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RED sky at night UNITED delight!


Date: Sat Mar 28 12:46:52 GMT+01:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Just a fill in digest made before the match today:
EXCLUSIVE!!  Alan Dobson Monaco 2 day report!

Barry your editor
This Issue:
1. Welsh Wizard's Back! (D.Mail)
2. Becks quotes
3. Monaco Diary - Day 1 - Part 1
4. Monaco Diary - Day 2 - Part 1


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Subject:  Welsh Wizard's Back! (D.Mail)

Giggs back for United title push

Friday, March 27, 1998

Manchester United hope to welcome back a fit-again Ryan Giggs against

Giggs and goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel have both recovered from hamstring
injuries and the Welshman is expected to start.

Manager Alex Ferguson said: "Hopefully Ryan will have come through the hard
training session we gave him on Thursday and will be able to play." He
added: "Schmeichel is doing little bits of training as are David Beckham and
the Nevilles but at this moment we are not sure about them."

Teddy Sheringham is banned for one match and Nicky Butt is still suffering
from a calf injury.

Team (from): Van der Gouw, Schmeichel; G Neville, May, Berg, Johnsen, Irwin,
P Neville, Beckham, Scholes, McClair, Giggs, Thornley, Cole, Solskjaer,
Curtis, Mulryne.

Marcus Lionel van Geyzel.

Date: Fri Mar 27 17:55:08 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Here we go! Sat and the first game of the exciting 7 match run in!
Old trafford today  SAT 1500 gmt......good luck to all REDS!
Barry your editor

Title run-in
Manchester United
Mar 28:   Wimbledon       (H)
April 6:  Blackburn       (A)
April 10: Liverpool       (H)
April 18: Newcastle       (H)
April 27: Crystal Palace  (A)
May 4:    Leeds           (H)
May 10:   Barnsley        (A)

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From: J Callaghan 
Subject:      LIST: BEcks quotes
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Friday 27 March 1998   Page 2   

'Euro Disaster Is Forgotten' BECKHAM 
Wimbledon could not be facing Manchester United at a worse time, according
to their England midfielder David Beckham who promises the Old Trafford
faithful that the Champions League disappointment is well and truly behind

Coming just days after the demoralising Premiership defeat at home to
Arsenal, United’s European exit at the hands of Monaco hit Alex Ferguson’s
men hard and Beckham is not about to pretend otherwise. 

But that was over a week ago – a set-back they no longer wish to consider –
and Beckham insists that, if anything, the end of the Euro dream means
United are even more heavily focussed on the quest to finish the season as
English Champions once more. 

“It would be easy for us to sit back and go on about what a disaster the
Monaco defeat was, but we have more important issues to think about,” says
the United pin-up. “Like bracing ourselves for the title run-in. 

“The Monaco result is in the past now; we have to concentrate on winning
the League. If we keep thinking about going out of Europe, and don’t focus
on the job in hand, we could end up with nothing. 

“We were unfortunate not to make the semis, but it wasn’t to be and we have
to accept that. Everyone is firmly focussed on qualifying for the Champions
League next season and nothing is going to distract us from that.” 

Such a positive reaction is only to be expected. Alex Ferguson would not
settle for anything less. But the truth is that the next few weeks pose one
of the biggest ever tests for the United boss. 

With all the doubts and injury problems which surround the club, the
sceptics are already predicting a premature end of a glorious era; the
crumbling of the empire Fergie has built. 

Such suggestions are laughed at within Old Trafford where players and
management alike refuse to entertain such a notion, preferring to maintain
a positive outlook and the desire to, in Beckham’s own words, ‘soldier on

With customary United defiance, Beckham adds: “We just need to keep faith;
have belief in our ability. We have not had the best of luck in recent
weeks, but we have to put that down to experience. 

“We have some very important games coming up and winning the Premiership
has taken on a whole new importance. But having said that – and despite
certain people maintaining our main priority was the Champions League –
inside the dressing room we have always maintained that the Premiership is
the most important thing. 

