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Date: Sat Jun 06 04:40:58 GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. Pallister agrees 1.5m Middlesbrough
2. Ginger Spice For United?? (D.Mail)
3. More Sheri Write-Ups (Mirror)
4. Sir Bobby on Teddy


X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 10:35:54 -0700 To: suggs@tiac.net From: "Michael C. Taylor" (by way of Red Devils Mailing List ) Subject: Pallister agrees 1.5m Middlesbrough Reprinted without permission from The Times 6.5.95 June 5 1998 FOOTBALL Pallister agrees 1.5m Middlesbrough deal BY DAVID MADDOCK GARY PALLISTER has agreed to join Middlesbrough after the World Cup finals. The Manchester United and England centre half will complete a 1.5 million move and sign a three-year contract worth upwards of 1.5 million if Jaap Stam, his Old Trafford replacement, safely negotiates France 98. Bryan Robson, the Middlesbrough manager, confirmed yesterday that he had concluded a deal with his former club, subject to the availability of Stam. "We are very excited because he is a proven player of real quality and will give us much-needed experience," Robson said. Pallister was United's most consistent player last season, but the arrival of Stam from PSV Eindhoven meant that, at 31, his days at the club were numbered. Pallister began his career at Middlesbrough and United broke the British transfer record when they signed him for 2.3 million in August 1989. United could rival Liverpool for the signature of Steve Staunton, the Ireland defender, who has turned down a new contract with Aston Villa to earn himself a free transfer under the Bosman ruling. United are seeking a left-sided player and have also made an inquiry for Alan Thompson, of Bolton Wanderers, who is valued at 5 million. Thompson was believed to be in a meeting with officials from United yesterday before choosing between them, Everton, Leeds United and Villa. Martin O'Neill is expected to announce today whether he will resign or stay as manager of Leicester City. Sir Rodney Walker, the chairman of Leicester City plc, is optimistic that O'Neill will pledge his future to the club after talks yesterday. O'Neill wants assurances that he will retain control of football matters at the club and that money will be made available for new players. Marcel Desailly is expected to confirm today that he will join Chelsea after the World Cup finals. The club have agreed a fee of around 5.5 million with AC Milan for the France defender. ____________________________________ Mike Taylor Event Manager Koger Center for the Arts University 0f South Carolina 1051 Greene Street Columbia, SC 29201 (o) 803-777-9782 (h) 803-779-0862 fax 803-777-9774 E-mail Mct.sc.edu http://www.koger.sc.edu

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 10:26:09 -0400 To: suggs@tiac.net From: "Red Devil Marcus" Subject: Ginger Spice For United?? (D.Mail) Saturday, June 6, 1998 Manchester United could offer Geri Helliwell a new career following her split with the Spice Girls. The deposed Premiership champions want the singer to head the world's first daily football channel, MU TV, which launches in August. Geri is thought to be looking for a career in television and an MU TV spokesman said: 'We would certainly welcome her application. We have already spoken to several people but we would love to hear from Geri.' MU TV will be on air six hours a day, seven days a week. Marcus Lionel van Geyzel. "I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking very good either". -- Dogbert

