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Date: Tue May 19 16:47:06 GMT+00:00 1998
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  Who is UNITED's player of the year?

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                   1st Gary Neville   35%
                   2nd Ronny Johnson  18%
                   3rd Ryan Giggs     14%
                   4th Andy Cole      10%
                   5th David Beckham   8%

This Issue:
1. Teamtalk  Spanish eye Ole, Jordi  +  Fee high for Foe fun
2. Cole, Charity Shield (D.Mail)
3. 5m take-it-or-leave-it bid for Foe  
4. Summary Of the 1997/98 Season from Our RED "Salford Lass" Pt 3


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X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 11:11:48 -0700 Subject: Teamtalk Spanish eye Ole, Jordi + Fee high for Foe fun Luis Enrique linked + Cole hits back at Hoddle + Trio to start TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1998 Spanish eye Ole, Jordi ? Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed he has been made aware of interest in him arising from Spain according to the latest reports coming from Norway's World Cup training camp. The United striker claims he knows of the interest via an external source, not from the club, but that he does not want to think about it unless they say he is for sale. Solskjaer has six years left on his contract and says he does not want to move from Old Trafford where he is very happy - despite an injury plagued season. The lengthy contract is likely to put off many clubs because United are sure to demand over 7 million from whichever Primera Liga side has made the enquiry. Meanwhile, Ole has also hinted that his United teammate Jordi Cruyff is considering a return to Spain aftera miserable two-year stay at Old Trafford. Cruyff has previously attracted interest from Real Betis but his father, Johann, told him to knuckle down and fight for his place. Fee high for Foe fun ! United have given French champions Lens 24 hours to reply to a reported 5 million take-it-or-leave-it bid for Cameroon star Marc-Vivien Foe. The revised deal, based on appearances, was forced on the club after Lens officials rejected the initial 3 million offer - telling United they wanted double that for their midfield enforcer. Alex Ferguson has spoken to Foe and agreed personal terms with the player who wants to move to the Premiership, but his club appear to be holding up the deal. The whole affair could be off by Wednesday if Lens report back with another emphatic 'Non'. Luis Enrique linked United have been tenuously linked to Barcelona's Spanish international striker Luis Enrique who has reportedly fallen out with his Dutch coach Louis van Gaal. The World Cup ace has been told to honour his present contract after asking for a pay rise which has evidently brought out the stories linking him to Europe's top clubs. However, realistically if Barcelona cannot give him a pay rise, can United ? Cole hits back at Hoddle Andy Cole has hit back at Glenn Hoddle's criticisms that he misses too many chances to be a hit at international level, made after the United striker was dropped from England's 30-manm squad. Cole said: "I was disappointed to hear the comments. There always seems to be someone who wants to criticise. But as long as Alex Ferguson is happy, I know I am doing my job." Fergie said he knew Cole would be disappointed not to have been named but backed up his 7 million signing. He said: "You have to have great patience with a striker who can maybe miss three or four chances but will score one of them. "But not being picked does not mean he is a bad player." Trio to start Norwegian trio Ronny Johnsen, Henning Berg and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will all start the Wednesday night World Cup warm-up clash with Mexico. Meanwhile, speculation mounts that Nicky Butt and Phil Neville will be handed chances to cement their spots in the England squad by starting Saturtday's match against Saudi Arabia at Wembley.
