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Date: Wed Oct 14 07:22:24 GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. Ferguson gets away with outburst at ref
2. The Masters League  six-a-side tournament
3. WANTED! Listpics looking for Bruce? American Midwest?
4. Lobby of Parliament
5. Letter to MP re: BSkyB's proposed bid for MUFC
6. My Visit To "Old Trafford".
8. UNDER 21 ROUND-UP  Luxembourg 0 England 5 


Daily RED Trivia  Wed 14th October:

14th Oct 1967: United win 3-0 at Sheffield United in a Division 1 game watched by
29,170. John Aston, Brian Kidd and Denis Law scored the goals. Team was:
Stepney, Dunne, Burns, Crerand, Sadler, Stiles (Fitzpatrick), Best, Kidd, 
Charlton, Law, Aston. 

14th Oct 1989: Jimmy Murphy died in Manchester. A rugged Half-back for West Bromwich
Albion before the war, Murphy became Assistant  to Matt Busby in 1945, and
continued in that role for 26 years. He took over for a time after the Munich Disaster
in 1958, guiding a patched-up team to the FA Cup Final. He managed Wales between
1957-1963, including the 1958 World Cup Finals, having been capped 15 times by
them in his playing days.

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Next 4 games: 
Result/Fixture Index:

Sat 17/10 Wimbledon   (H) PL
Wed 21/10 Brondby     (A) CL
Sat 24/10 Derby       (A) PL
Wed 28/10 Bury        (H) LC (Worthington Cup)

UNITED Stats v Wimbledon are here:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251

Champions league:
Barcelona     2 Brondby 0
Bayern Munich 2 Man Utd 2

Barcelona   2 1 1 0  5  3   4
Brøndby     2 1 0 1  2  3   3
ManUnited   2 0 2 0  5  5   2
BMünchen    2 0 1 1  3  4   1


