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RED sky at night UNITED delight!

Date: Wed Apr 01 10:30:06 GMT+01:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Oh not 1-0 again!  Thats 4 in a row for Arse
Manchester United    32 12  2  2 37  7   7  4  5 23 16    63   +37
Arsenal              30 11  2  2 30  9   6  7  2 19 17    60   +23
Arsenal Fixtures

Wolves (FA Cup Semis) - 5th April, Sunday
Newcastle - 11th April, Saturday  (H)
Blackburn - 13th April, Monday    (A)
Wimbledon - 18th April, Saturday  (H)
Barnsley  - 25th April, Saturday  (A)
Derby     - 29th April, Wednesday (H)
Everton   -  3rd May,   Sunday    (H)
Liverpool -  6th May,   Wednesday (A)
Villa     - 10th May,   Sunday    (A)

Man Utd Fixtures
Blackburn -     6th April, Monday (A)
Liverpool -    10th April, Friday (H)
Newcastle -    18th April, Sunday (H)
Crystal P -    27th April, Monday (A)
Leeds     -     4th May,   Monday (H)
Barnsley  -    10th May,   Sunday (A)

Interesting note: Barnsley, Liverpool and Blackburn play both REDS and Arse 
                  We made need that goal difference!
  Yours Barry. Todays pic is "Bert" Pete's cat before the cup final......

This Issue:
1. Salas/Ccapacity/Giggs
2. Preston reserves v United reserves (MEN report)
3. Radio 5 Nobby Stiles


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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 15:08:50 -0800
To: barry@www.red11.org
From: J Callaghan  (by way of RED-DEVILS Mailing List )
Subject: Salas/Ccapacity/Giggs

Ferguson put block on Salas signing 

 ALEX FERGUSON, the Manchester United manager, turned down the chance to
sign Marcelo Salas, the Chile striker, despite the club being willing to
finance the deal, it emerged yesterday. 
Martin Edwards, chairman of the club and chief executive of Manchester
United plc, said that the board had agreed a fee of around £10 million for
Salas and had approved his personal terms, but Ferguson decided at the last
minute that he preferred to stick with Andy Cole. 

"The board would have supported buying Salas," Edwards said yesterday, "but
as we were reviewing the situation, Cole was knocking in goals for fun. It
was an either-or situation. There was no way we could have played both and
it was a management decision to stick with Cole." 

Edwards added that the decision not to sign Salas was made by Ferguson, who
had travelled to South America to watch the striker play, even before his
performance at Wembley against England. "The deal was more or less done,"
Edwards said. 

Instead, Salas signed for Lazio, the Italian Serie A club, for a fee
reported to be £12 million. However, Edwards confirmed yesterday that the
fee that Manchester United had agreed was less - around £10 million. 

Ferguson and Edwards have worked together for more than ten years and the
United chairman stood by the manager during the club's lean spell in the
early 1990s when Ferguson came close to resigning as United's poor form
took them to the bottom of what was then the first division. 

Until Edwards's comments yesterday it was thought that the manager had been
desperate to sign Salas, but that the board of the public company had
refused to come up with the funds. 

The club also revealed yesterday that it has earmarked upwards of £60
million to secure the long-term careers of six of their best young players.
Edwards confirmed that Gary and Phil Neville had both signed new,
seven-year contracts and that Ryan Giggs last week put pen to paper on a
five-year deal. In addition, he said, the United board was at present in
negotiations with Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Nicky Butt in an attempt
to extend their tenures at the club. 

Giggs has signed a contract worth nearly £20,000 a week. The Neville
brothers will not earn as much, but their deals would still be worth in
excess of £5 million, including bonuses and clauses, over the seven-year
term of their con-tracts. 

"We have a commitment to keeping the best young players at this club,"
Edwards said. "We have signed the Neville brothers and Ryan Giggs signed a
new extended deal last Tuesday. We are also in negotiations with Butt,
Scholes and Beckham. The three of them signed long-term deals only two
years ago, but they have come a long way since then and we would hate to
lose them." 

Edwards also recognised the need at the club to extend a squad undermined
by injuries and suggested that the manager would be given funding for any
player he chooses. Indeed, United can now be expected to move swiftly into
the transfer market as the club has funds sitting in the bank and Edwards
is keen for them to be used on buying players, to offset against tax on the
balance sheet. 

Ferguson has targeted several players, including Gabriel Batistuta, the
Argentina striker, who plays for Fiorentina in Italy, and Rivaldo, the
Brazil international who plays for Barcelona. He has also expressed an
interest in Japp Stam, the Holland defender, and Didier Deschamps, the
France captain. 

Edwards has other ambitious plans. He confirmed yesterday that the club
would be looking to extend Old Trafford's capacity by a further 10,000,
taking it to a limit beyond 65,000, and creating a stadium to rival the one
planned in the city for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and even Wembley Stadium. 

"We are well aware that we are turning people away from our games in
numbers and we are pursuing ways of increasing the capacity. At this stage,
we can't yet say how, but there are plans in process," Edwards said. 

The chairman also revealed that a clause in the club's sponsorship deal
with Sharp had been exercised, giving the Japanese electronics firm a
two-year extension of their contract, which is due to expire in the summer. 

In addition, Edwards disclosed that Manchester United plc would take a 25
per cent stake in a hotel to be built on land near to Old Trafford. "These
are exciting times for the club," Edwards said. "We have many plans to
increase revenue and a solid base to build on." 

Amid all the razzmatazz of big business, United also welcomed back an old
face. Mick Brown, once assistant manager to Ron Atkinson, is leaving his
position as chief scout at Blackburn Rovers to take up a similar post at
Old Trafford. It is on the efforts of such as Brown that a vast empire has
been built. 

A Manchester United is for life, not just for christmas.

If tomorrow was today, it would be yesterday.

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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 15:04:07 -0800
To: barry@www.red11.org
From: L Harvey 
Subject: Preston reserves v United reserves (MEN report)


Preston Res   1  United  Res   6

United reserves turned on the style in this Pontin's League clash in front
of 9,072 fans at Deepdale last night.  The Reds raced into a three-goal
lead by the break and were good value for the impressive scoreline.
Michael Twiss got United off the mark with a solo effort in the 19th
minute, then hit a left foot shot for the second.  Ben Thornley swapped
passes with Alex Notman, before cracking home United's third goal just
before the break.  Preston threatened to force their way back early in the
second half with a series of long range shots which Kevin Pilkington did
well to keep out.  Then, in the 61st minute Pilkington was finally beaten
by an angled drive from Kurt Nogan.  United came back with a bang to add a
further three goals.  Notman rammed home a 30-yard shot in the 68th minute,
then made it 5-1.  Jordi Cruyff, out of action with an ankle injury since
February 21, wrapped up the scoring in the final minute.

Pilkington, Curtis, Higginbotham, Casper, Brown, Twiss (Nevland),
Mulryne, Cruyff, McClair, Notman, Thornley.  

Subs not used: Wood, Brightwell.


Linda Harvey



Date:         Tue, 31 Mar 1998 14:52:42 +0000
Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
From: Paul OHare 
Subject:      Radio 5 Nobby Stiles

In case I forget to post this closer to the time:
Radio 5's series The Hard Men features Nobby Stiles next Monday at 7.30pm,
just before the Blackburn v MU match.
Last night's prog was about Tommy Smith, so it's obvious which generation
they're targetting with this series.

Paul O'H

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