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Date: Wed Jul 15 16:42:13 GMT+00:00 1998
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July 25  Birmingham City  (A)
     27  Valerengen (A) (Oslo)
     31  Brondby (A) (Copenhagen)
Aug   4  Brann Bergen (A)
      9  Charity Shield at Wembley
     18  Eric Cantona XI (H) - Munich testimonial

Headline SKY TEXT : David Beckham has been backed to beat the hate mob by former
                    Manchester United teammate Gary Pallister.
Pally does not believe Becks, pilloried fans, will quit the country to
escape the controversy.
"I dont think David will want to run away. He is a strong enough character
to face the music and pressure. The management team at OT will look after
him well." Greater Manchester police will patrol United's Cliff training ground in
Salford everyday keeping an eye on the daily situation. Six officers were at the Cliff on Tuesday to ensure there were no ugly incidents as the star reported back for pre-season training.

Reminder .... Sky tv (Europe) show "live"

Sun Aug  9  United v Arsenal Wembl 13.00 Charity Shield
Sat Sept 5     Sweden v England t.b.a. European Qualification  
Sun Sept 20 United v Arsenal   (A) 16.00 
Sat Sept 26 United v Liverpool (H) 11.15 

Wed Dec  16 United v Chelsea   (H) tba
Tue Dec  29 United v Chelsea   (A) 19.45

**Note from Barry**
Lets hope Becks plays and wins the game for England v Sweden
to put an end to all the CRAP! Its gone much to far already!


Chelsea striker Mark Hughes completed his 650,000 move to Premier League
rivals Southampton today.
Hughes, 34, has agreed a two-year deal to become manager Dave Jones' fifth
signing of the summer.
The veteran was not guaranteed first team football at Stamford Bridge
following the acquisitions of Lazio's Pierluigi Casiraghi and Rangers
marksman Brian Laudrup.

Manchester United's 2million cheque from Benfica for Karel Poborsky has
bounced. And United are now demanding action against Graeme Souness'
cash-strapped side. United spokesman Ken Ramsden said: "Unfortunately, it
has been confirmed by our bank the cheque from Benfica has bounced. "There
is no other way of putting it. Now we'll contact FIFA again to see what they
can do," he told The Sun. Czech star Poborsky left Old Trafford last season
and Benfica president Vale Azevedo sent a personal cheque two weeks ago as

This Issue:
1. Beckham returns to work under police protection (Times)
2. Beckham.. Day #1 (Mirror)
3. Beckham Support -- 3 Articles (Mirror)
4. Teamtalk )Thierry Henry et al...


"Football taught by Matt Busby"

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 15:04:56 +0200 (CEST) X-Sender: wpa01977@mail.web4you.dk X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Version 1.4.3 To: barrylee@post3.tele.dk From: barrylee@post3.tele.dk (Barry Leeming) Subject: Beckham returns to work under police protection (Times) July 15 1998 FOOTBALL Beckham returns to work under police protection BY DAVID MADDOCK AS SOON as the garage door at David Beckham's home in Worsley cranked open and a figure shrouded in black slipped from the shadows to dive into the passenger seat of a waiting Range Rover, it was obvious that this was to be more of a small-screen drama than merely a first day back in training for the Manchester United player. The police escort simply added to the feeling that Beckham has given his life over to a rather unbelievable soap plot. Driven by Ted, his father, the car swept into the United training ground in Littleton Road with the police brushing aside the gathered crowds. As the interested spectators consisted of a handful of press men and a man walking his dog, the police escort appeared just a little excessive. But then, Beckham is Public Enemy No 1, apparently. He looked like a lost little boy. Peering from under his chemically-enhanced fringe, Beckham smiled coyly at questions hurled his way, but declined to answer. He was, perhaps, saving a response for the abuse that he would undoubtedly receive as soon as the dressing-room door opened. There is nothing as cruel as a football changing-room, particularly a multinational one. His father spoke of the "lad" being forced out of the country. Alex Ferguson, his manager, pleaded for some space and time for the "lad". Those with a more balanced perspective just wish for the lad to be sent to bed early and for that to be the end of the matter. It will not be, according to his father. "He has made one mistake and he has been slaughtered for it," Ted Beckham said. "He'll go back to training, but after that, I just don't know. It could force him to go abroad, because of all the fuss. It's too early to say, really, whether he can be allowed to stay in England, but all he wants to do is play football in peace." It is a situation that has attracted the attention of the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA), which yesterday pleaded for supporters not to force Beckham to play abroad. Again putting aside any attempt at perspective, Brendon Batson, of the PFA, suggested that barracking fans could deprive the English game of a special talent. "It would be sad to think that due to other people's reactions a player would feel he is not welcome," Batson said. "We want our best players staying in this country, and it would be an extremely spiteful campaign to drive Beckham out. It would be a huge loss to the domestic game." Andy Walsh, the chairman of the Independent Manchester United Supporters' Association, said: "There's no doubt that David Beckham will be protected by United and supported by United fans the world over. "The majority of the people who are campaigning so vociferously against Beckham do so because he is a United player and out of some petty jealousy for his talents and his much-publicised lifestyle." Ferguson said that he will ease his World Cup players back into action and it is expected that Beckham will play in United's three-match tour to Scandinavia, which starts at the end of this month. Max Clifford, the publicist, said that Beckham should face the public. "If I were looking after his public relations I would get him on television today, have a press conference today and make sure his face is in the papers for the right reasons tomorrow," he said. "He has been in hiding long enough. It's time for him to come out into the open and let everybody know just how bad he feels, that he let everybody down and he will always regret it. He should also tell the fans: 'If you want to have a go at me, I'm big enough to take it, but leave my family out of it.' The public will respond to that."
"Football taught by Matt Busby"

