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Date: Thu Aug 20 17:36:24 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

Daily RED Trivia  Thursday 20th August:

The Manchester Evening News tonight report that Valencia are negotiating
with United to sign Jordi Cruyff.


1949: Stewart Houston was born in Dunoon, Scotland. Joined United from Brentford
     and made his debut at Queens Park Rangers in January 1974. He won a Second
     Division Championship medal in 1975, and  played in the 1976 FA Cup Final. Playing 
     mainly at Full-Back Houston made 250 appearances  between 1974-80, scoring 16 goals.
     He won one Scotland cap in 1976, and moved to Sheffield United in July 1980. 

1983: United beat Liverpool 2-0 in the Charity Shield at Wembley watched by 92,000.
     Bryan Robson scored both goals. Team was: Bailey, Duxbury, Albiston, Wilkins,
      Moran, McQueen, Robson, Muhren (Gidman), Stapleton, Whiteside, Graham. 


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Barry your editor is just back from OT.
My Testimonial Diary is to be written and published this weekend!

This Issue:
2. A tearful goodbye: Testimonial Match Report by "Our Salford Lass"
3. Merci Eric (ET)  Manchester Utd 8 European XI 4
4. Farewell Le Dieu! (Mirror)
5. Past, Present and Future
6. High Security For Becks (PA)
7. Becks (PA)


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Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 11:23:32 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: Barry Leeming Subject: VILLA ACCEPT UNITED OFFER FOR YORKE UNITED £12MILLION YORKE BID ACCEPTED (20/08/98 15:03:02) Manchester United`s prolonged chase for Dwight Yorke should be over after Aston Villa accepted a £12million bid. The Trinidad and Tobago striker is due to have talks with Alex Ferguson this afternoon and United, who have been trying to land Yorke for over a month, have until midnight to register Yorke in time for him to play in the Champions` League. United chairman Martin Edwards said: "The player is on his way from Birmingham at the moment and will have talks this afternoon. We are very happy at the way things are progressing at present." Provided by PANEWS
Check out our new REDitorial by Alex Paylor! url: http://www.red11.org/mufc/devilsadvocate/
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 07:39:05 -0400 Subject: A tearful goodbye: Testimonial Match Report by "Our Salford Lass" First of all, apologies to those of you who have been pining away for the want of a report on last night's game (Sean, are you reading this?). Having got home at 11.45pm, just in time for the highlights programme (which should have been "done" under the trade descriptions act - since when was that awful Mick Hucknall song a highlight!?), being only human, I had to watch the game again - didn't I? Then of course, it was almost 1am and I was knackered. I sat down at my computer, which is in my bedroom, took one look at the bed, and succombed! I've woken up this morning with a hangover, despite having not taken a drop of alcohol, I was on such a high yesterday. My friends, it was one of those days that I will remember all my life, for many reasons. I will try below to share it with you, despite the fact that words can never do justice to the many emotions I felt in just a few short hours. The day began in the Throstles Nest, having lunch with the Mad Dane. It being so early in the day, Barry was (almost) sober, although a little under the weather following the evening before. A warning from Pete to stay sober if he wanted to get into Old Trafford kept him in reasonable condition. At least as long as I was there, what happened after I left I know not - presumably others will take up the story as the day unfolds. Suffice to say we had an really enjoyable couple of hours and a good natter, something we haven't been able to do before because our previous meetings have been fleeting. Just before 4pm I headed off in a taxi for the Copthorne Hotel where I met up with Paul and Mick for a meeting with Helen Viollet, Dennis's wife. Helen was over for the game to represent Dennis, who was not able to attend, because of his illness. It was wonderful to meet Helen and members of her family and to spend so much time chatting about Dennis and some of her memories. She is a lovely and very brave lady. We were also privileged to see the original drawings of the prints that Paul has done to raise money for Dennis - I advise you all to buy one/both - they are wonderful, we have amongst us a very talented man. Mick, as usual dragged the tone of the afternoon down a couple of notches, by having an unusual liaison in the Gents toilets - I will say no more! I had intended to get back to the Throstles before the game, but we ended up spending the next couple of hours in the Copthorne, like kids in a toyshop! The survivors and the families were staying at the hotel and we sat in the foyer and watched as past Manchester United legends walked by. And Helen kindly introduced us to Noel Cantwell, Ray Woods and Roger Byrne Junior. I was very pleased with myself - outwardly I managed to behave like an