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Date: Sat Nov 07  GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. Singing Danes in the cold night air
2. Pancho Pearson
5. United go for the jackpot 
6. Keane: We're better than Double winners
8. Could be the future? "Yossi Benayoun, Haifa' 18-year-old wunderkind


Daily RED Trivia  Sat 7th November:

7/11/1925: United win 3-1 at Everton in a Division 1 game watched by 12,387. Frank
McPherson, Charlie Rennox and Joe Spence scored for the Reds. Team was:
Steward, Moore, Silcock, Hilditch, Haslam, Mann, Spence, Smith, McPherson,
Rennox, Thomas.

7/11/1986: Charlie McGillivray died. McGillivray was signed from Glasgow Celtic and
made his debut at Plymouth Argyle in August 1933. A fast and tricky Wingman, he
appeared in 9 games between 1933-34 before moving to Motherwell in April 1934. 


Barry Daily Comment:  

"Singing Danes in the cold night air" fantastic Our Salfprd Lass
personal report today, highly recommended!
Another personal report from Mark Armstrong is called: Pancho Pearson
No game until Sunday, OT and the Toon army.

SAT 7th
         Aston Villa  v  Tottenham Hotspur
    Blackburn Rovers  v  Coventry City
   Charlton Athletic  v  Leicester City
           Liverpool  v  Derby County
   Nottingham Forest  v  Wimbledon
         Southampton  v  Middlesbrough

SUN 8th
             Arsenal  v  Everton
        Leeds United  v  Sheffield Wednesday
   Manchester United  v  Newcastle United
     West Ham United  v  Chelsea

Next 5 games: 
Result/Fixture Index:

Sun  8/11 Newcastle   (H) PL
Wed 11/11 Nott Forest (H) LC 
Sat 14/11 Blackburn   (H) PL
Sat 21/11 Sheff Wed   (A) PL15.00
Wed 25/11 Barcelona   (A) CL 19.45

UNITED Stats v Newcastle:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079

Table/Results 4/11:

Sep 16 Brøndby         2-1 Bayern München
Sep 16 Man Utd         3-3 Barcelona
Sep 30 Barcelona       2-0 Brøndby
Sep 30 Bayern Munich   2-2 Man Utd
Oct 21 Brøndby         2-6 Man Utd
Oct 21 Bayern Munich   1-0 Barcelona 

**Nov  4 Barcelona 1-2 Bayern Munich 
**Nov  4 Man Utd   5-0 Brøndby

Group D         P  W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Man United      4  2  2  0 16  7   8   
Bayern Munich   4  2  1  1  6  5   7  
Barcelona       4  1  1  2  6  6   4   
Brondby         4  1  0  3  4 14   3   

To be played:
 Nov 25 Barcelona        v  Man Utd
 Nov 25 Bayern Munich    v  Brøndby
 Dec  9 Brøndby          v  Barcelona   
 Dec  9 Man Utd          v  Bayern Munich


