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Date: Sat Oct 24  GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1. Subject: VERY IMPORTANT *READ FIRST* Manchester United Supporters Petition
2. Born To Be Wild, Wet & RED: Copenhagen Parken Report pt t2/3
3. Derby Preview. United high after Brondby success 
4. Return of Keane edge Gives a Spring to United's Step 
5. Cole the Unsung Hero
7. Deadly Cole (Mirror)
8. Independent: MPs show Murdoch red card!


Daily RED Trivia  Sat 24th October:

24/10/1956: David Gaskell made his debut against Manchester City. Gaskell was aged 16
 when appearing as substitute for injured goalkeeper Ray Wood in the Charity Shield
 match, won 1-0 by United. He made his full debut in November 1957 and won an 
 FA Cup Winners  medal in 1963. He made 118 appearances between 1957-66,
 moving to Wrexham in June 1969.

24/10/1981: United win 2-1 at Liverpool with goals from Arthur Albiston and Kevin
 Moran in a Division 1 game watched by 41,438. Team was: Bailey, Gidman,
 Albiston, Wilkins, Moran, Buchan, Robson, Birtles, Stapleton, Moses, Coppell.


Barry Daily Comment:  
When Manchester United's final goal went in on Wednesday night, champagne
corks popped all over the Street Of Shame. No need to think of a decent headline when the
cliche cupboard could be opened up and this little lot let out...
Here are all the headlines from various newspapers!

       'United Go Six Mad'                  - The Star.
       'Hit For Six'                        - The Daily Mail.
       'Six Of The Best'                    - The Express.
       'I'm Two Sixy For My Shirt'          - The Sun.
       'United's Six-Shooters Hit Jackpot'  - The Times.
       'United Hit Six With A Real Swagger' - The Daily Telegraph.
       'Six Of The Best'                    - The Daily Record.

Let's get this straight. They scored six, right?
Here in Denmark I bought 3 papers:

       Ekstra Bladet Brondby   - Pulverised Blue and Yellow
       BT                      - Brondby Smacked
       Aalborg Stiftstidende   - Clean Shaved Allround

My Brondby personal match report part 2/3 today.


Next 4 games: 
Result/Fixture Index:

Today! 24/10 Derby    (A) PL
Wed 28/10 Bury        (H) LC (Worthington Cup)
Sat 31/10 Everton     (A) PL 
Wed  4/11 Brondby     (H) CL 19.45

UNITED Stats v Derby are here:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265

Champions league: 21/10             
Brondby 2-6 Man Utd
Bayern  1-0 Barcelona
Table as at 21/10:
    GROUP D P  W  D  L  GF  GA  Pts 
ManUnited   3  1  2  0   11  7  5     Next "CL" Match
BMünchen    3  1  1  1   4   5  4   Man Utd v Brondby OT 4/11
Barcelona   3  1  1  1   5   4  4 
Brĝndby     3  1  0  2   2   9  3 

*** FIXTURES ON 24/10/98 ***
         Aston Villa  v  Leicester City
   Charlton Athletic  v  West Ham United
        Derby County  v  Manchester United
           Liverpool  v  Nottingham Forest
 Sheffield Wednesday  v  Everton
         Southampton  v  Coventry City
   Tottenham Hotspur  v  Newcastle United
           Wimbledon  v  Middlesbrough

*** FIXTURES ON 25/10/98 ***
    Blackburn Rovers  v  Arsenal
        Leeds United  v  Chelsea


"Are you Against the BSkyB takeover? Please Read! Click on image!"

