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Date: Mon Aug 03 08:51:51 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Kluivert Deal Almost Done (Mirror)


MANCHESTER United boss Alex Ferguson will come face to face with Patrick
Kluivert on Wednesday to wrap up a 9million deal for the Dutch World Cup

AC Milan striker Kluivert will meet his club's sporting director Ariedo
Braida in Amsterdam this morning to finally sever links with the Serie A

Then Kluivert is likely to fly to Manchester on Wednesday for talks with
United boss Ferguson and chairman Martin Edwards.

The first part of the negotiations is already complete, with the Italian
giants accepting United's 9m offer.

Now comes the tough bit - persuading Kluivert to agree to United's terms,
which are governed by strict plc wage guidelines.

But I understand that Kluivert is not a million miles away from clinching a
pay deal with United. One of his advisers said yesterday: "Patrick would be
looking for a five-year contract to go to United.

"He is currently being paid 30,000 a week at Milan and is aware that United
will only pay 20,000. But if we can negotiate a signing-on fee every 12
months then we can start to talk seriously."

Milan will tell Kluivert today that he cannot return to the San Siro next
season and must not jeopardise his move to Old Trafford. Once Kluivert is in
the bag United will press on in the hunt to pair him with Aston Villa's
Dwight Yorke.

July 25  Birmingham City  (A)     result: L 3-4
     27  Valerengen (A) (Oslo)    result: D 2-2
     31  Brondby (A) (Copenhagen) result: W 6-0

Aug   4  Brann Bergen (A) live on Eurosport 1900 cet
      9  Charity Shield at Wembley
     18  Eric Cantona XI (H) - Munich testimonial

This Issue:
1. Match Report Brondby v Manchester United,  Barry Leeming
2. Roy Keane 100%
3. Giggsy On Keano (Mirror)
4. Gillespie Controversy (Mirror)