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Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 Subject: Singing Danes in the cold night air Personal match report by Our Salford Lass A couple of days ago, I had an email from a certain list member in Oz, bemoaning the tropical paradise in which he has the misfortune to live. I was thinking about this as I walked through the streets of Ordsall on my way to meet up with a small group of retrobates somewhere behind the Copthorne hotel. The temperature had plummeted down to zero the night before, it had been snowing all morning and as I walked I could see my breath in the frosty air. At least it wasn't raining (yet!). Eventually, I found the meeting place (not an easy task, as the "skinhead from Leamington" hadn't bothered to tell me the pub had changed its name!) and thankfully sat down to defrost. The company and the conversation were stimulating and time passed quickly. Soon it was time to head off back out into the cold and towards the stadium. Before we could leave, however, we had to rescue Nigel from the grip of one of the (male) list members who seemed to want to kiss him for some strange reason! What was that about packets of sweets and cheeky smiles?! Or was that packets of sausages?? Walking the short distance to OT, the air crackled with the excitement of a European night. The lights on the North Stand lit up the sky for miles around, the touts were trying desperately to sell tickets which they seemed to have by the hundreds and the forecourt was covered in very large, very drunken Danes in bright yellow shirts. The son-and-heir had appeared on the way and we said our goodbyes and headed off through the turnstyles and into East Lower. As we waited for the game to start, we played dodge-the-ball, as the very poor Brondby strikers sprayed the ball all over East Stand whilst having shooting practice! Up in their corner, the Danes were having a party. The party continued for the whole game, as the Brondby fans seemed oblivious to what was actually happening on the pitch. They waved their scarves, sang their songs and jumped up and down for 90 minutes! They even managed to insult us - in English!! We stood throughout the whole game - although the stewards were making nuisances of themselves for the first 10 minutes or so, they then disappeared and were not seen again. Funny how its dangerous to stand in Premiership games but not on European nights! The one difference I did notice was that everyone stayed in a good mood. There was no grumbling, no aggro, just fans having a good time and getting behind the team. Mind you, the way United played helped enormously! Within 7 minutes, Becks had scored another of his trademark free kicks and within 13 minutes Blomqvist had fought off the attentions of two Danish defenders, passed into the box towards Cole who let the ball through to Yorke. Yorke passed it back to Cole who dummied the keeper and with a wonderful finish from an almost impossible angle scored one of the best goals I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing at OT. At this point I felt a little sorry for the Brondby keeper, picking the ball out of the net for the second time he smiled at us ruefully as if to say "be kind to me, I don't think its going to be my night!". The football in the first half just got better and better, with United sweeping downfield over and over again and Cole and Yorke looking like they'd been playing together for years. Then Phil Neville appeared in the penalty area and calmly scored his first goal at OT. He pranced across in front of us looking like he'd won the lottery as OT rose in celebration. From then on United gave a masterclass in football and we sang all the old favourites. Soon after, the first half lesson was complete as Blomqvist picked up the ball deep in our half of the pitch and beat 3 or 4 Brondby players on a weaving run towards us. He arrived on level with the box, crossed to Becks who crossed to Yorke and we were 4 up! 4-0 at half-time in a European game, this is what dreams are made of! Whilst all this was going on, the Danish fans were singing away annoyingly in the corner - annoying because it was the same bloody song, over and over again. I think it was Danish for "We love you Brondby" but who knows. What I do know is that it drove us almost as batty as the Sheffield Wednesday band! Eventually some of the lads in the corner closest to them started to sing "Lets all shit on Brondby" to the same tune and this was taken up by most of East Stand. This was soon followed by "It's like watching City" and "Are you City in disguise?" The Danes rose to the challenge and began to insult us in our own language! "Do you come from Manchester?" and "Stand up if you hate Man U" were greeted with a round of applause from the United fans, if only for the effort they had made in learning chants in English! The second half brought some changes on the pitch (Blomqvist went off, as did Andy Cole being replaced by Cruyff and Ole) and a quietening in the atmosphere in the United section of the ground (the Danes seemed to have got a second wind, as they out-sang us with their "one