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Date: Thu May 21 17:48:21 GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. Pally to Boro?
2. Yorke, Beckham, Foe (Mirror)
3. Gary Pallister of Manchester United writes for AOL
4. Schmeichel - one of the great bargain buys
5. Gold Trafford (CarlingNet)
6. Beckham seeking World Cup solace (Telegraph)


Mailing List Player Of the Year! Gary Neville

Subject: Pally to Boro? THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1998 Choccy wants to be a Boy again! «« McClair: Looking for new club Brian McClair has stepped up his search for a new club, and stated that he will not be pricing himself out of any transfer. The 34 year old McClair was of course released by Manchester United at the end of the season, and he was on excellent personal terms at Old Trafford - however McClair has revealed that he will not be demanding a 'kings ransomÕ, and on the contrary is prepared to take a drop in salary to secure the right move. That move (if McClair gets his way) will be to his former club Glasgow Celtic. McClair though is keeping an open mind. Choccy, who convinced that he can play for another two seasons says: "I honestly don't have a clue where I will end up playing next season. I don't have any agent or anything and all I can say is that I'm open to offers." "I know some clubs might be put off by the fact that I would command sky high wages having been at Old Trafford for so many years, but that is not the case." "Money is not my priority, I want to keep on playing for another couple of years." "As far as I'm concerned there are no restrictions on where I will go. I will even think of returning to Scottish football. I saw Celtic win the Championship on the last day of the season and the atmosphere was electric." McClair may well end up continuing his career north of the border, but it has to be said, it is almost impossible to envisage Choccy forcing his way into the current Celtic side on a regular basis - he quite simply is no longer good enough to play a key role in a European Cup chasing side. McClair though is certainly good enough to perform a major role for several of the other Scottish Premiership sides and his experience at some of the less fashionable Scottish Premiership clubs would be invaluable. Pallister Boro link grows «« Bryan Robson has admitted that he is interested in making Gary Pallister a Boro player this summer. "I have been in touch with Gary and he is considering his options. I would like to think that Gary would play for us next season." Johnsen, Berg on target «« Both Henning Berg and Ronnie Johnsen did their World Cup chances the power of good, by both scoring for Norway in their impressive 5-2 demolition of fellow World Cup contenders Mexico. Gregory issues hands off warning «« It seems as though people are reluctant to let the Dwight Yorke link with United go away! Over the last couple of months the Reds have been linked to countless stars on the continent, but as regards the domestic scene, it's Yorke's name which keeps cropping up. It had been suggested that £12 million was the going rate, which in itself surely makes Yorke an unattractive proposition - after all United could've signed Salas for that figure! However the latest news and comments coming out of Villa Park will hopefully kill the link once and for all. Gregory has revealed that he would want a fee in excess of £15 million - British record- to even consider selling Yorke. Surely end of story! Hallowed turf turning White!!! «« Unbelievably, Manchester United will step out on a piece of Yorkshire every time they play a home game next season. Old Trafford's new playing surface is due to be layed next month and is currently spouting successfully in the white rose county. Foe move - the truth «« With Manchester United seemingly playing the waiting game as regards the prospective move for Lens midfielder Marc Vivien Foe, there are some reports that Southampton will be the Cameroon international's destination. Saints' manager Dave Jones has being keeping tabs on the 23 year old midfielder but we find it hard to believe that, with the kind of figures being quoted, that he will be wearing the red and white stripes next season. The transfer fee of over £5m and the weekly wage of £16,000, which some reports say have already agreed, are, quite frankly, way out of the Saints' league.
Mailing List Player Of the Year! Gary Neville