Check out our new REDitorial by Alex Paylor! url: http://www.red11.org/mufc/devilsadvocate/
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 00:16:32 +0200 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Barry Leeming Subject: Match Report Brondby v Manchester United, Barry Leeming Sunday August 2nd 1998 the day of rest? Just in from Copenhagen today after what can be only described as 3 days of RED HEAVEN. My multi-media diary can be seen on the www at http://www.red11.org/mufc/copenh98.htm Barry, Richard and Mick after surviving the streets of Copenhagen for 2 days may well send their match reports and diaries. This is my early match report, whatever else happened can be either seen at the above url or may (may not) be published by the two gentlemen named above! Parken Kobenhavn was packed with 28.000 who were unexpectedly going to witness a yellow slaughter. The capacity of Parken is 44.000 so the crowd of yellow Brondby fans behind the goal and the 10.000+ Scandinavian REDS sitting with us in the Fredgaard stand were able to create a good party atmosphere. Of course in Scandinavia BEER is an ingredient which can be sold at football matches, could this have helped? Other famous faces in the crowd? Kerry, Mike Dobbin, Graham and Brian, who had all arrived directly from a supporter meet at Craisy Daisy films and cd's had been played all afternoon. Teams came out and the REDS fielded a more or less full side (Andy on the bench for Teddy?) 1 Schmeichel 2 G Neville 6 Jaap Stam 5 Ronny Johnson 3 Denis Irwin 7 D Beckham 4 Roy Keane 8 Paul Scholes 11 Ryan Giggs 10 Teddy Sheringham 9 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Already from the start hopes were high, Jaap was very quickly in his stride passing cooly back to Schmeiks without problems. He looks calm, strong and good on the tackle. All the players looked fresh great to see Roy back in the RED shirt. Brondby picked up their game quickly and were in the game for the first 20 mins. Schmeichel pulled off 3 saves including one world class triple save, amazing stuff! So now REDS picked up their game and had Brondby scampering about the park trying to stop Ryan and Ole's runs. Even Teddy was playing well and when Keane shot went just wide things were looking good. On 33 mins Sheringham was clear on his own, I do not remember who passed it (around 40 yds) no offside, Teddy lobbed/flicked the ball over the goalkeepers head from close in. 1-0 Songs rang out mostly from the English lads, I will let Richard and Mick explain those! So the pressure remained on Brondby and within 10 mins Paul Scholes got his chance to cooly place the ball in the net after great work from Ole Gunnar! 2-0. Brondby are now in season and are Danish Champions we expected them to at least come back? Half time came and even though Jaap had looked excellent he was to be replaced by Berg in the 2nd half, Andy Cole coming on upfront. Jaap has not been in training due to a fleeting visit to Holland to visit family. Andy Cole was on the pitch for only 10 mins before he scored. He had missed the first chance badly shooting wide then on 65 mins a great goal to 3-0. Typical Andy play, David Beckham putting him through with a beautiful pass. I must say Becks looks immaculate and so calm, most of his work is perfect! So 71 mins and it was Teddy's turn again for his 2nd goal and 4-0! The move was Johnson own half, ran forward, passed to Cole, Andy found Teddy (great pass) and Teddy just placed the ball. GREAT play by the REDS. Life in Denmark by this time was "just beauuutiful" The yellow lot were still singing their club songs but there were many blank looks. I'm not sure they had seen Brondby behind 4-0 for a very long time! The slaughter was not finished there were many subs and changes on the field. I cannot remember tham all Cruyff came on Ronny went off for John Curtis and Becks & Sols were also off. 2 more goals first Andy Cole who played a blinder today. Quick move Brondby left in the dust Butt-Scholes-Cole-Goal Simple isn't it? :) Andy place the ball exactly where he meant to (only 2 misses all day) Jordi played ok and he scored a good goal right at the end from a Giggs pass. But I would hate to say that Jordi is one for the future. Still looks a frail figure compared with Keane Ronny Stam and big Pete! So final score 6-0 I must try and find out when that happened to Brondby last time!! prob a long time ago I forgot to mention that Brondby (who are they?) had a few shots on target but they were never in the match after the first 20 mins when they could have been 2 up. Even when they had broken through, they faced a well known worldclass keeper who stopped everything! Im tired off to bed its midnight and work calls tomorrow. A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL! Barry Leeming signing off from Denmark see you all Tues live on Eurosport 1900 CET Goalscorers: 33 Sheringham 41 Scholes 65 Cole 71 Sheringham 84 Cole 91 Cruyff  Barrylee@post3.tele.dk Denmark http://www.red11.org/barry
Check out our new REDitorial by Alex Paylor! url: http://www.red11.org/mufc/devilsadvocate/
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 09:48:39 -0400 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Nigel Jones Subject: Roy Keane 100% I'm not one for posting much to the list, but I think I can add something to this debate. I for one think that come August you will see Roy Keane back to his old aggressive self and tackling 100%. I had the exact same operation as Keano on October 31st last year. My problem was compounded by the fact that I originally injured my knee 10 years ago so there was a huge amount of muscle wastage. After what seems like a long haul, physio, cycling, swimming etc, I am now feeling pretty good, and have started playing again and played my first competitive match (albeit in goal). I expect to be 100% competitive by the end of the year, even after 10 years, people are already complaining in training that I am tackling too hard. Now that's me, a 32 year old Software Developer although I did have a world leader in the technique do the surgery ( he was training a local surgeon). Imagine what kind of shape Keano must be in, He had his surgery, what, a week or so after me, he has full time physiotherapy, the best facilities, and he was in bloody good shape to start with. What's more, he cancelled his summer holiday, just to ensure that he was really fit. Don't worry, he'll be back and striking terror into into our opponents again come August. With his inspirational work ethic, he'll also be the key to getting us back on trophy winning ways. Nigel
Check out our new REDitorial by Alex Paylor! url: http://www.red11.org/mufc/devilsadvocate/
