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Date: Wed Oct 07  GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
2. Schmikes Blasts Criticism (Mirror)
3. Fight For Foe (TeamTalk)
4. Giggs On The Mend (TeamTalk)
6. Ronny Johnsen to miss Norway v Slovenia 
7. Red for life - (How I became a red)


Daily RED Trivia  Wed 7th October:

1920: Jack Rowley born in Wolverhampton. Joined the Reds from Bournemouth
for 3000 in October 1937, and following the war he became one of  the top Centre-
forwards of his time. Rowley scored twice in the 1948 FA Cup Final, and also
a then club record 30 goals as United won the League title in 1952. He contributed
208 goals in 422 appearances between 1937-55, and for England 4 goals in 6 games.

1970: United beat Portsmouth 1-0 at Old Trafford in the League Cup 3rd Round
with a Bobby Charlton goal watched by 32,068. Team was: Rimmer, Donald, Burns,
Fitzpatrick, Ure, Sadler (Aston), Morgan, Gowling, Charlton, Kidd, Best.


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Sat 17/10 Wimbledon   (H) PL
Wed 21/10 Brondby     (A) CL
Sat 24/10 Derby       (A) PL
Wed 28/10 Bury        (H) LC (Worthington Cup)

UNITED Stats v Wimbledon are here:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251