“I still think we have a slight advantage, even though Arsenal could take
the lead if they win their games in hand, but nothing can be taken for
granted by either side.” 



I don’t think that should ever come into it. You expect pressure playing
for Manchester United – it goes with the territory. The players have
learned to handle it; even the younger ones. In any case, we can’t use it
as an excuse, just as we can’t totally blame recent results on injuries.
The expectations of the fans is very high and, of course, there is a
certain amount of responsibility that comes with playing for a club like
United. We’re in the spotlight, but that’s why we’re here. 


We’re not thinking about anyone else, just our own performances. The league
is our bread and butter and our only aim is to focus on finishing the
season as the English champions. To finish second would be a disaster. It
would mean playing in a qualifying round in July and, with so many of our
players involved in the World Cup, it could cause all sorts of problems. 


I enjoyed playing in a central midfield role – I have always said that’s my
favourite position. Having said that, I accept I am one of 11 players and
if Alex Ferguson, or Glenn Hoddle come to that, feel I am better employed
in a wide role then so be it. I prefer the middle for a number of reasons;
in the main because you tend to drift in and out of games when you play out
wide and that can be very frustrating. In the centre you are constantly in
the action. 


The season is very long when you’re involved in so many competitions but
I’ve been fortunate to be able to rest at certain times. I certainly don’t
feel tired, but that’s another good thing about having such an experienced
manager who can sense if you need a rest. I’ll still have plenty of energy
left for the World Cup, that’s for sure. 

A Manchester United is for life, not just for christmas.

If tomorrow was today, it would be yesterday.



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From: Red Devil Marcus 
Subject:     Kinnear Has A Swipe At Fergie (D.Mail)
Comments: To: Red Devil List ,
          Darul Kisai , Darul 

Kinnear fears United stars' 'miracle' recovery

Friday, March 27, 1998

Joe Kinnear has had a swipe at Alex Ferguson. The Wimbledon manager is
wondering how many of Manchester United's international players will make a
'miraculous' recovery in time for the Premiership clash at Old Trafford.

'We've had several players away on international duty this week whereas all
the Manchester United players withdrew from their internationals,' said
Kinnear, adding: 'I can only assume that all their players will be fit again
miraculously for Saturday.'

'Perhaps that is something which we would all like to do with our
international players. It will be interesting to see how many of their
players recover in time.'

The normally bullish Dons manager is uncharacteristically concerned that his
side may face a backlash at Old Trafford.

Kinnear said: 'Considering United were cruising in the league and were 10 or
11 points clear at one time it worries me that they are focusing on the
league after going out of Europe.

'It is unfortunate that we are going up there this week.'

Marcus Lionel van Geyzel.


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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 21:00:20 -0800

From: "Alan Dobson" 