song"). I suppose it was all a little too easy really, which made it difficult to maintain a European atmosphere. It livened up a little for a chorus of "Oh Ah Cantona" and "If you all hate scousers" and Scholesy getting in on the act by scoring a superb solo goal helped raise the temperature for a while, but the last twenty minutes of the game were spent watching Jordi return to his form of earlier in the season (tripping over nothing and chickening out of every confrontation with a Brondby player) and jumping up and down trying to keep warm. There was a brief flurry of chanting when Brondby had their one decent shot at goal - "Arsenal reject" at Jensen - and a surreal moment when the Brondby fans started chanting "Who's the wanker in the black" at the referee, in Danish accents! The best moment, however, was chanting "1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4, 5-nil" after our final goal - ahh what memories that brings back! The last five minutes brought some more excitement as Becks almost made it 6 but the referee then put Brondby out of their misery and sent us home happy - still with the Danes' singing ringing in our ears! Man-of-the-match? Becks is a contender, but for me it has to be Blomqvist. He was superb. Watching the team last night was reminiscent of watching the double winning side in '94 - with an inpenetrable central defence, two out-and-out wingers, a strong midfield and two superb strikers up front who seem to be able to read each other's minds. In the last couple of seasons we seem to have been thrashing about a bit, trying to find the right combination of players. In the first half last night it was hard not to believe Fergie has found just the right combination, it was a joy to watch. My journey home was rather less eventful than Paul's. There was no famous footballer on Piccadilly station (although a friend of mine did run into Eric on Stockport station once). But I have to share with you all that a couple of weeks ago, I was almost run over in King St in Manchester by our Becks, driving the very same black jaguar that Paul and Mick saw him in last night! Unfortunately, he had gone before I had my wits about me enough to think what I should have said! (After apologising and giving me a very sweet smile). Last night, unfortunately, I was simply pestered by a scruffy little kid who kept pinching my chicken pick 'em ups on platform 13! Copyright © 1998 by Our Salford Lass. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author
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Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 07:38:23 -0000 From: Mark Armstrong Subject: Pancho Pearson Last night was my first European game that I have been to and what a great night it was. I am lucky that my friend works for a company that has four season tickets but have only been for Premiership matches. The tickets are for the Directors Lounge with a meal etc thrown in, I have been lucky enough in the past to meet one or two of the ex-players and pass the time of day with them. But last night while we were waiting for the meal to be served in walked Stuart Pearson, apart from being a bit thinner on top he looked very well. He was really keen to talked and I ended up having a great chat with him, he has only just started doing the corporate hospitality having spent a few years out of the game and is really pleased to be involved again. He gave the impression that he would love to get into the football side of things as well. I asked him if he meets up with any of the players and he then prompted to tell me about Jimmy Greenoff, who was running an insurance business with his best mate, who decided to screw him. Jimmy lost all his money and his house, his mate spends one year inside and gets out. Jimmy is one player I would love to shake by the hand, the name conjures up memories of listening to a crackly radio for the FA Cup semi final replay against Liverpool when he scored a cracking goal (which he normally did against the scousers). I can hear the commentator screaming his name as though it was only yesterday. We also talked about Alex fielding a below strength team for the Worthington Cup, about his best memory (the Cup Final win over Liverpool), and how different the ground is now, he got lost when he was making his way back from the new stand. I was a great night all round, I know some of you sneer at the corporate hospitality side of things saying that they are not true fans. Well that is the case for most of them, the only part I would change is where you sit, it is devoid of any atmosphere (except when a goal is scored), when I go I want to chant and sing along with the rest but seem to be in a minority of one. Still beggars can not be choosers, it was free and I am very thankful for that. Here's to a draw against Barcelona and beating Bayern Munich, perhaps Brondby could do us a favour, you never know. Mark Armstrong
