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Date: Tue Aug 25 06:01:18 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Daily RED Trivia  Tuesday 25th August:


1934: George Mutch made his debut against Bradford City. Mutch scored a
Hat-trick in 5 minutes against Barnsley in October 1934, and won a Division
2 Championship medal in 1936, scoring 21 goals. He scored 49 goals in
120 games between 1934-37, and scored the winner for Preston North End in
the 1938 FA Cup Final. He was capped once by Scotland in 1938.

1990: United beat Coventry City 2-0 at Old Trafford in a Division 1 game
watched by 46,715. Steve Bruce and Neil Webb got the goals.
Team was:Sealey, Irwin, Donaghy, Bruce, Phelan, Pallister, Webb, Ince,
McClair, Hughes,Blackmore. 


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Wed 26/8 LKS Lodz, Polen (A) European Cup
Wed  9/9 Charlton (H) PL
Sat 12/9 Coventry (H) PL

This Issue:
1. Forty Years On" Diary of 40 hours in Manchester 1998: Pt 2/4
2. Ole staying.
4. The Lost Art (ET)
5. Police Praise Beckham (D.Mail)


Munich Testimonial Program

Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 18:35:00 +0200 (CEST) Subject: "Forty Years On" Diary of 40 hours in Manchester 1998: Pt 2/4 Diary August 16-19 1998: Pt 2: OT the museum + meet with Paul Busby Deadline 2pm, I had left Denmark 26 hrs earlier and I was about to enter The Theatre Of Dreams. Still brilliant sunshine I was able to hook up on the 14.15 OT 1hr Tour + Museum trip. Joe was our tour guide and we set off from North Stand past Sir Matt, the booking office and on to the South Stand. Suddenly a famous face outside, Linda was there to greet me. A quick welcome and a lunch engagement for the Throstles Tuesday at 1pm, great! Nice to see "Our Salford Lass" face smiling, already! Linda reminded me that I had to catch up with the group or I would be lost? On to The South Stand and Joe took us out on the magnificent terracing overlooking the 4 week old new OT pitch. I looked up to the right upper East where I would be sitting tomorrow! Joe, full of info, told us that the pitch had been used twice and was still perfect, absolutley no divots at all. The pitch had been laid by a Scottish firm, the grass from Yorkshire and the idea from Australia! There is NO SOIL! The grass and root is laid out on top of 12 inches of well compacted sand which lies on a solid gravel base. All the under pitch piping is still there and there are sprinklers which can pop up and water the pitch when required! These are supplied bt re-cycled water from OT's 55.000 gallon tank! Amazing what can be done using technique, who has ever heard of grass with no soil!! Took a few pics and watched the grass grow for a few minutes, my only comment "superb conditions". Joe also explained the plastic sheets on top of South stand are to let the sun rays through to the pitch. Next was the Press Room and on to the Old Tunnel and Fergie's dugout. The Old Tunnel is the only original part of the ground built in 1910. More pictures, I noted the new Club Logo on the dugout "Manchester United". This had said "Manchester United Football Club" previously. Next was the Players Lounge and Dressing Room followed by the Entrance Tunnel. The Lounge is decorated with fine pics of all previous RED captains and there is a Players Rosta showing all player records for team and country. The dressing room includes a spa-pool and warm up room. A video system is on hand for last minute tactics, a laundry is on site ready for the kit manager to supply the strip which includes Peter Schmeichels THREE strips for every game! He always uses a warm up, 1st & 2nd half strip. I took plenty of pics on this tour of OT and they will hopefully appear on the website at together with this diary, as soon as they are available! Want more OT trivia? An incredible 10.000 Manchester United pies are eaten at an average home match washed down with 2.500 gallons of coke,tea and coffee. Largest crowd was 76,962 at an FA Cup semi in 1939. United did not play - it was Wolves v Grimsby! The new North stand has the largest cantilevered roof in Europe, the stand is made of 4000 tons of steel and 4.500 tons of concrete...enough is enough. I am now thirsty after my hour long trip which ran over by 15mins due to all the questions! Up to the museum and RED Cafe for