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B&W Triple Pics 

by Mike Connolly           

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Technical data: Canon F-1n, 85mm f1.8, & 200mm 2.8, 1/500 @ f4, Ilford Delta 400 @ 800.



The Drinking Gadget
...looks suspiciously to me like a funnel tied to a long pole, with a 'breathing pipe' attatched so that anyone lying underneath can drink continuously, as the person pours non-stop..

These pictures are:

"My results of a mad dash to Manchester for 3 hours of walking on air in a red
carnival of celebration, the morning after the night before where Fergies young
gods stood on top of the world after defying the odds with 3 minutes of football,
breaking hearts and laying to rest the ghost of '68 with 2 lightning strikes inspired by fate...

...any gaps in my photos can be atributed to small squalls of manic celebration
as the players went by and 5 weeks of built up emotion, stress and dreams
were expelled in loud shouts of

This is my tribute to a great team, playing fantastic football with passion,
pride, a never- say-die attitude, and smiles on their faces..."

   by Mike Connolly

Manchester May 27th 1999

Manchester United FC  Manchester United FC  Manchester United FC  Manchester United FC