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Subject: NEW DEAL AWAITS IRWIN BREAKING NEWS - Friday 06 November 1998 NEW DEAL AWAITS IRWIN Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson wants Denis Irwin to sign a new contract at Old Trafford. The Republic of Ireland defender's current deal runs out at the end of the season and Ferguson is keen for the 33-year-old to agree to a new one. Contract negotiations started a few weeks ago but were put on ice after Irwin was injured. Ferguson said there was "nothing to report yet" but insisted he wants Irwin to remain a United player beyond the summer. "Absolutely, he's a great player," he said. Ferguson also claimed that a new contract was not in the offing for rising star Wes Brown. "We have not discussed anything. Wes already has a four-year contract," he said.
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BREAKING NEWS - Thursday 05 November 1998 Subject: BAYERN SET UP UNITED DECIDER Manchester United will confirm their place in the last eight of the Champions' League with victory over Bayern Munich at Old Trafford on December 9 following a startling triumph by the Germans over Barcelona in Spain. Trailing 1-0 to a first-half penalty from Giovanni, Bayern stunned the Nou Camp, levelling through Alexander Zickler three minutes after the interval, then grabbing a late winner through Hasan Salihamidzic. It takes the German outfit, who entertain Brondby in their next game, to within a point of Alex Ferguson's men, with Barcelona trailing United by four points. Arsenal find themselves third in Group E, behind Dynamo Kiev and Panathinaikos, who recorded a 1-0 victory over Lens in Greece. The all-important winner came from Leonidas Vokolos after 53 minutes and could be vital in the tightest of all the groups, just a single point separating all four sides. A last-gasp header from Argentine international Diego Simeone earned Inter Milan a share of the spoils from their tricky Group C trip to Spartak Moscow. With three teams level on six points after three matches, Simeone's strike could prove vital in steering the Serie A side into the quarter-finals. Spartak had taken the lead in front of a partisan 78,000 crowd when striker Andrei Tikhonov drove his 68th minute shot against a post and Inter goalkeeper Gianluca Pagliuca deflected the rebound into his own net.
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Subject: United go for the jackpot David Lacey on why Cole and Yorke could be the pair to leave the lemons behind Friday November 6, 1998 Manchester United must be feeling the tingle of anticipation experienced by fruit machine addicts who sense that the jackpot is about to happen. After an inauspicious start in the Champions League this season, two sets of results have turned United's fortunes almost completely around. Alex Ferguson was banking on Bayern Munich beating Barcelona at home but he could hardly have dared hope that the German champions would go on to win at Nou Camp. The late goal which brought Bayern a 2-1 victory on Wednesday night has produced a hasty spot of revisionism in Group D. Ferguson's players went into their second turkey shoot against Brondby more or less assuming that the decisive match in the group would be their visit to Barcelona in just under three weeks' time. Now they know that even if they lose in Spain, a win against Bayern at Old Trafford on December 9 will take them to the quarter-finals. A victory over Barcelona and they would need only a draw at home. But if Bayern can beat Barcelona twice then it follows that they are quite capable of getting the result they need at Old Trafford. And should they beat Brondby at home while United are losing at Nou Camp then a point would suffice. True, Bayern did lose their opening fixture 2-1 to Brondby in the Parken Stadium, a result which remains as big a mystery to Danes as it does to Bavarians. And United did get to within a minute or two of winning in Munich before a mistake by Peter Schmeichel allowed Bayern to escape with a 2-2 draw. Yet after Wednesday's victory Bayern will be feeling as buoyantly optimistic as United and possibly more so. Fruit machine-wise, therefore, Ferguson's team may still be left with a lemon on December 9. The anticlimax of losing to Borussia Dortmund in the semi-finals two seasons ago should not be forgotten. Against that, United's rich vein of fast, fluent attacking form has made them look capable of beating anybody. For nearly four years at Old Trafford Andy Cole had waited for a Dwight Yorke to complement his exceptionally quick reflexes near goal. The second goal in the 5-0 win over Brondby on Wednesday night encapsulated the rapport which has now seen the pair score 11 goals in seven games. Cole dummied Jesper Blomqvist's cross from the left, allowing the ball to run on to Yorke who immediately laid it back to him. With the defence thoroughly confused, Cole calmly scored from the narrowest of angles. If Blomqvist, now enjoying a run on United's left wing in the absence of the injured Ryan Giggs, can maintain his present form, the effect of losing the Welshman at such a critical stage of the Champions League will be lessened. Fundamental to United's chances of first purging the memories of their 4-0 humiliation by Barcelona at Nou Camp four years ago and then beating Bayern is the restoration of Roy Keane to their midfield. Having missed most of last season after a cruciate ligament injury, the Irishman has regained much of his old authority without so far lapsing into his old indiscipline. At present none of Ferguson's first choices is on a yellow card in the Champions League. Bayern on the other hand have lost Stefan Effenberg for their next game and have another eight players, including Lothar MatthŠus, just one booking away from missing the visit to Old Trafford.