intelligent adult. Inwardly I was a star-struck kid! But the star of the day was Mrs Edwards (mum of Duncan) who was gracious enough to allow her photo to be taken with Mick and Paul. With an energy belying her 88 years, she brought a bright ray of sunshine into the hotel with her smile, a meeting I'll never forget. The crowning point of the afternoon for me was receiving a print of a painting I have coveted for a long time - of Old Trafford in 1957. So I set off to OT with my print under my arm, and my head buzzing with excitement. I arrived at 7pm to find the son-and-heir waiting for me. After telling him all my news and having a quick pasty, we made our way to our seats and into a stadium almost taking off on the sheer nervous energy that was around. As we waited for the game to start, we played spot-the-player as both sets of players warmed up. "Hughsie, Hughsie", "There's only one Bryan Robson". Eric was, of course, nowhere to be seen - obviously preparing for his big entrance. Seeing Sparky almost had me tipping over the edge and I had to wipe away a little tear (although he didn't look too good in the awful black and white stripes that the Cantona eleven were wearing - surely those shirts weren't chosen by Eric?). Robbo looked a little portly (sorry Ethel!) but obviously raring to go and delighted to be back at OT as a player. Gascoigne looked as portly as Robbo! Blanc, Papin, Prunier (!) - all famous names. No sign of either Ince or Kanchelskis (although one of the lesser known Frenchmen did fool some of the crowd (including the son-and-heir) into thinking he was the Russian and looked a bit confused when called a traitorous Russian tw*t by one rather drunken gentleman in the front row! Lee Sharpe was also supposed to be present, but I didn't see him - perhaps its just my eyesight or (I believe) his new hairdo! Pally wasn't playing but was in the crowd and introduced towards the end of the game. Finally, I also have to report that Joel Cantona is almost as good looking as his brother, not that I notice this sort of thing of course, only being interested in the players' footballing skills! Before the game got underway, we had to endure the awful bleatings of Mick Hucknall. I apologise to all those of you who like him (I actually quite like his music myself) and I know he is a long-time local Red etc etc., and I know Eric asked for him personally, but I thought he was dreadful. He could have used the occasion to sing something appropriate such the Flowers of Manchester but no, he chose to sing "Everytime We Say Goodbye" and I found the words not only inappropriate, but if anything a little sick. Never mind, during his warble, we were entertained by the humour of some lads behind us and luckily, he didn't go on for too long. Once that was over, there were some presentations - for Reserve Player of the Year (Michael Twiss), for Young Player of the Year (Wesley Brown) and for the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year (Ryan Giggs). Then the teams came out on the pitch. By now, we were all in a fever of excitement having sung the United Calypso and "Ooh Aah Cantona" until we were hoarse. Still, there was no Eric. The teams came out and lined up, we sang "Hughsie" and "Only one Bryan Robson" and waited. Then the big announcement - "Welcome back , Eric Cantona" and the whole place erupted as Eric came down the tunnel, hand-in-hand with his son. Wearing the black and white stripes of the opposition, he took his place as their captain in the line-up - Eric, Sparky and Robbo playing together again. By now, I was still a little tearful, but the tears were rapidly being replaced with a massive grin - which lasted throughout the next two hours. I haven't had such pure enjoyment at a game for a long time (well, since Anfield last season!) Before the game started proper, we had a minutes silence for the victims of the Omagh bombing which (once a few idiots realised what was going on) was total and very moving. Then the game started, Pascal Olmeta came down our end in the goal, and a legend was born! Olmeta was wonderful, I just hope Peter wasn't watching! He went off up the pitch on long winding runs, defeating 5 and 6 players, he took a free kick which just shaved the bar a la Beckham, stood to attention with his hand on his heart whilst we sang the Marsellaise. Soon the chant "Fergie Fergie sign him up" was taken up by the whole stadium as he danced in front of his goal. Later, watching the highlights on TV, the commentators could hardly speak for laughing, watching this guy. He was absolutely wonderful and lit up the whole stadium with his personality. The rest of the players were taking the game a little more seriously. Unlike most friendlies, which tend to be boring 0-0 or 1-1 draws, there were goals galore, 12 of them in fact - including a couple for the opposition by two of the United youngsters, and all the players were playing their best football, although obviously enjoying themselves too - lots of smiles and shaking of hands, nice to see the United first team relaxing and just enjoying the football. Robbo was having a great time - a little slow, but