X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.2106.4 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4 Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 19:57:36 +0800 Reply-To: Red Devil Marcus Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Red Devil Marcus Subject: Yorke, Beckham, Foe (Mirror) £17M BAR ON YORKE By DAVID MOORE DWIGHT YORKE will cost Manchester United a British record £17million if the deposed champions want to do business. That is the huge fee slapped on Aston Villa's star striker. And last night boss John Gregory rubbished any bid from Old Trafford by claiming: "Suggestions that £12m might get Dwight is one big joke. I would not even answer the telephone for an offer of £12m. "If Alex Ferguson intends to persist they could always try a package deal involving Andy Cole, David Beckham and Jaap Stam moving to Villa Park. Even then I would want some cash on top!" But Fergie's admiration for 26-year-old Yorke will be a worry for Gregory, who knows that Yorke has said he needs the challenge of Champions' League football. BECKHAM UNVEILS THE NEW IMAGE TO DYE FOR HIS newly-bleached locks make David Beckham look even more glamorous than usual. In fact, you can spot him a mile off. And that could well be the problem. The beautiful Becks, it seems, may have turned himself into the perfect eye-catching target for zealous referees in France this summer. Their eyes will be peeled for any of the displays of petulant back-chatting and show-boating which have earned Beckham the unwanted reputation as something of a prima donna. United's model midfielder has been warned by England coach Glenn Hoddle that the crackdown by World Cup officials will not be confined to tackles from behind. Dissent is also high on the list of crimes as FIFA attempt to clean-up the game and restore some respect for the men in the middle. Hoddle said: "Maybe David Beckham has got himself in hot water over peripheral matters. He has got to learn that you cannot talk to referees like that in World Cups and that you cannot push. "We have got to try to re-educate the players in a short space of time. I don't want to see yellow cards bandied around for something that could have been controlled. "If the ref has made a mistake because of these new rules, we will have to live with that. But I think of the silly situations and how they can be avoided." Fame, fortune and good looks have proved a double-edged sword for the golden boy of Manchester United. It hasn't actually helped Beckham that he is the pin-up of the most-envied team in the land until a couple of weeks ago. Nor that he has a very public romance with singer Posh Spice. He gets a double dose of grief at every ground in the land where the bile-filled chants of "stand up if you hate Man U" are usually followed by raucous references to his bride-to-be. Understandably, it has sometimes got to him and he has lost his cool. But Beckham believes that he has learned to control his temper. And the thought of missing any of the action in France has been more than enough motivation for him to learn to turn the other, well-chiselled cheek. He missed the final game of last summer's Le Tournoi - when England won a trophy despite defeat by Brazil - because he was suspended after being booked in the previous two matches against Italy and France. One of those yellow cards was punishment for a refusal to climb on to a stretcher that had been brought on to the pitch. Daft, maybe, but also a perfect example of a needless booking. This season Beckham has been booked only six times which is surely something of an achievement in today's climate of strict discipline. He, at any rate, likes to think so. As he relaxed after a work-out in the sun ahead of Saturday's final Wembley warm-up against Saudi Arabia, Beckham insisted that he'd wised up. "I think I have learned from the experience of Le Tournoi - even though I didn't think the two bookings were justified,'' he said. "To miss out on the Brazil game in that competition was disappointing in itself. "Can you imagine how I would feel if that happened in the World Cup this summer? I think you could say it would be even more disappointing! The boss sat me down and talked to me about things like temperament and I don't think there is a problem now. I know now that you have to try to keep your mouth shut when you get booked or if the referee says something to you. "But if you look at all the games I have played during the past season then I think you will find I've been booked very few times which must say something." The glare of the celebrity spotlight is easier to handle now, too. "Towards the end of the season a lot of people were making things up about my form and what I was doing on and off the pitch which was unfair," Beckham said. "There was much made of me doing a lot of work for the companies I'm sponsored by, that I was having to do 15 things a season for them and it was taking me away from football, which was just not true. Commercial work has never interfered with me being focussed on United and England. This sort of thing has been going on for a year and a half. Being in the public eye is something you've got to get used to. It's part and parcel of being a footballer." Getting on with things this season has meant a return to earth for Beckham. The first two years of his career at the top were marked by lavish praise and littered with winners' medals. But this year has been barren and Beckham's contribution to United's cause has been described as scant in some quarters. But Beckham is having none of that, either. "I played every game for Manchester United and England so I am not worried about the way I have been playing," he said. "When you play for such teams, everyone has high expectations and you have to produce the goods. But I don't think it's fair that people start criticising just because you don't score for a while.'' FERGIE LOSES FIGHT FOR FOE BY STEVE MILLAR ALEX FERGUSON has failed to bring Cameroon international Marc Vivien Foe to Manchester United. And that left the ring clear for Southampton to move in and grab the Lens midfield star. They have already agreed a pay deal of around £16,000 a week. Now, like United, they will also wait to see if Lens accept their fee. The Saints, though, could also find that the price isn't right. United made two bids for Foe, with their final offer reaching £4million. But Lens want £6million and they won't budge from that. Old Trafford chairman Martin Edwards admitted: "I doubt now that we will be proceeding with Foe's transfer."
Mailing List Player Of the Year! Gary Neville

