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Date: Tue Oct 13  GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1. Personal "The Trip Diary" Part one 
2. Giggs out again for Wales «« 
3. Takeover News
4. Peter Schmeichel New injury setback «« 
5. BSkyB helpline
6. Beckham can Spice it up


Daily RED Trivia  Tues 13th October:

13th Oct 1934: United beat Oldham Athletic 4-0 at Old Trafford in a Division 2 game
watched by 29,143. Tom Manley 2, Bill McKay and George Mutch scored the
goals. Team was: Hacking, Griffiths, T.Jones, Robertson, Vose, Manley, TJ.Jones,
Mutch, Hine, McKay, Owen.

13th Oct 1984: United beat West Ham United 5-1 at Old Trafford with goals from Alan 
Brazil, Mark Hughes, Gordon McQueen, Remi Moses and Gordon Strachan.
The Division 1 game was watched by 47,559. Team was: Bailey, Duxbury,
Albiston, Moses, McQueen, Hogg, Robson, Strachan, Hughes, Brazil, Olsen.

Barry Daily Comment:  
Our first article today recreates the atmosphere of visiting and supporting
the "REDS". Hope you enjoy it, part one, more to come, enjoy!

Next 4 games: 
Result/Fixture Index:

Sat 17/10 Wimbledon   (H) PL
Wed 21/10 Brondby     (A) CL
Sat 24/10 Derby       (A) PL
Wed 28/10 Bury        (H) LC (Worthington Cup)

UNITED Stats v Wimbledon are here:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251

Champions league:
Barcelona     2 Brondby 0
Bayern Munich 2 Man Utd 2

Barcelona   2 1 1 0  5  3     4
Brøndby     2 1 0 1  2  3     3
ManUnited   2 0 2 0  5  5     2
BMünchen    2 0 1 1  3  4     1


