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RED sky at night UNITED delight!

Date: Tue Mar 24 17:28:17 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Title run-in on Sky Tv Europe:       7 RED games FIVE on tv :))))))

Manchester United
Sat Mar 28:   Wimbledon       (H)  - irc -
Mon April 6:  Blackburn       (A) Live on Sky 20.00 gmt
Fri April 10: Liverpool       (H) Live on sky 17.00 gmt
Sat April 18: Newcastle       (H)  - Meet "DA" Dave Arnold at OT!! -
Mon April 27: Crystal Palace  (A) live on Sky 20.00 gmt
Mon May 4:    Leeds           (H) live on Sky (to be confirmed)
Sun May 10:   Barnsley        (A) Sky last day of the season?

Not much NEWS today except for the new signing, good luck to Jonathen Greening!

RED birthdays tomorrow 25th March:
51  Roger Southall  pors@giraffe.ru.ac.za   Rhodes Uni, Coventry  Name of Grandmother, "Ethel!"
20  Einar Vestheim     evesthei@online.no  Norway, Elverum  ICQ 1428444  130km North Oslo

This Issue:
2. Reserves/Juniors
3. Dutch TV


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From: Barry Leeming 
Subject:   UNITED SNAP UP 19 year old YORK STRIKER

1600 gmt Sky text Tues 24th March

Alex has delved into the transfer market to snap up York striker

                "Jonathen Greening"

Fergie has signed the 19 year-old from the 2nd Div club after the teenager
impressed in an OT trial in November.
The fee has not been revealed but ii is thought to be a six-figure sum, with
the potential to rise to over 1million depending on appearances.

Good luck to Jonathen :)

  Barry Leeming  e-mail: barry@www.red11.org
 Theatre Of Dream http://manunited.netlane.com
    "RED sky at night UNITED delight"
          In memory of 1958/1968

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Organization: University of Salford
Subject: Reserves/Juniors
Comments: To: red-devils@pipeline.com

Stats up to and including 21/03/98

Pontins League Div 1

Results from last week:

Blackburn     0 Derby County    1
Leeds Utd     3 Birmingham City 4
UNITED        2 Derby County    1
Nott Forest   2 Preston NE      2

Top of table
               P      W    D    L   F    A   PTS
Blackburn      19    11    4    4  38   22   37
UNITED         19    10    4    5  39   27   34
Leeds Utd      17    10    3    4  35   20   33
Bimingham      20     9    5    6  31   24   32
Stoke CIty     18     9    2    7  28   30   29
Aston Villa    19     7    6    6  29   20   27

Lancashire League Div 1

Results from Saturday:

Bolton W      4  Preston NE   2
Burnley       2  Morecambe    0
Liverpool     1  Everton      1
Tranmere      2  Bury         2

Top of table
                  P    W    D    L  F    A    PTS
UNITED 'A'       23    18    4   1  65  21   58
Everton 'A'      22    12    7   3  54  26   43
Blackburn 'A'    25    12    6   7  48  31   42
Man CIty 'A'     26    11    7   8  46  36   40
Burnley 'A'      23    12    3   8  46  40   39
Crewe Res        20    12    2   6  53  30   38

Lancashire League Div 2

Results from Saturday:

Bury        0  Wrexham      4
UNITED      5  Burnley      1
Marine      2  Rochdale     0
Morecambe   0  Liverpool    0
Oldham Ath  1  Crewe Alex   0
Tranmere    2  Carlisle Utd 1
Wigan Ath   2  Man City     2

Top of table
                 P     W    D    L    F     A     PTS
Blackburn 'B'    29   22    4     3   96   26     70
Everton 'B'      28   19    5     4   72   28     62
Tranmere 'B'     30   18    6     6   65   42     60
UNITED 'B'       29   18    3     8   95   50     57
Blackpool 'A'    27   17    3     7   51   33     54
Stockport  'A'   29   15    5     9   87   64     50

These details updated each week at:

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Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:24:36 -0800
To: barry@www.red11.org
From: N.Clay@shu.ac.uk (Nick CLAY) 
Subject: Dutch TV

Received this and thought I'd mail it on.

Sounds like a good topic for discussion on this group....
(Have I ever bored you with the 89/90 season?)

Ester Gould at VPRO Television would like to hear from Utd fans who
have a story or reminiscience about a football memory when they hear a
particular song played.  Anybody interested can write to:-
Ester Gould at VPRO Television, P.O. Box 2269, Zipcode 1000CG,

These people want to film a documentary about football culture in
Manchester and are looking to film later in the year.


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