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reds_going_to_barcelona.mp3 3,1 meg Sing with Red11.org! "REDS Are Going To Barcelona!" - 3m 15secs 128kbps

we_are_champions_ec_version_1999.mp3 103812k Manchester United Champions Of Europe 1999" - 3m 14secs

andhisnameiscantona.mp3 3043000k Crowd singing "Ooa Aah Cantona" - 25 secs

andyandyandycole.mp3 47730k Crowd singing "Andy Andy Cole" - 11 secs

calypso.mp3 1607249k "United Calypso" a song from fifties! - 1m 54secs

causewerechampions.mp3 60688k Crowd singing "Cause We're Champions" - 14 secs

champions.mp3 67742k Crowd singing "CHAMPIONS" 16 secs

drinkadrinktoerictheking.mp3 71778k Crowd singing "Drink a drink for Eric the King" - 17 secs

ForEverAndEver.mp3 121313k Crowd singing "For ever & ever" - 9 secs

fuckmcmanaman.mp3 37360k Crowd singing F*ck McManaman - 8 secs

gloryglory.mp3 2770904k FULL SONG GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED" 128 kbps - 2m 52 secs

IfYouWantToGoToHeaven.mp3 302811k Crowd singing "If you want to heaven clap your hands" - 24 secs

keano.mp3 29784k Crowd singing "There's only one KEANO!" - 6 secs

kk.mp3 86816k Kevin Keegan's famous outburst as Toon manager!" - 21 secs

manchesterboys.mp3 83908k Crowd singing "Manchester Boys" - 20 secs

MyOldMan.mp3 784927k Crowd singing "My old man said be a City fan" Recorded 2002-02-10 at The Valley Charlton - 24 secs

poorlittlescouser.mp3 51908k Crowd singing "Poor Little Scouser" - 12 secs

RuudVanNistelrooy.mp3 346070k Crowd singing "Ruud Van Nistelrooy tra la la la" - 28 secs

SmallTownInPortsmouth.mp3 91220k Crowd singing "You're just a small town in Portsmouth" - 7 secs

standup.mp3 107772k Intro til "Stand up" cd - 25 secs

U_N_I_FergusonsRedArmy_PrideOfAllEurope.mp3 121313k Crowd singing "Crowd singing "Lets follow the boys" - 9 secs

WeShallNotBeMoved.mp3 272718k Crowd singing "We Shall Not Be Moved" Recorded 2002-01-13 at St.Mary's Southampton - 22 secs

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