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Subject: Keane: We're better than Double winners Friday, November 6, 1998 Manchester United captain Roy Keane believes the club's £28million summer spending spree willle secure European glory this season. Eyebrows were raised when manager Alex Ferguson splashed out to buy Jaap Stam, Dwight Yorke and Jesper Blomqvist. But, after United had beaten Brondby 5-0 and banked another three points along the route to the trophy Ferguson covets more than any other, Keane revealed that the costly recruitment drive has provided an edge which was missing even from the Double-winning side of 1993-4. 'I believe this is the best shape we have been in, as far as Europe goes, in my time at the club,' said Keane. 'For quality in depth, this is the strongest squad. 'You could argue the '94 Double-winning team had the best starting line-up. It virtually picked itself, but there wasn't much cover if we ran into injuries. There is now. You only have to look at the row of fully-fledged internationals on the bench every week to realise that. The fear factor is there - a fear that you will lose your place if you let your standards drop even a fraction. 'People go on about wages these days, but that is a side issue. It doesn't matter how much you are being paid, you want to be playing. You want to be out on the pitch, especially on a big European night when the atmosphere is something else. 'That is what spurs you on. You see men like Nicky Butt, Ronny Johnsen, Jordi Cruyff and Ole Solskjaer on the bench and realise that Ryan Giggs is on his way back from injury, so competition for places is intense. It is helping us produce performances like the one against Brondby. To be 4-0 up at half-time in a Champions League tie is not bad, is it? 'Scoring goals like that is great for our confidence and means we can head for Barcelona in three weeks in a positive frame of mind. We will go there looking to win. I would like to think we can beat any team in Europe at the moment.'
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Subject: PETER SCHMEICHEL PEN Birthplace: Gladsaxe, Denmark, 18/11/1963 Height: 193cm - 6ft 4in Weight: 88.91kg - 14st 0lb Full International: Denmark (105 caps, 0 goals) Position: Goalkeeper Squad Number: 1 Debut: 17.08.1991 Appearances (1991-1998): 357 Goals: 1 Peter Schmeichel was born in Gladsaxe, Denmark, on 18th November 1963. He began playing professional football with Hvidovre of Denmark, before moving on to one of the country's biggest League clubs, Brondby. At Brondby, Schmeichel picked up three League Championship medals and was voted Danish 'Footballer of the year' in 1990. In August 1991 Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson paid £500,000 for the relatively unknown keeper. Schmeichel however turned out to be worth his weight in gold! On his debut at Old Trafford Schmeichel kept a clean sheet as he did for the next three games. The United faithful quickly recognised his skill in goal, claiming after just four games that he was the best keeper to play for United since Alex Stepney. In his first full season at Old Trafford, he collected a League Cup winners' medal and helped United to second spot in the League, conceding only 33 goals in 42 games. The following season United and Schmeichel went one better, winning the League Championship - a trophy Manchester United had coveted for 26 years. Since moving to Manchester United, Schmeichel has picked up four League Championship medals, has won the F.A. Cup twice and a League Cup winners' medal. It is no coincidence that Schmeichel's arrival at Old Trafford has coincided with one of United's most successful spells in their history. Voted the Best 'Keeper in the World' on two occasions, he is almost certainly the best in Europe. His large frame is often enough to put a player off the target. He is an excellent shot stopper and contributes to the attack with his long throws and goal kicks. From time to time, participates in United's attack, moving up the field for corners (scoring once for United when playing against Rotor Volgograd in September 1995). In addition to all his domestic honours, Schmeichel is a permanent fixture in the Danish team and was a part of the team who won the European Championships in 1992. His performances in the 1992 European Championship finals made him a national hero. He was the team captain in 1997/98, due to the absence of Roy Keane. Did You Know? Peter Schmeichel wears an XXXL goalkeeper jersey. As a child he was a Manchester United supporter. On his international debut in Greece, Schmeichel kept a clean sheet as his team went on to a 5-0 victory.