Subject: Monaco Diary - Day 1 - Part 1

Subject: Monaco Diary - Day 1 - Part 1

Monday 2nd March

For once my European travel start was not an early one. I left home 
at 8:45am (a lie-in by my standards!) to drive to Heathrow where I 
was to meet up with Richard Martin, his brother and Paul Scully. 
Despite leaving earlier than necessary, being the unlucky soul I am I 
managed to hit every traffic jam and slow-moving vehicle north of 
London. The M1 was bumper to bumper from Milton Keynes to Hemel 
Hempstead then the M25 was much the same down to the M4. My car was 
suffering with so much sitting about and my patience was being 
severely tested. I finally arrived somehow at the BCP near Heathrow 
and called Paul Scully on his mobile phone. The quality of the line 
was so poor I thought I was speaking to Paul on another planet 
(something that occured regularly during the following week!). On 
arrival at Terminal 1 it wasn`t hard for the lads to spot me in my 
bright yellow top. Richard made a cheeky comment then put his 
sunglasses on. I apologised to the lads if it looked like I had 
mascara on (yes.....I`d had some on saturday night at a work party) 
but denied anything dodgy had been going on.....none of them believed 
me (as is typical now!). First port of call for the boys was to get 
their money changed up. Paul joined a queue that went nowhere fast 
for about 20 minutes. It was supposed to be an Exchange Bureau but 
the bloke in front of Paul was there so long I thought he was 
applying for a mortgage! I noticed a desk that was about to become 
free and shouted to Paul who looked like a torn man. He didn`t want 
to leave his queue in case the bloke finished just after he`d gone. 
He looked at me with that sad puppy-eyed look and stayed where he was 
waiting patiently while I wet myself. Richard Martin went in after 
him and came out before much to Paul`s annoyance.
After that it was a case of chechking our luggage in. I detached a 
small section of my Head bag (with my toiletries in) as I didn`t want 
the airport luggage handlers dropping it and smashing everything 
inside. Little did I know it was to be the last time I saw that bag 
for a long time! Next up was the x-ray machine. Pockets were emptied 
and my toiletries bag went through the x-ray machine. And suprise 
suprise........they wanted to look through my bag to see what 
delights I had stored in there. Paul said my face was a dodgy one and 
that was why I`d been stopped. I reckon it was just because I looked 
good and the guy wanted to see the secret of my good looks and 
aftershave! Thankfully he never found the handcuffs, the leather 
mask, the love eggs or the rubber pants! Phew!
Once in the departure lounge Richard went looking for a cash till 
while the rest of us chuckled at some American guy with long hair, 
built like a brick outhouse wearing a very indiscreet USA Leather 
Jacket. He looked like a WWF reject, but I wasn`t going to tell him 
that! One Bacon & Egg McMuffin later we boarded the plane where I 
discovered all four of us were scattered all over the plane. Paul 
Scully crapped himself when he realised he was sat right between two 
old ladies. He desperately tried to swap seats with us but we knew 
he`d get on just fine with these fine specimins of the female sex! I 
sat next to a guy who turned out to be going to the United game too 
who had a ticket already (bastard!) and who went to a lot of the 
England games abroad. I told him I`d given up on England due to the 
sort of tossers that follow them. He agreed there was a fair-sized 
number of the "Stand up if you hate Man U" dickheads and agreed with 
me when I said I`d rather see United win the European Cup than see 
England win the World Cup. After your typically dull and tasteless 
British Airways in-flight meal I had one can of Grolsch (managing not 
to get pissed!) and settled back as we made what felt like a very bad 
landing. I don`t know if it`s me or just the history of United and 
planes that makes me nervous but every trip I get worse on take-off 
and landing.
The local time was around 3:30pm, the sky was clear blue and the 
temperature warm. Ahh, this is more like it we thought. We walked to 
the baggage collection belt where I was to stand and watch everyone 
pick up their stuff.....apart from me! I wasn`t impressed though the 
