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RED sky at night UNITED delight!

Date: Sun Apr 12 10:59:48 GMT+01:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Happy Easter Chicken to ALL REDS!
Just a short digest today.

  Todays Pic:  a goalkeeper for the future, Jimmy Nielsen 20 years old
     (click on the pic for more)

Your editor Barry Leeming.

                             HOME            AWAY
                        P  W  D  L  F  A   W  D  L  F  A   Pts   GD

  Man Utd              34 12  3  2 38  8   8  4  5 26 17    67   39
  Arsenal              31 12  2  2 33 10   6  7  2 19 17    63   25
  Liverpool            32 10  2  4 31 15   5  8  3 24 20    55   20
  Chelsea              33 10  2  3 30 12   7  1 10 33 26    54   25
  Leeds                34  9  3  5 27 17   7  3  7 23 20    54   13
  Blackburn            32 10  3  3 38 22   4  6  6 15 22    51    9
  West Ham             32 11  4  1 32 10   3  2 11 12 30    48    4
  Aston Villa          34  8  3  6 24 21   6  3  8 18 22    48   -1
  Derby                32 10  3  3 28 14   3  4  9 16 27    46    3
  Leicester            32  5  8  3 17 12   6  3  7 22 21    44    6
  Coventry             32  7  7  2 23 16   4  4  8 15 22    44    0
  Southampton          33 10  1  6 27 19   3  3 10 14 26    43   -4
  Wimbledon            32  5  5  7 16 19   5  5  5 15 15    40   -3
  Sheff Wed            33  9  4  4 28 22   2  3 11 19 38    40  -13
  Everton              33  7  3  6 22 22   2  7  8 16 25    37   -9
  Newcastle            32  6  5  6 17 18   3  4  8 12 20    36   -9
  Tottenham            33  6  6  4 19 20   3  2 12 14 31    35  -18
  Bolton               33  6  8  3 18 17   1  5 10 13 32    34  -18
  Barnsley             33  7  3  6 24 30   3  1 13 11 44    34  -39
  Crystal Palace       32  0  4 11  8 32   6  4  7 19 25    26  -30

At least our goal diff. is better..

This Issue:
1. list Facts of Life on Sat (Results)
2. Pele at OT - Independent article
3. Pele / The fallen hero / United's injury woe for title run-in


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Date: Sat, 11 Apr 1998 18:26:39 -0700
To: barry@www.red11.org
From: Barry Leeming  (by way of RED-DEVILS Mailing List )
Subject: list Facts of Life on Sat (Results)

10 facts of life from Barry on Sat!

 1 Arse won 3-1 today (sick)

 2 We should have won yesterday, we needed more pressure on Arse!

 3 The good news is that Toon look like the drop with Palace and possibly
Spurs! (lost today)
   Bolton, Everton & Barnsley win! (Spurs lost to Chelsea)

 4 Bryan Robson's Middlesboro won today 4-0 (Branca hattrick)
         looking ok for promotion (swap with toon) :))

 5 Manchester United HAVE to win all 4 games this is imperative now!

 6 Ryan Giggs out again, looks bad :( (Same procedure as end of the season
last year)

 7 City drew 2-2 today against 10 man Wolves, after leading.

 8 Keep the faith! 

 9 I just know that the pressure of having to win 5 of 7 games from
13/4-16/5 will tell?  

10 Barry can still see a RED Championship
   REDS: 79 pts 4games  12 pts (W4 D0 L0)
   Arse: 77 pts 7games  14 pts (W4 D2 L1)  
          Dropped points: Liverpool(a) L  Barnsley(a) D  Blackburn(a) D 

Barry signing off for now.
Glory Glory Man United!

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           "RED sky at night UNITED delight"

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Date:         Sat, 11 Apr 1998 16:42:17 -0700
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Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
From: David Menashe 
Subject:      Pele at OT - Independent article
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Pele, Giggs and Billy the goat

Guy Hodgson on the opening of Old Trafford's 4m state of the art museum

IN THE Sixties and Seventies, Manchester United supporters would sing
"Charlton is better than Pele". It was the sort of twaddle that should have
shamed even the most red-eyed Stretford Ender, but who ever accused
football crowds of being objective or rational.