a beer! WHAT? no beer is served if you do not dine? I immediatley ordered a Red chicken-burger and chips just to enjoy a pint of draught :) Escorted to my table there were RED videos and plenty of people to chat with. NO-ONE on the tour or in the cafe had tickets for tomorrow. I felt great, THANKS Linda! Spoke to Alan Dobbo and Richard on the mobile, hoped to meet up pre-match at Throstles. A voice 2 tables away sounded South African? Do you know Ethel Sleith "I called", YES was the reply! I eventually wrote a private note on the back of my card to Ethel who will duly receive the message personally in SA, written by me the day before Eric+Munich Testimonial. The message was on the lines of "I know you are here in spirit if not in person" Barry Leeming Red Cafe, 17th Aug 1998. I also met Andy (Fernabache, Turkey) who works as assistant manager in the Red Cafe. You can recognise him by his long flowing hair. Thanks Andy for the beer :) The museum was waiting and although the time was now 4pm the New Museum opens from 9.30-21.00pm from Apr-Oct. (Nov-March opening is 9.30-1700pm) Admission 4 pounds 50p. Now the NEW museum is about 100 times bigger than before and is on THREE floors. All memorbilia is there as usual plus many extra electronic highlights. There is a tremdous hall called "Manchester NET" where there are 20-30 RED touch on screens which can show you everything from Duncan Edwards and Gerge Best to the latest David Beckham action! I pressed Charlton Best Law and enjoyed goals galore on video. Then slightly disapointed when pressing Edwarrds found only 2 movie clips of the great man. Players from today had up to 40-50 video clips each! Whilst in the Munich section one thing stuck in my mind as I read those awfull headlines "again". Survivor lists including big Dunc :( He eventually became the only survivor to die and this was a kidney failure. Today he would of course have been saved using a temp kidney machine. Very sad. Back to my room change of clothes in a hot sticky Manchester, then on to The Throstles to meet Paul Busby at 8pm. Arriving at the pub I first met Kieron and Hilary who made me feel most welcome. We chatted about the net and the Listpics, Kieron had noticed the influx of REDS from all over the world esp those arriving with Pete and Hal Hargreaves. He particularly remembered the crowd from South Africa + the Eskimoes! The last named had been running round in only thin t-shirts on a cold Manchester night!! The Throstles are most appreciative for all our custom and you are ALL most welcome when you are in Manchester. Just contact Kieron behind the bar, he will serve you with an extra smile :)) Kieron is on the www now at this address if you need to recognise him: http://www.red11.org/mufc/listpics/throstles.htm Paul came in and found Barry propping up the bar well away from the big screen showing Arse/Boro "live". After our initial welcome Paul settled down on shandy due to driving responsibilties, Barry drank draught Boddies Gold, taxi or on foot! Paul, Kieron and Barry had a good chat and then subject RED started. Paul is the original WWW RED and folks like me have learned much from his prototype website, probably still the best info available. We exchanged ideas and had a great evening chatting and occasionally glancing at the big screen whenever someone scored. We jumped up and down when Boro equalised only to scream "jammy f.....s" when a minute later scored the winner :( To cut a long story short Paul had to work so promised to meet up before the game tomorrow. Farewell and see you soon. Barry? he found his way back by taxi and fell into a deep RED sleep ready for the 18th August and "Le Dieu" PS Need to check Paul's Website? Here it is: http://www.pitman.u-net.com/index.htm More to come... Pt 3 Day 3 Match Day,lunch with Linda, Simplenet meet with Paul Hinson Pt 4 Day 4 Hal & May + long trek home *************************************************************** REQUEST TO ALL LIST MEMBERS WHO ATTENDED THE MUNICH TESTIMONIAL: To be used on the website as a multi media story of Munich/Eric's farewell. http://www.red11.org/mufc/40years.htm Please write 100-200 words about your experiences that day. Mail them to me at barrylee@post3.tele.dk If you have any photos even better! (Alan) Thanks in advance Barry
Munich Testimonial Program