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X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 11:12:36 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: "Red Devil Marcus" (by way of Red Devils Mailing List ) Subject: Cole, Charity Shield (D.Mail) COLE HITS BACK AFTER HODDLE SNUB Manchester United striker Andy Cole has responded to the criticism of him by England coach Glenn Hoddle, who has left him out of his World Cup plans. Hoddle claimed Cole, who scored 25 goals in the season just ended, was too wasteful to be considered for the England squad this summer, with chances likely to be precious in France. The 26-year-old former Newcastle star said: "I was disappointed to hear the comments. "There always seems to be someone who wants to criticise. But for me, as long as Alex Ferguson is happy, I know I am doing my job correctly. "Obviously I was hoping to be a part of the World Cup. That is not to be. I've scored goals throughout my career and my record stands up to scrutiny," Cole told The Sun. PA Sporting Life UNITED CHARITY SHIELD WORRY Manchester United are ready to ask the Football Association if they can bring forward their Charity Shield clash with Arsenal at Wembley on August 9. Arsenal completed a League and FA Cup double at the weekend which means United are due to play them in the traditional season curtain raiser just three days before United's Champions' League first leg qualifier. United would like to move the game forward 24 hours or at least start it before 5pm. PA Sporting Life Marcus Lionel van Geyzel. "I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking very good either". -- Dogbert
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X-Sender: jackit@indigo.ie X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Light Version 3.0.5 (32) Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 15:29:19 +0100 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: J Callaghan Subject: 5m take-it-or-leave-it bid for Foe REDS GO WITH THE FOE 5m take-it-or-leave-it bid By Paul Hince Marc-Vivien Foe MANCHESTER United will table a final ``take-it-or-leave-it'' offer for Marc-Vivien Foe within the next 24 hours. Reds chairman, Martin Edwards revealed today that the differing valuations between his club and French champions Lens was now the only obstacle barring the way to a move to Old Trafford for the highly-rated Cameroon international midfielder. United have already had one offer of 3m rejected out of hand by the French club who are understood to be looking for a massive 8m for their prize asset. The Reds are preparing a compromise bid of around 5m but have warned Lens that, as much as manager Alex Ferguson admires the 23-year-old midfield star, they will not be pushed into paying an over-inflated fee. Says United chairman, Martin Edwards: ``We have spoken to the player and he is very keen on a move to Old Trafford. ``We have discussed personal terms with him and they won't present a problem so as far as Foe is concerned, everything is now in place. ``But there is still the valuation issue to be resolved and I have to say that at this moment in time the two clubs are a long way apart. Lens made it clear that our first offer was unacceptable so we are now on the point of making a revised bid. ``If this second, improved offer is also rejected then that will be the end of the matter as far as we are concerned. ``We have a top valuation figure for Foe in mind and it will be written into our new offer. But beyond that we are not prepared to go.'' Even if Lens accept United's fresh bid, it could be weeks before Foe's transfer to Old Trafford is signed, sealed and delivered. ``Foe is now away with Cameroon preparing for the World Cup finals,'' adds Edwards. ``We may have to wait until after the competition is finished before we can bring him to Manchester. ``However if Cameroon are knocked out in the early stages we will try to whisk him over from France to complete his signing subject to the results of his medical.'' Ron Atkinson has left Sheffield Wednesday only six months after returning to Hillsborough for a second spell at the club. Wednesday announced that Atkinson's contract would not be renewed when it expires on May 31 despite his success in preserving their top-flight status. Atkinson returned to Yorkshire after the sacking of David Pleat last November and vowed to steer the club from releg
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Subject: Summary Of the 1997/98 Season from Our RED "Salford Lass" Pt 3 September Going to watch the reserves while the rest of the country was watching England. Finding Fergie was there as well! 20 minutes into the second half, the scoreboard giving the England score (1-0), pausing, and then: "scorer .....", another pause: "Paul Scholes" and a massive cheer around Old Trafford. Sitting with a silly grin on my face then disaster - Terry Cooke being stretchered off. Walking down Trafford Rd before the West Ham game, on a cold blustery day on my way to the Throstle's Nest. Early coaches arriving, cars with scarves waving out of their windows, car park attendants putting out their signs, burger sellers setting out their stalls and police horses arriving in the GMP horse box. Arriving first at the pub and enjoying a drink with Steve and Brian from the USA, Roger from South Africa, Mark from Cornwall and Steve from UMIST (who wasn't going to the game but came to have a drink with us anyway!) Pete active with his camera, as usual. Mick showing off his torso. Taking the mickey out of Alan. Red Issue's "Rentathug Security Uncovered". Brilliant atmosphere in East Lower, no aggro between fans and club and an exciting, end-to-end game with a happy ending. All of East Lower standing up from start to finish. "I'm forever blowing bubbles" and "Posh Spice is a dirty slag" from L Stand. Keano silencing the "bubbles" by putting the ball into the net. Keane, Becks and Gary Neville facing up to L Stand screaming with triumph. The half-time downpour which had us all running for cover. The sun coming out in time to