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Date: Sun, 11 Oct 1998 20:05:19 -0400 From: Sean Hennessey Subject: Personal "The Trip Diary" Part one This story can be seen in multi-media at http://www.red11.org/mufc/sean98.htm Hi Everybody, This is rather long, but I wanted to include up to the match at Highbury to have some serious United and list content. It also includes some slightly related annecdotes, so be warned. I finally wrote something sober, so it should make a little sense, but I mak-a no promises... :) More to come later, but if the first three days is this long, this could become a novel. Maybe I should ask Hoddle for some publishing tips? :) :) tara - Sean *****************Here lies the monster**************** I arrived in London about half 10, Thursday night, after over 12 spent in transit (including the obligatory waits at airports for transfers, etc.), nearly dead to the world. The previous night had been spent packing, drinking in a pub with the flatmate ( his farewell present, why did everyone expect me not to come back? :-) , and ultimately whiling the entire night (and nerves) away playing Fifa '98, watching Super Friends on the Cartoon Network, and drinking copious amounts of Belhaven. Never the most g lorious of travellers, the nights awake (and pissed) had the proper affect of making me sleep most of the trip - including before take-off and to the gate from Boston to Newark. After my usual session at Customs (this time a problem with the various spellings of my surname on my official documents, I blame by great-grandfather who spelled it Henisse to avoid Irish persecution over here - it didn't work, and it made a nightmare fo r me and my dad, who spell it sort of properly, but I digress), I made my way, via a quick and desperate fag break (since when did they ban smoking on international flights?!?), to Victoria Station, where I was met by two of my best friends on the face, S ean 'Humph' Humphreys and fiancé Fiona 'Not that one' Fullerton. Much ABU flew as the West Ham supporting (though she doesn't really care - it's her birthright) Fi locked eyes on my Eric tattoo. The frequent anti-United jokes aside, we had a rather unev entful evening until I was unceremoniously deposited on an air mattress in their sitting room, where I whiled the rest of the night sneaking out onto the landing for ciggies, or being used as a brand new toy by their 3 cats, none named Eric I was upset to discover... Friday: Looked about my old haunts with Humph, mainly guitar shops on Denmark Street, a few record shops down Berwick St, and to a new used-computer gear shop, where I finally purchased Premiership Manager 98 (I'm crap, Fergie, your job is safe) and Actua -Soccer 2. In between, Humph graciously showed me to a nice footy gear place, where I had a lovely chat with a man who was looking forward to his pay-packet so he could buy his 150th jersey! And I thought I was bad! He explained to me that he'd have to get the Newcastle as he liked the design, but would never buy United because he thinks Umbro's designs are crap... Later that evening Humph and Fi surprised me by bringing me to a photography exhibit opening. Me - a blatant ignorant bastard, wearing my Keano/Guiness shirt, covered in footy tattoos, and desperate for a proper piss-up, in a opening surrounded by the cream of the artistic intellegencia! I spent my time with my one Becks (the bar went dry as I went in search of a second) looking about for someone famous, and trying to look intelligent. Humph gave me one good tip - just talk rubbish and they'll take you seriously, that's what they're all doing. So I spent my time practising talking rubbish to the wall until we were kicked out and went to a pub, cue serious drinking... Saturday: Watched the first two series of Game On between late Friday night and today, a good accomplishment I'd say, then off to meet the first of our United list members, Wendy Lyon, a lovely woman who'd been spending her time in Scotland watching her other love, Celtic, before going to the Barcelona match and eventually ending up in a pub with me, Humph and Fi. Wendy was brilliant to talk football to - something I was seriously missing staying with the footy-hating Humph - and was even kind enough to bring me a Hibernian jersey. A few rounds preceded her arrival, many more after, and upon closing the place, we went of on a trek to find a decent club (all the one's I used to frequent are either closed or now doing posh shite!) and a place to use the toilet. Finding both, in different orders, we settled in the smallest 'indie' club in the world and preceded to drink it dry. No Boddingtons, unfortunately, but there you are. After eventually, and rather wobbly (I finally got pissed this night!) seeing Wendy to her night bus, we buggered off to Humph's and I got the few hour sleep on the air mattress before the 'Big Meet'. Sunday: Got up with difficulty but woke up after the shower and I was off to meet Paul Windridge at Holloway Road station. Got there a half an hour early, so I spent the time reading, smoking many fags, and watching the many slap-headed men walking about until one came on the horizon bobbling up and down appropriately, and with my previous gen of Paul, I guessed rightly that that was he. With him was Richard M., who was to drive us back to Paul's later. Richard greeted me warmly and pissed off to meet his girlfriend, so Paul and I took hold of his keys (or electronic things as far as I could tell), and legged it off to his car to stash my million-ton bag in the boot before we met up with Mick Meade and a couple of friendly gooners at an Irish pub Mick quite likes. I have to register my complaint at all of you