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RED sky at night UNITED delight!

Date: Mon Mar 23 16:23:24 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Title run-in
Manchester United
Mar 28:   Wimbledon       (H)
April 6:  Blackburn       (A) Live on Sky 20.00 gmt
April 10: Liverpool       (H) Live on sky 17.00 gmt
April 18: Newcastle       (H) - Meet "DA" Dave Arnold at OT!! -
April 27: Crystal Palace  (A) live on Sky 20.00 gmt
May 4:    Leeds           (H) live on Sky (to be confirmed)
May 10:   Barnsley        (A) Sky last day of the season?

Monday and the good news is that Peter Schmeichel will be back v Wimbledon on Sat  :-)

Tomorrows RED birthdays 24th March include: 
28    Wendy Lyon            ebola@slip.net   Usa, San Francisco
26    Gulli Thor Tomasson   gullit@wurth.is  Iceland, Reykjavik
This Issue:
1. Schmeichel is on his way :)
2. Who believes the greedy Tw&t?????
3. Shearer on soccernet
4. Plans to switch Saturday football denied
5. KArel Cash


Niall Mullally of "RED CAFE fame

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Date:         Mon, 23 Mar 1998 12:03:53 +0100
Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
From: Helgi Adalsteinsson 
Subject: Schmeichel is on his way :)
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Peter Schmeichel is confident he will return from injury
this Saturday to boost Manchester United's hopes of
retaining the Premiership title.

The Danish keeper missed last week's European Cup
exit after injuring his hamstring during United's home
defeat by rivals Arsenal but aims to be back this
Saturday to face Wimbledon at Old Trafford.

He has missed Denmark's friendly with Scotland this
week but insists fears that he might be out for anything up
to five weeks are unfounded.

Schmeichel said: "Missing the international against
Scotland is not really important. It is only a friendly in
preparation for the World Cup and that is not until June.

"What is important is that I get fit for Wimbledon and I
 want to take part in it and make sure we can get back on
 to winning tracks.

"I am very optimistic. It's so important and I am going to
 go to the fullest extent to make sure that I am ready for
 it. I will be working very hard and I think I will make it.

"Winning the Championship has become more important
 now so we can qualify directly for the Champions'
 League next season."

Schmeichel believes United's uncluttered fixture list gives
them the advantage over nearest rivals Arsenal, who are
six points behind but have three more games to play and
are also in the FA Cup semi-final.

He said: "We are nicely set up in terms of fixtures. From
now on we only play about once a week which is good.

"We haven't got any midweek games so we have plenty
 of time to recover and to work on every single game as it
 comes along. In the last six or seven weeks we have had
 midweek games and we have lost players through injury.

"I can see the players coming back and with the run-in
 we have to the end of the season I can see us doing
 really well.

"Arsenal have got three games in hand but we have got
 the points. They have a lot of away games left and their
 fixtures are piling up because they are still in the FA Cup
 so I would rather be in our position - even though
 Arsenal can catch us if they win those games in hand."

          PA Sporting Life 

Aalborg University    

Niall Mullally of "RED CAFE fame

Date:         Mon, 23 Mar 1998 09:27:17 +0200
Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)"
From: Robert Gaunt 
Subject:      Who believes the greedy Tw&t?????

Found this on Soccernet, and I'm really finding it hard to believe any 
of this nonsense that he has wrote.... Given this article I don't 
think Fergie will want to burn his fingers a third time and it shows 
that he is only really only after one thing......     (apparently he 
doesn't have a get out of jail free card in his contract.....) :-)

Exclusive: Heart ruled head when I decided Fergie's offer wasn't for 
me - by Alan Shearer

Monday, March 23, 1998

Anyone knowing me would have thought it was a simple matter. My home 
town favour-ites, managed by Kevin Keegan, my schoolboy idol, were 
once more urging me to join them. Surely there could be no better 
career move?

Or could there? There were many days of soul-searching and even more 
sleepless nights before I finally decided it was time to return home.

The first big decision I had to make was whether to break my ties with 
Blackburn Rovers. I had made so many friends there, none greater than 
Jack Walker, the multi-millionaire industrialist who had ploughed much 
of his personal fortune into his home-town club and helped them win 
the Premiership for the first time in 81 years.

Jack had given me so much but I asked him for one special favour - an 
agreement which would enable me to leave any time I wanted to. It 
might have seemed a strange thing to do with the title celebrations 
hardly over but since I was being offered a new four-year contract I 
wanted to safeguard my future.

On the day in question, I had attended a luncheon at Ewood Park to 
receive the Carling Player of the Year award. Jack was there, so too 
was chairman Robert Coar, my adviser Tony Stephens and the nation's 
football press. Our contract talks were very hush-hush so I left the 
meal saying I was off on holiday, only to sneak around the back of the 
ground to an executive box to wait for Jack and the chairman.

I decided to ask for the escape clause because in football you never 
know what is around the next corner. If everything didn't go according 
to plan with Rovers, I wanted to be sure I wasn't tied up with them on 
a long contract with no room for manoeuvre. I had no desire to leave 
at that stage but was merely taking extra precautions for the future.