Well, Sir Bobby was busy elsewhere yesterday and instead Old Trafford's new
museum in the north stand was officially opened by Edson Arantes do
Nascimento. Pele, to you and me, and somehow nobody felt short-changed.

The scorer of 1,282 goals in 1,365 professional appearances (97 in 111 for
Brazil) and now the Minister of Sport for his country took one look at the
4m building and, like much of the rest of the sporting population, gasped

Date:         Sun, 12 Apr 1998 00:06:54 +0800
Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
From: Red Devil Marcus 
Subject: Pele / The fallen hero / United's injury woe for title run-in


Owen: The fallen hero

Pele predicted World Cup glory for Michael Owen, then saw Liverpool's
teenage sensation score and get sent off.
The Brazilian legend, at Old Trafford yesterday to open Manchester United's
museum, had urged England coach Glenn Hoddle to include 18-year-old Owen for
France 98.

The world's greatest footballer then watched in almost disbelief as Owen
disfigured the memory of his superbly-taken 20th goal of the season with two
reckless challenges on Peter Schmeichel and Ronny Johnsen.

The first earned a yellow card and after Owen's assault on Johnsen, who had
headed Alex Ferguson's side into the lead, referee Graham Poll showed him a
second yellow, then red.

It was the second dismissal of Owen's career, the other coming in an England
Under 18 game earlier this season.

But 10-man Liverpool still put a huge dent in United's title challenge with
a 1-1 draw which ended a run of four defeats against their traditional
enemy. A repentant Owen said: 'The referee was right to send me off although
there was no bad intent.

'The challenge on Schmeichel was an attempt to block the ball and hopefully
get the rebound. The Johnsen tackle was a positive attempt to get the ball.
I apologise if I accidentally hurt him.'

Liverpool boss Roy Evans said: 'Michael wants to win but there was probably
a bit of over-enthusiasm and a couple of dubious challenges. The referee had
let a few things go and there was more going on out there than meets the
eye. But that's part and parcel of the game.'

The tackle, which damaged Johnsen's ankle ligaments and will probably end
his season, was described by Ferguson as 'terrible'. He denied accusations
from Liverpool that Owen had been wound up.

Ferguson said: 'I don't believe that. It's easy to blame other people and I
think Liverpool are doing that.'

As for the title race, Ferguson said: 'The balance of power is now in the
hands of Arsenal. They can only throw it away.'

Ryan Giggs is also struggling to play again this season with a hamstring

United's injury woe for title run-in

Saturday, April 11, 1998

Manchester United's injury problems returned to haunt them as Liverpool's
10-men dented their title hopes with the 1-1 draw at Old Trafford.

Ronny Johnsen could miss the champions' remaining four games with ankle
ligament damage, while Ryan Giggs suffered a recurrence of his hamstring

Johnson was stretchered off following a two-footed tackle from Liverpool
striker Michael Owen, which earned him a second yellow card in the 40th
minute but despite their man advantage United could not find a winner and
although they extended their lead over Arsenal to seven points, the Gunners
have four games in hand.

An X-ray on Johnsen's ankle revealed no break, but United boss Alex Ferguson
fears he could still miss the rest of their title run-in as a result of the
tackle which he branded as 'terrible.'

'Ronny had ligament damage and fortunately for us there is no break,' he
said. 'At this stage of the campaign it could mean the end of the season for
Ronny. Ryan's problem is his hamstring again and he felt it tighten up.'

Ferguson is hugely disappointed to see Johnsen and Giggs on the sidelines,
especially as the Welshman only returned from injury on Monday against

Johnsen had headed United ahead after 12 minutes with his third goal of the
season. Owen equalised for Liverpool on 35 minutes with his 20th goal of the
season before he was sent off four minutes later.

Owen had no complaints, although he argued the two challenges on Peter
Schmeichel and Johnsen had not been malicious.

'The referee was right to send me off, although there was no bad intent in
either challenge,' he said.

   Marcus Lionel van Geyzel.

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