Subject: Subject: VERY IMPORTANT *READ FIRST* Manchester United Supporters Petition www.red11.org Date: Fri Oct 23 17:21:10 GMT+00:00 1998 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rupert Murdoch must not be allowed to take over Man Utd PLC. This will give him and his company BSkyB a unfair and anti-competitive postion in the two areas they are desperatley trying to dominate. How can Murdoch be allowed to take over a football club and therefore, at least theoretically have a vote for the next TV deal the Premiership enters into? I cannot believe this would not allow him an unfair advantage over 1. the other teams competing in the Premier League and 2. any other TV company that would want to bid for the rights to televise the Premier League, the flagship league of our national sport. I trust that you will look deeply into this worrying and, in the UK, seemingly unprecedented bid. Yours faithfully, Bill McArthur www.red11.org Webmaster >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.manchester.com/guest/guestadd.html This is a Manchester United supporters petition against BSkyB's takeover of MUFC. Another group is sending out a parallel petition but for non-United fans. This concentrates on the more general issues of why this deal is bad for all fans. Whatever your feelings on this please read this message and pass it on (in full) to all United fans you know. This campaign is supported by the Football Supporters Association (FSA) and many other football supporters groups and associations representing numerous different clubs (see bottom of message). Of course, it is also supported by IMUSA - the Independent Manchester United Supporters Association - the only independent organisation which attempts to represent the interests of all Manchester United supporters. SUAM - Shareholders United Against Murdoch are also against the bid - I think you probably worked that out from their name! The petition is hosted by Virtual Manchester (www.manchester.com) for the benefit of all concerned supporters of all clubs. You should have received this message because you are a Manchester United supporter on a mailing list or a friend of yours thought you'd be interested and passed it to you. If this is not the case please ignore this message and accept our apologies. If you know someone who would be interested we need you to pass this message (and attached file) on to them in full. This way we can really generate a big response. Attached to this message is a petition form (HTML web page) which you can use to submit your details to what we hope will be the biggest email petition in history. You only need to open the attachment in your web browser, fill in the details and click submit (while you are on-line). Alternatively you can sign the petition directly at: http://www.manchester.com/guest/guestadd.html If you have already decided you're against the takeover then you can stop reading here and just sign the petition now and pass it to all the Utd supporters you know - or register for them (if they're not on the internet they'll need an email address such as www.hotmail.com). Why should you get involved with this petition? Here are just some of the reasons other United supporters have given: [1] Your club will lose it's independence. If the bid goes through, for the first time in its history, Manchester United will no longer exist as a separate company. It will just be a subsidiary of BSkyB plc. If the club becomes wholly owned by BSkyB, then BSkyB would have no obligation to make decisions in the best interests of Manchester United Football Club. Under the current circumstances the board are required to make decisions in the interests of the company - ie the football club but this obligation is removed if the club is wholly owned by BSkyB. This change would be irreversible. [2] Look at the way BSkyB has treated its UK TV football subscribers. When they first offered live Premier League football it was free for Sky's subscribers as it had been previously on ITV/BBC (although admittedly a lower quality product). Then they charged 2.99 per month, then 7.99 and now you can only get the football as part of a bundle for 21.99 per month - 264 pounds a year. This is 3 times your UK TV license fee for all terrestrial channels! This is a monopoly deal - its the only way you can watch Live TV coverage in the UK. How do you think they will treat United fans once they have the monopoly ownership of our