It was during this meeting I learned for the first time Kenny Dalglish 
was going to quit his position as manager and become director of 
football. We were midway through the talks when I said: 'As long as 
things are going to stay the same here, I'm happy to sign for another 
four years. But if I feel unhappy at any time in the future I would 
like the opportunity to review my position.'

'You'll always be happy as long as I'm here,' Jack replied, then asked 
Tony and myself if we would mind leaving the room for a short while. 
When we returned they dropped the bombshell news that Kenny was no 
longer going to be manager. I was very impressed with their honesty. 
It would have been easy for them to get my signature on a new contract 
first and then tell us about Kenny later.

In the back of my mind I began to wonder, even then, whether things 
would be the same without Kenny at the helm, but then, completely out 
of the blue, Jack said: 'If the time ever comes when you are unhappy 
and want to leave, I'll let you go. I give you my word on that.' That 
was good enough for me. I signed my new contract and there was no 
written escape clause.

Some of my fears about Blackburn's lack of progress were to become 
reality in the following season and there was another factor which 
planted a few seeds of doubt about my future there. I was carrying a 
groin injury for some two to three months and it had not been properly 
diagnosed by anyone at Blackburn.

So I booked an appointment to see a specialist without Blackburn 
knowing and he confirmed I needed surgery. When I rang the club to 
tell them they were not very happy that I had gone behind their backs 
but it was not the first time I had been disappointed by their 
attention to detail when it came to injuries. When you consider how 
many millions they spent on players, their medical back-up facilities 
could have been much better. When it eventually came to deciding 
whether to stay at Ewood Park this would clearly play a part.

The situation about my future wasn't helped by speculation in the 
press, so when I got back from holiday in the summer of 1996 I knew 
the biggest decision I would ever have to make in my working life lay 
ahead of me.

My first meeting was with Jack Walker because I needed his permission 
before I could talk to any other clubs. Tony Stephens told Rovers that 
eight clubs had shown an interest: Arsenal, Liverpool, Everton, 
Manchester United, Newcastle, Barcelona, Inter Milan and Juventus.

Tony's first call was to Alex Ferguson, asking him: 'Would you like to 
talk to Alan Shearer.' 'You bet I would,' was the reply. The next 
problem was where. Hotels were out of the question, so a meeting was 
arranged at the Crewe home of David Platt's mother-in-law.

Before we met, Alex rang Tony to ask him a list of personal questions 
about me, ranging from my kids' ages, to the name of the family dog.

The talks with Alex were encouraging. We discussed tactics and how I 
would fit in with his United squad if I agreed to join them. He 
indicated he would play me alongside Andy Cole at times and with Eric 
Cantona on others.

It was an amicable meeting. A myth has developed over the years that I 
snubbed United when I chose to sign for Blackburn in 1992. That was 
not the case.

I was never given permission to speak to Alex Ferguson but most United 
fans got it into their heads I had turned my back on their club to 
line my pockets with Jack Walker's money. They have a special song 
dedicated to me when ever I play against United. It refers to me as 
'one greedy bastard.'

Before leaving I mentioned I was meeting Kevin Keegan the next day. 'I 
don't know whether that's good news or bad,' said Ferguson. 'Maybe it 
would have been better if I were the last person to see you.'

My talks with Alex had gone so well I immediately went on a 
house-hunting expedition to several villages, sitting in Tony's car in 
a baseball cap and dark glasses to avoid being recognised. One 
property was particularly appealing and when I look back there is no 
doubt in my mind I was leaning towards United.

Next day I met Kevin in Huddersfield, the smokescreen was a Bryan 
Adams concert at the McAlpine Stadium where we met at the home of a 
friend of Tony's.

I arrived at the small terraced house, again wearing dark glasses and 
baseball cap, Kevin rang on his mobile phone to say: 'The Magpie has 
landed,' and the pre-arranged meeting place was a nearby pub car 

Kevin, also wearing dark glasses, slipped into the house unnoticed by 
a small group of young boys on their bikes, unaware the world's 
biggest transfer was taking place behind the curtains only yards 

I asked Kevin more or less the same football questions I had asked 
Alex Ferguson. He told me he wanted to play me, Les Ferdinand, 
Faustino Asprilla and maybe Peter Beardsley and David Ginola in the 
same attack. Very interesting, I thought - but could it work?

Tony was also in contact with Joe Royle at Everton as well as 
Liverpool's Roy Evans and we were also aware of Arsenal's interest.

If I had been pushed to make a decision at that stage I would have 
said Manchester United or Liverpool, with Newcastle a distant third - 
but I had one more important duty to fulfil. I had to honour my 
promise to Jack Walker to meet him again, for by now I had more or 
less decided I was going to leave Blackburn.