others couldn`t help but laugh. Me and misfortune travel together 
regularly it seems! I went to the desk to complain where we sifted 
through tickets and piss-poor french to explain what the bag looked 
like. I was told by the kind french woman that the luggage would more 
than likely turn up on the next flight at 9:45pm. Thanks I thought, 
that should help me out for tonight`s piss-up! Once we realised we 
could do no more we walked outside to catch a bus to take us into 
Nice city centre. We decided to get on the same bus as Richard and 
his brother despite the fact it didn`t go near our hotel. We were 
told by someone in the airport though that it was only a 10 minute 
walk away from Richard`s hotel. The bus was quite full meaning we had 
to stand in the aisle hanging on for dear life while beginning to 
sweat at the temperature. The ordeal that followed was hilarious as 
we chopped and changed standing positions to let people on and off 
the bus then at one stop about 30 small children got on. They started 
standing up until Damon Hill behind the wheel decided to accelerate 
fast making the children topple over like domino`s. The kids weren`t 
hurt though. In fact they were all giggling. Some sat down on the 
aisle while others tried standing. One managed to headbutt me in the 
knackers as the bus braked hard. The lads found this hilarious while 
I suggested to the child that she keep her head away from that region 
as I was now sweating like a pig! 
We finally came to the street with Richard`s Hotel in and walked off 
relieved we were still in one piece! I was still cursing British 
Airways (or Bastard Airways as I call them now) for losing my luggage 
as we crossed the road (endangering our lives) to the Hotel Ibis. 
Richard and his brother checked in then Richard arranged to come to 
our hotel later that evening after getting showered and changed. Me 
and Paul left the hotel where he felt a photo opportunity was in 
order as we noticed a row of sex shops right opposite. I stood there 
with these sex shops in the background can of right guard pointing to 
armpit (with a very sad face) while Paul took a photo. I don`t know 
what he was insinuating by getting that shot.......though I`m sure 
everyone`s got a pretty good idea!
The walk to our hotel was a long one through the busy Nice streets 
but it enabled me to go into a clothes shop and buy a nice (pardon 
the pun) shirt to wear that evening as my United top was by now more 
than a little smelly! After a few minutes frantically locating the 
hotel we walked in only to be suprised by a sort of semi-loud alarm 
sound that continued until we reached the stairs. This was soon to be 
the source of a very childish but fun game over the coming days!
We checked in and unpacked in room 202....well.....I unpacked my 
deoderant, my toothbrush and toothpaste, my shower gel and shampoo 
(despite the lack of hair). Paul meanwhile unpacked all his clothes 
as I looked on enviously. I had a quick shower then put my jeans back 
on (minus sweaty boxer shorts....well.....I couldn`t wear them again 
could I?) and my new shirt which was pretty good even if I do say so 
myself! Not forgetting my MUFC badge I affixed to the front of the 
shirt. We looked out of our room window to discover the view was as 
spectacular as looking into a football ground bog! We basically had a 
view of the back of more buildings and a small alley below, useful 
only for chundering outside the window if the toilet was unreachable!
Richard and his brother turned up so we made our way to the area 
containing all the bars listed in Red News. Before we sampled the 
demon drink though all of us were starving and spent ages looking for 
a suitable place selling grub. We settled on a pizza restaurant where 
I had a lovely Lasagne and a pint of lager. Watching the others 
struggle to speak french was highly amusing, though I just got by 
with pointing at what I wanted from the menu. My grasp of French is 
poor to say the least though I did learn a few "Useful" phrases later 
on in the week thanks to Mr Scully! Once our stomachs were filled we 
went in search of a decent bar noticing that there was already a 
sizeable amount of reds around sat outside the bars. The first one we 
came across was Wayne`s Bar and had a fair number of already drunken 
reds outside. 