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 15:04:59 +0200 (CEST) X-Sender: wpa01977@mail.web4you.dk X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Version 1.4.3 To: barrylee@post3.tele.dk From: barrylee@post3.tele.dk (Barry Leeming) Subject: Beckham.. Day #1 (Mirror) HOUNDED AND HAUNTED IT should have been a day like any other in the life of a footballer. David Beckham, tanned from a holiday in America, was back to endure the first stint of pre-season training with Manchester United. But this was no ordinary morning, as Beckham arrived to face the most intense security operation ever mounted for an English football star. It was heavy protection for a young man whose only "crime" was to get himself sent off in a moment of madness against Argentina. But it is something Beckham will have to live with while there are hate mobs threatening to make his future hell. The Old Trafford golden boy is suffering in silence, bewildered by the enormity of the reaction to his foolishness in France. It was difficult to imagine what was racing through the mind of his dad, Ted, as he drove his boy through the red steel gates at United's Cliff training ground at 9.50am. Anger. Heartbreak. Pain. All the emotions were on show behind the window of the family's dark blue Range Rover, Beckham in the passenger seat beside him. They had joked that Beckham could not start his 70,000 Porsche because of a flat battery. It was one of the rare smiles of the day. Beckham was only inside for 25 minutes before leaving in the same Range Rover for training at United's alternative ground in Littleton Road. A police escort guided them through the narrow streets on the half-mile journey and officers with flak jackets awaited him at the entrance of the training complex as Beckham senior drove his boy slowly past the guard. Five minutes later, Beckham was one of the first onto the training ground and led the first team in a gruelling lap around it proximity Photographers and TV crews were kept outside, but got close-up pictures as Beckham jogged past only a few yards away. Team-mates shouted "leave him alone" and Beckham went past stony-faced. At 10.30, a couple of police riot vans arrived just to check that everything was safe. And seconds later more patrol cars drove onto the complex with senior officers holding a car park meeting to ensure the tightest of security. Out on the pitch, Beckham at last relaxed a little. But away from the pitch, another riot van arrived to check out the scene. There was no trouble from a crowd now gathering for a glimpse of their undisputed hero. They got their wish when training finished at 12.10pm as Beckham casually strolled back towards dad and the Range Rover. "Good on you Becks" shouted a couple of down-to-earth Salford mums. It was a shout that prompted spontaneous applause and Becks responded with a quick wave. But the seriousness of the situation did not change as the police escort returned to direct Beckham back to The Cliff. Three patrol cars then parked inside the training ground while the players had lunch. Only three fans bothered to wait outside with one girl reading a book to while away the passing hours. The day ended at exactly 3pm when the red doors opened to release the two Beckhams. For a second it was just like old times as young Becks signed autographs for the stragglers and posed for a couple of pictures with Ted. But the sinister side of his new life came back to haunt us all as his shadowing cop car took the lead again to escort him back to his 180,000 home in Worsley. A strange day over. But you sense, chillingly, that this is only the beginning. cL!VE TV will show Beckham's first match in England after France 98 when they screen United's pre-season friendly at Birmingham on Saturday week (July 25). Channel 5 will show Liverpool's pre-season clash with Inter Milan - the match which pits Michael Owen against Ronaldo - on Tuesday, August 4. Earlier that day, they will also show Chelsea's friendly against Atletico Madrid in Arnhem, Holland.
"Football taught by Matt Busby"

