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Date: Mon May 18 06:34:10 GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. Should McClair have been given a free transfer?
2. Summary Of the 1997/98 Season from Our RED "Salford Lass" Pt2
3. Fergie Thoughts.


Subject: Should McClair have been given a free transfer? New subject on our weekly vote: go to url now, immediate feedback! http://www.red11.org/miva/survey.mv Barry & Bill at www.red11.org Results of our player of the season vote tomorrow!

Subject: Summary Of the 1997/98 Season from Our RED "Salford Lass" Linda Harvey pt 2 August August Seeing the looks on the faces of the four Chelsea fans who arrived at Warwick Services at the same time as 15 coachloads of United fans on their way to Wembley! Meeting list members behind the seats at Wembley and singing songs for the King. Fergie wearing his new specs, looking tanned and very, very relaxed. Jordi Cruyff having his one good game for United. Peter taking the piss during the penalty shoot-out. Sparky leaving the pitch to the sound of "Hughsie, Hughsie" from the United fans. Keano lifting the trophy. Appearing on TV at White Hart Lane. Standing up with 3-400 Reds, out-singing 20,000 Spurs fans. Singing "Ginola, Fell over" and "Brian McClair, he may be fat". Teddy missing his first penalty. Spurs fans singing "What a waste of money" Nicky Butt scoring and running to us with both fists raised in the air. "We'll be top at 6.O'clock" and "2-0, without Cantona". Returning home to East Stand for the Southampton game, after a year's exile in the "land of the living dead" on the second tier and finding a war zone. Stewards and "suits" patrolling up and down, standing in the aisle, shouting at fans. Arguing with a "suit" and getting a mouthful of abuse in return. One lad thrown out of the ground at half-time by 8 police officers. "You are all witnesses to this". Chants of "Fergie sit down" and "If you all hate Stewards clap your hands Being given a free gift by the PLC as I arrived at the reserves' first home game of the new season: a free pen! Choccy chipping the ball over the 'keeper. Terry Cooke - an enormous talent Sitting on the coach to Filbert St next to the bus driver from Hell. Choruses of "Wanky, wanky, wanky, wanky Wanderers" on the M6. Standing up for the champions in the bus shelter, despite the efforts of the steward with the megaphone ("You can stick your megaphone up your arse"). Wonderful performances by Giggs and Schmeichel ruined by the poor finishing of Sheringham - a precursor of things to come. "We're shit and we're champions". The long, slow drawl of "Glory Glory Man United" developing into a staccato, drumming beat accompanied by stamping feet and banging on the metal stand. A rather large lady on a motor bike on the M6 on the way home! A sunny Bank Holiday Monday afternoon at OT. At last, the reserves managing to get a win, with two young sides playing fast, passing football. Terry Cooke outstanding again. Walking through a darkened East Lower before getting on the coach for the Everton game, full of ghosts and half-heard noises. Getting a warm welcome from the locals in Merseyside. A pint of Boddy's and a pasty before the game. Trying hard to be sophisticated and not stare at the Nevilles and the Beckhams just in front of us. Separated from the Everton fans by a row of elderly stewards and (very) young policemen. "You've only got two songs" and "In your Liverpool slums." United and Everton fans screaming abuse at each other, the sheer hatred leaving me breathless. Feeling very small, very helpless and very, very angry. Being covered in spittle by a United fan aiming at the Everton fans. A little girl getting hit on the head with a bottle and being comforted by Neville Neville. Becks wheeling away from the goal, signing to the Everton fans that he couldn't hear them anymore, "David Beckham, King of all cockneys". Ryan Giggs, absolutely awesome. Teddy poking the ball into the net for his first United goal. The Red corner of the ground erupting with a mixture of relief and mad celebration. "2-0 without Ralphie Milne" and "Frannie wears a wig". The United Calypso and the first chant of "Jingle Bells" for the season. Laughing at the Geordies on the Five Live radio phone in and ducking to avoid the missiles raining down on us from the top deck of a Liverpool bus. Hansen - "They hunt in packs". On the morning of the Coventry game, sitting down with my breakfast watching City fans making fools of themselves on TV - "How much do you hate Man United? "More than we love City". The forecourt before the game, stalls selling t-shirts and badges, lads selling fanzines, the smell of burgers, excited children with wide, shining eyes, fans congregating on the forecourt, gazing up at Sir Matt. Andy lifting the ball over Ogrizovic and a loud chorus of "Andy Cole, Andy Cole, Andy Andy Cole". Stewards shouting at everyone to sit down. Most fans giving up and a funereal silence descending over East Stand. Heard from the next row: "It's becoming a chore coming to Old Trafford these days."

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 23:12:18 -0400 To: suggs@tiac.net From: "Steve-Eccles Reds." Subject: Fergie Thoughts. Taken from an article in the Times on Monday. Intriguingly, as part of the campaign to persuade influential foreign journalists that England has the pageantry, the stadiums and the desire to stage the World Cup, Alex Ferguson was the guest speaker at another dinner, on the eve of the final, at Lancaster House. There, in the gilded finery, Ferguson was dignity personified. "We are examining now why Arsenal have done it, and Chelsea too," he said. "We hold up our hands and say to Arsène Wenger, you deserve it and it's fantastic. "I think it's good for my young players to lose on this occasion. I wholeheartedly acknowledge what Arsenal achieved between Christmas and the end of the season. I also admired Zola's goal in Stockholm. It excited me, brought me to my feet." Ferguson emphasised that the increased buying power of English clubs is an enormous stride in improving the standards and tactical awareness here. As a Scotsman pitching for England's World Cup, he laments the lack of foresight, the lack of a personality with influence inside Uefa or Fifa, the European and world governing bodies. Specifically, he finds it hard to believe that it took England so long to appreciate that Sir Bobby Charlton, of course a director at Manchester United, could open so many doors abroad, simply by the esteem in which he is held. Charlton is attempting now to help England to catch up. But because Ferguson, to my mind, still possesses the most complete blend of youth and increasing foreign experience, his view on the eve of the Cup Final is vitally important. "Wenger has lived for the moment. He has done a brilliant job and blend is the secret. People talk about the financial muscle of Manchester United, but we don't use it. There are two ways to bring success, you can go out and buy proven players - the best, like Ronaldo, Batistuta and Maldini - but I am saying to our scouts that we still want to bring in kids who we can really make to feel loyalty for the club and their own future," Ferguson added.

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