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Date: Mon Jun 08 06:12:06 GMT+00:00 1998
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1. Hartson - Sheri Swap? (D.Mail)


Your editor Barry is a real OLD fart 48 9/6/98!

X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.2106.4 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4 Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 15:56:01 +0800 Reply-To: Red Devil Marcus Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Red Devil Marcus Subject: Hartson - Sheri Swap? (D.Mail) To: MUFC@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU United want Hartson to replace Sheri Monday, June 8, 1998 Disgraced England striker Teddy Sheringham was yesterday pardoned by Glenn Hoddle, but that may not save him from the axe by his Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson. As the England coach left the way open for Sheringham to retain his place for the World Cup opener against Tunisia, it emerged that the Old Trafford boss is set to replace him with West Ham's John Hartson in a 10m swap deal. Sheringham has been offered as the makeweight in the move for Hartson, whom Ferguson has been tracking all season. Sheringham has been massive flop at United, ended the season on the substitutes' bench and, last week, received a stinging rebuke from United director Sir Bobby Charlton for his late-night antics. Ferguson is desperate to land Hartson, who is refusing to sign a new deal with West Ham. Whether the deal is cash-only, or cash plus Sheringham, the Old Trafford club are prepared to break the 10m barrier for the second time in a month, following their purchase of Jaap Stam, in order to get their man. Hoddle stressed that Sheringham will be on trial in training this week, as the England coach waits to see if the wayward striker has suffered any adverse affects from his 48-hour freak-out in Portugal last week. But Hoddle is ready to forgive and forget 32-year-old Sheringham's indiscretions and looks certain to use him as Alan Shearer's partner against Tunisia in Marseille a week today. Hoddle said: 'I'll watch him closely in training and see how sharp he is. I have to look at things and it won't be based on what happened last week. 'The players take vitamin supplements to maintain their energy levels, but alcohol is detrimental to that and in this Teddy is probably back to square one. 'But I've seen what Teddy has done over the years as an international player. I've gone on record as saying I've got a spine to the side, and I know what I want. I'd like those players who provide it to remain as fit and as fresh as they can be. 'Around that spine I have enough quality. Ted and Michael Owen are very diverse in their style. That gives us an added dimension. 'With the styles of Ted and Michael I think both are going to have a big say in this World Cup if they remain free from injury.' Thus, it would appear that Sheringham so long as he satisfies Hoddle he is fit will start ahead of the precocious Owen. And he can be thankful that the England coach is understanding enough of the situation to offer the hand of conciliation. Hoddle added: 'I've had to deal with the kind of hassle I could have done without. What Teddy did was disappointing. He has let himself and his team-mates down. 'It was the hour Teddy stayed up to more than the amount he drank that worried me most. He says he hopes to learn from the experience. However, I think he should have learned his lesson after the Hong Kong experience two years ago. 'But he has apologised and I wasn't going to let him hide, it was right that he faced the music.' Sheringham at one time feared his place was in danger, and that he might be ousted from the squad, just as Paul Gascoigne was. He said: 'It crossed my mind what happened to Paul could happen to me. The way things have come out it looks as if I didn't care about jeopardising my England place. I can assure you that's not the case. 'I've tried to justify my actions although I know anyone reading that I was out at 6am will think it sounds disgraceful and I admit it does. 'But things aren't always as they seem. That's what I tried to put across to Glenn. These things don't just happen. I cannot deny it. I'm genuinely sorry for how it has come out.' Swansea-born Hartson scored 24 goals last season for West Ham, including a brilliant strike against United in September. He turned 23 in April, and has been offered an improved 5m contract by West Ham which would make him their best-paid player and keep him at the club until 2005. But Hartson's failure to sign the contract extension has offered the green light for Ferguson. Hartson knew that Blackburn tried to buy him before they signed Kevin Davies from Southampton for 7.5m last week and he was also aware that West Ham had slapped a 10m price tag on him before telling the Lancashire club he was not for sale. Marcus Lionel van Geyzel. "I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking very good either". -- Dogbert
Your editor Barry is a real OLD fart 48 9/6/98!

