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Ryan down the wing at Blackburn!

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 10:00:31 -0400 To: suggs@tiac.net From: "Red Devil Marcus" (by way of Red Devils List ) Subject: Young Targets Impress (TEAMTALK) Young Targets Impress Two young international stars of the future stood out again at the weekend reportedly under the watchful eye of United scouts. Wolves' teenage striker starlet Robbie Keane showed some great touches in the Republic of Ireland's goalless draw with Mexico in Dublin on Saturday but the 17-year-old remains a long-term prospect. Meanwhile, Norwegian Under-21 keeper Espen Baardsen produced another mature performance at the European championships in Bucharest. The Spurs star told his club last week that he would not be signing a new contract with them and is expected to leave before the remaining one year on his deal runs out. Baardsen also revealed that two Premiership clubs had expressed an interest in signing him, one of which is believed to be United. Finally, West Ham's Frank Lampard (junior) was scandalously linked to United on Sunday. There appears to be little truth in this report and the Hammers midfielder is set to sign a new contract with his father's club on his return from the Toulon tournament this week.
Ryan down the wing at Blackburn!

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 10:01:57 -0400 Subject: United Haters "A Disgrace" (Mirror) WHY DO OUR FANS HATE US? England fans have been branded "a disgrace" by Manchester United stars who were hit by an astonishing barrage of hate at Wembley. Distraught Gary Neville was visibly shaken by a chorus of barracking and anti-United songs from around 10,000 fans at the World Cup send-off game for Glenn Hoddle's team against Saudi Arabia on Saturday. But defiant Teddy Sheringham declared: "We'll show them." Chants of "Stand up if you hate Man U" rang around the stadium during the disappointing goalless draw. United stars Neville, his brother Phil, Sheringham, David Beckham and Paul Scholes all took part in the game. They were even jeered during the pre-match walkabout on the pitch. There was also booing of Tottenham's Darren Anderton in his first game for his country for nearly two years. It turned sour a planned farewell to the team before they set off for the finals in France next summer and, following the dull goalless draw, they gave a few half-hearted waves to the crowd before trudging off disconsolately. Coach Hoddle was incensed by an amazing display of hatred against his players, although Neville and Sheringham were eager to point out that they did not condemn all supporters - only those involved in the amazing attacks on them. An emotional Neville, 23, said: "It was a disgrace. There must have been 10,000 fans singing it out there. "It upsets me that the fans should turn on the United players. Basically, there are four, five or six of us who could make up nearly a third of the whole squad for the World Cup. "I've had it now three or four times playing for England this season - and it upsets me every time it happens. "Please let them know that it does affect the United players. It should be put across to them. "It's the first thing we talk about when we come off the pitch. We just can't believe it. "We are out there representing our country. When we play for England, it has nothing at all to do with United. "I simply can't understand 10,000 to 15,000 people singing against the players of one team when five or six of us are out there. "We're all very passionate for England - as passionate as anybody. "It's worse when I'm playing at right-back over on the far side at the end opposite the tunnel. I've had it from there for a couple of years. It started with individuals, but it's gone on from there. It's happened for that long, but to a greater extent in this game. "Maybe there were two or three United fans in there or something and that started them all off. "But even when myself and Philip and Paul Scholes walked out at the start, we were booed. It's not nice when you're playing for England. "It certainly doesn't help your performance. You are thinking to yourself: 'How can you explain it?' "It gets to me after the game. That's when it annoys me and makes me angry. "You wouldn't get it in any other country and you wouldn't get it aimed at any other team. "You don't hear people singing 'Stand up if you hate Arsenal.' "People think that Manchester United have a mentality that it is us against everybody else. You've probably seen why out there. "I have never known it happen for one team's players or one club to be singled out in an international. "We should all be in this together. There's no doubt about that. "If we don't do well at the World Cup, criticise