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Date: Mon Nov 16  GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. Peter Schmeichel - The Greatest Dane
2. We all agree, Burnley are better than Blackburn"
3. Automatic Pilot Cruise Control or No Wonder Schmeichel Wants to Leave.
4. United v Blackburn.. Thoughts by Boon Wee


Daily RED Trivia  Mon 16th November:

16/11/1895: In a remarkable Division 2 game Newton Heath draw 5-5 against Lincoln City
at Bank Street watched by 8,000. John Clarkin 2, Joe Cassidy, Jimmy Collinson
and James Peters scored for the Heathens. Team was: Douglas, Dow, Collinson, 
Fitzsimmons, McNaught, Cartwright, Clarkin, Kennedy, Cassidy, R.Smith. 

1949: United's Jack Rowley (4) and Stan Pearson (2) score 6 goals in Englands
9-2 against Northern Ireland at Maine Road.

1974: Paul Scholes born in Salford. Scholes won a FA Youth Cup Runners-Up medal 
in 1993,  and scored twice on his senior debut against Port Vale in September 1994. 
He has won Premiership medals in 1996 and 1997, and an FA Cup medal in 1996. 
A tenacious forward, he has been capped by England, playing in the 1998 World  
Cup Finals. 129 appearances and 40 goals for United between 1994-98.


Barry Daily Comment:  

Today Tremendous Personal Blackburn Reports! Our Salford Lass & RED KELLY

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Sat 21/11 Sheff Wed   (A) PL 15.00
Wed 25/11 Barcelona   (A) CL 19.45
Sun 29/11 Leeds       (H) PL 14.00 Sky Sports
Wed  2/12 Tottenham   (A) (Worthington Cup 1/4 final) 19.45

UNITED Stats v Sheff Wed:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079
08/11/98    Newcastle United         Home     D  0-0     3    55,174
14/11/98    Blackburn Rovers         Home     W  3-2     2    55,198

Champions League:
**Nov  4 Barcelona 1-2 Bayern Munich 
**Nov  4 Man Utd   5-0 Brøndby

Group D         P  W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Man United      4  2  2  0 16  7   8   
Bayern Munich   4  2  1  1  6  5   7  
Barcelona       4  1  1  2  6  6   4   
Brondby         4  1  0  3  4 14   3   

To be played:
 Nov 25 Barcelona        v  Man Utd
 Nov 25 Bayern Munich    v  Brøndby
 Dec  9 Brøndby          v  Barcelona   
 Dec  9 Man Utd          v  Bayern Munich


"Peter Schmeichel's last season at OT" Click on image for more!"

Subject: Peter Schmeichel - The Greatest Dane Earlier this year I was granted a brief, but extremely satisfying, audience with Peter Schmeichel. Some of you may have read the report I sent to the list about our trip to the match against Newcastle, and our meeting with Pete in the bowels of Old Trafford before the game. I don't know when last I have been as sincere as I was that day, as I presented him with a special award from the South African branch, and told him that we felt that he, above all others, was solely responsible for the success we've enjoyed in recent years. Yes, Eric was very special, but while he was running the show and scoring single goals in the run-in to the title of '96, Pete was keeping clean sheets - as he had done before Eric arrived at Old Trafford, and as he has done since Eric left. Isn't there a certain deja vue about all this? The press attacked Eric for months before he decided to call it a day, and they've been on Pete's back for some time now. Ok, so he's been experiencing difficulty with his form in recent months, but we've a lot more to be thankful than to condemn him for. Batten down the hatches, boys and girls. From here on in, every goalkeeper from Moscow to Boston, from Delmas (a small town in the Transvaal) to the outer Hebrides, will be linked with a move to Manchester United. Mark Bosnich? No thank you. He's a thoroughly unpleasant little man, too prone to making disgusting gestures to other fans and then proclaiming his innocence. I for one hope Alex looks elsewhere. (Oh, if only young Manninger were available....) Meanwhile, what's wrong with giving Raimond van der Gorgeous a chance? He's never let us down, and he could give us a season or two, surely? Ethel I-shook-Peter-Schmeichel's-hand-and-felt-the-warmth-of-his-smile! :)))))))))
"Peter Schmeichel's last season at OT" Click on image for more!"