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Subject: SKY WANTS VETO OVER SPENDING On 1M PLAYERS The Guardian in an article today reported: If Manchester United is acquired by BSkyB its directors will have to seek approval from the new owners to buy players for more than 1 Million, the price of an unrated First Division striker, unless they raise money by selling players first. This condition is revealed in the formal offer document, sent to shareholders of the football club yesterday. It will fuel opposition to the takeover by a vocal group of United shareholder fans who are already campaigning to thwart Rupert Murdoch's satellite television company. This is not paper talk. The shareholders amongst us will see it in black and white. Of those who have spoken out recently who see only GOOD coming out of the takeover, and that those fighting it are misguided, what are their reactions to this? I think we should be told. Paul Hinson
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Subject: Schmikes Blasts Criticism (Mirror) SCHMEICHEL: I'M NOT OVER THE HILL PETER SCHMEICHEL last night angrily blasted back at jibes that he's past his best. Schmeichel, pilloried for his last-minute blunder which gifted Bayern Munich a Champions' League point, spoke out after linking up with the Denmark squad in Copenhagen. He faced a barrage of questions on reports that he's close to hanging up his goalkeeping gloves with Aston Villa's Mark Bosnich widely tipped to be his successor. Schmeichel erupted, furiously kicking into touch suggestions that he might be finished at the age of 34. The Manchester United keeper, out injured with a stomach muscle problem, stormed: "I am fed up that it's being said that I am finished or over the hill. "There's a big difference between being finished and having a stomach muscle injury. "I feel I am being unfairly attacked just because I'm injured. I have been pretty fit for 15 years and now I am asked whether I am over the hill. "People who have said that should ask me directly how I feel and I will tell them." Schmeichel, capped 107 times for his country, also slammed reports that United boss Alex Ferguson was unhappy that he had joined the Danish squad. He adds: "The manager has put no pressure on me to pull out. Alex Ferguson and Manchester United are proud of having international players at the club. "And I am proud to play for Denmark. It's rubbish to suggest that he asked me to pull out." Schmeichel's expected return to action next Wednesday is a major boost for Ferguson, who was worried about the length of time his keeper would be sidelined. He says: "Peter has gone to Denmark for treatment from the national team doctor. "He won't play against Wales on Saturday but he could make it against Switzerland the following week." Ryan Giggs is also on the comeback trail after recovering from a bruised foot and Ronny Johnsen, out with an ankle injury, is stepping up training. But Johnsen might have a major problem on his hands on his return trying to squeeze out Gary Neville from his centre-back spot. Neville has starred alongside Jaap Stam with only two goals conceded in three games - both of them in Munich. Neville's high-level performances have left Ferguson praising him for literally giving United a shout of major honours at home and abroad. Fergie said: "Gary has got a bit of determination about him. He gets at people. "He's also more vociferous than other players around him. He's a good reader of the game, too." Giggs is in agreement, saying: "Some players are born leaders like Bryan Robson, Steve Bruce and Roy Keane. "Gary may not be as experienced as those but from a very young age he had the attributes of being a leader. "There are things I have learned off him - and I can pass them on to the younger players." Giggs can't wait to get back into the action after being left at home when United flew to Munich last Tuesday. He picked up this injury against Liverpool in a clash with Jason McAteer but will be ready for the Wimbledon game at Old Trafford a week on Saturday. He will be 25 next month and says: "I want to become one of the best players United have ever had. You do become a better player with experience. "I've worked hard and I like to think my game has improved. And I love the extra responsibility."
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Subject: 4 Fight For Foe (TeamTalk) Four In Foe Fight Cameroon midfielder Marc-Vivien Foe is set to be the target of four Premiership sides. Foe has been a long term target of Manchester United, and boss Alex Ferguson was on the verge of completing his signature when the 23-year-old broke his leg badly. The Lens player is still another month away from returning to the game and there is now set to be a four-way battle for his signature. Reports suggest that United will be joined by Sheffield Wednesday, Aston Villa and Spurs in the chase. United still remain favourites to land the 6' 4" star.
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Subject: Giggs On The Mend (TeamTalk) Giggs On The Mend The encouraging news surfacing from the Old Trafford treatment room reveals that Ryan Giggs is on course to make a return to competitive football by the time the Premiership programme swings back into action on October 17th. Giggs is definitely out of the reckoning for this weekend's Denmark clash with the Welsh squad in the Euro 2000 qualifiers. The United wing ace is still receiving intensive treatment to a badly bruised foot which forced him to limp out of the 2-0 win over Liverpool. ] He missed last week's trip to Germany for the Champions' League match against Bayern Munich and Saturday's 3-0 win at Southampton. But manager Alex Ferguson is confident of him being back to full fitness when Premiership football resumes on Saturday week. Ronny Johnsen could also be in the reckoning for a shirt against Joe Kinnear's Wimbledon on October 17th.
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Subject: NEVILLE BACKS HODDLE OVER INJECTIONS By Mark Bradley, PA Sport Chief Soccer Writer Gary Neville has backed international boss Glenn Hoddle over club manager Alex Ferguson in the row over vitamin injections given to England players during the World Cup by insisting: "There was never any cause for alarm." A number of England squad members were given injections administered by French doctor Yann Rougier during France 98. And Manchester United defender Neville was one of two players understood to have been given booster doses before the games against Colombia and Argentina. Yet Ferguson has written an official letter of complaint to the Football Association demanding to know exactly what was in the jabs, and why club managers were not advised about them. Rougier hit back at the weekend by insisting that United's club doctor was made fully aware of what was going on, and that the injections were simply legal combinations of vitamins administered to help players recover between games. Neville confirmed that there was never any secrecy surrounding the injections and that although he accepted Ferguson would not use them at United, he was convinced of their benefits during the World Cup. As he gathered for international duty ahead of Saturday's Euro 2000 qualifier against Bulgaria, the defender said: "Dr Rougier never tried to win our trust, he explained everything to us. "That's why I don't see the cause for alarm because he explained everything that he was giving us, what it was for, what it would do to us. "It was basically for recovery after games, it wasn't for performance. I felt very sharp during the World Cup and I felt it worked." He agreed that United had been experiencing problems in recovering from European games for Premiership matches, as well as in dominating games for the full 90 minutes. Yet he said it was "hypothetical" as to whether he would use the injections again because the right mineral and vitamin base had to be in a player's system first before they could work properly. Neville added: "It would just have to be when the team was together for a six-week period. If we took them now for a week, we'd then go away with our clubs for a month and not take them. So there would be no benefit. "I don't think United would ever do that because, as the manager explained last week, the club aren't into that sort of thing. Training, rest, good food, drink is what's needed." Before he saw their benefits to his performances in France, Neville was himself was just as sceptical as Ferguson still is about the possible benefits of following the course of injections. "It was something that was done before the World Cup and we were asked to try. We trusted the people in charge," he explained. "As Glenn Hoddle said, the Germans, the Brazilians, the Italians have been doing it for 20 years and it's commonplace. We're a little bit behind on these things but we're always willing to listen to new techniques. "It was something new for me and I was a little bit sceptical at first when during the World Cup somebody is telling you to take vitamins and stuff. "But then you start to trust the medical stuff. The Arsenal players gave rave reports of how these things worked and they were right. They worked a treat at the World Cup. "I think the people who work with England and United are so sensible and you've got to trust them. They're not going to do anything to harm us, short-term or long-term." He agreed that there were different ways of training and views on nutrition at England and United, just as Terry Venables did things differently to Hoddle when he was international coach. But Neville remains open to new ideas, maintaining: "Football's becoming that important that people will always look for ways to try and improve. "The guy that we had in the World Cup was fascinating to listen to. You could see with his background of working at Milan, Monaco and Arsenal and with other athletes and sportsmen, you knew he had a decent background." Given Neville's backing for Dr Rougier's methods and his obvious understanding at the time of what was being administered to him, it just seems a pity that he apparently did not make his views and knowledge fully clear to his club manager over the summer. PA Sporting Life
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Subject: Ronny Johnsen to miss Norway v Slovenia OSLO, Oct 6 - Manchester United defender Ronny Johnsen will miss Norway's European Championship qualifying match against Slovenia on Saturday because of an ankle injury. Southampton's Claus Lundekvam has been called up to take Johnsen's place, Norway's NTB news agency said. It said it was also doubtful whether Johnsen would be fit for Norway's European qualifier against Albania on October 14. Subject:
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Subject: Red for life - (How I became a red) Red for life This is my story of how it all began. Being from a family how was not even vaguely interested in football with the exception of my ten year old sister Melanie who liked Neville Southhall (for some strange reason) who was playing for Everton, there was no influence on me or my twin brother Gareth as to which team we would support. We were both about seven years old when we started to bring a old leather ball to school and kick it around during our breaks. At this point we didnt follow the game on TV we just enjoyed a kickabout. Anyway mothers being mothers, our mum decided it would be very fitting if we joined the local Cub Scouts and went one night of the week. When we joined we discovered there was a football team and as we were both reasonably decent we both made the grade for the team. The leader of the club (Moglie - or something from the jungle book) told us we would need new kits for the first match on Saturday. Ha ha Mum, now see had to buy two new kits for Gareth and I because of her bright idea. Anyway the next day in school the lads who we played with who new significantly more about football than us suggested a Liverpool kit as Liverpool where doing well at that stage. The next day we went to the shop with dad and Melanie to get new strips. To the extreme disappointment of Gareth and I, all the Scouser kits were sold. Melanie (bless her) told us that Man United were also a good team so we should get the United kits instead. Belfast being Belfast there is always strong support for 'the Reds', and the shop did have United strips in stock. So Gareth and I decided to accept the alternative kits as they were the same colour. We went to school the next day avid United men and from that point started to follow the games. Even now my parents are interested in the game and Mum games buying us Cantona posters and beer classes to add to the collection. I dont have my first kit but will never forget the day I first wore it. This was when it all started. Little did we know at that stage, the impact that Melanie's interruption would have upon our lives. Glenn Hamill (Belfast)
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