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Subject: Could be the future? "Yossi Benayoun, Haifa' 18-year-old wunderkind This message came into www.red11.org today Worth checking out maybe? I will fax the article to Fergie! Barry >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> > At 16:55 10-10-98 -0700, yoel druker wrote: Like I wrote THIS KID IS GOOD Please check him. ("Yossi Benayoun, Haifa' 18-year-old wunderkind). see attachment from a newspaper. Yoel Barry Leeming wrote: > >There is a very good player that I recommend (as a ManU fan) he does not > >play for a team I like, his name is Yosi Benayoun he plays for Macabi > >Haifa (Israel) he is 18 years old, he played at Ajax youth team (a > >couple years age they played against ... ManU) his team beat Paris S.J > >and he was fantastic (in a few years his price tag will be VERY high) > >please look into it. > >Yours truly, Yoel > Thanks Yoel we certainly will! :)) > Thanks for submitting an entry into the www.red11.org guestbook. > THEATRE OF DREAMS http://www.red11.org Friday, November 6, 1998 Heroic Haifa makes history Maccabi reaches Cup Winners Cup quarters with 4-1 victory over Ried at Kiryat Eliezer By Elliot Hool, Ha'aretz Sports Correspondent Maccabi Haifa made history last night by becoming the first Israeli team to reach the quarter-final of a European tournament with a stunning 4-1 victory over SV Ried of Austria. Yossi Benayoun, Haifa's 18-year-old wunderkind was at his unbeatable best, as Haifa turned over a 2-1 deficit from the first leg. Benayoun set up goals for Alon Mizrahi and Aduram Keise before adding one of his own. In front of 15,000 expectant fans at Kiryat Eliezer, the tension in the Haifa ranks was obvious from the start. Ofir Kopel gave it full expression when he manhandled Goran Stanisanljevic and picked up a yellow card in the 3rd minute. The Haifa defense was let off the hook in the seventh minute when Gerald Strafner hit the side netting after Lior Davidovich had committed himself to a swinging Helmut Zeller cross. Two minutes later, disaster struck for Haifa when a late challenge from Kopel on Oliver Glasner produced a red card from the Croatian referee and reduced the green ranks by one. Maccabi's one man disadvantage lasted only 90 seconds however, before a rash challenge from Reid defender Gunter Steininger on Mizrahi had the referee reaching again for his top pocket. With the extra space created by the expulsions, the game flowed - with Haifa ascendant. In the 20th minute Benayoun's broke into the Ried box but shot against Ried keeper Maximilian Oraze's legs. From the resulting corner-kick Keise's header clipped the Austrian upright. In the the 27th minute a Haifa break gave Mizrahi options to his left and right but elected to shoot and Oraze got down well. A minute later 17-year-old Yaniv Katan, who was a real handful for the Ried defense, almost surprised Oraze but his shot was deflected harmlessly away. At the other end Strafner nearly silenced the Haifa crowd but shot wide after pouncing on a Davidovich parry. In the 32nd minute Maccabi made the breakthrough. Benayoun picked up the ball just outside his own box, sprinted the length of the pitch, and found Mizrahi in the Ried box with a defense-splitting pass. Mizrahi did not disappoint and shot low to Oraze's left to the delight of the crowd. Maccabi continued to dominate after the goal and almost doubled its lead five minutes from the break but Radovan Hramatko was slow to react to an Oraze error. In first-half injury time Davidovich saved well from Maciev Sliwowski, from the clearance Katan broke down the Ried left and Oraze did well to palm his powerful shot over the bar. Ried took the game to Haifa after the break in search of an equalizer, but did not have the ability to create a proper opening and was reduced to long-range efforts on Davidovich's goal. In the 61st minute Benayoun flighted a free-kick from the right into the Ried box. Keise rose high above the Austrian defense to head pass Oraze and give Haifa a 2-0 lead on the night and a 3-2 lead overall. Just as Haifa looked to have settled the tie the Austrians came roaring back. Twenty minutes from time Michael Anicic leveled the scores when he drove past Davidovich from 18 yards. With extra-time lurking, Benayoun took matters into hand. Fifteen minutes from time the 18-year-old powered through the Ried midfield, combined with Katan to split the Austrian defense and shot past Oraze to make it 3-1 to Haifa. As the final minutes ticked away and Ried went in search of a goal to give them overall victory the Haifa crowd held its breath - not particularly wise when you consider that a Haifa resident died of a heart attack during Haifa's historic 3-2 victory over Paris St Germain last month. The Austrians were reduced to nine men in injury-time in bizarre circumstances, when frustrated Ried midfielder Faruk Hadjurovic attacked a ball boy who was slow to retrieve the ball. As the unfortunate youngster turned away in tears to be consoled by his colleagues, at the other end Alon Mizrahi broke down the right and passed to the unmarked Ibrahim Duro who shot Haifa into a history. "Yossi Benayoun, Haifa' A Star of the future!
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