club? And how will they treat us when they can hold us to ransom when Pay Per View comes in. This pattern of exploitation is repeated again and again throughout Murdoch's ( = BSkyB) business empire worldwide. [3] Manchester United don't need BSkyB but BSkyB need Manchester United . MUFC could sign their own TV deals anyway - why let a third party come in and cream money off - out of football and out of the fans pockets? The estimated income which will soon become available through Manchester United's TV rights is astronomical. Early estimates are as high as 100 million pounds a year. This money should be going into the clubs coffers - not filtered through BSkyB's bank first. [4] This deal is part of plans for a European or World Super League. This will signal the end of the Premier League as we know it and over a hundred years of football tradition. They are just ripping our game apart to line their pockets, from us - the fans. [5] Murdoch cannot afford a successful Manchester United. BSkyB, in a moment of weakness, have already admitted that they do not want United to become too successful. Managing Director of Sky Sports, Vic Wakeling, didn't realise the implications of what he was saying when he stated that "What we don't want is what's happened in Scotland with Rangers winning 9 titles in a row". The reason he doesn't want this for United is because he realises this would damage BSkyB's ratings if United kept winning. How can we have an owner of our club who is not committed to making the football team as successful as possible? This is only the tip of the iceberg though. Many supporters of other clubs already refuse to buy products associated with MUFC - such as Sharp Videos etc and now Pepsi. What will Rupert Murdoch do when he finds that if he allows United to be successful the resentful supporters of other clubs will stop buying his newspapers and satellite TV channels. He is a business man - the answer is obvious and it's bad news for MUFC and bad news for us fans. [6] There is an alternative. The supporters of Manchester United have contributed all the money that has resulted in it's current valuation. If all United supporters worldwide were to buy a few shares (not that many) we could take control of our club even if this will take a little time. There are various schemes which would achieve this but one thing is for sure - if this BSkyB bid goes through we will NEVER own our club. This takeover is irreversible - it must be stopped so we have a chance to assess all the alternatives. United do not need a master who just creams off money - out of our pockets and out of the football club. [7] Even if you're not sure or think the take-over might not be bad you should still try to stop it at this stage. We need a chance to step back and look at all the options. They are trying to rush this through before anyone has a chance to put forward alternatives - this takes time. Why not give the supporters an opportunity to have their say? Why don't they want supporters to keep their own shares? Why are they trying to rush this through? If we can hold it up now there is nothing to prevent BSkyB coming back with another offer later and if that turns out to be the best option we (MUFC shareholders) could still accept it. However most United supporters think this deal is the worst possible option and even the current situation is preferable. Please sign the petition and pass this message and attachment to all other Manchester United supporters you know. Notes: Those against the bid include:The FA,The PFA (Players Union),The LMA (League Managers Association), The FSA (Football Supporters Association), The National Federation of Football Supporters Clubs, The Independent Supporters Associations of all clubs. IMUSA - Independent Manchester United Supporters Association In fact no other supporters group has come out in favour of this deal Many MP's are against it - Already around 100 have declared against but due to the recess we are still waiting to hear from the rest. Those in favour: BSkyB and the outgoing board of MU plc. ************************************************************ NOTE FROM www.red11.org WEBMASTERS: We could not send the mentioned attachment so you can paste the following html in your browser and just click! (remember you must be online!) ************************************************************ Virtual Manchester
Petition against the BSkyB take-over of Manchester United

