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Date: Mon/Tue Jul 06/07 07:44:12 GMT+00:00 1998
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Draw for the preliminary rounds for the Champions League:

First round:	22/7 and 29/7              
Second round:	12/8 and 26/8              
LKS Lodz, Polen - Kapaz, Azerbadjan         
	(winner meets MANCHESTER UNITED)        

Preliminary round  August 12th (home) & 26th (away)
Champions league September 16 & 30,
October21, November 4 & 25, December 9.

  Sir Bobby Shocked:  Charlton in bad books 32 years on

Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Sir Bobby Charlton has discovered that he did receive a booking during
his England career - though he didn't know it at the time.
Sir Bobby always believed he had won 106 caps, scoring a record 49
goals, without so much as a caution. But FIFA have revealed that he
and brother Jack were booked during the infamous 1966 World Cup
quarter-final against Argentina at Wembley.
German referee Rudolf Kreitlein could not speak English and such was
the confusion as the match disintegrated into a running battle that
neither Charlton realised he had been booked.
Sir Bobby, cautioned once during his League career - for preventing a
free-kick being taken quickly - discovered the news during FIFA
research into the match last year.
FIFA's communications director Keith Cooper said: 'I think Bobby was
trying to play peacemaker and his intervention was misunderstood.'

FOOTNOTE from Mike Dobbin:
I find it mystifying that FIFA have just "discovered" that Bobby Charlton was
booked in the 1966 World Cup game against Argentina. The official Football
Association book "World Cup Report 1966", published by Heinemann, contains as
an appendix the decisions of the FIFA disciplinary committee, in which it is
quite clearly stated with reference to that match that "Cautions to Robert
Charlton and John Charlton (England) were confirmed". This book has been
sitting on my bookshelf for over 30 years, and I would happily have allowed
FIFA, the FA, or Bobby Charlton access to it since none of them seem to have
retained their own record of this event!
	Mike Dobbin

MESSAGE FROM: "Sam"  our graphics man at Simplenet:
I am going to get a black T-shirt done to support David Beckham.
UK tv poll asked "should he be forgiven" the result was
28,000 people called 60% yes 40% no

Please send them to SAM'S guestbook at 
and Sam will use the most original for the t-shirt.

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2. Dennis Viollet
3. Beckham Articles (football 365)


