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Date: Sun Sep 06 13:12:08 GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. Ole's Last Chance (TeamTalk)
2. Murdoch to buy United" Sunday Telegraph Article
3. u17s/u19s away at west ham
4. Members RED Sites Recognised by Sky Sports!


Daily RED Trivia  Sunday 6th September 98:

1958: United beat Blackburn Rovers 6-1 at Old Trafford in a Division 1 game
watched by 65,187. Bobby Charlton 2, Dennis Viollet 2, Albert Scanlon and
Colin Webster scored for the Reds. Team was: Gregg, Foulkes, Greaves, Goodwin,
Cope, McGuinness, Webster, E.Taylor, Viollet, Charlton, Scanlon. 

1975: Jimmy Nicholl made his debut against Tottenham Hotspur. Nicholl won an FA 
Cup Winners medal against Liverpool in 1977, and a losers medal in 1979. Playing
mainly at Full-back, he made 247 appearances and scored 6 goals between 1975-81,
and won 73 caps for Northern Ireland, appearing in the 1982 and 1986 World Cup
Finals. Nicholl later won a League Championship medal with Glasgow Rangers. 


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Wed  9/9 Charlton  (H) PL   Wed 16/9 Barcelona (H) CL  
Sat 12/9 Coventry  (H) PL   Sat 20/9 Arsenal   (A) PL

Republic Of Ireland 2 V 0 Croatia (Latest)
United's Denis Irwin and Roy Keane were named in Mick McCarthy's side for
this afternoon's European Championship qualifier in Dublin.
Denis Irwin opened the scoring from the penalty spot, Roy Keane making it
2-0 when he latched on to McAteer's cross.

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Who will be UNITED's leading scorer this season?
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"Jackie Blanchflower 1933-1998 App 49-58: 116/27 goals"

Subject: Ole's Last Chance (TeamTalk) Solskjaer's Last Chance United's hot-shot Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has given himself a year to finally prove himself at Old Trafford. The 25 year old is currently with the Norway squad preparing for Sunday's European Championship qualifier against Latvia, but he knows he faces a fight for his United future on his return. United recently accepted a £5.5m offer from Spurs, but the striker was reluctant to move to the troubled outfit. Rumours of his departure continue to linger, but Solskjaer wants to put all the speculation behind him and get back to doing what he does best - what he did 18 times in his first season at Old Trafford. Asked whether he would consider moving if he still wasn't in the team by Christmas, Solskjaer said: "No. I will stay for the rest of the season. I want to play for United." Solskjaer also told the Norwegian press that he would sacrifice his place in the national team to prove his worth to United. This came in an interview shortly after he was named as a winger for tomorrow's Euro 2000 qualifying game. Ronnie Johnsen is also in the side, but there is no place for Henning Berg.
"Jackie Blanchflower 1933-1998 App 49-58: 116/27 goals"

Subject: "Murdoch to buy United" Sunday Telegraph Article Murdoch to buy Man United By Neil Bennett and Colin Gibson RUPERT Murdoch's satellite television group, BSkyB, is to buy Manchester United for up to £575 million. The deal, which has been put together by Goldman Sachs, the American investment bankers, will turn the footballing world upside down and give Mr Murdoch a stranglehold on the lucrative television and marketing rights to Premier League football. Mr Murdoch has agreed the cash deal with Martin Edwards, Manchester United's chief executive and chairman, who is selling his 14 per cent stake in the club for more than £80 million. Just 10 years ago Mr Edwards failed to sell the club for a mere £20 million. The club was floated on the stock market in 1991 for £47 million and United's commercial success has made the club's value soar. An announcement is expected this week, although Alex Ferguson, the club manager, and the players have not been told. The fans are sure to show their anger at the next home game. When the deal is completed BSkyB, which has exclusive rights to Rugby League and Union and contracts for major cricket events, will have an iron grip on British sport. The sale will become another embarrassment for Tony Blair and his close relationship with Mr Murdoch. Last night a senior Labour backbencher said:"This will put the spotlight on the Blair-Murdoch love-in. If this deal goes through Murdoch will have a stranglehold on sport in this country." The talks with United, Britain's most famous football club, began several months ago when Mr Murdoch told Mark Booth, BSkyB's chief executive, that he wanted to make permanent the television company's access to live football coverage. Last month there were misguided reports that Murdoch was interested in buying Tottenham Hotspur, which has been put up for sale by chairman Alan Sugar. BSkyB, which is 40 per cent owned by Mr Murdoch's News Corporation, has decided to buy United to ensure that it dominates football television coverage in Britain for ever. "Whoever owns Manchester United effectively controls the Premier League," said one industry executive. "The league simply cannot do anything without the club. It gives BSkyB an effective veto over any decision." The deal also gives BSkyB a key position in any negotiations for a European super league over which United has been in extensive negotiations. The deal comes while BSkyB is making the final preparations to launch its 200-channel digital television service. The acquisition of United gives it the opportunity to broadcast the club's own new television channel and screen all live games. BSkyB could even screen each game on several channels, each one showing a different angle of the pitch. BSkyB's bid will be a bonanza for thousands of small shareholders, many of them fans, as the group is thought to be prepared to offer around 225p a share compared with a price of 159p last Friday. In the past year, Mr Murdoch has bought a succession of America's leading sports clubs to freeze out his competitors. His portfolio now includes the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team, and the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks basketball teams. Financially, United is the most successful football team in the world. In the past year it made profits of £27.6 million thanks to massive contributions from sales of merchandise, catering, sponsorship and television rights. Apart from the £80 million Mr Edwards stands to earn from the sale of the club, he has made millions by repeated sales of his United shares over recent years. The deal is a remarkable coup for Professor Sir Roland Smith, chairman of Manchester United plc - the club's parent company - who has played a key role in negotiating such a full price. Sir Roland, the former chairman of British Aerospace, has now relinquished many of the business roles he once held but this will be seen as a final flourish in an illustrious career. One Manchester United director has voiced concerns about the bid. He is concerned the deal will be blocked by the Football Association or competition regulators and could expose the club to prolonged uncertainty and attacks in the non-Murdoch owned media. But he already appears to have been outvoted by the rest of the board since both Sir Roland and Mr Edwards back the offer strongly. Mr Murdoch and Mr Booth are believed to have told the other main shareholders in BSkyB, including Granada and Pathé, about the deal and received strong backing.
"Jackie Blanchflower 1933-1998 App 49-58: 116/27 goals"

Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 17:56:00 -0700 From: walker@mail.bogo.co.uk (john walker) Subject: u17s/u19s away at west ham I had quite a frustrating time watching the youths. It is 12 miles from where I live to the pitches and I drove and it took 70 minutes because of the traffic! 70 minutes! I drove out through the mean streets of east london, a chilly and rainy day. When I arrived it was quite crowded and it was difficult to find somewhere to park, then as I walked onto the pitches it poured with rain! There was a programme, but it only gave the squad and it was difficult to identify the players...I watched the u19s for a while. The number 11 was Luke Chadwick who is tall and skinny with goofy teeth. he can run with the ball, passes well, and his movement is very good. he roams in and behind the whole attacking line. he was united's best player along with the number 4, who I could not identify but I will find out who he is from the united programme and note his name and watch out for him in future. the man of the match was the west ham no 2. he was fast and strong and defended and attacked well. There was a good crowd, 300-500? there were lots of united there :) in colours. and I often overheard conversations which made it obvious they were united :) I recognised others who smiled as if to say 'I thought i'd be the only one here!' just as I thought I would be the only one. as i often say, united supporters never cease to amaze me with their dedication. I imagine the crowd was helped by the fact that there were 2 games on, and even at this level united are a great draw. I overheard different groups of west ham fans saying things like 'a couple of years ago it was beckham scholes neville and butt in these teams' one little toddler asked his amused Dad if Beckham was playing. even one of the cockney reds was there, but I don't think he was looking for trouble :) Les Sealey was there as coach of west ham u17s. The u19s let a goal in just before half time, the keeper, Rachubka I think, let the ball slip out of his hands and from the resulting corner west ham scored. and in the second half they let in another 2. 3-0 to west ham. we didn't exactly seem to be well beaten, but west ham were physically stronger and I can't say they didn't deserve to win. we played up a steep slope in the second half, and maybe we tired. Our u17s were better :) I watched them in the second half of their game. they have a striker called Joshua Walker (no relation :) who impressed. it was 1-1 at half time, but we generally seemed to keep possession well, and progress the ball. walker scored the winner with a header from a freekick. he's black or more accurately wes brown colour, he's got a good athletic build, not stocky, about 6 foot. he controls well, drops off the attack to look for the ball, makes good runs. he could go far. another who stood out was neil wood who holds the ball well, and links well with walker. he's big and strong and maybe at this level it's his strength which makes him stand out, but he does look good. the u17s warmed down straight after their game, while the u19s didn't. Both games were of a high technical standard though not too scintilating to watch, no-one set the day alight. I'll certainly take the opportunity to watch them when they next play in or around london when the first team aren't playing. I'll also go to the cliff to watch them a couple of times in the season, and I thoroughly recommend this to anyone. the youth team, the pub, the first team...sometimes days seem to be very well organised! Glory Glory Man United :) no copyright
"Jackie Blanchflower 1933-1998 App 49-58: 116/27 goals"

From: Barry Leeming Subject: Members RED Sites Recognised by Sky Sports! Sky Sports have recognised three of our List members sites as being the Best Of The Rest: Available now at THE UNITED NET... SKY'S Best of the Rest http://www.skysports.co.uk/skysports/football/premier/manutd/story4.htm For even more news and views on your fave club check out these online links (if you must!) A Theatre of Dreams: http://www.red11.org/ A very extensive site covering all aspects of Man Utd, including up-to-date news reports, match statistics, in depth player profiles and archive features. Plus wallpaper, wav.files and screensavers. Manchester United Red Cafe: http://homepages.iol.ie/~redcafe/ Comprehensive site including the latest news, club info, stadium tour, video clips and real audio interviews. Manchester United FactFile: http://www.personal.u-net.com/~pitman/index.htm A site dedicated to facts and figures - including all league placings from 1889 to the present day. Sky's Own RED site is at http://www.skysports.co.uk/skysports/football/premier/manutd/ __________________________ "RED sky at night UNITED delight" _ _ __ __ ______ _______ / \ / \ | | | | _____| ____| / \/ \| |_| | ____|| |____ /___/\/\___\\_____/|__| |_______| *********Theatre of Dreams*********
"Jackie Blanchflower 1933-1998 App 49-58: 116/27 goals"

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