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 10:24:44 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: MikeDPG Subject: Gary Pallister of Manchester United writes for AOL Taken from AOL's Gary Pallister page:- Gary Pallister of Manchester United writes for AOL. Friday 15th May 1998 IT'S natural at the end of the regular season to look back and remember the highlights and low points. This week I decided to scratch my head, get the memory cells working and pick out some of the Pally award-winning moments of the past seven months. BEST MATCH I PLAYED IN It has to be Champions League win against Juventus. The Italians are possibly the finest team in Europe so it was a big step for United to give them a goal start and still go on to beat them 3-2. To not only beat them, but to do it in style was a night to remember for everyone. Everyone was flying that night - we didn't carry a single bad performance, which is unusual for any football team! There was a buzz in the dressing room afterwards. We had been beaten Juventus twice before, annihilated on one occasion even though we only lost 1-0. People said before the game at Old Trafford we didn't have the cutting edge to beat a team like Juventus. There was a barrier to be broken, we knew we had to do it - and we did in thrilling style. BEST MATCH I PLAYED IN RUNNER-UP The 5-3 FA Cup win at Chelsea was amazing; we were 5-0 up before they knew what had hit them. It was one of those games where everything clicked into place. They were challenging us at the top of the league and people expected them to beat us. But we never gave them a chance. BEST GOAL: Ryan Giggs for Manchester United against Juventus. Ryan was flying all evening and the goal was the icing on the cake of a world-class performance. He took on a defender, made up his mind to shoot and fairly rifled one in at the near post. It flew into the top corner - a great goal against top-quality opposition. BEST OPPONENT Emile Heskey and Michael Owen are two youngsters who have really impressed me this season, for different reasons. Heskey's strength is phenomenal while Owen has caught everyone's imagination because of his pace and scoring power. BEST DEFENDER Rio Ferdinand really looked the part when he trained with England. For someone still in their teens, he looked so comfortable and composed on the ball. I'm sure he has a great future ahead of him. MANCHESTER UNITED'S PLAYER OF THE SEASON Ryan Giggs, sorry am I repeating myself? I think this has been his most injury-free season and we have really seen what he is capable of. I think he is an exceptional player and the frightening thing is he will get stronger and better. He has the ability to dribble at speed which causes panic in defences, he has a goalscoring string to his bow and what people don't realise is how hard he grafts for the team. Superb. MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT Has to be my 'assist' at the end of that FA Cup-tie at Chelsea. Gary Neville had the ball and looked back at Pter Schmeichel, so naturally I assumed there would be a backpass to the goalkeeper. Instead, he played it to me! It surprised me to say the least, so I nonchalantly collected the ball and played it back to Peter - without really looking, thinking it was sweet. I got the fright of my life seeing Gianluca Vialli come in and intercept my pass. I tried to hare back to the goalline to stop him but to no avail. I had to eat humble pie about that one, I can tell you even though we won 5-3. MOST NERVE-WRACKING GAME The England game in Rome which clinched our place in the World Cup was so important, it was terrible to watch. I went through all the emotions watching from the stands. Being part of the squad but not the team was so frustrating because I was watching without being able to do anything about it. We knew how important the game was to the country and all the fans. When Vieri had that header in the last minute, my heart was in my mouth. We got the 0-0 draw we wanted, but the strain of watching it was incredible. BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT By a narrow margin, the Champions League exit against Monaco. We desperately wanted to do well - we thought we were better than Monaco and I know it's easy to say now but if we'd had our strongest XI out in both games, I think we would have beaten them. In the first leg in France, we played it tight because of injuries. Unfortunately, the injury situation was even worse by the time the second leg came around at Old Trafford. In retrospect, perhaps we didn't have the players to cope with the problems we had at that time. But football is about learning from your mistakes. MY WISH FOR 1998/99 Simply to keep enjoying my football. I am at the twilight of my career, and I just want to stay fit and play as many games as possible. Even though we haven't ended up winning anything, I have enjoyed the season. And you still can't beat the buzz of playing the likes of Juventus, Arsenal or Liverpool. When kids play on the village green, it's what they dream about. I'm doing it - and I don't want it to end just yet. TALKING TO JOE BERNSTEIN
Mailing List Player Of the Year! Gary Neville

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 10:25:03 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: MikeDPG Subject: Schmeichel - one of the great bargain buys Taken from the World Cup website:- Schmeichel - one of the great bargain buys Denmark goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has to be one of the greatest bargain buys of all time. Manchester United paid just 800,000 pounds to Danish club Brondby for Schmeichel’s signature back in 1991, and the man dubbed "the great Dane" has since played a key role in United’s almost constant run of success. Now the powerful, outspoken custodian is hoping he can translate his success at club level to the World Cup arena. Schmeichel’s ongoing success with Manchester United must be bitter pill for Newcastle to swallow. They looked at signing him back in 1987, but decided he was too inexperienced. United swooped after he had starred for Denmark in the 1988 Olympic qualifying tournament and he later ousted Troels Rasmussen as No.1 choice for the national side. Throughout his career with Gladsaxe, Hvidovre, Brondby and United, Schmiechel has been used to winning trophies. He won four Danish League medals and a Danish Cup medal before joining United, where he has played on four Premiership winning teams and collected two FA Cup winners’ medals. Statistics show that United are almost 30 percent more likely to lose if Schmeichel is absent and that he concedes only an average of only 0.8 goals per game. The 1992 season was certainly his most memorable to date with United winning the Premiership and Denmark taking out the European Nations title. This year’s tournament is his first chance to play in the World Cup. Denmark failed to qualify in both 1990 and 1994 but Schmeichel was an ever-present in their successful qualifying campaign this time around. A brilliant shot-stopper and a commanding presence in the penalty area, he conceded only six goals in those eight games and Denmark’s finish ahead of Croatia and Greece was built on his defensive security. On the field, Schmieichel is an abrasive, prickly character, quick with a harsh word for teammates and rivals alike. Off the field, the United captain is a quiet, relective man who is savouring every moment of his continued success at the age of 34. "I was a part-time player until I was 24," he recalls. "I had part-time jobs, did an apprenticeship as a carpet fitter, sold advertising for a local newspaper and worked as a cleaner. I know what real work is all about that makes me appreciate football all the more."  
Mailing List Player Of the Year! Gary Neville