Guestbook script written by Ray Chan

Please add your Name, Email Address and Location to the petition below. You may also add a message if you wish to. For your petition entry to be valid you must provide a genuine email address.
Valid email address:
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Keep The Faith -- Red Til We're Dead -- "RED sky at night UNITED delight" --- Manchester United for life not just for Christmas ---
"Are you Against the BSkyB takeover? Please Read! Click on image!"

From: Barry Leeming Subject: Born To Be Wild, Wet & RED: Copenhagen Parken Report pt t2/3 Available on the www at: http://www.red11.org/mufc/9899/matfbroa.htm Pt2 Craisy Daisy: TV, flags and beer: Copenhagen 1500 hrs Norregade and Craisy Daisy had changed its name? Yes we arrived at the club rented for the Scandinavian Manchester United Party. Now called "ENZO" for some peculiar reason, we all piled in to find loads of REDS all ready to sing drink and get together for the next 3 hours!!! Danish TV had already arrived, the DJ was playing all the Red sounds he could find and there was "our" new RED Aalborg flag hanging on the wall. A well know journalist called Madsen got the guys together for a pic which was to appear on the back page of the Danish national newspaper "Ekstra Bladet" on Thursday morning. You can see this pic on the net if you read the multi media match report at above address. Grabbing a beer all the old friends were there and also quite a few UK guys. Helge Conradsen the Danish Chairman arrived and welcomed us all saying he was off to chat to Dwight and Andy. He has become a total fan of these two, Andy was always his favorite now he has both of them. The drinking continued and the crowd size was building up to around 800. The Danish branch of the supporters club MUSCS has now 4000 members! The RED NEWS were represented and souvenirs + badges were for sale. Amazingly to us the RED NEWS guys had match tickets for sale, where were you Kerry? (some supporters had not made it over due to excessive expenses at the beer festival in Munich) and the tickets were snapped up for 200kr. Many of the Scandinavian REDS were holding tickets for the Brondby end so they were only too pleased for this opportunity to use "Entrance D" instead! Toilets were downstairs in the cellar and we arranged with the camera "girl!" to come and interview us all whilst relieving ourselves :)) We all stood in a row and she even filmed the actual water running down the drain. THIS WAS SHOWN on the national Danish TV news 18.50 hrs that same night. At the end of the interview Henrik was asked by the interviewer "If I say that Manchester United are a terrible side will you urinate on me?" "Most probably" said Henrik!! I ask you now, "would they have shown that on BBC Prime time?" That's one of the difference's between Denmark and Great Britain. Around 16.30 Henrik, Preben, Leo and I went off to "The Old English Pub" to find Mike Dobbin and the crowd from London. This is the only pub in Copenhagen selling draught Boddies. No sign of them so back to the club. Mike "Hi! where have you been we have been looking for you" :)) I grabbed a round and there was Mike Dobbin, Steve and others including Graham who turned up a little later. Mike then presented me with a bar of SOAP in a plastic holder, as onlookers were laughing!! This was a bar I had left in his bathroom on the way up to the Eric/Munich Testimonial. Mike had thoughtfully flown over with it in his pocket, THANKYOU Mike :)) Time for Barry "DJ" to take over. I went up in the disco and found no mini disc or tape machine, just the cd's he was playing. No calypso or any good stuff, all planning out the window, I took over using a microphone (no ekko) running through a few ditties & shooting off a few names. Calling out Denmark, Sweden & Norway I forgot Iceland! Sorry Helgi I reckon I put that straight before I left?? The crowd was in good spirits and RED films were shown on the big screen. Only prob with my singalong show was this Danish dj who put Yellow Submarine on without asking me first ("Scouser" shouted the crowd) I quickly pulled it off again...sorry for all those who were hurt! Still we had a good singalong and Mike Dobbin was mentioned MORE than once ... oops! After all I had been drinking one or two beers? I had to leave at 1800 as I had booked a meal with 3 work mates who would be going to the match with me. btw I still had my sons match ticket in my pocket at this time. Michael is in the Danish Army and they would not let him out the b....rs! What happened later? read more in 2 days, it's weekend football + disco's today & tomorrow so I will conclude this report on Sunday! pt3 The Match & home sweet home: RED goals galore and a long trip home Barry "diggin the potatoes in Denmark" Match report with pics http://www.red11.org/mufc/9899/matfbroa.htm
"Are you Against the BSkyB takeover? Please Read! Click on image!"

Subject: Derby Preview. United high after Brondby success Manchester United are hoping to carry on at Derby County on Saturday where they left off in Denmark - with the memory of Wednesday night's 6-2 thrashing of Brondby still fresh in their minds. David Beckham and Nicky Butt return from suspension as United go in search of their fourth successive Premiership victory. Ferguson has to decide who will make way, but said: "We could not go into a game in a better frame of mind, and I know it is always hard against Derby, but nonetheless, I think he players are looking forward to the game. "You can't place Wednesday's victory in terms of importance because winning was what we had to do. But the manner of the victory was excellent." Jesper Blomqvist could drop to the substitutes' bench to make way for Beckham, with Ryan Giggs switching back to the left wing. Butt may also have to take a seat in the dug-out if Ferguson decides to leave Paul Scholes in his starting line-up. Ronny Johnsen is still under treatment for ankle ligament problems, while Teddy Sheringham should be in the squad despite a calf strain. Derby will have skipper Igor Stimac back as they try to halt a run of three consecutive Premiership defeats.
"Are you Against the BSkyB takeover? Please Read! Click on image!"