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Subject: Ferguson gets away with outburst at ref Wednesday, October 14, 1998 Alex Ferguson has escaped punishment for his outburst against Italian referee Stefano Braschi after last month's Champions League draw against Barcelona. The Manchester United manager risked a fine or touchline ban from UEFA after his criticism of Braschi's decision to award the Spanish giants two penalties and send off Nicky Butt. Ferguson called the official 'a disgrace' and said he had 'had a shocker, a real shocker.' However, a UEFA spokesman said yesterday that no official complaint had been reported and that no action would be taken against the United manager.
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Subject: The Masters League six-a-side tournament MANCHESTER UNITED legend Ray Wilkins has been in Manchester to launch a new football competition which will see some United stars of the past dusting off their boots. The Masters League Football, which takes places at the Manchester Evening News Arena on November 19, brings together former stars from United, City, Liverpool and Arsenal. Each team has a ten man squad for the six-a-side tournament - United's players include Wilkins, Bryan Robson, Neil Webb, Sammy McIlroy, Kevin Moran, Jesper Olsen, Arthur Albiston, Terry Gibson and Viv Anderson.
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Subject: WANTED! Listpics looking for Bruce? American Midwest? Can anyone help the listpics find an unknown chracter seen at the Throstles Nest and snapped up by our unofficial photographer Pete Hargreaves: See the pic at http://www.red11.org/mufc/listpics/ or just go to http://www.red11.org/mufc/listpics/images/pic2.jpg >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NEW on the listpics this month: 13-OCT-98 Matthew Knight http://www.red11.org/mufc/listpics/listpicu.htm#KnightMatthew 13-OCT-98 Wendy Lyon http://www.red11.org/mufc/listpics/listpicu.htm#LyonWendy 13-OCT-98 John Callaghan (JacKit) http://www.red11.org/mufc/listpics/euorpeAC.htm#CallaghanJohn 13-OCT-98 Björn Olsson http://www.red11.org/mufc/listpics/europeMR.htm#OlssonBjörn 06-OCT-98 Frank Scicluna http://www.red11.org/mufc/listpics/listpicw.htm#SciclunaFrank MUFC Hon. Executive CP Cheah Webmasters: Barry Leeming & Bill McArthur Graphics: Sam Hayward Stats: Paul Hinson Site Design Diana Low Webmaster Mail: barry@www.red11.org Url: http://www.red11.org World of Manchester United Football Club.
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Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 10:26:32 -0700 Subject: Lobby of Parliament I can confirm that a Lobby of Parliament is to be held on Tuesday 27th October at 1 O'Clock. Although the focus will be on Murdoch, the idea is to broaden out hte issues to a "Future of Football" type event. To that end supporters of other clubs are invited to participate. There will be bus going from Manchester (hopefully free). I will get more details about booking seats etc and post them later Nick
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Subject: Letter to MP re: BSkyB's proposed bid for MUFC Tuesday, 13 October 1998 RE:BSkyB bid for MUFC plc Tony Lloyd MP House of Commons LONDON SW1A 0AA Dear Mr Lloyd, I am writing to you to express my concern at the proposed take-over of Manchester United plc by BSkyB. I am a supporter and shareholder and one of your constituents. I do not propose to outline again the arguments which have stacked up against this deal and the clear competition issues which arise. These have been well documented. However it is worth recapping on a few of the organisations and individuals who have publicly condemned the deal and/or submitted a complaint to the OFT. This list is far from conclusive. The PFA (Players Union) is against it. The LMA (League Managers Association) is against it. The Football League is against it. Many MP's are against it - Already 50 have declared against but due to the recess we are still waiting to hear from the rest. The FSA (Football Supporters Association) is against it. The National Federation of Football Supporters Clubs are against it. The Local Government Association are against it. Not sure where this cropped up from! IMUSA - The Independent Manchester United Supporters Association are against it. IMUSA are the only independent organisation representing Manchester United supporters and as such are their only collective voice. The Independent Supporters Associations of all other clubs are against it. Too many to mention here. All other Football Clubs that have made a declaration are against it. Again too many to mention. Manchester United supporters are against it - in all supporter opinion polls the level of opposition has varied between 80% and 96%. Despite what some sources would have you believe and in the face of the propaganda put out by the MEN and the Murdoch press the Utd supporters, to their credit, are still solidly against. Supporters of all other clubs are against it. Again, too many to mention here. The Football Association is against it. This last one was totally unexpected and absolutely stunning considering the FA is a business partner of BSkyB and the single best placed and respected organisation to make a judgement on such issues. This, in addition to the FA's propensity for sitting on the fence makes such a public statement all the more impressive. This alone should be enough to raise serious doubts about the bid and as such, demands a referral to the MMC for fuller consideration. So who is in favour of it: BSkyB and the current board of MUFC plc. That's it - and both will benefit financially so cannot be relied upon to give an unbiased judgement. What concerns me most is the silence of the Government on this issue, or at least so many Labour MP's. I have still not heard you make any statement against this deal in which case are we to take it that you do not back the supporters campaign to have this deal stopped? I am concerned about the links which seem to be appearing between big business and the Labour Party. None more so than between Murdoch and many cabinet ministers and in particular the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, Peter Mandelson. So it is with some scepticism that I view his ability to rule even-handedly on this matter. This issue will bring the question of the Labour Party's integrity into the media spotlight. This deal is important to Murdoch etc. BSkyB will die if it does not own a major football club when the current Premier League contract runs out. So this has to be when Murdoch tries to call in his election favours and we await the result with interest. Although it is not publicly acknowledged, in the end the decision of whether or not to refer this issue to the MMC comes down to a political decision. The arguments for a referral are so strong and come from so many important sources that the only conclusion one can draw if the bid is not referred is that of corruption. If this deal is allowed to go through it is the end for me and this Labour Government - I will never trust them again. Please restore my faith in the Labour Party as a party of integrity. I would appreciate it if you would pass on my correspondence and your comments to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry. Respectfully yours, Duncan Drasdo
