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Subject: Pre/post-Munich teams

A number of posts have commented on the shirt numbers of the players from the Munich era.
The teams for the last pre-Munich games
(Feb 1, League, Arsenal, away and Feb 5, EuroCup, Red Star, away)
and the first post-Munich games (Feb 19, FACup, Sheff Wed, home and Feb 22, League, Nottm F, home)

1 Gregg Gregg 2 Foulkes Foulkes 3 Byrne Greaves 4 Colman Goodwin 5 Jones Cope 6 Edwards Crowther 7 Morgans Webster 8 Charlton Taylor E 9 Taylor T Dawson 10 Viollet Pearson 11 Scanlon Brennan

The typical shirt numbers of others in the crash were:

3 Bent 8 Whelan 11 Pegg

1 Wood 5 Blanchflower 7 Berry

From that first post-Munich team, I think only Gregg and Foulkes were in the crash,
but I can't recall for sure. I think that's likely, as there's a squad of 17 travelling players in the lists above.

Cheers, Graham Warren (Toronto Red)

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* Sir Matt Busby, CBE, KCSG*
* Born 26 May 1909
* Manager 1945-1969 *
* Died 20 January 1994

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