Subject: Return of Keane edge Gives a Spring to United's Step David Lacey says Ferguson's team may be looking to a second coming in Barcelona Friday October 23, 1998 This season's European Cup final takes place at Barcelona on May 26. To give themselves a chance of reaching it Manchester United may well have to avoid defeat at the same Nou Camp next month. Four years ago the Barcelona of Romario and Hristo Stoichkov inflicted on United one of their most humiliating defeats in more than 40 years of European football. Alex Ferguson's defence was torn to shreds as Barcelona beat them 4-0. That was then. The United side returning from Copenhagen in the early hours of yesterday morning did not appear to be on the verge of being humiliated by anybody; quite the reverse in fact. The sheer verve of the 6-2 victory over Brondby which has taken Manchester United above Barcelona, beaten 1-0 by Bayern in Munich, to the top of Group D in the Champions League has reconfirmed the European potential of Ferguson's side. They cannot yet be considered favourites but at this stage who can? The important thing, from United's point of view, is that the team are once more up and running. Even without the suspended David Beckham a breathtaking combination of speed and technique buried a Brondby side who had begun to fancy their chances of reaching the quarter-finals after beating Bayern in their opening match. On the sort of rain-swept night calculated to evoke pleas to the Almighty for the protection of sailors, not to mention warning notices from the Canine Defence League, Manchester United produced a performance promised by the steady resurgence which had followed their doleful 3-0 defeat at Arsenal a month earlier. Defeating Liverpool 2-0 at Old Trafford four days after Highbury was always going to be a restorative and since then the defences of Southampton, beaten 3-0, Wimbledon, 5-1, and now Brondby have felt the full weight of United's return to form. But for the error by Peter Schmeichel which enabled Bayern Munich to force a 2-2 draw in stoppage time at the Olympic Stadium, United would now be running away with their group. Then again, and as Ferguson suggested before the Brondby game, the point Bayern gained gave them the impetus to beat Barcelona. Wary of premature congratulations and knowing all to well how a Champions League group can be turned upside down, Ferguson refused to give his players unstinted praise on Wednesday. Not a great performance, he insisted; some of the passing had been careless with the ball too often given away. Nevertheless there was one individual performance of considerable significance, as much for the Premiership as the Champions League. From the moment Roy Keane laid the ball out to the 19-year-old Wes Brown, whose centre produced the first of Ryan Giggs's two goals in the second minute, tje Irishman looked the player he was before a snapped cruciate ligament forced him to miss most of last season. With Paul Scholes giving him tireless support, Keane dominated the match from penalty area to penalty area. In the first half he created two chances which Andy Cole should have taken before the striker eventually accepted an opportunity set up for him by Dwight Yorke. Ten minutes after half-time, Kim Daugaard's free-kick having skidded past Peter Schmeichel at the near post, Keane reasserted United's hold on the game by striding through the Brondby defence, exchanging passes with Giggs, and scoring off a post. Whatever misgivings his manager might have had about United's performance in general, Keane's display must have made depressing viewing for those hoping to deprive them of a fifth Premiership title in seven seasons. The far-post header by Yorke which brought United their fifth goal - Ole Gunnar Solskjaer coming off the bench to get the sixth - was the Tobagan striker's fourth in as many matches and his partnership with Cole has now produced seven in three games. All right, so the defences of Southampton, Wimbledon and Brondby might have been ripe for a mangling, but someone still had to turn the handle. Brondby will be at Old Trafford on Wednesday week minus their quickest forward, Thomas Lindrup, who picked up a second yellow card. Another rout is unlikely but not impossible. It may depend on whether or not Manchester United believe they are in a five-setter, since they have now beaten the Danes 6-0 (in a pre-season friendly) and 6-2. Either way the points, not the winning margin, will be the prime aim; points that would surely make for a memorable night at Nou Camp on November 25 before United wind up their group programme at home to Bayern a fortnight later.
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Subject: Cole the Unsung Hero By Graham Hunter Friday, October 23, 1998 When the plaudits for Manchester United's scintillating Champions League victory at Brondby were being handed out, one name - Andy Cole - received fewer than he deserved. For various reasons, the headlines were grabbed by Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Peter Schmeichel and even young Wes Brown. Giggs scored twice to Cole's once in the 6-2 win, Keane gave a better 90-minute performance and goal-keeper Schmeichel's form drew raised eyebrows because United will not qualify for the quarter-finals unless he stops leaking goals. But Cole, who has suffered such a see-saw existence at Old Trafford, won't mind being overlooked because he has shown himself able to cope with being ignored by a much more important figure - United manager Alex Ferguson. Just five weeks ago, £7million striker Cole was not among the substitutes when United lost 3-0 at Arsenal. Although Ferguson refused to countenance