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Date: Wed Jun 24 05:58:26 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Man United 23 Jun 1998

Manchester United star Peter Schmeichel will become Denmark's most capped
player against France in Lyon tomorrow.

The 34-year-old goalkeeper overtakes Morten Olsen's 102 international
appearances in a clash that should decide who finishes top of Group C.
Zinedine Zidane, the midfielder coach Aime Jacquet describes as
`irreplaceable' sits out the first game of his two-match suspension for a
red card against Saudi Arabia, while France, who only have to draw to finish
top, will also be without injured striker Christophe Dugarry.

Denmark, who could still lose out on second spot if they lose and South
Africa beat Saudi Arabia by a two-goal margin, will be missing Miklos Molnar
and Celtic midfielder Morten Wieghorst, who are suspended after being sent
off against South Africa last Thursday.

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X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.2106.4 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4 Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:42:22 +0800 Reply-To: Red Devil Marcus Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Red Devil Marcus Subject: Ole Offered To Spurs? (TeamTalk) Solskjaer Offered To Spurs ? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been offered to Premiershiup rivals Tottenham - according to sources in Norway who have uncovered the story from within their World Cup camp. But the same reports also claim the London club have sensationally turned down the chance of signing the 24-year-old goalscorer who recently said he did not want to quit Old Trafford. ] If the bizarre claim is true, it is the clearest indication yet that the club have already lined up a top class replacement signing for the Norwegian striker. Speculation will immediately turn to Gabriel Batistuta who has been the subject of a covert operation, masterminded by Alex Ferguson, ever since the four-goal World Cup top scorer declared he would be leaving Fiorentina this summer. Solskjaer, tied to the club on a lengthy contract, was linked to a 7 million move to Spain last week with Valencia and Atletico Madrid thought to be interested. But he said: "I don't want to leave United. I've not had any communication with United apart from a letter telling me to report for pre-season training on July 9. "I want to stay at United for the next five years. If I leave it will be because it's my decision and I don't want that."

X-MSMail-Priority: Normal X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.72.2106.4 X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.2106.4 Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 11:49:57 +0800 Reply-To: Red Devil Marcus Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Red Devil Marcus Subject: Sheri In Double Trouble (Mirror) DOUBLE TROUBLE FOR TED Under-fire England striker Teddy Sheringham is in danger of being dumped by club and country. Sheringham's World Cup place is already under threat from Liverpool whizz-kid Michael Owen. And Manchester United boss Alex Ferguson is ready to heap more agony on Sheringham by telling him his Old Trafford future is no longer assured just a year after his 3.5million move. Ferguson, who is scouring France 98 with 10m to spend on a new striker, will tell Sheringham he is not guaranteed a first- team place and may be offered the chance to leave. United received the knock-back on World Cup strikers Marcelo Salas and Gabriel Batistuta last season - but Fergie is determined to make a big-money signing this summer to boost United's chances of reclaiming their Premiership crown. It is the latest setback for Sheringham who was jeered during Monday's defeat by Romania when he was replaced by Owen. Sheringham, 33, last night admitted he feels his England place is under threat and said: "Of course I'm worried about it. "It is something for the manager to think about. If he thinks, it's the right decision, then that will do. "I actually felt quite good physically. But of course I wasn't pleased with my performance. "I suppose when you are losing, the fans are going to make their feelings clear. But it wasn't nice at all to be booed." The threat to Sheri's England place has arrived at the worst possible time for him and comes at the end of a first season at Old Trafford in which, by his own admission, he has under-achieved. The most striking moment in his lacklustre performance in Toulouse came when he carelessly gave the ball away over the half-way line - and then had to watch in agonised suspense as the resulting attack from Romania ended with Adrian Ilie crashing a shot against the crossbar. England coach Glenn Hoddle has been unwilling so far to break up the attacking SAS partnership between Sheringham and Alan Shearer, which has been a fruitful one for England. It was the major driving force of England's achievements at Euro 96 when they reached the semi-finals.

X-Sender: wpa01977@mail.web4you.dk X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0.5 (32) Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 07:46:49 +0200 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Barry Leeming Subject: Check Out ALL the Simplenet Survey Results from Apr - June Survey Results Archive: http://manunited.netlane.com/cgi-shl/survey9.pl Week of Apr 19 98 Should United sell Sheringham? Yes: 198 48% No: 211 52% Total: 409 Question closed: 18:06:39 EST 4/27/98 _________________________ Week of Apr 26 98 Will Pally go when Stam signs? Yes: 51 34% No: 98 66% Total: 149 Question closed: 19:40 EST 4/03/98 _________________________ Week of Apr 26 extended 2 weeks Week of May 03 Who is UNITED's player of the year? 839 votes..... 1st Gary Neville 35% 2nd Ronny Johnson 18% 3rd Ryan Giggs 14% 4th Andy Cole 10% 5th David Beckham 8% Total: 839 Question closed: 22:00 EST 05/17/98 __________________________ Week of May 18 Should McClair have been given a free transfer? Yes: 100 56% No: 80 44% Total: 180 Question closed: 21:54 EST 05/24/98 ____________________________ Week of May 24 Should Martin Edwards change the wage structure at Manchester United? Yes: 33 16% No: 177 84% Total: 210 Question closed: 19:45 EST ___________________________ 05/31/98 Week of May 31 Would you like to see Dwight Yorke join Manchester United? Yes: 36 18% No: 167 82% Don't give a #$&! 1 0.005% * Total: 204 * Ed note: it wasn't possible to vote for this option, but we received it via e-mail. You know who you are ;) Question closed: 19:15 EST 06/07/98 ____________________________ Week of June 7 In your opinion, who is the greater manager; Sir Matt Busby or Alex Ferguson? Question suggested by: JOHN WHITNEY Sir Matt Busby: 102 40% Alex Ferguson: 155 60% Total: 257 votes Question closed: 20:00 EST 06/14/98 ____________________________ Week of June 14 Do you believe Andy Cole is the answer to United's long term (6-7 years) scoring needs? Question suggested by: JOHN WHITNEY Yes: 44 40% No: 69 60% Total: 113 votes Question closed: 22:00 EST 06/21/98 ______________________________ NOW RUNNING! Vote at http://www.red11.org/miva/survey.mv Week of June 21 through to Week of July 5 Which United player has impressed you most during the World Cup? Question now open To be closed 12 JUL 98 Comment or ideas for future questions? Mail to Simplenet Webmasters Bill and Barry at barry@www.red11.org Have a great RED SUMMER! MUFC Hon. Executive CP Cheah Webmasters: Barry Leeming & Bill McArthur Graphics: Sam Hayward Stats: Paul Hinson Site Design Diana Low Webmaster Mail: barry@www.red11.org Url: http://www.red11.org World of Manchester United Football Club.

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