Part 2 coming soon!

This article is copyrighted to Alan Dobson and cannot by reproduced 
in part or full without his consent.

Note: This copy on the Theatre Of dreams "ok by Alan"

*      Alan Dobson - eric@united.powernet.co.uk      *
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*  "Matt Busby`s without doubt the greatest manager  *
*  who ever lived. I`m not saying I THINK he`s the   *
*  greatest manager, I`m saying he IS the greatest   *
*  manager."   Bill Shankly                          *
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From: "Alan Dobson" 

Subject: Monaco Diary - Day 2 - Part 1

Tuesday 3rd March - Hotel Room 

Woke up at 9:00am with a head that felt like it had been battered 
with a baseball bat during the night. My stomach was also very 
fragile but I managed to force myself to have yet another alka 
seltzer. Once awake I decided to get up as I felt so ill that even 
lying down made me feel sick. I had a shower in an attempt at waking 
myself up but was wasting my time. My mega-hangover was here to stay 
and I just wandered about aimlessly while Paul lay there sleeping 
like Rip Van Winkle. It was around this time I think that the night`s 
9 pints of lager began taking it`s toll on my bowel. One disturbingly 
loud (and extremely odourous) fart later and Mr Scully awoke from 
his slumber to call me a "Dirty bastard". I apologised and told him I 
felt ill to which I was told I was a "Poof". You can`t beat a good 
bit of old fashioned sympathy between mates! Paul got up (mainly to 
open the window and door) then showered and went down for breakfast 
while I continued to fart about (literally) feeling so ill I didn`t 
know whether to lie down, sit down, throw up or jump out of the 
window. Paul told me just as he was going out for breakfast that the 
maid wanted to get in the room to tidy up, I told him she could come 
in but that I was too ill to leave the room in case I chundered. 
Needless to say the maid never ventured in. Maybe it was the prospect 
of me in just a towel and nothing else or the rather foul odour 
emanating from the room but the maid never came in that morning! Paul 
came back to tell me of the "nourishing" breakfast consisting of one 
croissant, one roll and a glass of orange juice. I tried not to think 
about food as my delicate state wouldn`t allow such suicidal 
thoughts. As the weather was so lovely outside we decided it was 
time to get out the shorts and sexy legs. It was then that I 
noticed Paul holding up a pair of baggy red and blue Reebok 
shorts.........exactly the same pair I`d brought with me!!!! I 
told Paul I`d got mine out first so I could wear mine. We decided 
not to wear them together in case we looked a right sad pair! Once 
dressed we handed in the room key and walked out of the hotel, 
sliding against the wall by the door to see if we could avoid being 
detected by the infra-red camera scanning the door area. We did it! 
It didn`t make a sound which provided much mirth until my head 
started throbbing from the laughing. My stomach may have been a right 
mess but I was determined to eat something to improve my condition. I 
went into a small grocery and bought a large bag of cheesey puffs (no 
comments please!) and forced myself to eat 3 or 4 every 30 minutes. 
In our shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses we looked your typical 
englishman abroad. Despite it being sunny and warm the locals were 
all wearing suits or jumpers and some even wore coats. So you can 
imagine the looks we were getting in shorts and t-shirt! We made the 
long walk to the local bus station with me complaining continually 
about my condition in between forcing a cheesey puff in my gob. Once 
there it took another 20 minutes to work out we hadn`t got a clue how 
to find the bus to Monaco. We wandered about looking lost. Well, Paul 
did while I collapsed onto a chair and sat head in hands hoping my 
hangover would disappear. Paul eventually found the bus we wanted and 
we payed before taking our own pair of seats as the bus wasn`t full. 
I sat back and made myself comfortable for the 40 minute journey but 
found sleeping too dodgy with my stomach and head feeling tender 
still. I stayed awake and very green-faced enjoying the beautiful 
scenery on the coastal road between Nice and Monaco. The only problem 
with this cheap bus ride was the stops. It seemed to stop every few 
hundred yards to let people on and off. I`d had my big packet of 
cheesey puffs for a few hours by now and still had a fair few left 
when Paul asked me for the bag to chuck his chewing gum in. I told 
him where to go as I needed my cheesey puffs for vital nutrients in 
my bid to recover from my bastard hangover. 
We knew we`d arrived in Monaco when we saw the arches of the Stade De 
Louis. Once off the coach we made our way to the centre where the 
McDonalds and Supermarket were (where all the United fans would be 
gathering in 24 hours time). We realised how upper class it was here 
when we saw all the escalators. These are a right lazy bunch out 