selling him to Aston Villa, he still showed a remarkable reluctance to pick him. Ole Solskjaer was favoured to partner Dwight Yorke. While Cole did not feature anywhere against Arsenal, he was also posted missing at Bayern Munich and brought on only in the latter stages against Liverpool. Yet Ferguson's softly, softly approach to Cole's game time and his 'hands off' attitude to incoming transfer bids have paid off. Not only is the player scoring for fun at the moment, he is starting to look like he enjoys being at United. He and Yorke seem to have struck up an odd-couple style friendship - the loner and the sunshine smiler - and it shows on the pitch. Cole said: 'My partnership with Dwight is brilliant. It is one of the best I have ever had. We are opposites as players and I think that helps us. We don't get in each other's way. Instead we complement each other. 'We also get on well together off the pitch, which I feel is another thing which helps us when we play as a pair.' When Cole scored a Premier League record 34 goals in 40 games in a season for Newcastle in 1993-94, many of those strikes were laid on by Peter Beardsley and he feels his blossoming partnership with Yorke is akin to those heady days at St James' Park. Cole said: 'My partnership with Dwight is one of the best I have ever had and it's a bit like the time I had at Newcastle with Peter Beardsley. That's the best comparison I can make. I enjoyed it with Peter and I'm now enjoying playing with Dwight. 'I'm not bothered what other people say about me any more. I've just turned 27 and I haven't got time to worry about what other people think these days. 'My record speaks for itself and when I have finished it will all be down there in black and white.'
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Friday 23 October 1998 Front Page Subject: UNITED THE CREAM OF EUROPE! THEY HAVE THE CLASS, BUT UNITED KNOW THEY MUST DISPLAY BRONDBY FORM IN BARCELONA AND BEYOND MANCHESTER UNITED were utterly awesome against Brondby on Wednesday night but they have not proved anything yet. That's not just our view, it's also the players'. A 6-2 away win in the Champions League is unheard of - indeed, it is the biggest victory ever in the group stages by a visiting team - and cannot be dismissed. Certainly, the giants of European football will have been shocked by the scoreline from Denmark on a night when Juventus were toiling to a goalless draw in Bilbao and Ajax were losing to Olympiakos. But United are not even halfway to fulfilling their potential. With three games gone and 11 goals scored against their Group D opponents, United are the form side and should make it through to the quarter-finals. But then what? Another five games would lie ahead if they are to emulate the class of '68 and deliver manager Alex Ferguson's ultimate goal. And in the past two years, United have flattered to deceive after peaking midway through a European campaign. Last season, they put in a magnificent display against Juventus, arguably the best side in the world, to win their home group game, 3-2, only to fall flat against Monaco in the last eight, going out after a 1-1 draw. The year before that? A sensational 4-0 thrashing of Porto in the quarter-finals was followed by the pain of being squeezed out in the semis by Borussia Dortmund. The ability to win games 1-0 is as vital to potential champions in Europe as it is in the Premiership, and United need to find that virtue. Their ability to tear quality teams to pieces when they are on form is unquestionable. Brondby were no mugs - they beat Bayern Munich last month - and yet Ferguson's men put on a display of total attacking football that would have destroyed most teams in the world. But the other big story emerging from Copenhagen was the Reds' goals against column, now reading seven in three games. It's hard to envision a side with a leaky defence being crowned kings of Europe. Those high-scoring draws against Bayern Munich and Barcelona meant the pressure was really on in Denmark, but it brought the best out of Ferguson's team. "The lads knew we had to win, so we were told to play like we do in training and we took them apart," defender Wes Brown told Football365. "I thought we absolutely hammered them. It was like a training game in the end. Our passing was great, our movement was great, everything was brilliant. That was part of the plan, to get everyone playing everywhere. Giggsy was supposedly playing right-wing, but he was all over the field and made it impossible for them." However, United's biggest test will come in Barcelona on November 25, when a defeat could put all their great work to waste. "Barcelona away will be a really tough game, we know that," agreed Brown, who had a superb European debut at right-back on Wednesday. "We don't want to have to go there needing a win. Hopefully, they and Bayern Munich will take points off each other in the next game so we will have a bit of a gap at the top. We've got a great chance to go all the way this time. With the squad we've got, there's no reason why we can't go and win it. The manager can take internationals on and off at will - that's how strong the squad is. It's a matter of keeping up this form over a whole season, and that's hard when the European games are so spread out." United won't have to keep playing like they did in Copenhagen to reach the final, they will just have to do it in short bursts when it is most needed - and then shut up shop. But that's a different challenge altogether.