lot having the indecency of being so damn tall! Between Paul, Mick, and Richard, I was starting to feel like Tattoo from Fantasy Island, and Mick's patting my on the gut and asking where that came from (drink , where else you Big Daft Sod) didn't help. Mick had previously given me the nickname (over the phone no less) of the Ugly Fat Bastard, so I don't know where his surprise was from. The truth hurts... I was quickly calmed when a pint of Boddingtons and my match ticket was placed in my hands, and we passed an enjoyable pre-match afternoon drinking and chattering about the state of football, the lunatic known as Murdoch, just what in the hell a Yank like me was doing supporting United, etc. Eventually we made our way toward Highbury, with a quick stop at another pub for a quick one and a rallying of the forces. Walking toward the match I was slowly being overcome with the reality of my situation, that I was finally back in England and on my way to support our lads. I was literally shaking with nervous energy when Paul and Mick and I forced our way inside, into the crammed toilets, and back out to name a corner for meeting in at half time. Mick and I found our seats, I can't remember the block, but to the left side of the away section, a few seats in from the isle, and we stood there for the remainder of the half. I can't describe what it was like watching the lads come out to warm up, and it fully hit me when Keano ran towards us. I can't describe what it was like when the song started up in full voice. In fact, I can't describe the football at all in detail, as it all just blurred into one awful and amazing grey. We were in great voice to start, and the highlight of the songs being the new 'There's only one Arsene Wenger' (to Walking in a Winter Wonderland): There's only one Arsene Wenger x3 A packet of sweets and a cheeky smile Wenger is a f**king pedophile What little I can remember is that we looked awful. Later I would here someone complain that he'd never seen us so bad, that we looked better in the drubbing against Newcastle. I just blamed it on myself (and so did Paul, calling me a jinx...:). Henning Berg looked awful, I hate to say, our defence was shite. What I can remember is that Blomqvist looked ok, running with the ball, but couldn't complete a proper cross, Becks looked the only player really trying (he looked good really), and Giggsy was absolutely out of place and ineffectual playing upfront. Sadly, this was to be the last I saw of our Giggsy this trip... At the half, we piled out, not quite beaten thoroughly yet, and I was treated to meeting the infamous Alan Dobson (who was kind enough to keep the sausages hidden and flatulance free), who was looking rather worse the wear for what turned out to be a footy injury - he'd had his leg opened up by someone's studs (the ones on the boots, so no sick comments). I met a few others, but honestly I was so emotionally hyped up that I can't remember the names, I'm sorry! After a chatter we made our way up to where Paul was 'seated' and I was privilidged to meet the wonderful, lovely Linda, not to mention the son and hier! Linda greeted me with a hug which made me feel well and truly back at home, and we chatted until the lads returned to the pitch. We'd decided to remain up with Linda and Paul, so we turned our attention back to the match. Shortly after, Nicky Butt was unlucky to get his second red card in two matches, this time for what I will say from being right in front of him, was never a red card. It almost looked like he tripped (though from subsequent video replays, I will say he was going for it and probably deserved a yellow). This created a stir from all the standing Reds (frankly, all of us) and the entire crowd crushed forwards, all of us scream ing abuse at the ref, and me being flung down a few steps, only remaining upright by holding onto, and I think tearing, the shirt of another fellow list member who's name I've lost again (I'm so sorry, bide with me, I've the recall of a piece of wood). The crush forward caught the attentions of the police who were walking up and down the steps chucking out Reds and checking on tickets for seat placements. We all crushed into the seats to avoid being checked, but I wasn't able to get in far enough, and I was sent off to my proper seats while Mick escaped notice (how they missed his giant bulk I'll never know). So, I spent the remainder of the match, head firmly in hands, near tears at times, by myself until just before time Mick came back to collect me. By this point the Reds were deadly silent, and at the whistle, we headed off. Making our way out the ground we met up again with Dobson and a few others, and eventually found ourselves outside and hollering abuse at the people daft enough to try and drive through when they knew full well that a big match was on. After we rounded the corner, it went off a bit, though all I could see (Paul kept me back) was the police running forward, as inneffectual as usual. We made our way back to the Irish pub, where Paul, Richard and I parted from Mick and his rather cheerful gooner mates and piled in the car for the long trip back to Leamington Spa, where Paul lives and I was staying. Emotion gave way to exhaustion, and I passed out in the car, waking just a few minutes from Paul's. Once in, Paul fed me (my first food of the day), and showed me to my room. After being introduced to Paul's lovely wife Karen, some talk, a little telly, and a guided tour, I was off to bed , and dead to the world. ******************************************************************************* Sean Hennessey, President of Boston Reds, http://members.tripod.com/~boston_reds/ Member and co-admin of the Red Devils list: red-devils@pipeline.com e-mail: suggs@tiac.net or giggs@tiac.net ICQ: 9288628