Subject: Ole staying. Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1998 23:55:26 +0200 ALEX Ferguson wants Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to stay at Manchester United. And the Norwegian striker, who has become a transfer target for Premiership strugglers Spurs and Everton, is reluctant to leave Old Trafford. Despite the Reds accepting a 5.5m bid from Tottenham, Fergie is anxious that Solskjaer remains in the fold. ``The boy doesn't want to go and I am happy with that. I don't want him to leave either,'' the United manager said today. Potential buyers moved in following the arrival last week of 12.6m United record buy Dwight Yorke. Spurs immediately lodged their bid and I understand Everton have made their interest known. However, Leeds United have denied reports that they want the 25-year-old and Spurs were today linked with a 7m move for Villa's Gareth Southgate. Solskjaer only signed a new seven-year United deal a year ago and while the Andy Cole-Yorke partnership was Fergie's first combination on Saturday in the 0-0 draw with West Ham United , the Reds' manager's strike-force isn't cast in stone. ``I am still formulating in my mind my strike partnership. I will be playing one or two combinations and see how things develop. Ole's an option and Teddy Sheringham again did well for us when he came on,'' said Fergie. ``I gave a little break to Paul Scholes because of his involvement in the World Cup but he's another option.'' With Yorke ineligible for United's Champions League second leg qualifier in Poland on Wednesday against LKS Lodz Solskjaer could get his chance for his first start of the season. United, who trained as usual yesterday in preparation for the midweek European tie, will be without Gary Neville for the next three or four weeks after he picked up a hamstring injury on Saturday. David Beckham suffered a calf injury at West Ham but will travel with United when they fly out to Poland in the morning.
Munich Testimonial Program

Subject: STAM FIT FOR POLISH TRIP STAM FIT FOR POLISH TRIP Manchester United's Jaap Stam has recovered from a slight thigh strain and is fit to face LKS Lodz in Wednesday's Champions' League match. The Dutch defender missed Saturday's game at West Ham but trained this morning and will be part of the United squad which flies out to Poland tomorrow. But Gary Neville is out for a month after straining a hamstring at Upton Park. He will miss England's European Championship qualifier against Sweden on September 5. Neville's younger brother Philip is set to start for United in Poland with Denis Irwin switching from left-back to right. PA Sporting Life
Munich Testimonial Program

Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 12:21:28 +0800 Subject: The Lost Art (ET) United buck trend by favouring raiders of the lost art MANCHESTER United fly to Poland on European Cup duty this morning, representing not only themselves but all those with a love of width, that special ingredient that allows teams to breathe and supporters' pulses to quicken, writes Henry Winter. The modern era's obsession with the percentage game, the fear of gambling with possession as wingers inevitably do, has meant flank play becoming less prevalent, a trend witnessed most alarmingly at the World Cup, where the finalists, France and Brazil, achieved their width primarily through full-backs. FIFA's many technical gurus may ponder that the most enjoyable team to watch at France 98 were Holland, the only side who consistently used wingers. Football seems to have moved into a world where centre-forwards run wide, so losing markers and creating space for attacking central midfielders. This strategy inevitably negates the need for wingers. Alan Shearer and Michael Owen, England's attack against Sweden next week, will doubtless deliver some of the best crosses, short or long, in Stockholm. United still use raiders of the lost art. The right-sided David Beckham is not a natural winger, often preferring to move inside, but he does fulfil Alex Ferguson's criterion of stretching opponents by supplying accurate balls from the flank. In Saturday's game against West Ham, Beckham occasionally combined well with Gary and then Phil Neville. On the left, a flowing Ryan Giggs is one of football's finest sights, the Welshman unveiling the full range of his talents in the first leg against LKS Lodz, tomorrow's hosts. Like Beckham, Giggs enjoys cutting inside but he does it through the winger's code of dribbling. Back on the touchline, Giggs can go outside a full-back in time-honoured fashion. For most generations, Giggs would be a showstopper. Nowadays he borders on the unique. Many modern managers distrust wingers, preferring wing-backs or orthodox midfielders out wide. Arsenal employ Marc Overmars, a marvellous raider down the flank, while Leicester have Steve Guppy. Others exist but are the exception rather than the rule. United remain the wingers' sanctuary. "The way opposing teams sit in at Old Trafford, width is so important," said Ferguson, a former centre-forward who relied on wingers' service. "I've always tried to have width. When I came here, I worked with Jesper Olsen, who was a great little player but frustrated you, and Gordon Strachan, who had been a great player, but I never really got the Strachan who was at Aberdeen. There was that consistency factor. When they left, I thought, 'I don't have the wingers'. I kept searching and searching. "Then we got a wee break. We got young Lee Sharpe from Torquay. Then we got Andrei Kanchelskis and Giggs came through and then Keith Gillespie. Beckham balances his width and [movement into the] middle of the park quite well. Ben Thornley would have been a terrific player if only he hadn't got his cruciate injury. Philip Mulryne came here as an outside-left but is most definitely a central midfield player. By our signing Jesper Blomqvist, we are telling our supporters we still believe in wingers." The cheetah-like Giggs remains the gem. "Ryan represents the history of the club. We have always been famous for producing a player who is different from everybody else, like Best, Charlton and Edwards. Ryan can penetrate with the ball and without it. He can unbalance defenders. He is so exciting." Yet Ferguson envisages a time when Giggs will be released through the middle (a plan that explains the Blomqvist purchase). "The sudden acceleration and ability to beat a man is why Ronaldo is the best in the world," he said. "Giggs, played in the right area, can become that type of player, somebody who can win the game by himself. He doesn't need service to produce a goal. As I see Giggs mature, the central areas of the pitch are going to suit him better. I just wish we had got Blomqvist last season." Ferguson dismisses the suggestion that the arrival of Brian Laudrup at Chelsea, for instance, signals a greater national commitment to wingers. "There are not a lot. Huckerby could play outside-right for Coventry. There's Gillespie at Newcastle. We were interested in Overmars before he got his bad injury. Arsenal took a gamble and it has worked for them. "You see the World Cup and only one country played wingers and that was Holland. That's sad. It's because of fear. The last three World Cups have been won by teams with the best defenders. You have to stop that trend. You have to produce players with vision."
Munich Testimonial Program

X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.2106.4 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4 Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 12:15:08 +0800 Subject: Police Praise Beckham (D.Mail) Police chief is full of praise for Beckham's response to the hate mob Tuesday, August 25, 1998 David Beckham has received a police commendation for his mature and professional behaviour which the local force believes drew some of the poison from the often hate-filled reception he received at West Ham on Saturday. Chief Superintendent John Boylin has praised the Manchester United midfielder for the very self-restraint Glenn Hoddle accused Beckham of lacking after the World Cup sending-off against Argentina which sparked the whole furore. Plaistow police believe that violence and criminally unruly actions were avoided, within the ground at least, because Beckham acceded to their request to tone down his on-pitch reactions to the crowd and their taunting. Boylin told Sportsmail: 'There have been enough stories willing to knock David Beckham, and it's time he got some praise. 'The professionalism of his reaction at West Ham on Saturday took the sting out of a potentially nasty situation. 'We asked him to be very careful and restrained in his reactions to the crowd and it was good to see him get on with his job. 'Even when he was sent flying by a tackle he didn't make a fuss and his approach was just as we would have wished. 'In fact, because of his actions, I think the stick he received was relatively gentle I have certainly heard much worse. 'I personally thanked him at the end of the match and we will be sending an official letter to Manchester United to make the point in writing.' The news charts the high point of an extremely steep learning curve for the 23-year-old, who was initially pinpointed by Hoddle as having contributed to England's elimination from France 98. The England coach repeatedly chided the player for his often churlish on-field behaviour last season - Beckham regularly replied to abusive fans with aggressive goal celebrations and he was involved in a childish spat with Chelsea's Frank Leboeuf during and after last season's FA Cup third-round victory. But United manager Alex Ferguson has always stood squarely behind his talented but sometimes temperamental discovery. Not only was Beckham Manchester United's best player against West Ham, despite the inevitable temptation to respond to the baiting of thousands, but Hoddle was there to watch him lay the ghost of St Etienne.
Munich Testimonial Program

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