X-Sender: red-devils@pop.pipeline.com X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 07:13:38 -0700 To: manutd@pipeline.com Subject: Beckham Support -- 3 Articles (Mirror) LET'S GIVE HIM A BREAK West Ham manager Harry Redknapp wants English club fans to forgive and forget. But he fears Beckham's visit to Upton Park with United may come too soon, with memories of his red card still fresh from the summer. Beckham arrives on August 22, for the Hammers' first home match. "He's had enough and I just want to see him get on with his career because he is an outstanding young player," said Redknapp. "But I can say what I want, can't I? People will make their own opinions and do what they want in the end." OWEN 'DIVE' JUST AS GUILTY Former England boss Terry Venables compared Beckham's predicament to that of Michael Owen, who became a national hero following his sensational goal against Argentina. Owen also won a penalty for the equaliser against the South Americans when replays showed he had not been touched as he burst into the box. Venables, new boss of Crystal Palace, believes Owen might easily have been punished by the referee for diving. He said: "They are both massive talents. In the same game, one is a hero and one a villain. The difference was that Beckham got caught." TIME TO GET OFF HIS BACK JOE KINNEAR believes David Beckham should take a leaf out of his book and "stick two fingers up to those who are getting on his back." The Wimbledon boss is well known for fighting back against the critics, and he insists the under-fire Manchester United star will only overcome his World Cup red-card shame by showing the same steely determination. "For one silly, little moment he has been severely punished. I think it is out of order really, I honestly do," he said. "But he's got a great manager, Alex Ferguson, who will look after him and David has got to stick two fingers up to those who are getting on his back."
"Football taught by Matt Busby"

Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 15:04:50 +0200 (CEST) Subject: (Teamtalk )Thierry Henry et al... Winger smokescreen ? Sources from inside Old Trafford have reportedly told a national newspaper that French winger Thierry Henry is close to signing a 5 million transfer to Old Trafford. The flying Monaco star could, however, be part of an elaborate United smokescreen to hide the club's interest in another player - possibly Jesper Blomqvist. Henry was involved in a complicated wrangle between his club, Barcelona and Real Madrid last summer when the seven-time European Cup winners claimed they had his signature. Beckham's police protection David Beckham will continue to have police protection on his arrival to and departure from Manchester United's Cliff training ground. Six officers were present as the 23-year-old returned to pre-season training yesterday, but no untoward incidents occurred at his first day back at work. It remains to be seen how long this will have to continue for. Maybe his father's prediction, that the public hatred will only stop if and when he moves abroad, will come into fruition. Thornley tribunal postponement Ben Thornley's transfer tribunal was postponed again on Tuesday, further delaying the young winger's move to Huddersfield Town. The Premier League authorities called a halt to proceedings in order to discuss the implications of the ground breaking transfer which comes with one year left on Thornley's contract. Kanchelskis makes 'Gers move Andrei Kanchelskis has ended his Fiorentina nightmare and moved to the Scottish Premier Division. The former Manchester United winger has agreed to join Glasgow Rangers from the Serie A giants in a 5.25 million deal. This ends moths of speculation surrounding the Russian star, with Newcastle United and Middlesbrough showing a great deal of interest in the player. Yorke to remain a Villa player Aston Villa striker Dwight Yorke has allayed fans' fears by stating that he will start the season at Villa Park. The news ends months of speculation surrounding the 15M-rated man, who has been linked with top clubs all over Europe. The Trinidadian clearly stated: "Unless I'm told otherwise, I expect to start the season as a Villa player." He added: "I have to weigh up everything very carefully, but the fact remains that I have two years left on my contract, so I am here to play for Villa for that time if they want me. But, of course, at the end of that time, I would be free to leave the club for nothing under freedom of contract, so I am sure everything will be taken into consideration." So it seems that at least another two year's service will be provided by the 26-year-old.
"Football taught by Matt Busby"

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