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 10:26:00 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: "Red Devil Marcus" Subject: Gold Trafford (CarlingNet) Man United 21 May 1998 ONE MILLION MILESTONE AT G-OLD TRAFFORD Manchester United's Theatre of Dreams is rapidly becoming g-Old Trafford after the club's latest financial success. Over one million people paid to watch United's Premiership home matches last season making the club the first to pass this milestone since the Premier League began in 1992. United's aggregate attendance for their 19 home league games was 1,048,185, which meant they had an average gate of 55,168. The figure represents an increase of 0.61% on season 1996-97. And when the club's two FA Cup and four Champions' League games are added, the aggregate attendance rises to 1,371,328. Old Trafford's capacity was limited to just over 53,000 for the European Cup games and their average gate for all their home matches works out at 54,853. Club spokesman Ken Ramsden revealed that Old Trafford is not big enough to cope with the demand for tickets and that all their games were sell-outs. ``For the 19 League fixtures, the two FA Cup games and the four UEFA Champions' League games, the total attendance is nearly 1.4 million,'' he said. ``For the 25 games that gives us an average of just over 54,000. ``The point to add is that we almost always sell out on the first day of tickets going on sale. ``It certainly shows the interest in Manchester United, which has always been huge, remains huge.'' The capacity crowds will have boosted United's already healthy bank balance yet further. The Red Devils clearly have the Midas touch and last year they announced record profits of £27.6million, which made them the biggest and richest club in the world. In March, United and long-term backers Sharp unveiled a new two-year shirt sponsorship deal, which chairman Martin Edwards hailed as the ``biggest club deal in British football.'' They demonstrated their financial might this month when they agreed a club record fee of £10.75m for PSV Eindhoven defender Jaap Stam. The club also agreed six new long-term contracts for players last season with each one believed to be worth around £1m-a-year.
Mailing List Player Of the Year! Gary Neville

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 10:26:17 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: "Red Devil Marcus" Subject: Beckham seeking World Cup solace (Telegraph) Beckham seeking World Cup solace John Ley on an England man's quest FOR David Beckham, this summer's World Cup finals offer one of England's brightest young talents the ideal opportunity to overcome the misery of his first season without a domestic honour. Being a Manchester United player normally guarantees an annual delivery of silverware; for once United and Beckham finished the campaign with nothing. On Saturday, Beckham joins his England team-mates for the friendly match against Saudi Arabia at Wembley before two more warm-up games and then the World Cup itself in France. But the hurt of United's season even now refuses to go away. "Finishing the season with nothing has meant a lot because it's not something I am used to. For the youngsters at Manchester United, it is the first major disappointment we have had," said Beckham. "You like to win trophies and you like to win medals and when you don't it's a very big disappointment. "I think losing the title could be good for us. We didn't play well for all the season. We did all right for periods but to win leagues you have to be consistent. "But you can't think about that now, not when you are trying to fight for places in the World Cup squad. "It's hard to put it out of your mind, obviously, because we've had it all season. Coming away with different players does help. "Arsenal deserved it, any team that wins 10 games in a row deserves the title. We lost a lot of silly games but you can take nothing away from Arsenal." Beckham believes he has learnt one lesson, of how to control his temper at international level. Though he was cautioned only three times for United, two bookings in last summer's Tournoi cost him a place against Brazil. "Last summer I missed out on the Brazilian game because I had been booked twice and I think I have learned from that experience," he said. "It was a disappointment and I am sure if it happened again in a World Cup it would be an even bigger disappointment. "The boss [Glenn Hoddle] has sat me down and talked to me about it. When the referee says something you have to keep your mouth shut." Beckham's relationship with a Spice Girl has meant that his picture has been featured on almost as many recent front pages as that of England midfield team-mate Paul Gascoigne. "Being in the public eye all the time is something you have got to get used to," he said. "I'm only 23 but in the papers a lot and it is hard to get used to. "I have also got to come to terms with the stories about my personal life; it's not going to change. "So many people have said I've bought houses here, there and everywhere. Apparently I've bought a house in Wales. "Obviously, you learn through your career and your relationships and know what to do about it."
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