still the same old Robbo, putting his heart and soul into it and obviously making the most of his last chance to star ar OT. The younger United lads (particularly Wes Brown, Nick Culkin and Alex Notman when he came on later in the game) were taking the game seriously, using it as their chance to shine and show what they could do. Alex and Kiddo were also getting into the spirit of the thing - smiling and waving to us and particularly enjoying Olmeta performance. And as for Eric - as the game wore on we saw more and more of the old Eric. He may be a little over-weight and rusty, but the flicks, the movement, and particularly the presence - it was all still there. It was soo good to see him strutting about the pitch, chest out, as arrogant as ever. The second half though was the time that the real Eric re-appeared. Coming out of the tunnel, in a Red shirt, leading the United team, it was like he'd never been away. Gradually he began to enjoy himself, linking up with the kids he had nurtured. After about 10 minutes, the collar went up and the King was back. His every move was cheered and the chants rang out around OT. We willed him to score. Eventually, the opposition defence opened up, Eric shimmied past one, then another and then lifted a cheeky ball over Prunier and into the net. The crowning moment to a wonderful game as we all stood and sang "Ooh Aah Cantona" and "What a friend we have in Jesus". We didn't care that it was probably set up (it was the 7th goal after all), the King was back (if only briefly) and time had stood still. It was with sadness that we heard the final whistle. After all the excitement and the joy of the game itself, reality once more asserted itself. Eric was presented with a trophy in memory of his time at OT, but it was the Busby Babes and the Munich air crash which were the focus of attention as we remembered why we, and Eric and all the other players were there. Then it was time to say goodbye to the King, and in our hearts to those wonderful boys who died so long ago. He spoke to us of Munich and of his wish to do something to help commemorate it and raise money for the families and survivors. He then explained that he had left because he had lost the passion for football - he had had 10 years in football, and the 5 years he had spent at OT were the best of all. He told us he loved us and that who know, he may see us again soon. At this point, there were a more than a few people wiping away the tears. He then ran around the pitch as 55,000 people sang his name and said farewell. A moment no-one present will ever forget. Finally, some people have expressed doubts about the game - believing that it had become the Eric Cantona roadshow, rather than a Munich memorial game. I have felt these doubts myself. Having been there last night, however, I don't believe that this was the case. Of course a lot of people came to worship Eric and to see him for one last time, but the reason for the game was never forgotten. I would not be happy with anything that showed anything less than total respect for the Babes and I was very happy with what happened last night. It was a fitting tribute, a celebration of exciting, passionate football which the Babes would have loved. A celebration of Manchester United and all the very special players we have been privileged to see at Old Trafford. Eric didn't "take over" the occasion, he represented all those players - in showing our appreciation of Eric Cantona, we were showing our appreciation of every great player who has ever pulled on a United shirt. I loved it and will never forget it. Our Salford Lass Copyright © 1998 All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 07:40:07 -0400 Subject: Merci Eric (ET) Manchester Utd 8 European XI 4 Curtain falls for last time on Cantona By William Johnson Manchester Utd 8 European XI 4 ERIC CANTONA brought the smiles to Old Trafford last night, his continuing allure to the Manchester United faithful enabling the club to raise about £1 million to donate to the survivors of the Munich air disaster 40 years ago. His every touch in opposing colours was greeted with roars from a capacity 55,000 crowd in the first half and then when he changed into his more familiar No 7 red shirt he became the idol once more for the team he inspired to four championships and the Double Double. It was a testimonial for King Eric in which the central figure was not the beneficiary. The team he left as champions of England 15 months ago to pursue a career in acting stood alongside his own hand-picked opposition to give him a rapturous welcome back to the Theatre of Dreams on a night which tried to mix celebration and commemoration. After a minute's silence in respect of the victims of the Omagh bombing, Cantona and his cosmopolitan mix set about trying to make life uncomfortable for a fairly strong Alex Ferguson selection. Motivated by a midfield of Bryan Robson, the former United captain, and England outcast Paul Gascoigne, whom he brought with him from Middlesbrough, the European XI recovered from the minor setback of seeing Ryan Giggs open the scoring to roar into a surprise lead. Former