here, can`t be arsed to walk down 20 steps! Talk about an easy life!
The scenery and surrounding mountains, hotels and buildings were 
spotless and clean and gave the whole place a look of pure class and 
elegance. And to think, in 24 hours the place would be crawling with 
thousands of pissed up reds! Me and Paul made our way to the ground 
in the desperate hope of finding some tickets for sale. The first two 
United fans we met shattered any illusions we had of getting tickets 
at a reasonable price. "A hundred and twenty quid" they told us. 
"Bollocks" I said. "I`m not paying that! The conning french bastards 
can shove their tickets right up their derrieres!". Me and Paul 
looked at each other pitifully then carried on walking to the ground. 
We stopped practically every passer-by on the way (well...Paul did!) 
asking for spare tickets. Not a chance. Paul stopped in shops and 
asked, no good. Me being a pessimistic soul I`d given up hope 
already. Then the im possible happened, we bumped into a french bloke who
was asking us if we were looking for tickets. We said yes then asked him
how much he wanted for them. He asked us what we were offering for these
"First class" (my arse) seats. We 
said "Three hundred francs" (Thirty pound a ticket). He gave us an
insulting laugh then told us to go away telling us to add a "zero" on the
end! Three hundred quid for a ticket probably worth seven pounds! Wanker!
We walked off cursing the conning basta
rd. On reaching the ground we passed a few reds asking US for tickets! Ha!
Laugh? I nearly bought a round! We found the United end of the ground and
the UEFA Official Entrance. We asked if there were any tickets and were
given a prompt "Non". We hung aro
und feeling sorry for ourselves watching as the odd United fan walked by,
for spare tickets. In the end the UEFA officials decided we were 
making the place look untidy (actually I think it was Paul`s cream 
coloured Reebok shorts that offended the most) and asked us to move 
on so they could put up barriers around the entrance. We walked down 
to the harbour to inspect the luxury yachts. We took photos of yachts 
that probably cost as much as a half decent player in the Premier 
League. Paul chose his yacht then asked me to take a photo of him 
standing in front of it. He was adamant it was his! I think he was 
getting confused with a rubber dinghy he probably had when he was a 
lad! We walked past two more long-faced reds down onto the shingle 
beach. Totally deserted with the sea gently lapping onto the shingle. 
Paul, being the brave lad he is stepped close to the water only to 
discover something called "Quick-shingle". His foot disappeared into 
wet shingle and came back up covered in water and small stones. He 
turned the air blue while I pissed myself. With our luck not being too 
clever we decided to sit down for a bit and take in some sun. The sky 
was blue and clear, the sun was hot and the sea was calm. We were in 
Monaco and despite all of this I was still pissed off!
After 20 minutes of sunbathing boredom set in so we walked back past 
the ground and found a small area overlooking the harbour with seats 
and sat down to take in yet more sun (and the girl on the seat 
nearby). "This is the life" we agreed contentedly. As  sat there like 
two old men I noticed a pigeon walking down by my feet, I also 
noticed on one foot it had no toes at all, and on the other it only 
had two toes. Me being a bit of a witty (and cruel) bastard I started 
singing "Where`s your toes gone....whe `s your toes gone....". Paul 
chuckled then told me I was a nasty bastard. As we sat there lazily a 
large bunch of reds walked by and asked us if we had any tickets. We 
put them straight on the ticket situation and they skulked off 
disappointed. A very com n sight over the next 24 hours! Hunger set 
in and we walked back to the shopping centre straight into a 
cafe/restaurant and had spaghetti bolognese. Paul wolfed his down 
like there was no tomorrow. Me still being tender ate a few mouthfuls 
but stared at it before suddenly getting "that" eeling in the stomach 
and told Paul I needed to go to the toilet. Thankfully the nauseous 
feeling subsided but I went back out with the intention of eating 
some more. I did my best but only managed to eat a quarter of the 
food. We payed up and walked back p the hill (courtesy of the 
escalators) then made the long and arduous journey up the steps to 
the Palace overlooking Monte Carlo and the Grand Prix circuit as well 
as the massive h ed into a lad Paul knew and walked over to the other 
side of the Pa hen walked back down to find a bus stop to get back to 
Nice as we`d g the road in the general direction of Nice until we 
found one about h musement. Despite his mate climbing back over to 
show him yet The bus eventually arrived and we fell asleep on the 
long journey back. Straight back to Hotel De Kent where I had a 
couple of ho lie-down before getting showered and changed (leaving a 
few more odourous clouds around the room) ready for another night  
the town.

