatastrophe am 6.2.1958 unter denen sich auch ein Teil der Fußballmannschaft von Manchester United befand, sowie allen Verkehrstoten der Gemeinde Trudering."

The old Riem airport does no
more exist. It was recently transformed to the new fair grounds of Munich. But the old tower is still there.
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