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Date: Tues Jun 9 07:41:15 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Cantona: "Je ne regret rien."

Eric Cantona has spoken out over his decision to retire from football
last summer and the effect it had on United in the first season
without him. 
He said: "It would, perhaps, be important for United, for me to come
back but I have no desire. "Football does not mean that much to me."

This Issue:
1. The Legend of King Eric
2. I'll do it my way - says Scholes (M.E.N)


X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 10:13:17 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: Kerry Davies Subject: The Legend of King Eric THE LEGEND OF KING ERIC I have this season, had the (mis)fortune to sit in a number of different areas in the ground, and have been shocked to hear some of the comments muttered around me. Okay, I understand that you expect to hear the odd day-tripper rubbishing Giggs for one misplaced pass, or slamming Andy Cole for a slightly askew shot on goal, but to hear anything said about Eric the King is, in my eyes, the highest form of blasphemy. Yet all I seem to hear these days is how much better we are now that Eric has left, and how glad people are that he retired last year because he was getting a bit crap etc etc. Well, I think it is about time to put right a few wrongs that have been said about our departed leader. The 26th November 1992 is a day that should be etched onto every United supporters minds, as that was the day we not only broke every sheep shaggers heart, but also the day that a good team became a great team, and the day a Championship winning side was formed. I do not intend to wax lyrical about his career in this piece, as this has been done very well elsewhere, but a few personal highlights can, I think, be permitted; Who can forget some of the goals he scored - the outrageous chip against Sheffield United, the two touch volley against Wimbledon, the floated lob against Sunderland, the Scousebusting winner at Wembley in 96, and a whole lot more besides ??? Then there is Matthew Simmonds, 'seagulls' and those celebrations (Sunderland, Leeds…). His whole persona made him unique, his attitude was spot on, and he was Red to the core. What else can you ask of a man ??? Well, according to some, quite a lot apparently. However, he has left, and he is not (unfortunately) ever coming back. But still his legend lives on. Pundits this year have said that we are a better team without Eric, citing our current European run and League position as proof. I think that the truth is slightly different - we are a better team because of Eric, not without him. The effect that he has had on the club is immeasurable. His attitude in training, his off the field activities, his fantastic ability - they have all left there mark on the current squad. The way that we play today is a direct result of having Eric around the last few years, and without him the side today would not be reaching the peaks that it currently is. When he was with us, the crop of youngsters that now form the base of the team looked up to, and respected the great man. They took in the things that he did, remembering little tips and tricks. They learnt from him, and his departure was almost their graduation. It was time to see exactly how far they had come under his guidance, and how they would handle things without him to turn to. I think we can say that they have not done too badly - qualification from out Euro group as Champions, and 5 points clear in the League by New Year. However, does anybody think that we would be in this position now, if it were not for Eric back then ? Our success now is simply a testament to what he did while he was here, he provided the platform for the team to go on to greater things. Although he may not be here to see it, he knows, the team knows, and we should know that his influence has been the key factor in our success. Take Paul Scholes as an example - he was one of the brightest talents in the whole league, yet only saw first team action on a handful of occasions each season, and most of them were in the Fizzy Pop Cup. Yet he stayed, waiting in the wings for his chance, all the while benefiting from being Eric's understudy. Had the great man not been there, I feel that Scholesy's patience would have run out long before an opening was created for him. Another of Eric's protégées, David Beckham, has also paid his respect to the man. He said that just a look, or a glance of approval from Eric was enough to lift him, and did more for him than any of the praise he received in the press. He gave Becks the courage to try things, the belief that he could do it, and he hasn't looked back since (well, maybe a bit…). The two Nevilles said how honoured they were to have played in the same team as him, how that memory will never leave them, and how it drives them on now that he has left. Such glowing praise from the side he played in just shows the effect that Eric had on them, and still does. We were lucky that in Fergie, we had the man capable of handling the 'Cantona phenomenon', and without him, perhaps his stay with us might not have been as long as it was. The two built up a special kinship, above that of a normal player - manager relationship. And how we have reaped the rewards, both then and now - he transformed the side back in '93, and led us to 4 Championships in 5 years, and that would have been all 5 had it not been for a certain 'incident' at Selhurst one cold January evening in 1995. The success has not ended though, the foundations have been set for it to continue for a good while yet, and what better base to have than Eric Cantona ? We have our best shot at European success for a long while this season, and the side have already indicated that should they win it, they will be winning it for Eric as much as for themselves. The 'Eric Cantona Effect' is still flourishing at Old Trafford, and will do for a long time to come. The songs are slowly creeping back on to the terrace playlist, as demonstrated at Coventry this season where an excellent run through of the 12 Days of Eric was aired. This is a trend that I am more than happy to see continue - while other supporters may say we are living in the past, we know just what it was like to have him, and they don't. So, as we march on to more and more honours over the coming years, let us not forget the man that made it all possible, Eric Cantona. Copyright Kerry Davies

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 21:59:59 -0400 To: suggs@tiac.net From: Support Server2 SrwaniHQPg Subject: I'll do it my way - says Scholes (M.E.N) I'll do it my way - says Scholes By MARTIN LIPTON PAUL SCHOLES has an instant answer to those who consider that he will be going into the World Cup as the creative replacement for Paul Gascoigne. The 23-year-old Manchester United star intends to repay the faith shown in him by manager Glenn Hoddle but says: ``I'll do it my way.'' Hoddle's admiration for the versatile red-head seems almost boundless, saying: ``Paul's got everything you need in an offensive player. He can play in different positions and he's going to get better and better. ``His end product is better than any of the other youngsters. He can score and make goals, track back and get his foot in. ``He's a tough little nut with the right temperament as well. Paul's a bit shy but if he becomes a superstar it'll be because of what he does on the pitch. That isn't a bad way to do it.'' Lavish praise indeed, although Scholes - happy to admit ``I'm just shy'' - tried hard to deflect some of the light being shone on him. ``Some of the things being said are very flattering but I still feel I've got a long way to go, I've got to play, and play in big games, and produce in those games,'' he said. ``Of course I've heard what people have said comparing me to Gazza - one of my biggest memories of him is the impact he had in 1990. ``I try not to take any notice. If I get the chance I just want to play my way.'' That way is not so easy to define, Scholes having operated in a number of roles - central, wide, advance, withdrawn - for club and country. He does have a preference though. ``I like to play just behind the front men,'' he said. ``From that position it's easier to get into the box and score, and I feel I can make goals as well from there. I've played in other positions but that's where I feel most comfortable.'' Thanks & Regards, TanKiaSen Support Server2 SriwaniHQPg E-Mail Address mailto:supser2.shpa@sriwani.com.my

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