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Subject: Giggs out again for Wales «« Manchester United star Ryan Giggs will again be missing from Wales' team to face Belarus at Ninian Park, Cardiff, on Wednesday. Giggs had pulled out last week of the squad for the trip to Denmark, which Wales won in dramatic fashion 2-1 on Saturday. Bobby Gould had hoped his ankle injury would heal sufficiently for him to play against Belarus but he has now given up the fight. Gould commented: "Ryan did want to play, but we are going to have to do without him. I don't intend calling anyone extra into the squad." Wales are otherwise injury free for the Euro 2000 qualifier. GIGGS MISSING FOR WALES By Paul Walker, PA Sport Savage backing beleaguered Gould Wales will once again have to do without the world class skills of Ryan Giggs when they face Belarus in the Euro 2000 qualifier at Ninian Park on Wednesday. Giggs missed the historic 2-1 win in Denmark and has now been ruled out of the second part of the international double-header with an ankle injury. Confirmation of his absence is hardly surprising for Wales followers, who always look accusingly at Giggs' club boss Alex Ferguson - rightly or wrongly - when the player is unavailable. Giggs has only played 21 internationals in six years, and his absences are frequently viewed with scepticism in the principality. And the fact that Manchester United want Giggs fit for their two forthcoming clashes with Brondby in the Champions League will not have gone unnoticed at the FA of Wales. Wales boss Bobby Gould said: "Ryan did want to play, but we are going to have to do without him. I don't intend calling anyone into the squad." Wales have no other injury problems from the game in Copenhagen, and are now back in their Usk hotel preparing for the Belarus match, one they dare not lose after the unexpected triumph in Copenhagen. Gould is realistic enough to appreciate that one victory, however stunning, will not appease the fans who want him sacked. The success has brought him time and deserved praise, but if Wales lose to Belarus there is still the threat of supporters demonstrations at Ninian Park. On a wider scale, victory against Belarus is essential if Wales are really going to make an impact in Group One, where Italy are the favourites to cruise through to the finals. Two wins in five days would be more than Wales followers had ever dared to dream of, and if they manage it, there's a genuine chance of finishing second and reaching the play-offs. They'll go into the game without skipper Gary Speed, one of the real heroes of Copenhagen with arguably his best ever Wales display, when he won his 49th cap. He'll miss the chance of the half century on Wednesday because of the second yellow card in two Euro 2000 qualifiers and will be suspended. It means that Mark Pembridge is likely to replace him in midfield or Gould could switch Robbie Savage from full-back and bring John Robinson into the side. It is also likely that Mark Hughes will captain the side, on the night he overtakes Ivor Allchurch and becomes Wales' fifth most capped player with 69 appearances. © PA Sporting Life
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Subject: Takeover News I just spoke with the media relations officer of the PL and asked why we had seen nothing in the media from the PL condemning the bid. The officer (whose name I didn't get) said that you are partially correct, Adam. He squirmed a lot and avoided a lot of questions but I kept it cordial and spoke with him for 20 minutes or so. He said that the PL was a representative of ALL the PL teams and United are one of the members. To say that they were 100% against it, would therefore not be accurate! He did concede though that you are right about not wanting to alienate United. Anyway, they have submitted something to the OFT. He recommended that we, the fans, fax/mail Peter Leaver telling him we are worried by his silence. If he gets enough heat, maybe he will make some kind of statement. But ultimately the PL does not claim to represent the fans, or even the good of football, they merely represent their members. The fax number I was given is different from the one Adam gives below. I do not know which is correct but maybe one is to the PL and one is direct to Leaver's office. Anyway, I was told to fax to 0171 298 1602. Anyone know how we email to this fax number? I will try later to speak with Leaver himself. It was good to see so many people today outside the BSkyB offices in Manchester. I think we should have a symbolic gesture every day. Maybe a 24 hour protest outside OT on Friday or Saturday - with a large banner and all that. More burning of offers, Effigies of Murdoch, sit ins, streakers, etc etc etc. Dave
