The Dennis Viollet Fund

DENNIS VIOLLET 1933 - 1999

1958, Dennis shakes hands with the Duke of Edinburg with Bobby Charlton looking on

DENNIS VIOLLET 1933 - 1999

Dennis Passed away: 6th March 1999

The following is a poem written by Geoff. geoff and his wife were with Helen and Dennis on their day out to St Augustine which turned out to be Dennis' last day of freedom on earth. They were there too during the traumatic aftermath.
Geoff read the poem at Dennis' memorial gathering at Old Trafford


Though I am sad to leave you
Though fate may seem unkind
There is no sorrow in my heart
As I leave this life behind

Fortune has dealt me shorter term
Than three score years and ten
But I have lived a thousand lives
In the hearts of other men

For I have shared and treasured
The precious gift of few
I have known the pleasure and the pride
Of boyhood dreams come true

I have tasted the thrill of victory
In the course of battles run
I have soared aloft on the roar of the crowd
As another goal was won

And if as they say a life is rich
With one single friend alone
How great is the wealth of a man with friends
Whose number is never known

I think of the comrades I have loved
Whose lives were cruelly stilled
Weep for them, weep not for me

My life has been fulfilled

Oft I have dined at the feast of joy
I have tasted the sweetest wine
And who can say that he has shared
A love as deep as mine

And so farewell yet do not grieve
Think of me for a while
Beyond a tear I'd rather be
Remembered with a smile

G.H.G. 26.3.99

The Fund - started before Dennis died -

As many of you know, one of the original Busby Babes, Dennis Viollet recently under went surgery to remove a cancerous tumour from his brain. Since then, he and his wife Helen have been facing huge financial outlays because of the high cost of medical care in the US. We have been trying to come up with ways to help. We know about the Testimonial, but we think more needs to be done. Paul Windridge contacted United directly to ask for a signed football and other merchandise to be donated so that we could auction them off over the Lists to raise money, but was refused. So, we took matters into our own hands.

1957, Dennis admires medal whilst Roger Byrne lifts the trophy

To this point, we are going to be selling two prints of original artwork.
Each drawing includes Dennis and has been done by Paul, in order to try and raise this money.
The prints are A3 in size, and have Dennis' signature added electronically to each of them.
The signatures were sent over by Helen and show one of Dennis' early signatures from around 1957 and a recent one.
The prints are professionally printed and you can see them on this page or by going to

The prints are #6 pounds sterling each or #10 pounds sterling for both or $10/$16 in American dollars.
This price includes shipping.

In light of some of the previous problems that have arisen from similar attempts on list, we are including a cost breakdown, and will also be making frequent updates to both lists about how much has been raised. The breakdowns are as follows:

The drawings will be donated free of charge by Paul
A print run of 300 of each type 60 pounds sterling
Second class postage within the UK, for 1 or both prints 38 pence
Postage to Europe from UK for 1 print 67 pence
Postage to Europe from UK for 2 prints 73 pence
Postal tubes 39 pence each (US Prices differ and will be announced when clarified)

You can order prints in the USA from myself (, in the UK or Europe from Paul (, or through Barry's Simplenet website.

Currently we can only accept money orders in UK Pounds sterling (to Paul) or US Dollars (to Me), or same currency cheques (to reduce transfer fees).
The cheques should be made out to the Dennis Viollet Fund.
You can expect the package to arrive approximately 4-5 weeks after the clearance of funds.

Dennis helped forge our Red tradition, and we believe we owe it to him to help in this time of need.
Please get in contact with us if you or someone you know would be interested in the prints.
Please make the contact brief, such as - number of prints, which ones (1957 or 1958) and address to which they should be sent, because we are expecting a deluge of enquiries.
Please be assured that as soon as any monies are cleared your prints will be dispatched, but in the meantime we may not have time to answer all mails personally.

To order these prints please click on your location:

The UK, Rest of the Europe

North America (USA and Canada)

The Rest of the Globe

Cheers - Sean, Paul, and Barry.


Viollet Dennis 52-62 - A TRUE GOAL KING survivor of the Munich air crash.

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