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Subject: My Visit To "Old Trafford". During a recent trip back from England the one memory I'll never forget is my visit to "Old Trafford". by (name removed upon request) Finally getting my 2 way ticket from Victoria Station after the 1 hour wait in line. The conductor waved us goodbye as we missed the train to Manchester. Waited an hour for the next one. Rushed on board nearly missed that one again, due to the fact we were overly excited about the whole thing and made several trips to the lady's. Jumped aboard eagerly excited to get there, not knowing it was going to take us 3 hours Finished a pack of ciggy's and then started nibbling on my finger nails. Finished biting nails then thought I'll catch up on some forty winks. Had an argument with a 3 year old. Paced up and down the isles like an expecting father. Played Paper, Scissors. Stone with friend. Counted the number of rail posts we came across, lost count, started again. Closed my eyes trying to keep myself sane. Reached Manchester Piccadilly Station at 4.00 in the arvo. Pushed our way through the crowd of hungry seagulls at Burger King and scoffed down a veggie burger before heading out of the station to be confronted by 3000 taxis. Tick, tack, Toe, we chose our cab and were on our way to "Old Trafford". Painfully annoying the taxi lady was, (her life story was not exactly what I wanted to hear at that moment), we lugged it out just to get there. In the distance just like a mirage is see the words 'Manchester United' in big bold red letters. I stream of tears feel down my face," FU@#%KN CHRIST" I yelled out as I jumped out of the moving cab. Running into the Merchandise Store, grabbed a basket and shopped for my life. Considering we only had 20 minuets before the store closed. Heading up to the counter with my 3 baskets and clothes hanging off my ears. I paid for my stuff and the guy behind the counter insisted i don't leave with out buying the new Manchester CD. So I bought that and the tape, just to get him off my ass!!!!. Kicking us out of the store I decided to continued video taping. Shutting the door behind her, the sales assistant yells out "If you like, there is another merchandise store behind the stadium which is still open". I thought to myself "You stupid cow, now that you made me rush, you are telling me there is another store". Anyway, at this stage I got lost in the stadium. Friend of mine decides she needs to go to the loo and I am stranded in MUFC video taping. While circling the grounds, onlookers watching me like I was a alien carrying 5000 bags, a video camera plastered in my eye, and in the other hand a picture camera. Just in case I bumped into a player. Circling the ground, I came across THE OTHER MERCHANDISE STORE and could not help myself and charged in. In the distance I saw a vision, could that be Beckham. Yes it was. a huge sized portrait of David (The Great) and even signed on the bottom. No question about it, I had to have it even though it was not for sale. 2 hours later I decided that was enough and escorted myself out of the store, with the portrait mind you. And I'm sure the staff were glad. Still with the video in one hand I sat on the concrete and waited and waited and waited. It was getting dark and there was no sign of my friend. Until I hear a voice call out to me saying, "Hey, are you the girl with the strange accent". It was security................................ To be continued
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Wednesday 14 October 1998 Subject: HODDLE: BECKHAM 'CHAMPING AT THE BIT' David Beckham will step back into the England side for tomorrow's vital European Championship qualifier in Luxembourg desperate to make amends for his World Cup red card nightmare. Coach Glenn Hoddle today claimed the Manchester United star is ''champing at the bit'' to turn on the style after his needless sending off against Argentina during England's exit from France 98 in July. That landed Beckham with a two-match suspension and the United ace had to run a gauntlet of hate from opposing supporters in the early part of this season after being cast as England's villain of the piece. But Glenn Hoddle's team have badly missed Beckham's creativity, crossing ability and shooting power against Sweden and Bulgaria. Now Beckham is a certainty to play in Luxembourg after the chronic lack of inspiration in trying to lock the Bulgarian defence in Saturday's goalless encounter at Wembley. The only question for Hoddle is whether to play him on the right flank or in the centre of midfield. Hoddle said: ''When he puts on the England shirt again he's going to be extra determined after what happened in the World Cup. ''He is champing at the bit to make up for what he did in the summer and to try and put things right. ''When he joined up with us last week he couldn't get quite as focused for the Bulgarian game because he knew he wasn't going to be involved but this week he has been sharp, keen and looked very good. ''Personally, I don't think the crowds around the country have been as much against him as everyone feared. ''He has had to put up with a bit of stick but it has not gone overboard. It's not been the problem people thought it would be.'' However with Hoddle aware of the reception Beckham received when United were beaten at Wembley by Arsenal in the Charity Shield, the England boss added: ''This might be the best place for him to start his comeback rather than at Wembley in front of the home crowd. It's a good way to nurse him in. ''David started the season in great fashion by sticking in a fantastic freekick against Leicester and that is how he has carried on. His performances have been very good. ''He plays out wide for his club time and time again and that is his natural position. ''I've played him both inside and out wide. I think his range of passing is suited in the middle of the pitch where he is going to have more angles to hit telling balls. ''But I am also reminded time and time again when I see him playing and in training that he is the best crosser of the ball in this country. ''This is the first time since Colombia in the World Cup that we have had the option of having Darren Anderton and David Beckham sharing the workload out wide. ''They can both switch from outside to inside or vice versa and looked good together but over the last two years injuries have meant they have not had time to work on things together.''
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Subject: UNDER 21 ROUND-UP Luxembourg 0 England 5 The England Under 21 side took another large step towards reaching the European Championship finals when they achieved their biggest win under coach Peter Taylor as they demolished the part-timers of Luxembourg. It was just the sort of result their senior colleagues will be hoping for this evening. England registered their third successive victory in the competition and answered Taylor's plea to show greater firepower in front of goal with a vengeance. Wimbledon striker Carl Cort helped himself to two late goals and only some below par finishing from Leicester striker Emile Heskey kept the scoreline within reasonable bounds. Lee Hendrie turned in another sparkling display in the centre of the park and the Aston Villa player scored his first under 21 goal before being substituted through injury early in the second half. He put England ahead in the 24th minute, drilling a 25-yard effort into the corner of the net after a one-two with Matt Jansen. The visitors dominated, and the only surprise was that it took England until first half injury time to double their lead - and this time there was joy for Arsenal defender Matthew Upson who also celebrated his first goal at under 21 level. Frank Lampard curled in a right wing corner and Upson stole in at the far post to make no mistake with a close range header. England killed off any hope of a Luxembourg revival five minutes into the second period when Lampard hammered home a low 25-yard drive after playing a short free kick to Michael Ball. In the 65th minute the impressive John Curtis set up the fourth goal for substitute Carl Cort,who hammered into the roof of the net from close range. England’s night was then marred by a red card fro Chelsea’s Jody Morris, but it made no difference to their dominance and five minutes from time Cort got in on the scoring act for the second time when he lobbed the ball over the exposed Gillet. * It was also a good night for England’s under-18s, who warmed up in style for next month's trio of European Championship qualifiers when they beat Italy 4-2 in a friendly international in Rome. Two goals from Everton's Jamie Milligan helped Howard Wilkinson's side to follow up last month's 5-0 demolition of UEFA champions, the Republic of Ireland, in Dublin. Aston Villa's rookie striker Darius Vassell,who scored twice in the UEFA Cup triumph over Stromsgodset, was also on the mark to make it three goals in two games for his country. The scoring was completed by Liverpool's Steve Gerrard who had also been on the scoresheet against Eire. England will be in Euro action in Israel from November 12-20 when they do battle with the host nation, Spain and Andorra.
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