see Scholes scoring down the other end. Splashing around in the puddles, hugging each other and chanting at the West Ham fans "United, United, top of the league". Mass aeroplane impressions in response to one or two pathetic attempts to wind us up. Peter dropping the ball right on the line and stopping it going over by a matter of inches and turning to us with an audible "Phew!!" Off to "the land that time forgot" with Pete and Hal. Finding a supermarket on the site of the new Reebok stadium. Singing a chorus of "You only sing when you're shopping!" outside the ground. The new stadium - half-finished, dusty, dirty. Climbing all those stairs and no programmes. Fighting outside the ground. The curse of the execs striking again, silence and polite applause. "Private boxes, we are here". Thousands of aeroplane impressions, Munich songs and "We only hateUnited." McGinlay trying to head-butt Pally. Pally laughing down at him. Blake punching Pally on the chin, and Pally getting sent off. Everyone in the United end on his/her feet howling. Singing the United Calypso for 20 minutes. The Bolton players winding up our lads. The whole of the Reebok rising as one to celebrate its first goal only to notice, a few seconds later, that the off-side flag was up. Screaming with frustration as chance after chance went begging. Trudging back up the hill as the police sirens blared - more fighting after the game. Chelsea at home - the day of the silent protest. Arriving in East Lower, to find police and suits out in force and lads from Action 135 handing out leaflets. "No Surrender to the PLC". The club handing out revised words to our favourite chants (minus swear words). Keith Fane trying to get the Family Stand to cooperate in singing the new words - boos and catcalls all around OT. The Family Stand singing along, swear words included - after a couple of goes, Fane giving up with the immortal words "Oh alright, sing what you want then!". Loud cheers from the Family Stand and laughter from the rest of the ground! The protest - sitting silently in East Lower with 3000 Chelsea supporters trying to wind us up. West Stand deciding to have a chorus of "Stand up for the Champions", despite the shushing noises coming from our end. Areas of North Stand, normally are as quiet as the grave, deciding a bit of chanting might be in order! South Stand nodding off to sleep, as usual. The silent protest helped by Berg's own goal. Delirious celebrations in the away corner and total silence in the rest of the stadium. The Chelsea fans moving up a gear singing "You're not very good". The protest falling apart as the taunting from the Chelsea fans becomes impossible to ignore. Then, Cole bearing down on the keeper, passing across the front of goal and the Ginger Prince is running over to us with a roar and a massive grin on his face. "You're not very good" and "Chelsea rent boys". War on the pitch. Dennis Wise in the middle of everything and the cause of most of it. Poyet "innocently" shrugging his shoulders after hacking down a United player. Keane kicking him up the arse to loud cheers from the United fans! Brilliant atmosphere for the second half, standing up and going through the songbook, the suits nowhere in sight. "Forever and Ever", "The Red Flag", "Glory glory", "We are the Busby boys", "If I die on Kippax St". Sparky scoring right in front of us. The Chelsea fans singing "Hughesie" (that hurt!). Ole - striking the ball like an exocet missile, curling into the top corner of the Chelsea goal. Disaster at Elland Rd. Having lunch in a local pub, stuffed full of Leeds fans, not a red shirt in sight, trying out our newly acquired Yorkshire accents. Walking to the ground, blending in with the locals with our stuffed sheep under our arms. At first glance, the street full of Leeds fans. Small groups of fans separating off and entering the ground through a particular set of turnstiles. Transformations taking place inside the ground - United scarves being produced out of bags and, pockets, coats unfastened to reveal United shirts. Being 'entertained' by the Leeds mascot (an elephant?) The Leeds fans in the corner to our left who spent most of the warm-up gesticulating at us and inviting various members of the United party to "come outside if you're hard enough". Tinkerbell resurfacing - no Cole, Butt or Giggs, Poborsky starting on the left again. Standing up for the champions all through the game. "Where are you when we're not here" and "Shagging sheep when we're not here". The reply? Aeroplane impressions and "Stand up if you hate Man U". The United play sloppy and uninventive. Wetherall scoring with his head from a free kick. Three sides of Helland Rd erupting as Leeds fans had multiple orgasms. United fans silent in shock "You're not singing anymore". Mandy Dingle at half-time, "looking for a man". Improvements in the second half, as Poborsky went off and Johnsen came on. Nigel Martyn having the game of his life. Time running out and the Leeds fans getting noisier and noisier. Then disaster! A flurry at the other end, Keane going down and staying down. Becks running over to protect him as Leeds players gave him grief. The sad sight of hobbling around for a few minutes, but then limping off. Schmeichel going "up front", but no happy ending. Dancing Leeds fans everywhere. Leaving the stadium feeling sick and disappointed. Melting into the crowd and walking back to the car pretending to be happy Leeds supporters A few days later, making our first trip of the season to Gigg Lane for a reserve game against Tranmere, only to find Bury had been invaded by Scousers. Behind us, the Witches of Eastwick screeched abuse at the United players, in broadest scouse. Coming to Gigg Lane on a Monday night, to watch the reserve team obviously being their Cup Final! David May back and our first sighting of Erik Nevland. Ending 2-1 to Tranmere, it was not a classic. Michael Clegg and John Curtis both impressive. to be continued Linda Harvey 1997-1998 Copyright All Rights Reserved
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