European Footballer of the Year Jean-Pierre Papin, now with Bordeaux, produced a first-time finish to match that of Giggs to give United's stand-in goalkeeper Nick Culkin - Peter Schmeichel was on international duty - a less then happy start to a rare night in the spotlight. Culkin, who gave way in the second half to Paul Gibson, was beaten again by Laurent Blanc, the French World Cup defender who so unluckily missed the final against Brazil. He responded enthusiastically to Gascoigne's inviting tee-up to drive home spectacularly from nearly 30 yards. United, who struck the frame of the goal four times before the interval, drew level just before half time when Paul Scholes played a neat one-two with Teddy Sheringham, to flick the ball past Pascale Olmeta. United, who had a Cantona 'goal' ruled out for offside, were behind twice more in the second half - Martin Dahlin and Mark Wilson breaching their defence - before they eventually took the lead at 5-4 through Phillip Neville. Substitutes Jordi Cruyff and Alec Notman both equalised for Ferguson's frequently shuffled line-up, who added a sixth through Nicky Butt. The coup de grāce not surprisingly was Cantona's 10 minutes from time, the Frenchman dribbling through a static defence before Notman claimed his second just before the end. Manchester Utd: Culkin; G Neville, May, Brown, P Neville; Beckham, Butt, Keane, Giggs; Scholes, Sheringham. Subs: Curtis, Gibson, Cruyff, Wilson, Notman, Greening, Higginbotham, Clegg. European XI: Olmeta; Festa, Prunier, Blanc; Vahirua; Robson, Gascoigne, E Cantona; Dahlin, Hughes, Papin. Subs: Sharpe, J Cantona, Ferrer, Galtier. Referee: R Dilkes (Mossley).
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 07:40:21 -0400 Subject: Farewell Le Dieu! (Mirror) CANTONA'S TEARS FOR SOUVENIRS The King returned to his old throne last night - and left with floods of tears following his emotional exit from the Theatre of Dreams. Eric Cantona . . . one of the greatest players ever to wear the blood-red of Manchester United, and only he could have said goodbye in such a highly-charged manner. He came back to help raise £1million for the Munich survivors. And at the end, Cantona took the opportunity to break his 15-month silence on why he quit in such dramatic circumstances. Cantona, close to breaking point, apologised to the faithful for shocking the world in ending his reign last May. He said: "I am sorry. I just lost my passion for the game. "I gave everything for 10 years. I had five wonderful years here - the best of my career. I love you all. You have given me such a wonderful feeling. Thank you for coming. I hope to see you soon." You could almost hear the 55,210 packed house gulp in such a tear-jerking moment. As the masses attempted to recover their composure, Cantona set off on one final lap of honour. His French playing pals, his old team-mates, the new generation of United stars, all stayed rooted to the spot to applaud his final journey as the faithful stood in homage. And then at exactly 10.10pm he was gone - a distant shadow down the tunnel. But the great man will never be forgotten in the annals of this club. The winner of four Championships and two FA Cups in his golden era will be remembered forever. Okay, we know Cantona had his falls from grace, but never has so much adulation been devoted to just one man, with United fans patiently waiting for this night when he would take a final bow. At exactly 7.59 pm out walked United and Eric's European XI with one notable absentee. At 8.01 Cantona emerged into the bright light to march proudly across the Old Trafford pitch hand-in-hand with eight-year-old son Raphael, his team's mascot for the night. Cantona junior wore a miniature version of his dad's red shirt with the famous number seven topped by "Cantona" emblazoned on his back. The sight of the two of them together brought huge chants of his trademark song "Ooh-aah Cantona" across the jam-packed stadium. Joy and emotion that was stopped for one minute exactly as the United stars who perished in the snow in Munich were remembered. When the action started, Cantona appeared alongside the likes of Paul Gascoigne, Bryan Robson, Laurent Blanc, and United's old war-horse himself, Mark Hughes. It didn't really matter that United ran out 8-4 victors. Everyone was a winner on this extra-special occasion, and the masses got what they came for with 10 minutes left - a goal from Eric. Cantona, who had switched back to his famous seven shirt to skipper United in the second half and dribbled his way across the box before lifting the ball high into an empty net. His clowning goalkeeper pal Pascal Olmeta was nowhere to be seen. The heart-sinking fact is that Cantona will never appear in red again. He's gone, with one simple message draped over the advertising hoardings - Merci Eric. Another Old Trafford legend had the final word on Cantona's glorious career. Sir Bobby Charlton said: "For the time he was here Eric is probably unsurpassed. "He was simply a sensational footballer. A true professional. "We waited so long to win the title and then he came along and we won four in his time here."