Subject: "We all agree, Burnley are better than Blackburn" Personal Match Report by Our Salford Lass Waiting at the bus stop, on a hillside in the beautiful Peak District, with the sun shining and the birds singing in the trees I wondered why in hell I was going into the big city, wouldn't I be better off going for a nice walk or sitting outside my local inn having a pint? But Manchester has one thing that my adopted home in the hills doesn't have - Manchester United - and the pull of Old Trafford is irresistable, so when the bus came, on I got! It was getting a little late to head for the Throstle's Nest and the old bones were creaking a little when I arrived at Stockport station so the sight of a football special, heading straight to the ground, proved too tempting to resist. Thus at 1.30pm (the earliest I have arrived at OT since this list started!) I was walking out of the railway station under South Stand and onto the forecourt. As usual, the forecourt was busy with thousands of United fans of all shapes and sizes. I got myself a hot dog (at least I think it was a hot dog - it was the right size and shape but tasted like nothing I have ever tasted before!) and headed off for the membership office to get our bus tickets for the Villa game. There I met Paul, who'd also arrived very early, and we chatted for half-an-hour. Paul headed off to the Dog to pick up some IMUSA leaflets for us both (thanks Paul) and I headed off into East Stand. The son-and-heir arrived only seconds later - again very early since his bus had actually arrived on time for a change! I have to admit, sometimes I miss arriving early. Before we started meeting in the Nest, I always used to arrive an hour before the game and enjoyed watching the ground fill and the teams warm up, just drinking in the atmosphere and getting "in the mood" for the game. As much as I enjoy going in the pub, it's nice now and again, to arrive early and just stand and watch. The son-and-heir just moaned and complained it was "boring" and he'd rather be having a pint! When the teams were announced, there was a big cheer at Peter Schmeichel being captain. As the players ran out onto the pitch, Old Trafford rose to its feet for the Big Dane. We did Peter proud yesterday, my friends. He was left in no doubt that match-going Reds appreciate everything he's done for us and, as much as we'll miss him, wish him well in whatever he does in the future. Throughout the game his name was chanted all around the ground, every save was greeted with rapturous applause and from his face at the end of the game, it was obvious that he was moved by his reception. I did think that the lads behind us singing "Please Don't Go" was a bit over the top though! The first 20 minutes or so were a little frustrating. Blackburn never got going, but then neither did we! It was all looking a bit too much like the Newcastle game. In between chants of "Schmeichel, Schmeichel" we entertained ourselves chanting at the Blackburn fans who were quite noisy until our first goal shut them up. Apart from a couple of chants for their own side, the best they could manage was "Stand up if you hate Man U" (highly original!). That was easily countered with "Stand up if you're going down", "One season wonders" and "We all agree, Burnley are better than Blackburn". For those of you outside the UK, Burnley are Blackburn's natural rivals - Blackburn fans try to pretend we are their rivals now they are in the heady heights of the Premiership. Of course, we all know that they have ideas above their station - pointing this out to them drives them wild! Two offside goals had the saddos jumping up and down with excitement (leading to much jollity in East Lower - after we'd breathed a sigh of relief of course!) before an announcement from the PA system asking for a United fan from Essex to contact his nearest steward had them all on their feet singing "Do you come from Manchester?" bringing jeers and laughter from the United fans and a chorus of "Oh Manchester, is wonderful". Finally, the fates decided they had played about for long enough, and we started to take charge of the game. Andy hit the post (and sat down on the grass smiling ruefully afterwards - Yorke has definately lightened up Andy's mood) and then Yorke took the ball from Daly's feet, passed it to Scholes and the little Ginger Prince put the ball passed the Blackburn keeper and into the net with his left foot. Whilst the keeper lay on the ground with his foot pointing the opposite way to the rest of his leg (Becks went over and helpfully put it the right way round for him), we celebrated and sang "He scores goals". Then Cole almost had another - Jesper put in a beautiful pass, leaving Cole with a free header, but he shot