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13 of The Best from
Old Trafford 7th July 1999 : TODAYS NEWS

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This page was made 8th July Pictures "live" from OT the day before!

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Pat's descriptions!

View from Trafford Suite, spot what's missing?
View from pitch level, (which looks like a snooker table.
Next thing we knew, there was some activity with a bit of Silverware.

"I wonder if we'll win the Treble again next season......."
We had to go up and take a closer look didn't we???
"Aah, there's the FA Cup, the b......s haven't taken it back yet"
Went round the back to see aswell.
The East Stand from the inside looks the same....
But from the outside.......
Sob, sob, what's happened to our lovely fourcourt.
These are in the car park over the road.
View from top of United Road.
Sir Matt's Statue
Paul Windridge was right, the FA Cup's disapeared!!!
Only joking
The Treble!!!

All the Latest Pics in Date Order