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X-Sender: helgi@pophost2.business.auc.dk X-Mailer: QUALCOMM Windows Eudora Light Version 3.0.2 (32) Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 18:16:34 +0200 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Helgi Adalsteinsson Subject: PALLISTER MOVING BACK TO BORO (Sporting Life) PALLISTER MOVING BACK TO BORO Manchester United defender Gary Pallister will rejoin Middlesbrough this week in a deal worth around 2million. And Boro boss Bryan Robson is also set to sign Crystal Palace full-back Dean Gordon for 900,000. Pallister, 33, will take over at the heart of defence from Nigel Pearson, who left Boro at the end of last season, after nine years of success at Old Trafford following his 2.3million move from Middlesbrough in 1989. Former Old Trafford skipper Robson is convinced that Pallister will be an asset on his return to the North-East. Robson said: "People talk of his injury problems but Pallister missed only five United games last season through injury. "I know all about his drive and commitment. As a former Boro player, he knows what the fans will expect from him. "Middlesbrough have reached cup finals over the past two seasons but we want to win trophies and qualify for Europe. "Pallister has tremendous experience and will relish the challenge. I need competition at the heart of defence." Robson will stiffen his defence following promotion back to the Premiership by also buying 25-year-old Gordon from Palace. The former England under-21 international full-back, who Robson nearly bought for 2million four years ago, is expected to sign at the Riverside this week following a medical. "Gordon is strong and powerful with Premier League experience," said Robson. "In the top flight we need strength in depth and Gordon will provide competition as a central defender and a full-back."
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X-Sender: rare@waverider.co.uk Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 17:58:27 +0100 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: "" Subject: Dennis Viollet To: MUFC@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU While I was over in the US recently I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis and Helen Viollet. I had arranged the meeting through Helen and had originally planned to meet in an English pub that Dennis wanted to visit near St Augustine, but had to re-arrange because was at physiotherapy that morning. Helen then asked us to come over to the house in Jacksonville so Karen, myself and the two kids arrived about an hour before Dennis was brought back. Helen was at pains to point out Dennis' condition but also said he was making progress but we were to make allowances. Dennis arrived in his wheelchair, brought in by John who always takes him to physio - nice bloke. He was greeted by Gina who immediately gave him a hug and a kiss. She's a little Red is Gina and one day will know the significance of that hug. Dennis finds it difficult to react to anything on his left side so we sat to his right and chatted about the days before Munich. He says that things were never the same after the crash. He loved the club but the family he had known were gone. It had devastated everyone who was left and they found it difficult to cope because so many friends had died. He didn't want to leave United but one day, right out of the blue Tony Waddington rang him from Stoke City and introduced himself as his new manager. Dennis was devastated and felt let down by Sir Matt and it is no coincidence that United paid Torino a record fee that summer for Dennis Law. They had needed to sell in order to buy - nothing changes then! He had five great years at Stoke and enjoyed every moment. Helen didn't know him when he was at United so is very affectionate towards Stoke. I asked helen about the Testimonial game and apparently the money which has so far been paid in for tickets is held by the Prefessional Footballers Association and is gaining interest along the way, but Dennis is aware that the fans have paid this money and he doesn't want them to pay for everything. He would like the club to give all their profits for the game and associated souvenirs over to the fund. Let's hope he gets his wish. They have reservations about how long it may take for the money to actually get through to the people concerned because now that there seems to be a pot of money becoming available everyone wants some. Helen said that even Captain Thain's brother is expecting his cut. Having talked with Helen I am aware that they are facing huge medical expenses and I get the impression that it is by no means easy so let's hope they realise a fair proportion of money raised because they deserve a break. Dennis has poor short term memory, but remembers things from long ago with relative ease although he tired quite quickly. His tumour seems to have developed from an injury he received in the crash. When Harry Gregg pulled him out of the wreckage he had a gaping wound over his right ear and this is where the tumour resulted and is why he has problems with his left side. It all started last year. Just before the European Cup Final reunion he had had a couple of dizzy spells and moments of deja-vu and had been very busy with his coaching in Jacksonville. He was in two minds whether to go to Munich but was eventually persuaded to go. When they were on their way back he disappeared in the airport and didn't know where he was. He was rushed home and into hospital and you know the rest. The thing that struck me about Dennis was that he may look different facially because of the operation, but his body is still the same as I remember when he played for United. His forearms were still as strong and you could imagine him gliding gracefully over the pitch and hitting a low shot into the corner of the net past the goalkeeper's despairing dive. There was one story that amused him greatly while we were there, it was about our son Alex and his eating habits. That very morning Alex had managed to consume a gross amount of donuts for breakfast. We had stayed in a hotel which had been the one pre-booked night of our trip. Helen had arranged it as they were friends with the manager. It was more up market than we were used to and therefore offered more choice than the usual coffee, donuts or toast for breakfast, and more variety of donuts into the bargain. Alex had decided he would try each variety in turn and ended up eating six, so he says - I think it was five, but who cares, he still pushed donut eating into the realms of belly-aching piggery! This brought a knowing smile to Dennis's face. So we left the house after half an hour and as I shook his hand I wished him good luck and he wished us a safe journey and asked us to return. Dennis may never be able to walk unaided again and certainly won't be able to play football but he is still a United legend and it was one of the greatest thrills of my life to spend time in his company and I hope the pleasure will be repeated. I have lodged a jpeg with Barry for his site, it isn't a photo taken whilst we were there but a signed photo of Dennis as he would prefer to be remembered. Copyright Paul Windridge 1998