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 22:18:22 -0400 To: suggs@tiac.net From: Support Server2 SrwaniHQPg Subject: UNITED ACE TELLS CRITICS: `ENGLAND CAN WIN IN FRANCE' (M.E.N) UNITED ACE TELLS CRITICS: `ENGLAND CAN WIN IN FRANCE' EXCLUSIVE by CHRIS BAILEY MANCHESTER United star Gary Neville today sent a clear message to England's World Cup knockers. ``We can win in France and no-one should doubt it,'' he told M.E.N. Sport. He hit out after packing his bags for France '98, saying: ``You can forget the performances in the build-up. That wasn't the real England. We are much better than that. You will see a different side when the competitive action begins. ``We have been working very hard and a lot of the tension that existed before the final squad was named has gone. We are relaxed and confident and looking forward to facing Tunisia.'' Bury-based Neville, 23, has 27 caps to be one of the more experienced members of Glenn Hoddle's squad. England will play a behind-closed-doors friendly against a local club tomorrow before moving on to their base. Neville says that recent bad press hasn't had a negative effect on the squad's confidence. He said: ``We learned in Euro '96 that stories tend to follow us around, but it doesn't lower morale. All it does is create a bit of an `us against the world' attitude, but there is no siege mentality. In a strange kind of way it helps us focus on the job. Adverse publicity didn't stop us performing well in Euro '96 and it won't stop us in France '98. What we want is the fans behind us. ``We know that if we produce the kind of football we played in Rome last year, and in the Le Tournoi, we can go a long way. ``We are a difficult team to beat. People forget we have only lost three games in about 20 and have conceded only seven goals in that time. ``I just wish our first game was a bit sooner than next week. The Scottish lads must be getting really excited. What a thrill it must be for them playing in the first game of a World Cup against the champions, Brazil.'' Neville, unimpressed by Tunisia's 4-0 win over Wales on Saturday, said that Hoddle had not begun detailed work on Group G opponents yet. The England players have, however, been handed squad numbers and the United defender hopes there is no significance in his . . . 12. ``You cannot read too much into that,'' he said. ``The World Cup is not about 11 players, it is about the whole squad and a nation's dreams. Big regret ``We learned in Euro '96 that you need everyone in a big tournament. I think there were only two or three who didn't get a game. You never know what will happen with suspensions, injuries and loss of form.'' Neville will be joined on the short flight to France by United colleagues, David Beckham, Paul Scholes and Teddy Sheringham. His big regret is that brother Phil and another United ace, Nicky Butt, won't also be there. ``It really hit me when I saw Phil - and Nicky - walking away,'' he said. ``It hit me hard for a couple of days. ``Now I am back with England everything is focussed on defeating Tunisia. We know after facing Saudia Arabia and Morocco that they will be technically sound but it is important that we get off to a good start. Then everyone will be right behind us and who knows how far we can go?'' Thanks & Regards, TanKiaSen Support Server2 SriwaniHQPg E-Mail Address mailto:supser2.shpa@sriwani.com.my
Your editor Barry is a real OLD fart 48 9/6/98!

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 22:18:07 -0400 To: suggs@tiac.net From: Support Server2 SrwaniHQPg Subject: GOING FOR GLORY (M.E.N) GOING FOR GLORY Reds' Paul Scholes is gunning for job as the play-maker By Richard Burgess Paul Scoles - going for glory PAUL Scholes can stake his claim for a World Cup place when England face Caen in a private practice match tomorrow. The Manchester United star is emerging as the most likely candidate to fill Paul Gascoigne's boots in the heart of midfield as England build up to the big kick-off. Glenn Hoddle wants to keep the details of tomorrow's game top secret, but Scholes is certain to play a significant role as the England coach takes a last look at the various options available to him. David Beckham, Darren Anderton and Steve McManaman are also rivals for the vital playmaker role, but Old Trafford boss Alex Ferguson is backing Scholes as the best man for the job. ``I do think England need to start well because I don't see any great player that can lift them to any great heights,'' said Fergie. ``The only player I can see who has great imagination and vision, that all great teams have, is my own player Paul Scholes. ``But England won't be easy to beat. If they get the start then they can have a good tournament.'' If Scholes does get the nod from Hoddle in next Monday's World Cup opener against Tunisia, it will be a remarkable achievement for the Salford-born youngster who broke into England's team just 11 months ago. But another United player, Teddy Sheringham, could be dropped to the substitutes' bench after being spotted in a Portuguese nightclub allegedly drinking, smoking and cavorting until 6.45am. The 31-year-old has apologised to Hoddle, but could also face the wrath of his club boss, Ferguson, after the World Cup. ``If Manchester United players are involved in anything that could be considered a disciplinary issue we will always apply the same procedure,'' said the Reds' manager.``We take trouble to establish the facts and then deal with the matter privately. I don't believe in dishing out soundbites on such important subjects. ``Whatever discussion I have with the player will obviously be left until after the World Cup. We accept that club concerns can wait and that Sheringham's direct responsibility at the moment is to Glenn Hoddle and his efforts to mount the best possible challenge in France.'' Thanks & Regards, TanKiaSen Support Server2 SriwaniHQPg E-Mail Address mailto:supser2.shpa@sriwani.com.my
Your editor Barry is a real OLD fart 48 9/6/98!

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