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Subject: Peter Schmeichel New injury setback «« Peter Schmeichel has reportedly flown back to Manchester with some bad news for Alex Ferguson: the Great Dane is struggling to be fit for next week's Champions' League clash with Brondby. Schmeichel was hoping to make an earlier than expected comeback from his stomach muscle injury when Denmark travel to Switzerland this Wednesday. But, after watching from the sidelines as Denmark slumped to a shock 2-1 defeat to Wales on Saturday, he has been forced to return to Old Trafford for further treatment. Raimond van der Gouw could again be on call for the home match against Wimbledon on Saturday while Schmeichel sets his sights on the return to his former club Brondby four days later. The 35-year-old Dane said: "I'm going back to Manchester to be treated by the club. I doubt whether I can play at the weekend." Brondby were the club which sold Schmeichel to United in 1991 and the keeper still maintains strong links with them. He is a regular guest at Brondby games whenever he is back in Denmark and he played against them recently, during the club's recent pre-season tour of Scandanavia. He has said Brondby is one of the few Danish clubs he would consider coaching if he was to turn to management at the end of his playing days. Schmeichel and his family plan to settle in Denmark when he retires and he says he would only consider a coaching position if it was with a club who had a chance of playing in Europe regularly. Giggs, Beckham back in action «« Ryan Giggs and David Beckham return from their enforced international breaks on Wednesday in another big night of European Championship qualifying action. Giggs is expected to play for Wales against Belarus after recovering from the foot injury which kept him out for the last three weeks, perfect build-up to the weekend and subsequent trip to Copenhagen in the Champions' League. Beckham returns after suspension for the trip to Luxembourg as beleagured England coach pins his faith on a player who he reportedly belittled and exposed during the World Cup. Transfer round-up «« United target Richard Cresswell gave watching scouts a five-star performance to report as York City drew 3-3 with Luton on Saturday. The 20-year-old striker grabbed two goals and set up another with a cracking drive in a man-of-the-match performance. Cresswell, a close friend of United's Jon Greening, has scored seven goals so far this season which has alerted a host Premiership clubs - including United. Philip Mulryne has turned down the chance to go to Blackpool on loan in order to stay at United and play in the Worthington Cup. The young Northern Ireland midfielder attracted the interest of compatriot Nigel Worthington who made an enquiry to ask if he could take the United reserve on loan. However, Mulryne wants to play in the Worthington Cup clash with Bury later this month and stake a claim for a first-team call-up.
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Subject: BSkyB helpline BSkyB have put up a helpline for shareholders who are not sure how to accept the offer. Unsurprisingly there does not seem to be any mention of the fact that you can, and should (IMHO), reject this offer by ignoring it. I have tried to phone them on their freephone number on numerous occasions but have been unable to get through so far. If anyone else would like to call them on 0800 783 9323 I'm sure they'd be delighted to hear from (all of ) you. I've tried faxing them on this number too but it doesn't seem to have fax recognition software on this line - still it may work for you and they have been kind enough to supply a toll free number haven't they. Maybe this is a sign of the caring new owner we'll have if the bid goes through ;-) Maybe they'll start reducing prices for tickets and Sky TV subscriptions and start taking money out of other businesses and putting it into Utd's transfer fund and supporter facilities etc. And maybe politicians will stop lying, the Pope will become a protestant and bears will start using public lavatories instead of messing up our woodlands. Ooh look - there's an aeropig. If you can't get through now you can always try later - or over the next few days.
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Subject: Beckham can Spice it up David Beckham returns to the international stage this week for the first time since his World Cup sending-off with England crying out for inspiration from midfield after the woeful performance against Bulgaria. After their defeat in Sweden last month, Glenn Hoddle's side simply have to win their next fixture in Luxembourg on Wednesday to revive their fading chances of qualifying for the Euro 2000 finals. Tony Adams, who missed the match against Bulgaria with a back injury, will not be travelling with the side today as he has not recovered in time. Creativity Andy Hinchcliffe is also doubtful with a groin injury, while Paul Ince is still suspended after his red card in Sweden and now Jamie Redknapp has become the latest player to pick up a ban after his second yellow card of the campaign at Wembley. Yet at least Beckham is available for selection again after serving his own two-match suspension for kicking Diego Simeone during the World Cup defeat against Argentina. And he could offer the creativity from midfield that was so patently lacking on Saturday. Hoddle said: "Jamie is now suspended but David comes back into the frame and his talents have been missed. "However, Saturday's match was not about the players missing it was about the players out there and we didn't deserve to win the game on the performance." Hoddle admits that England cannot now afford to lose another qualifying game, with Poland topping the group with six points after defeating Luxembourg 3-0 on Saturday night, and Sweden now travelling to Bulgaria. Yet he insists he is relishing the chance for the team to bounce back immediately against Luxembourg, a side largely made up of amateurs that have won just three times in 63 matches since 1985. "Sometimes it's been a concern when you've had five or six weeks before the next game yet this time we can bounce back quicker," said Hoddle, his positive outlook as strongly entrenched as ever. He added: "There's still enough time and matches to qualify from this group. "I understand there's going to be criticism when we don't win matches, it was fully justified against Bulgaria without a doubt, we're not hiding from that fact."
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