straight at the keeper. It wasn't long, however, before a wonderful show of one-touch passing football put us two-up. Becks passed to Butt and Butt to Yorke. From the moment he got the ball, it was obvious that Yorke was not going to miss. He picked his spot and unerringly drove the ball into the net, exactly where he wanted it. We should have had a penalty a few minutes later from a handball right in front of us and Becks put a shot over the bar just before half-time. So we ended the first half in high spirits - 2 goals up and Blackburn looking totally out of it - and singing "Burnley, it's just like watching Burnley" and "Are you Burnley in disguise?" The Blackburn fans were back to their usual state, sitting there silent and morose. The second half brought Peter down our end and East Stand to its feet. With a big smile (which didn't quite reach as far as his eyes) Peter waved up at us and we sang "Schmeichel, Schmeichel". There were a few fans surreptitiously wiping away tears at this point! The Blackburn players came out determined to get a result out of the game, even if it meant doing so by fair means or foul! Soon after the start, Sherwood clipped Beckham's heels and he went down. He was soon on his feet again though, chasing down the pitch after Sherwood as we held our breaths waiting to see what was going to happen. I could already see the newspaper headlines in my head, the word "petulant" being prominent. Luckily, Sherwood decided to elbow Becks in the face when he caught up with him, Becks went down like he'd been shot and stayed on the ground until Sherwood was well on his way back to the dressing room to the sound of 55,000 people singing "Cheerio, cheerio, cheerio". A few minutes later, Scholes scored our third nd we settled in to wait for the rout as the Blackburn fans cringed up in the corner. But of course, it wasn't going to be as easy as that, as United hit the self-destruct button again. Fergie brought Scholes off (I hear this morning he was injured) and replaced him with Jordi (who himself got injured later in the half - to be replaced by Ole). From that point on, things went from bad to worse. Marcolin scored and the Blackburn fans woke up. Minutes later, Nathan Blake got a free header which was saved by Peter. Having obviously learned nothing from this experience, we allowed him another free header from the resulting corner and this time he put it in the net. Within 10 minutes, we had gone from winning easily 3-nil, to scrapping desperately to avoid a draw. The crowd chanted "Keano, Keano" and Fergie soon brought Keane on to harden up a side that was looking very vulnerable. And it worked - for the last 10 minutes we looked much more solid. Now that I know we had a happy ending, I can say that those last 10 minutes were very exciting. The football flowed from end-to-end and there were chances for both sides. The atmosphere became electric as we (and the Blackburn fans) roared. The referee seemed to have played at least 5 minutes injury time already, when the fourth official held up the electronic board - 3 more minutes!! Our spirits lifted one minute as we moved down to the other end, and then down again the next as they hit us on the counter. It seemed to go on forever until at last, the referee blew his whistle, the Blackburn fans deflated and we breathed a massive sigh of relief. Peter turned to us and smiled and waved. We stood and applauded the best goal keeper most of us have ever seen, and the tears were close to overflowing again. The question on everyone's lips was "how can we have anyone else in goal - it's unthinkable." Man-of-the-match? This is a difficult one. In the first half, I would have said Stam or Yorke, but in the second half Yorke was pretty anonymous and Stam had a stinker for the 10 minutes it took to score their 2 goals. Curtis had an excellent game and would certainly get my junior man-of-the-match. So overall, probably Becks and/or Blomqvist. Man-of-the-match in the stands was the guy behind us who had just finished saying "I might have criticised Schmeichel occasionally but you have to admit he's the best bloody keeper in the world" when Peter threw the ball straight to a Blackburn defender. Before he could stop himself, the guy behind burst out "You great, gormless, useless, Danish tw*t!!" Everyone in East Stand laughed as he went red and tried to disappear under his seat! So we won in the end, Liverpool got stuffed again (hee hee) and the son-and-heir and I appeared on MOTD 4 times! Happy endings after all! Copyright © 1998 by Our Salford Lass. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author ******************************************************
"Peter Schmeichel's last season at OT" Click on image for more!"