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Subject: Deadly Cole (Mirror) DEADLY COLE'S DWIGHT FUTURE ANDY COLE is armed and highly dangerous once more - and defenders across Europe had better watch out. The Manchester United hitman has struck five times in just six starts this season, the latest in Wednesday night's 6-2 Champions League rout of Brondby. Cole was being written off after the arrival of Dwight Yorke, and United's decision not to sell strike rivals Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or Teddy Sheringham. But Cole has silenced the snipers with his goals and established a deadly new £20million partnership with Dwight Yorke. Cole had gathered dust on the bench for five weeks before he got the chance to play alongside Yorke at Southampton on the first Saturday in October. Now they have 12 goals between them and are inseparable on and off the pitch. They train side by side. Sightsee as a pair on Euro trips. Share taxi rides home from the airport. Cole is the first to acknowledge the part his pal has played in his resurgence and says: "It's one of the best partnerships I have known. "A bit like the one I had with Peter Beardsley at Newcastle in that we both play in different areas. We never make the same runs and don't get in each other's way. "That is why it has worked so well. The partnership is superb. We are not the same kind of footballer even though we are really good friends off the park. "We spend all our time together which is good for both of us. He comes round to my house or we go out to restaurants. "In training we are always together. To be honest we never leave each other's side. "We get on really well and that's helped me. I needed someone supportive and I have got that someone in Dwight. It bothered me when I was out of the team because I was so disappointed. "I got left out when really I hadn't even got started. It's always going to hurt. After getting 25 goals last season, ending up back on the bench was something I just didn't expect. But I have come back into the team again and started scoring. "That is what I am all about. I have got to make it hard for the manager to leave me out of the team in the future." Cole is determined to make it difficult for his critics too. His best is good enough to keep them all off his back. He adds: "My record speaks for itself and I am not bothered about the criticism any more. I am just turned 27 and I haven't got time to think about other people and their opinions. "When I finish it's going to be there in black and white. I have just got to be strong minded about my business. I can't get bothered about getting knocked. All I ask is for people to judge me on my record and take it from there. "I just want to stay fit and score as many goals as I can." Cole is understandably upbeat. But then again it's hard to find anyone down at Old Trafford these days with three successive victories and 14 goals. Team-mate Jaap Stam is no longer a target for critical abuse either and is delighted to have helped propel United to the top of their Champions League group. He says: "We are very pleased. We had to win at Brondby. Everyone knew that. People across Europe will have noticed our score."
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Subject: Independent: MPs show Murdoch red card! Well done everyone who wrote to the MPs, looks like it's paying off! A CROSS-PARTY coalition of MPs yesterday called on the Government to refer BSkyB's bid for Manchester United to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission. Forty-six MPs signed an early-day motion deploring the impact on football clubs and television viewers of the proposed takeover. Peter Mandelson, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, has until 2 November to decide on referral, when the Office of Fair Trading will publish its advice. The motion is the latest stage in the campaign by MPs of all parties and may be backed by a Commons debate within the next two weeks. Yesterday Labour MPs also disclosed that they were told at a private meeting on Tuesday with lawyers from the Premier League that the sport's governing bodies had "serious concerns" about the deal. The motion came as BSkyB underlined its determination to complete the takeover by buying an extra 5.3 million shares, taking its stake to 11 per cent. The Commons motion says the £623m bid will create "an unacceptable situation" where BSkyB becomes the biggest purchaser of televised football and the owner of Europe's largest football club. Signed by 39 Labour, four Tories and three Liberal Democrats, it adds that they are certain the deal is "not in the best public interest of fans, clubs, television viewers and sport in general." The MPs urged Mr Mandelson to refer the bid to the MMC in tandem with setting up an inquiry into all funding of football by television. Joe Ashton, chairman of the Commons All-Party Football Group, said it was increasingly apparent that Rupert Murdoch would distort the British football market. He also disclosed that MPs had tried to get permission for a debate on the issue but had been delayed by parliamentary lawyers claiming that the matter was sub judice. They later relented and a debate may be held in two weeks. United supporters meet MPs on Tuesday to keep up pressure on the Government. Rhodri Morgan, Labour MP for Cardiff West, said it was clear there was a strong public interest argument in blocking the takeover. "Sky have . referred to using football as a battering- ram to get into the TV market. This bid takes that strategy a stage further by using Manchester United as a battering- ram to get into a new European league. I, like many MPs, have many Manchester United fans in my constituency and they all believe that Rupert Murdoch should not be allowed to get his hands on the club."
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