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Date: Wed, 19 Aug 1998 07:39:23 -0400 Subject: Past, Present and Future People join the Red 'family' from all parts of the globe, for all kinds of reasons. For those of us like me under 40 years of age the word 'Munich' and the tragedy surrounding it are discovered soon after falling in love with Old Trafford, its current stars, and the aura of the greatest club in the world. The dream team of the 50's, who may have conquered Europe almost 10 years before Glasgow Celtic, eventually the first British winners, and the best part of 20 years before mighty Liverpool paraded the trophy in Rome. What mixed emotions for youngsters in the early 1950's, growing up watching the power of Duncan Edwards and Tommy Taylor, the classy skills of Liam Whelan and Eddie Colman, the presence, poise and leadership of Roger Byrne, the opportunism of Dennis Viollet, the thrilling runs of David Pegg and Johnny Berry. And then to have that team all taken away from them on an icy runway in a foreign country. A team in all senses of the word, skilful, spirited, fearless, admired by the nation. Yesterday Eric Cantona returned to his spiritual home to honour the victims of the disaster. Rightly worshipped by his legions of fans who may never see his like again, he paraded his glittering bag of tricks, aided and abetted by his friends in the game from France, watched by a fantastic crowd of more than 55,000. Rather belatedly the club made the right gesture to the victims, of the blackest day of our history, their family and dependants. Maybe the game should have taken place back in 1968, when the European Cup could have been carried aloft, and Sir Matts pioneering dream was realised after years of heartbreak and pain. We bade farewell on the night to a man who transformed a good side into a great side, influencing those around him to dominance in the domestic game unforseen by even the staunchest Red. Cantona did share with the 1958 side a joy of the game, a love of flair, fair play and justice, a delight in practising skills long after training was over. The present United side were represented by established stars such as Ryan Giggs, fast becoming a senior player at 24, David Beckham, a superstar fit to grace the next decade, Nicky Butt, a local boy carrying the torch like so many who graced the Red shirt under Sir Matt such as Bryne, Colman, Viollet and Albert Scanlon Opposing them were icons from earlier days of glory at Old Trafford, Bryan Robson, the warhorse who never knew defeat, Mark Hughes, the striker with a penchant for the spectacular strike, both courageous men who would have fitted in any era. Busby with all the riches in his playing staff would have licked his lips at having either of those to fit into his side during those early days of European combat, stiff though the competition for places was. And yet the Testimonial ended with the new brigade of youth wearing the Red shirts carrying the fight to the opposition , the embryonic goal-scoring machine Alex Notman, the giant figure of Wes Brown tidying up at the back, these serve as reminders to us that time does not stand still, todays heroes on the pitch are tomorrows spectators. The spirit of those who lost their lives is carried on through those who grace those shirts, and we should never forget them. The Tricolours having been taken home, the Video bought, attention turned back to the Dwight Yorke saga, or whoever the media decide is the next transfer target. When we don our replica shirt and scarf, and enter the magnificent Theatre of Dreams, or catch the commentary from afar, when Andy Cole shoots wide or Ryan Giggs crosses into the keepers hands, amidst the groans of disappointment let us reflect sometimes on the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice all those years ago. Paul Hinson
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Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 08:14:03 +0800 Subject: High Security For Becks (PA) POLICE PROTECTION FOR BECKHAM By Neil Silver, PA Sport David Beckham's visit to Upton Park on Saturday will spark a massive police operation to protect the Manchester United star from the threat of a violent hate campaign. Police chiefs fear the England midfield ace will face a backlash from angry West Ham fans who still haven't forgiven him for being sent off during England's World Cup clash with Argentina. Reserve officers will be deployed at key locations around the ground and extra police will escort the United team coach in and out of the Boleyn Ground. Low-walled enclosures inside the 25,000-seater stadium and close proximity of fans to the pitch are among factors thought to be heightening fears over violence. Chief Inspector John Tory, from Plaistow