X-Sender: red-devils@pop.pipeline.com X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32 Subject: Automatic Pilot Cruise Control or No Wonder Schmeichel Wants to Leave. RED KELLY This week we were given the news that our great Dane Peter Schmeichel wants out at the end of the season - yesterday we understood why. There was a morning call from a friend offering a spare ticket for yesterday's game so it was a happy Nigel who received the call from me and the promised ticket. This meant a slight delay in leaving, but we were on the road just before 12.30. Trouble was I had arranged to meet sausageman at Sandbach Services at 1 o'clock. Not to worry I thought - he has my number and he's bound to phone. We belted up the motorway which was unusually free-flowing and as we approached Hilton Park just before 1pm Nigel said "told you so, we're there on time anyway". "What" I said, "we're on time to meet Dobson" he says. "No you daft bastard, we're supposed to meet him at Sandbach". "Oooh, we'll be late then won't we!" And we were late, but not that late, so we waited and waited but no sausages in sight. I tried his phone - but he'd changed the number. I rang BDS - but got the answerphone. Then Mick called me to say that he'd had a message from the sausageman himself to say that he'd forgotten to take my number with him and that he'd gone!! Well we knew he wasn't there, and to be honest had already left, but it was nice to know anyway!! We sped on past Knutsford and on to the M62 and 602. Well, we got there eventually despite the fact I had veered of towards the West bound M62 until Nigel shouted at me. I'd been distracted by a wagon that was piled so high we marvelled at how it could have passed under any of the motorway bridges. We'd followed this wagon for a while until we realised that if it was going to shed it's load we would almost certainly be involved in the aftermath. So we decided to dump that particular death wish right there. We finally ended up at Old Trafford around 2.40. Far too late to pick up any IMUSA leaflets for the post-match distribution, but inside the ground I met up with Paul Wheeler who was only too pleased to empty his over-stretched pockets of a few hundred. He told me he'd been searched on the way in and the steward had missed the leaflets. As they'd been stuffed in his pockets and down his shirt I have no idea how he'd missed them or maybe he mistook the mass of leaflets for solid muscle and thought he'd better leave well alone. The teams came out and for the first time I gazed down at the pitch - it was a 70's patchwork quilt of a mess. I couldn't believe that United had invested in such a system when the last pitch looked so good. It was obviously going to cause problems - and it did. The bounce of the ball was so unpredictable it caused chaos - in fact sometimes it just didn't bounce at all. This made football so difficult as you just wouldn't know what to expect - good job we weren't playing Wimbledon - we'd probably have been slaughtered. The game about to start and the young mascot made her way to the side of the pitch, but just as she reached the white line she was hit on the head by a rogue football cleared from the halfway line. Cue much merriment. It didn't harm her at all but as we'd watched the flight of the ball I'm sure thousands of K Standers were willing it to collide with this poor unfortunate's head and we weren't disappointed. It arrived at such a gentle pace that she was hardly thrown off balance, but her face must have been a picture! The game started with Blackburn well on top and United still recovering from the efforts of getting changed. It's a tough life being a footballer with everyone willing you to perform every game when all you want to do is go back to your flash pad and play with your girlfriend's Nintendo. It seemed to be what United were dreaming of anyway, but Blackburn were living up to their Arte et Labore motto - well the Labore bit anyway. The yonners were getting behind their team and were most amused when the PA announcement asked for someone from Essex to go to a steward. The inevitable "do you come from Manchester" started with the response "do you come from Burnley" hitting the B spot. Shortly afterwards the yonners were up and celebrating a 'goal' before they realised what we had already seen several hours before - the linesman's raised flag. Much celebrating in K Stand and a very disconsolate bunch over to our left. Gradually United were coming to grips with the reality of actually playing a game of football and one by one they were switching off automatic pilot and on to normal control. Becks was one of the first to get into gear and when he saw Andy dancing around near the penalty area he sent a long ball across which Henchoz headed back towards Filan. Unbeknownst to him Filan had also seen the opportunity and had come for the same ball which allowed Andy to capitalise on the confusion but send an off-balance shot smacking against the post, across goal and out again. This seemed to wake everyone up and it wasn't long before we were one in front. Yorke robbed the dilly-dallying Dailly in midfield pushed the ball on to Scholes who slotted it home across Filan in the yonner goal. Mass sighs of relief all around followed by more contentment not long after when Yorke scored. A superb interpassing move of one-touch football involving Backs, Butt and Yorke ended with Yorke volleying past Filan for United's second and his tenth in all since his move. By now United were totally dominant and spraying balls all over the pitch with Beckham, Blomqvist and Curtis being the main exponents of the long pass. We could have been a few more to the good by half-time but had to be content with the two. In truth, had we been any more in front it would have done Blackburn a disservice - not that we'd have given a toss about that. The teams came out for the second half