us then. Until that point, let them get behind us regardless of who we play for. "Those same people would probably have cheered if I'd put one in the top corner ten minutes later, but then that's the way they are. "It's got to be jealousy. There's no other word for it. Obviously, though, there are a lot of fans who don't sing against us - and I don't want to bring them into it." The affair has obviously affected Neville deeply because, despite being only 23, he's an experienced international who now has 26 caps for his country. The chant of "Stand up if you hate Man U" has becoming increasingly popular at grounds throughout the country during the past season. It is sung even when United are playing miles away and fans of other clubs see United in a crazy, distasteful and hate-filled campaign of bitterness against them - probably inspired by the phenomenal success of Alex Ferguson's team in recent years. The same chant was clearly audible at the England -South Africa cricket international at Headingley yesterday. Neville added: "You can handle it when you play for United. Well, you can handle it, but you can't understand it. "But I don't think it will happen to us out in France because only the true, travelling fans will be out there supporting us." Sheringham, who is 32, said: "It's nothing short of a disgrace. I can imagine younger players being very upset. "But you have to shrug these things off. It was disappointing to hear it at the last England game at Wembley before the World Cup. We are all in it together. "It's not the sort of encouragement you need when things aren't going well in a big game. "But things happen and you learn to shrug them off and say 'I'll show you'. "I suppose it's because of jealousy of United. Everyone wants to beat us. It's a massive club. "I got it at Spurs every now and then, but, like everything else at Manchester United, it's on a larger scale." Anderton said: "It didn't worry me that the fans were jeering at me. I go out there and try to do my best and try to be positive." There were also loud slow hand-claps during the admittedly dull game and Neville added: "We've drawn 0-0 at home to Saudi Arabia and they're not going to be happy with that. "It was a send-off, and they were hoping to see a win by three or four. "They haven't seen that, so maybe you can understand the grunts and the boos at the end. "But I can't understand what's been aimed at the United players." The jeering and cat-calling, coupled with the dull performance against the Saudis, means that Hoddle's team fly off this morning to Spain in sober mood. They will spend two days at a training camp at the plush, La Manga country club before heading for Casablanca for their final warm-up games against Morocco on Wednesday and Belgium on Friday. They then return to Spain where Hoddle will name his final party of 22 for the World Cup next Monday.
Ryan down the wing at Blackburn!

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 10:00:53 -0400 Subject: Becks, Sheri, "Fans" (CarlingNet) Man United 25 May 1998 HODDLE WON'T HAND BECKHAM PLAYMAKER ROLE David Beckham may one day become England's playmaker. But Glenn Hoddle left Wembley on Saturday night convinced in his own mind that he is not ready for the task in the World Cup. Calls for Old Trafford's pin-up boy to be handed the ultimate midfield responsibility had always been resisted by Hoddle, although he revealed that injury absences had robbed Beckham of his chances against Mexico last season and Switzerland in March. So it was that against a Saudi side which hardly had a midfield to speak of, Hoddle left Paul Gascoigne on the bench, gave Beckham his opportunity, and played Darren Anderton in the United man's customary wing-back role. There were signs of what could be, a delicious ball to Alan Shearer, occasional interplay with Paul Scholes and Teddy Sheringham, the odd crossfield pass as well. Yet all too often the next touch after Beckham had delivered came from a player wearing green and there were precious few signs that he would break his England scoring duck. For Hoddle it was proof that, at this stage at any rate, his personal assumptions are correct. ``Everybody keeps telling me that's David's best position,'' said Hoddle. ``But he's probably only played a handful of games there for United. The majority of his career he's played as a wide man. ``David started very brightly and played a couple of terrific balls in. ``He can open the play up lovely and can hit balls from both sides. David's a passer, a purveyor of the ball. That gives you options.'' A purveyor maybe, but any supplier must know the value of his goods, and in international matches the ball is a precious object that cannot be squandered, as pass-master Hoddle conceded. ``He got a bit