This article is copyrighted to Alan Dobson and cannot by reproduced 
in part or full without his consent.

Note: This copy on the Theatre Of dreams "ok by Alan"

*      Alan Dobson - eric@united.powernet.co.uk      *
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*  who ever lived. I`m not saying I THINK he`s the   *
*  greatest manager, I`m saying he IS the greatest   *
*  manager."   Bill Shankly                          *
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Manchester United
Tore's Manchester United Pages
Roy Keane's Unofficial Homepage
The Unofficial Nicky Butt Page
Egg's Manchester United Homepage
Alex's Manchester United Page
Tony's Man Utd Page
Totally RED - Manchester United Football Club
Paul's Manchester United Page
The Eric Cantona Page
The Manchester United Red Cafe ***** 5 Star Recommended
John Kellett's Manchester United pages
AJG Homepage
Josh's Manchester United HomePage
Manchester United FC
Manchester United & Iraklis of Thessaloniki Homepage
Manchester United
Sven's Manchester United
Manchester United Supporters' Mailing List
Lisa's Manchester United and Footy Footy Footy
David Beckham & Manchester United Page
Vicks Sports Arena
Manchester United - United Forever
The Sky Is Red
Yewkwang's homepage
Vas' Manchester United Pages
The Devils' Lair
Manchester United Supporters Club Canada Homepage
MUFC, come in and SEE -- part of the Tri-Header
Farhad's Man Utd Page
The Red Page!
Who's Who Of Manchester United FC
Peter's Website: Manchester United Pages
The Bears Unofficial Manchester United F.C. Page
Welcome to My Homepage
Knut's Mufc Site
Yacko's Manchester United Homepage
TJ's Man Utd Page
The Best Manchester United Site
Daniel Farrugia: Welcome to my homepage
Roy's Man Utd Homepage
Raymond´s Football Page
Cattle's MU World
The NIGELAND: Manchester United Museum
Quitus homepage
Glory, Glory Man United
Manchester United The Best Team In Europe
Red Devils
In The Memory Of Eric Cantona
Bryan's Manchester United Homepage
Manchester United Football Club: 
Reman's Soccer Page (Manchester United)
Port Elizabeth Manchester United Supporters Club
The Kings Homepage
Man Utd
James' Manchester United Tribute
Dana's Manchester United Page
Shamir's Manchester United Shrine
Richard L´s ManchesterNet
Hunks: David Beckham and others
Red Devils' Webstation
Rob's Manchester United Homepage
Red Now, Red Forever
Boston Reds' Supporters' Club Web Page
The Page
There's only ONE United - Manchester United!
Mike's Manchester United  Page
Friends Of Old Trafford
The Paul Scholes Page
Red Now Red Forever
Manchester United  World Index
Soccer Maddd!!!
KCH's Manchester United Page
Linus Koh's Manchester United's HomePage
A Manchester United Fact File ***** 5 STAR *****
Manuweb-Manchester United
Fredriks Homepage
The King Of Northland Homepage
Red Devils' Webstation
Hans Homepage
United Front
Hooligan's ManU page
Man Utd Website
Fon's Manchester United Page
The Homepage of Helgi Adalsteinsson
Carl Thomas'  Man Utd Page
Unofficial ManUtd-Finland page
Football Anyone? Manchester United FC, The Greatest Club In The World
Manchester United MUFC Page
The Soccer Zone
Roy's United Page
Alex's Manchester United-Page!
The Prediction League
Manchester United Unofficial Homepage
Dave Bisland's Manchester United Collection
Isaac's Palace
Manchester United
Steven's 100% Manchester United Page
Visa Wisa's Manchester United Webpage
The Theatre Of Dreams: Old Trafford
Red Now, Red Forever : Manchester United FC
Jac's Manchester United Page
DJEVLENETT: MUSCSB  Man. United Supporters Club Scandinavian Branch.
Old Trafford
Albert's Manchester United Homepage
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