and we saw the familiar sight of the great Dane trotting towards us with his old red towel - arms raised in response to our chants of "Schmeichel, Schmeichel da, da, da, da, da, da da, da daaaaa." I admire the way Peter has decided to quit the English game in such an honest fashion. He has given Fergie the opportunity to sign a class replacement by the end of the season and all we have to do now is make the most of him while he is still around. At least he is giving us the opportunity to say goodbye - let's hope it's on a second trip to the Nou Camp in May. At the start of the second half Sherwood decided he'd had enough of the game and conspired to get himself removed from the pitch. His cohort in the amateur drama was Becks, always willing to ham it up to do a favour for a mate. The charade was probably hastily arranged at half-time so that Sherwood could make an undercover phone call to George Graham at Tottenham. So after an innocuous heel-clipping by Timsy on Becks, the latter races after the former and the former clouts the latter with his elbow. Becks dies like a swan and remains down just in case there is any doubt about the outcome - bearing in mind Mike Reid was refereeing. Timsy is shown the red card. And we thought it would be Blake who would be first to go marching off. Howls of "f**k off Sherwood" and "cheerio, cheerio, cheerio" rang around Od Trafford as he wandered off looking in his filofax for Graham's number. To rub salt into their wounds Scholes gets into the ballet theme and dances round several Blackburn defenders before planting another shot across the bows of Filan and into the Stretford net for the third. Game over................or so we thought.............wrong again. With United now well and truly back in cruise control and the speed fixed at 25 miles per hour, the yonners suddenly wake up and realise they could be on to something. They came pouring forward with alarming regularity. Fergie decides to give them a helping hand by taking off Scholes and Blomqvist so that the yonners can dominate midfield giving their attack more options. Hodgson sees this and brings on Marcolin who promptly scores. Oh great - suddenly we have no midfield, especially with Nicky having a duff game for once, and Blackburn have been gifted a goal. So Blackburn bring on 'he of the broken arm'. The yonners had been calling for him for ages with their 'ooh aah Gallagher" and he loves Old Trafford, always giving us the run around when he plays there. He made a difference and proceeded to torment the whole defence - well all except Stam. There was a moment of pure Stamness when Gallagher had the ball at the edge of the box and to the right as we look at it. He jinked and danced around having tricked several Red shirts prior to reaching the point of no return. Stam picked him up on his radar and homed in for the kill. As Gallagher danced in front of him Stam had a dream. It was of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc when Ford faced the smart arse in the martial arts kit wiggling his stick about. The thought flashed through Stams head and the dream became reality when the jinking Gallagher was slammed unceremoniously and with such force by the huge hulking Dutchman. Good job he didn't have a gun or he'd have shot him just as Ford did - why mess about!! He threw his calling card on to the prostrate body of Gallagher and drifted back to the centre back position. I suppose he thought he'd done enough at that because he and the others went missing again when Blake headed another goal while our destroyer seemed more content with patting him on the back and saying "well done". Peter went ballistic with them all. He reminds me of Peter Pan, but not because he's forever youthful or can fly, although I know his alter ego Rudolph could. He reminds me because when he goes ballistic he splatters the defence with his verbal like the troubled backside splatters the toilet pan. Neither experiences are at all pleasant. The last ten minutes were spent in agony and standing up. truth was we were so agitated we couldn't sit still. Every time the ball was hoisted into the penalty area in front of us there were panic noises emitted from every orifice. Fergie did bring Keano on to steady us down and I would hate to think what might have happened if he hadn't. Whenever he had the ball there was an audible hush and calm which permeated the panic stricken air. We just wanted him to keep the ball to himself, but he insisted on passing it every bloody time - stupid sod. In the end the whistle blew and a cheer of relief went up from those of us brave enough to have stayed to watch. In my considerable experience of United I can say in all honesty that they have always been like that - why - I have no idea!! Outside Old Trafford I met up with Nigel and we distributed our IMUSA information leaflets without a hitch. There were some who refused to take them, but they were few and far between. It makes you feel like stopping them and giving a lecture but there is never enough time. Back in the car and heading down towards the M6 I had arranged to pull in to Knutsford Services to fill up with diesel and meet Becks at the pump in front, but he didn't turn up. Must have still been removing the facial scrub of Fergies harsh words in the dressing room I suppose. Back on the M6 and listening to Mellor's self congratulatory utterings we were constantly amused by all the calls from Blackburn and Liverpool fans. The first complaining that their goals were onside and that Sherwood never touched Becks and so shouldn't have been dismissed - he he! The scousers were just complaining about anything and everything and the motorway was littered with discarded curly wigs and false moustaches thrown from their many supporters coaches heading south to Kent and Devon. Copyright RED KELLY 1998
"Peter Schmeichel's last season at OT" Click on image for more!"