sloppy and gave the ball away as well,'' said the coach. ``He's a young lad but he's got to learn. ``David plays with his head up inside and when you play there you can pick passes off easier than out wide, where you're limited. ``But he's had more experience at United playing outside. He's a great crosser, probably the best in the country. ``When he plays wide for United he doesn't take them on, just needs half a yard. That's his ability.'' The failure of Beckham to fulfil his early promise against the men from the desert kingdom brought early calls from the Wembley crowd for Gascoigne's appearance. When that came on the hour - Hoddle declared that he had decided on the switch before the match - the sheer sight of Gazza on the ball sent waves of expectation around the Venue of Legends. Too many times, like Beckham, the ball was wasted, although Hoddle opted to take a positive view of the failures. ``Some of the use of the ball was poor and he gave it away, but that was because he was trying to make something happen for us, which he nearly did,'' said the coach of the errant Geordie. Hoddle added: ``Paul's still got a bit of a way to go with his fitness and we've got Morocco to try him out for 90 minutes. ``The good thing for Gazza is that he's come through a bloody hard week, because we really have trained them hard. ``Gazza's come on a lot and with 30 minutes under his belt he'll be further down the line.'' So, after only his third full match of the season, will be Anderton, unjustifiably booed by a section of the Wembley crowd who were roundly condemned by Hoddle. At times in the second half, `Sicknote' seemed to be crying out for medication, or at least an oxygen bag, although Hoddle maintained appearances can prove deceptive. ``Don't worry about how he looks,'' maintained Hoddle of the Spurs player, who seems to be on course for a place in the final 22. ``Darren's a fit lad, one of the fittest in the squad. We did a hard running session last week, lots of 500m and 600m runs, and he was out in front. ``On Saturday his fitness was excellent. To play that wing-back position you've got to be fit. I kept him there because I wanted him to get 90 minutes in that position and he lasted that 90 minutes. ``He gave everything and even showed a determined streak in his tackling in the last five or 10 minutes, which isn't something I've seen him do for his club.'' Man United 25 May 1998 HODDLE STANDS BY UNDER-FIRE SHERINGHAM Glenn Hoddle has a simple message for the Sheringham knockers: Don't worry. Teddy will be ready. Sheringham's dream move to Manchester United did not work out as the striker had anticipated. The former Tottenham captain fell out of favour with the United fans, while the Old Trafford outfit's failure to land a trophy brought derisive chants from fans of Arsenal and Chelsea as well as Spurs. Some of those barrackers were in the Wembley crowd on Saturday, jeering Sheringham as England's World Cup farewell party was almost turned into a wake by Saudi Arabia. Even the most fervent of Sheringham supporters would not try to pretend their hero enjoyed one of his most convincing England afternoons against the Saudis. Fans of Michael Owen are using any perceived failure on his part to push the World Cup starting claims of the Liverpool teenage sensation. But Sheringham's understanding with skipper Alan Shearer, demonstrated to a wider audience in Euro 96 - and noted by Carlsberg in their latest advert - is something Hoddle has the utmost faith in. And for Hoddle, who flew out with his players to the pre-France training base at La Manga today, there is not the slightest public doubt that Sheringham remains his first choice as Shearer's strike partner. ``Teddy's been struggling and he's sometimes had a bit of indifferent form for his club before,'' said Hoddle. ``But when he's come to England he's scored with Alan and put in good performances. ``Teddy's an international player and has experience at that level. He's come good when it matters in the past so there's no reason to suggest that should change in anybody's mind. ``Teddy's an excellent player. Maybe he's the sort of player that the fans might not appreciate as much as a pro does, but he's more suited to international level than league football.'' Sheringham was not the only man to fall foul of the Wembley boo-boys on Saturday, with his former Spurs team-mate Darren Anderton also in the line of fire. Hoddle condemned the fans who have turned on the injury-plagued Anderton, expressing his delight at seeing the winger - back on the England scene for the first time since Euro 96 - complete only his third full game of the season. ``On Saturday his fitness was excellent. To play that wing-back position you've got to be fit,'' said Hoddle. ``I kept him