Police, said: "We are taking into account the possible problems concerning David Beckham and we will be using our resources accordingly. "It is all about the effective deployment of officers at key locations around the ground and we shall be acting on our intelligence information received." Beckham, who was born in East London, already has a stormy relationship with Hammers fans. The ill-feeling dates back to the final day of the season before last, when Beckham was teased at Old Trafford about his relationship with Posh Spice Victoria Adams and responded with a rude gesture to the West Ham following. The hostilities continued last season and there were plans to taunt Beckham with 10,000 red cards on Saturday, in what will be the Red Devils' first away game of the new Premiership season, but that was abandoned when organiser Shane Barber, editor of West Ham fanzine "On A Mission", bowed to appeals from the club to call it off. West Ham chief executive Peter Storrie said: "Saturday should not be about David Beckham. It is about our own players like Ian Wright, Shaka Hislop, Neil Ruddock, Javier Margas and Mark Keller making home debuts and the team getting three points . "I would remind our fans of the grief they give to Paul Ince - and he always seems to score against us. "Do they want the same to happen with Beckham in this match." Liverpool skipper Ince has always received a hostile reception when returning to Upton Park to face his former club. The Hammers fans claim they will never forgive him for posing in a Manchester United shirt in 1989, while he was still a West Ham player. Meanwhile, Hammers boss Harry Redknapp has worries of his home, as there are doubts about the fitness for the game of skipper Steve Lomas and last season's top scorer John Hartson. Lomas' chances are currently rated at only 50-50 after the groin injury he picked up in pre-season was aggravated in Saturday's match at Sheffield Wednesday. Hartson, who is hoping to start the season after being suspended for the visit to Wednesday, turned his ankle over in training and is having treatment. ends © PA Sporting Life
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Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 12:34:05 -0700 Subject: Becks (PA) BECKHAM'S DAD IN PLEA TO HAMMERS By Ian Rodgers, PA Sport David Beckham's father today urged West Ham supporters to follow the sportsmanlike example of Upton Park legend Bobby Moore ahead of Saturday's game against Manchester United. Ted Beckham admits that "deep down" he is concerned for his son at the game but he remains confident that the sporting nature of real football fans will shine through as David prepares to face his first away crowd since the World Cup. "I had so much respect for Bobby Moore, and he was what West Ham was all about," Mr Beckham said. "He would not like what is going on at the moment. He was superb and a true gentleman. You have got to admire what he stood for. "Obviously, deep down, I am concerned but I am sure true football fans will support David. "At the end of the day, it is only a game but it goes a lot deeper than that with a lot of supporters. I just can't believe it, really." But Mr Beckham admitted that any abuse aimed at his son would be a disguise for anti-United feeling, and he added that his son should now be left alone to get on with his job. "I just cannot believe that some people are like this with one player. It is because of who he plays for," Mr Beckham. "Harry Redknapp hit the nail on the head on Monday night when he said any other player, and it would not be like this but it is because he plays for Manchester United. And it's true. "We just want him to get on with the football now and do well for the club and England. "We are more upset for people who do support him because, at the end of the day, it is only supposedly meant to be a football match. But it has become more than that." Sir Geoff Hurst believes the country has gone "over the top" in its anger against Beckham over his sending off in the World Cup against Argentina. The former England and West Ham striker said: "In terms of the warm reception Beckham will receive at Upton Park, this country has gone a bit over the top in its reaction to David's foolish kick in that game. He's a great player, he's still very young, there's no doubt he will have paid for that." He said a plan - now dropped - by West Ham fans to brandish 10,000 red cards at Beckham had been "ridiculous." "But great players must expect derision from opposing fans - Bobby Moore had to suffer it, simply for being one of the best defenders around. "Beckham has to ram the voices of the opposing fans back down their throats," Sir Geoff said. © PA Sporting Life
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