Subject: United v Blackburn.. Thoughts by Boon Wee Allo all, results and pictures will be posted in about 5-6 hours' time. it'll be in the usual url. (http://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~limboonw/mufc.html) schmeichel showed the world why he is why united won 4 championships since his arrival. the great dane made several outrageous saves from blake, gallagher and sherwood. gordon banks would have been proud of schmeichel last night. united hung on to a slim 1-0 win over luckless blackburn for the precious 3 points. the 55,198 crowd showed their appreciation of schmeichel by singing his name non stop throughout the match. it was a wonderful day for the great dane as he put it himself, "nothing beats playing in front of 55 thousands fans, it's been great". of course that would happen in the perfect world. the truth is far from it. not that schmeichel were to be blamed for any of the 2 goals conceded, schmeichel showed some uncertainties on his handling of the ball at times. perhaps he was putting too much pressure on himself after his announcement to leave at the end of the season. while the crowd welcomed schmeichel with a loud cheer at the beginning of the game, naturally expecting a carnival for the next 90 minutes. someone up there was busy putting together a big plot which would not only cause breathless moments for united and blackburn fans, but also attracts neutral fans to witness the beauty of the english game. united started the game without keane who was on the bench as he would be needed for national duties after today. scholes, butt, beckham and blomqvist ran the midfield. neville brothers, stam and curtis mingled at the back, and the front was led by the reliable twins, cole and yorke. the game started off with both teams trying to get use to the bumpy pitch (i have not seen united's pitch this bad for a long time). passing were not accurate, few chances were created, it was as if united were reserving themselves for the important midweek game at nou camp. things only started to pick up when cole fluffed an open goal by hitting the upright when blackburn's keeper lost the ball, all cole needed was a placed shot but he opted for power. could hoddle's words be true afterall? throughout the game, cole would make a mess of himself, heading well wide or making passes when he should be tried to take a shot. cole was not selected by hoddle for the england meet up despite his good form for the past few weeks, could the rejection be the cause of his poor game today? only he himself will know. scholes finally broke the deadlock on the half hour mark when he took his chance from yorke's pass. there was relieve all over as it had looked like it's going to be 0-0 again. the songs started to flow and the returning of the confidence was evident as united's game improved as the mintues ticked by. blackburn could do nothing with united's breathe of fresh air. just before half time, united showed why they are such a classy team and why yorke is worth all the 12.6 million pounds. yorke received the ball from beckham outside the box, passed it to scholes and made the run forward, scholes played the 1-2 perfectly and put yorke through. yorke made no mistake and punished blackburn with united's 2nd goal. what a classic setup (it reminds me of mcclair's goal against liverpool a few seasons back). half time gone and memories of a 4-0 thrashing last season returned, 2 more goals from united at such times are not hard to wish for. 2nd half began, in an off the ball situation, sherwood was judged to have elbowed beckham and was sent off. whether beckham made a meal out of it, only he himself would know. it's never easy to play against 10 men but united seemed to put everybody at ease when scholes added in a second soon after, 3-0 to united. fergi, sensibly began to perform his weekly rotating trick, he took off scholes and blomqvist and put in cruyff and solskjaer. that was when things started to go wrong. blackburn players suddenly found extra lungs in themselves and started to create trouble for united. time and time again they attacked united's goal in droves and were rewarded with several corners. from one such corner which united failed to clear, marcolin put one past schmeichel. motivated by that goal, blackburn players pushed on, blake's header from a cross was tipped over the bar by schmeichel (as usual the red nose keeper would scream at his defenders). from the resulting corner, blake made no mistake and made the score 3-2 to united. now, there were anxieties all over as there was more than 10 mins of game to go. cruyff had unfortunately pulled his hamstring when he was chasing a ball (he could have extended united's lead if the injury did not occur). in came keane, but he too seemed to be conserving his energy, his presence did help united to strengthen their midfield which had been overran since scholes left. blackburn continued their bombards and united tried to counter as and when they could. in one such counter cole found himself completely clear and could put the issue to an end. his control were good, beating a couple of defenders before he decided to shoot and redeem himself for his past misses, but his shot hit a defender and there was cole, seen kneeling on the ground. it was just not his day. in the end, the final whistle brought out loud cheers from the home crowd, it was more of cheers of relieve (how many times have we heard it?). united hanged on to win 3-2. don't think fergi or the players would be smiling at the win, though i suspect barcelona's spies and staff are doing so at the moment. cheers -- Boon Wee
"Peter Schmeichel's last season at OT" Click on image for more!"

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" If ever they are playing in your town You must get to that football ground Take a lesson come to see Football taught by Matt Busby Manchester, Manchester United A bunch of bouncing Busby Babes They deserve to be knighted " "RED HOT" News-wire NOW!

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