Jack did everything in his power to make me change my mind, even 
coming up with the staggering proposal of making me Blackburn's 
player-manager. We went into his office, a large room with bare walls 
except for a picture of Winston Churchill on one and a photograph of 
me on another. As I shook his hand before we left I was 90 per cent 
sure I was going to be a Rovers player for another year - and if we 
had not been in such a hurry to leave to catch a flight before the 
airport closed at twilight, the contract would possibly have been 
signed there and then.

I couldn't lose, whichever club I joined. My heart was saying 
Newcastle but my head was telling me that Manchester United or 
Liverpool offered the best football options.

I had hardly been home half an hour when there was a call from Kevin 
Keegan. He wanted another chat with me before he left on a pre-season 
trip with Newcastle. I told him straight: 'I am not 100 per cent sure 
about the attacking system you have in mind. I don't think it will 

We talked for another hour. 'If it doesn't work out I'll change it,' 
he said and was adamant any difficulties could be sorted out.

'OK,' I said eventually. 'I'll sign for Newcastle.' I couldn't believe 
what I had said - but when I put the phone down at around midnight 
there was no going back.

I was going to wear the famous black and white shirt and what's more, 
it would have the No.9 on the back. That was an important detail to 
me. I had mentioned it to Kevin and he said he would talk to Les 
Ferdinand, the current occupant. It emerged later that Les was not 
happy about it. I know how he must have felt. He never expressed any 
dissatisfaction to me but if Les had said: 'No, I'm not giving it up,' 
it would not have stopped me from signing.

The race was now to get on the flight to Hong Kong and catch up with 
my new team-mates. I never had the chance to go back home to say 
goodbye to my wife and daughters. Instead, a bag was packed for me and 
I never went back to our house at Formby. My wife Lainya was left to 
sort out all the arrangements for moving home to the north-east.

I had one more important job to do - ring Alex Ferguson. I tried to 
call him on the way to the airport but there was no reply. So I wrote 
him a personal note thanking him for his interest and explaining why 
the prospect of returning home to Newcastle had been impossible to 

However, I found his subsequent thoughts on the transfer a little 
disappointing. He said: 'Getting my fingers burned twice is not fun.' 
I assume he was referring to my move to Blackburn from Southampton.

Abridged extract from My Story So Far by Alan Shearer to be published 
by Hodder & Stoughton on April 2 at 16.99.


Niall Mullally of "RED CAFE fame

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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 12:21:57 -0800
To: barry@www.red11.org
From: "Steve-Eccles Reds."  
Subject: Shearer on soccernet
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Shearer ready to leave after relegation

Sunday, March 22, 1998 

Alan Shearer will quit Newcastle United if they lose their Premier League
status this season.

That is the heart-breaking prospect for the Toon Army, already reeling from
sleaze allegations engulfing their club's boardroom.

Shearer, who moved to his hometown club from Blackburn in a British record
15million deal 19 months ago, is not prepared to slip into a First
Division backwater.

His decision will alert Europe's wealthiest clubs. Juventus and Barcelona
have monitored his progress in the past, and Manchester United may be ready
to make a third attempt to buy him.

Shearer is ruthlessly ambitious and, even though he has three years left on
his contract, is ready to make his feelings clear once the club's League
status is decided. 

If he is so ambitious,why the hell did he join Newcastle??

Steve-Eccles Reds
ICQ  9540478

Niall Mullally of "RED CAFE fame

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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 16:04:20 -0800
To: barry@www.red11.org
From: J Callaghan 
Subject: Plans to switch Saturday football denied
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Plans to switch Saturday football denied   

The Premier League have denied reports that Premiership
football is to be switched from Saturdays for Sky TV's pay-per-view scheme.

A Sunday paper claimed Sky wanted to spread all ten
Premiership weekend games over the Sunday and Monday to allow every
match to be made pay-per-view.

But Premier League chiefs have poured scorn on such a
move. Spokesman Mike Lee said: "Suggestions of an agreed plan to
move Premiership fixtures are nonsense."

A Manchester United is for life, not just for christmas.

If tomorrow was today, it would be yesterday.

Niall Mullally of "RED CAFE fame

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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 16:04:20 -0800
To: barry@www.red11.org
From: J Callaghan 
Subject: KArel Cash
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SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 1998

          Poborsky cash row  

Manchester United and Portuguese giants Benfica are
heading for collision course regarding the transfer of Karel
Poborsky. Poborsky has been in outstanding form since his
transfer to Benfica, and the Czech ace has been one of the main
factors in Benfica's resurgence this season - so much so that
Graeme Souness' team are now pressing one time runaway
leaders Porto.

However a report suggests that United as yet haven't
received a single penny of the 3.5 million transfer fee.
Poborsky left back in January, but United are so
concerned about Benfica's reluctance to pay, that they could take the
ultimate action of recalling the player to Old Trafford.
Maurice Watkins confirmed: "It's the case that there
has been a  breach of the contract by Benfica over the transfer
of Karel Poborsky and we have reported the matter to FIFA."

A Manchester United is for life, not just for christmas.

If tomorrow was today, it would be yesterday.

Niall Mullally of "RED CAFE fame

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