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 12:32:23 +0800 Reply-To: Red Devil Marcus Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Red Devil Marcus Subject: Giggsy On Keano (Mirror) WE'RE IN WITH A SHOUT NOW ROY'S ABOUT RYAN Giggs would like to report that his ears have healed from the blisters. For ten long months his lug-holes haven't had a decibel shattering bashing. It's been peace in his time and Giggsie has enjoyed every second of his quiet life. But now he's back to blow torch screams from Roy Keane - and Giggs, let me tell you, couldn't be happier. Strangely enough, he's missed the rollickings and the swear words in the heat of action that have to be censored for a family newspaper. And for Giggs and his Manchester United pals Keane's verbal abuse is sweet music to their ears at the dawning of a new season. Keane, after playing his first full game in Friday's 6-0 walloping of Brondby following cruciate ligament surgery, is now in with a shout of crowning United Kings of England in the Charity Shield clash with Arsenal at Wembley next Sunday. It's his drive, his gift of the gab that Giggs beli-eves will make United the talk of everyone's title predictions. Keane is Giggs' inspiration and he doesn't mind admitting it. He says: "It's great to get our ears bashed again. That's just the way he is. A natural born winner. He gives us a hard time on the pitch just like Paul Ince and Mark Hughes before him. "Keane's the sort of player who wants to win. He wants the ball all the time and if you don't give it to him he gives you some stick. We have all missed the rollickings. But now he's back it's like having another major signing. "We all missed him last year. He's the best midfielder in Britain. You need tacklers to get the ball back if you are losing 1-0. And there's no-one better than him. Keano is brilliant at that. His strength is controlling midfield. We are probably the only team in Britain with players like him and Nicky Butt." Giggs can't wait for the screaming and shouting to start as he enters his eighth season at the tender age of 24. He doesn't yet know what role he will fill in this new campaign but then again he feels he can play anywhere. Boss Alex Ferguson now classes him as the total footballer after spells on either wing, midfield and attack. And Giggs is happy to take the praise on board. He adds: "It's a great compliment off the manager. As you go on in this game you get more experience. You learn to cope with playing in different positions. In the early days with Lee Sharpe I played a lot on the right. "Even in the youth team I used to play in a number of different posi-tions. That's the way Manchester United is. If someone gets injured you just slip into their place. "I've grown so much after seven seasons at the top. I am only 24 yet I am now regarded as one of the most experienced players at the club. Even more so now with the younger lads coming in. The major-ity of the side is under 23 so for the first time I'm looking like one of the older heads. But they are not calling me dad just yet. "I'm just happy to keep on learning. I like the freedom of playing up front but I also like midfield. I've been playing there a lot in the last couple of seasons. You get more of the ball."
Check out our new REDitorial by Alex Paylor! url: http://www.red11.org/mufc/devilsadvocate/
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.2106.4 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4 Date: Mon, 3 Aug 1998 12:29:21 +0800 Reply-To: Red Devil Marcus Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Red Devil Marcus Subject: Gillespie Controversy (Mirror) KENNY FURY AT GILLESPIE DEAL By COLIN DIBALL Newcastle manager Kenny Dalglish last night blasted Middlesbrough's handling of the shock Keith Gillespie transfer. Dalglish arrived at the Riverside Stadium for yesterday's friendly between the two teams and was fuming when he discovered that Middlesbrough were announcing they had captured the 23-year-old Northern Ireland winger. Middlesbrough released a statement before yesterday's JD Sports Cup third place play-off declaring that Gillespie had agreed a five-year contract and was expected to train with his new team-mates tomorrow. But Dalglish, referring to that statement, hit back: ""You are telling me something I never knew. I knew the bid for Keith was acceptable but I never knew what had happened after that and neither did Bryan Robson." He added: "Obviously, if a player is involved coming in or going out, you'd think the manager would be involved in the decision. I was aware of the offer, but you cannot sign a player before he's had his medical. "If it has gone through, then we are disappointed because I haven't had a chance to speak to Keith, and that isn't right. Movement between clubs is part and parcel of football, but there's a right way to do things, and it's wrong if I haven't spoken to the player. That's me being honest and open about it." Boro manager Robson has staked 3.5m on reformed gambler Gillespie to take his phenomenal spending past the 40million mark. Gillespie has signed a five-year deal with Boro, which is likely to earn him about 1m and ends more than three incident-packed years at St James's Park. The highlight came when he tore Barcelona apart in last season's Champions' League game at Newcastle. But he also made headlines off the pitch because of his gambling debts and a clash with Alan Shearer outside a Dublin bar earlier this year. Robson is confident he can handle the Irishman, who once gambled away 47,000 in one day. "I know the lad," he said. "It's well documented that he had a gambling problem which he seems to have got round. I'm only interested in what he does on the pitch." When the deal is finalised, it will reunite him with a winger who was among Manchester United's young guns when Robson was at Old Trafford. The move has stunned Newcastle fans and, just 12 days before the season starts, leaves striker Alan Shearer stranded without the winger who has been his main supply-line for the past two seasons. Shearer yesterday dismissed suggestions that he could be on his way to Italy for 22m, insisting that he wants to stay at Newcastle. But he was speaking before learning of the departure of Gillespie. Robson said: "Keith is a first-class winger and just the sort of player I wanted to add to our squad. I've been an admirer of his since his days with Manchester United. "He was up there with the Butts and Nevilles and everybody knew he would be a really good player. I inquired about him 18 months ago, but he was not available. This time, Newcastle said yes." Gillespie is Robson's third major signing of the summer following the arrival of Gary Pallister and Dean Gordon. Argentinian defender Gustavo Lombardi is also on loan from River Plate until the end of the year.
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