there because I wanted him to get 90 minutes in that position and he lasted that 90 minutes. ``He gave everything and even showed a determined streak in his tackling in the last five or 10 minutes, which isn't something I've seen him do for his club.'' Anderton's position on the right saw David Beckham moving inside for an hour which was like the curate's egg - good in parts. Beckham was then replaced for the final half hour by Paul Gascoigne, with Hoddle suggesting the Middlesbrough man is getting nearer full fitness. ``Paul's still got a bit of a way to go with his fitness and we've got Morocco to try him out for 90 minutes,'' said Hoddle. ``The good thing for Gazza is that he's come through a bloody hard week because we really have trained them hard. With 30 minutes under his belt he'll be further down the line. ``Some of his use of the ball on Saturday was poor and he gave it away. But that was because he was trying to make something happen for us, which he nearly did.'' Man United 24 May 1998 HODDLE BLAST FOR ENGLAND FANS Glenn Hoddle and Gary Neville criticised a section of the Wembley crowd who attempted to ruin England's farewell to the fans after the goalless draw against Saudi Arabia. Darren Anderton was jeered by some England supporters and derogatory songs were aimed at the Manchester United youngsters in the squad. ``I thought Darren Anderton was excellent,'' Hoddle said. ``His use of the ball was superb. I don't know why there was a section of support at some stage singling him out. ``It was disappointing to hear them singing about Manchester United as well. When you play for England, you play for the pride of playing for England. It is nothing to do with their clubs.'' Manchester United's Neville agreed that some of the crowd in the stadium had let England down. He claimed he had not heard the barracking of Anderton but he added that it would not have surprised him. ``I didn't but it didn't surprise me,'' Neville said. ``About 75 per cent of the crowd were marvellous but I was disappointed with 25 per cent of them. ``They were chanting `Stand up if you hate Man United.' They weren't really fans. It won't be like that in France.'' Neville added that he had been disappointed by the result of today's World Cup warm-up but all the players would be ready for England's opener against Tunisia on June 15. ``I think we could have played a lot better,'' Neville said. ``Certain things weren't right. ``David Beckham looked good in the central midfield role. He has been playing that role at Manchester United since he was 16 or 17. ``I am very excited now. I have never played in one (World Cup) before, and it is a lot bigger than the European Championship.'' But Hoddle was noncommittal on the performance of second half substitute Paul Gascoigne. ``Comme ci, comme ca,'' Hoddle said. ``He did some good things and he gave the ball away and that was difficult for us. And we were put on the back foot sometimes. ``Paul came on and did some good things as well so it was 50-50 thing. But he will be a little fitter for it further down the line.'' But Hoddle admitted he was disappointed that his side had not capitalised on their goalscoring opportunities. ``We didn't punish them with our chances,'' Hoddle said. ``In the first 20 minutes I was delighted with some of the approach work but we didn't punish them. ``And if you don't do that you are always going to have a tough time. ``They were a very well organised side. Their new coach has got them together and he has worked hard with them. ``They have put in a good performance. I just felt we only played half the point. ``When we had the ball, I didn't think as a side we defended it very well. ``When we had the ball we were looking quite bright at times. ``But to be fair to them they came back at us quite well in the second half and finished quite strong.'' For Saudi coach Carlos Perreira the result was a huge confidence boost for his side. ``It is a very big result to get a draw against the English team at Wembley,'' Perreira said. ``It is a very big achievement. We still have two games left and it was a good contest. We had chances and I told my players to go out and enjoy the game. Let's play the ball and they did it. ``The boys did very well and they are progressing.'' But Perreira added that England should not be concerned by the goalless draw and highlighted the fact that the team were creating opportunities. ``England are a good team and Glenn Hoddle has a lot of options. He has Gascoigne and Ferdinand - a lot of good players,'' Perreira said. ``It sometimes takes time to establish a team but I don't have this kind of problem. ``They created chances and it was a good game.''
Ryan down the wing at Blackburn!

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