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X-MS-TNEF-Correlator: X-Mailer: Microsoft Exchange Server Internet Mail Connector Version 4.0.993.5 Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 09:35:05 +0200 Reply-To: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Robert Gaunt Subject: 2 Beckham Articles (football 365) To: MUFC@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU FERGUSON: 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' United Boss Pleads For An End To Beckham Hate Campaign MANCHESTER UNITED manager Alex Ferguson has fired back at the snipers who have made David Beckham public enemy number one following his sending-off against Argentina. The 23-year-old midfielder has been made the scapegoat for England's World Cup exit after being dismissed early in the second half for his retaliatory kick at Diego Simeone. Despite pleas from England coach Glenn Hoddle for the player not to be targeted by Premiership crowds, he can expect stick wherever he goes. Ferguson feels Beckham ''could hardly have been more vilified if he had committed murder or high treason,'' adding, ''you would think he was guilty of a greater crime against the country than Lord Haw-Haw.'' So concerned is the United boss for his star's safety that former SAS soldier Ned Kelly has been put on round-the-clock protection duties. Beckham will be unable to make a single move without his new shadow until Kelly and the club are sure the fans' fury has quietened down. Kelly became famous as Eric Cantona's bodyguard after the Frenchman's kung-fu kick at a Crystal Palace fan and is well used to dealing with public anger, although Ferguson is convinced such spite would not have been directed Beckham's way if he had not been such a high-profile celebrity. ''What David did was foolish and unprofessional,'' admitted the Old Trafford chief. ''He has to live with the damage his action did to England's chances of reaching the quarter-finals. But I was sickened by much of the cruel nonsense produced last week. There was a vindictiveness in many of the comments that made it obvious he was paying yet again for being more of a celebrity than any other footballer in Britain. If David Batty had committed precisely the same foul, with the same results, there would never have been such a feeding frenzy.'' United are known to have thought about pulling Beckham out of their early Premiership games - their first away match is at West Ham of all places - in order to spare him the jeers of opposition fans, and even the possibility of a physical attack. Ferguson has promised his young star he will receive help when he reports back for training later this month, but says that he must learn from what happened. "We have made it clear to him that he has to deal with his problem," he said. "I have tried to ram it home to him that it's a physical game where players of talent will always be singled out for a hard time. I have told him that the only way to get back at opponents who do that is by showing he is better with the ball than they are. But, in the heat of the contest, he doesn't always keep control.'' Speaking in The Sunday Times, Ferguson added: ''He can rely on a lot more help with getting over his depression when he reports for training on July 13.'' However, if the pressure gets too much for Beckham, the Scot has privately admitted that he may have to sell the midfielder to a foreign club, even though he has publicly said that "Manchester United will not give in to mob rule. We look after all our players at Old Trafford." IT'S OUR DUTY TO TAUNT HIM By Philip Cornwall IT'S OUR DUTY TO TAUNT HIM GLENN HODDLE, Gareth Southgate, Alex Ferguson, Chris Eubank - they have all called for crowds to lay off David Beckham when he takes to the field for Manchester United next season. Yet surely that is the last thing we should do. Beckham was sent off because he was unable to deal with provocation. Fouled by Simeone, he'd heard the whistle go, he knew he was getting the free-kick. His team had got as much out of the situation as possible. Yet he was too temperamental, too self-centred, to think of the good of the team. All he thought about was himself. Just as Paul Gascoigne's tears in Turin in 1990 were over his own booking, so Beckham's tantrum was about his own all-too-easily-bruised ego. Gascoigne never grew up. Beckham must. Hoddle pointed out the midfielder's instability after the Tournoi last year. Yet Beckham's persistent petulance over the last year has brought no condemnation from his club boss. Indeed, Ferguson regularly criticised opposing supporters for taunting him. Yet clearly, we did not taunt him enough. Had Beckham, week in, week out been subjected to the kind of abuse that surely awaits him next season, then he would have been hardened against it. He has admitted that it was actually the patronising attention of Simeone after the foul, rather than the tackle itself, which caused him to retaliate. Now, if we assist him, Beckham can emerge from this affair a stronger, maturer player. It is our patriotic duty to give him hell verbally next season. Relentlessly. Of course, we need to demonstrate some imagination. There is no point in just booing him all the time. He will soon get used to that. So, sometimes we need a slow hand clap. On other occasions, whistles. Or deadly silence - not a murmur from the home crowd when he is possession. If he scores a consolation goal for United, say to make it 3-1, then just carry on chanting "3-0, 3-0," making it clear that Beckham is a non-person, his strike a non-goal. When he can cope with all this, and not run whinging to his manager or agent, or Italy, then we will know that he is up to wearing the Three Lions once more. Beckham, like Gascoigne before him, is the most talented midfielder we have. He is also the dumbest. But he is only 23. With our help, he can learn.
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