X-Sender: giggs@tiac.net X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 09:08:17 -0400 To: suggs@tiac.net From: "Red Devil Marcus" Subject: More Sheri Write-Ups (Mirror) STAR IS A FLAW UNTO HIMSELF POLICEMAN'S son Teddy Sheringham certainly likes to run riot. The England star (pictured leaving his home yesterday morning) in hot water yet again following his late night antics in a Portugese nightclub, is no stranger to the booze and birds scene. And his latest cameo appearance, caught in the club's toilets with a blonde while taking a break from lager and cigarettes, has only served to send memories racing back to that infamous Dentist's Chair incident in Hong Kong. Then, just before Euro 96, while out on the town celebrating Gazza's 29th birthday, Sheri was pictured having neat tequila poured down his neck. Shortly after he was spotted staggering around Hong Kong's China Jump Club, his shirt in tatters and his reputation not a great deal better off, England followers were treated to another piece of nonsense. This time, on the way back to England, 5,000 worth of damage was caused to a Cathay Pacific jet - the players accepting "collective responsibility" and paying for the damages. But just two weeks later Sheri, 32, was one of three England stars reported to have gone on a drinking spree at an Essex nightclub just hours after the side's first game in Euro 96. Last June he was accused of wrecking his Oxfordshire hotel room by using a fire extinguisher during a water fight with three friends. WHY SHERI IS A SPECIAL CASE GLENN Hoddle must wonder what has hit him. For a man who believes in psychic powers, he might have been expected to be prepared for some of the misfortunes that have hit the England squad. Sadly, they are coming thick and fast. The beleaguered coach has found himself wilfully compromised by the antics of Teddy Sheringham over the past couple of days. Hoddle has already named his World Cup 22 and while he still had the chance to alter his squad before the June 9 deadline, the options were limited. Even if Hoddle wanted a replacement, where would he find him? Chris Sutton might as well be on a desert island. Andy Cole is on a beach. Stan Collymore might not want to be found. And leaving aside the moral concerns, to search out a like-for-like replacement for Sheringham would be difficult because he performs such an unusual role in the England attack. The only realistic alternative would be to summon Dion Dublin. The Coventry striker just failed to make the final cut for Hoddle's 22 at their luxury Spanish HQ earlier this week. Dublin has benefited from being part of the squad working towards the World Cup. Unfortunately, Dublin was in reality contesting one of the final placings with Les Ferdinand in the more traditional centre forward role. Sheringham's specialist function gives him a unique importance to Hoddle's current strategy. To send out an SOS to one of the discarded England strikers like Matt Le Tissier would be just unthinkable. So Sheringham really has left Hoddle in an invidious position. The youngest-ever England coach showed remarkable resolve by ditching Paul Gascoigne, knowing full well the hullabaloo that would follow. But Gazza was out of condition and Hoddle's argument was that he could not take passengers into a World Cup for competition against the very best and most highly-tuned opposition. Sheringham is a slightly different case, and I can understand why Hoddle has forgiven him. Hoddle had instructed his squad to unwind during their three-day break between Spain and France. But, specifically, he spelt out: Enjoy a couple of glasses of wine with a meal, relax with your families, even have a couple of beers with your mates.but do not be seen propping up a bar or out late at night at a discotheque. Sheringham contravened that. But the difference is that Hoddle needs him. Regrettably, the rest of the world will not be shocked by the mentality of the English team. Gazza's boozing.Sheringham's womanising. Now they'll all expect our World Cup to go up in a puff of cigarette smoke. While the rest of the world manage to do everything in moderation, why do a small section of the England team have to behave like the minority of English soccer louts? MULLERY: AXE HIM Former England World Cup star Alan Mullery has called on Glenn Hoddle to axe Teddy Sheringham from his squad for France. Sheri is likely to be on the plane for France 98 despite being pictured boozing in Portugal less than a week before the World Cup kicks off. Mullery, who played in the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, said: "If people looked at the reasons why Gazza is not going - because he's pictured out on the town with his pals - then surely there's an argument for Sheringham not going either. "Teddy is quite stupid to be that vulnerable and put himself in the public eye. Gazza was in the papers for the same reasons and he's not going. "It's all wrong. If we even looked at a bottle of beer we'd be sent home." HODDLE MUST PICK THIS CLEAN-CUT KID NOT THE TEDDY BOY MICHAEL OWEN showed the clean-living young face of the England team to the world at about the same time as Teddy Sheringham was hiding under the covers. Teenage striker Owen arrived at a press conference in London yesterday morning after spending a quiet night with his mum and dad. It was a scene which could not have been in more marked contrast to Sheringham's early-hours partying, fag in mouth, in a karaoke bar on the Algarve. And, as anger grew over Sheringham's defiance of Glenn Hoddle's orders to live the quiet life, Owen's England career seemed to be heading straight into the first-team. Owen spent the three-day break from England duty relaxing with his close-knit family of mother, father, two brothers and two sisters at their home near Chester. And he spelled out the dedicated style today's young stars know they must adopt if they are to perform to their best in the increasingly demanding arena of international soccer. The young striker said: "Footballers are more in the limelight nowadays than they have ever been. You've got to be more of a professional off the pitch as well as on it. "It's unfortunate, but some players don't get any time to themselves without being mobbed or whatever. But, again, it comes with the job. "I wouldn't change it for anything else. "Any professional has responsibilities and they do what they feel is right for them. "I've tried to spend time with my family at home. It's good to get away from the sport and relax in other ways. Time was precious at home. We only got a couple of days before we had to team up again and then fly to France. "So I decided to come down early because I wanted to spend an extra day with my family." Owen added later: "The boss told us to behave ourselves and not do anything to harm our chances. I put my feet up and relaxed and it's been up to other people what they have done. "It's not for me to comment. The focus is on every player. If anyone puts their foot out of line they'll be punished for it." An early-morning helicopter flight was laid on so that Owen could be with his family on his last free night before the World Cup . The day before, he played a quiet game of golf at the Curzon Park course near his home and came in just eight over the par of 72. It was all part of the increasingly hectic, but wholesome life of the Liverpool forward, considered such hot property by sportswear company Umbro that they've handed him a 5million deal over six years. At around the same time, the deal was being announced, Sheringham was facing up to a storm of anger after being pictured smoking in a boozy bar in Portugal at 6.45am, against the orders of England boss Glenn Hoddle. The striking and timely coincidence of events had not gone unnoticed by the PR people orchestrating the trumpeting of Owen's new agreement and they wore smiles as round, wide and bright as the Millennium Dome in the background. They had chosen the site well because Owen, the youngest man to score for England, is very definitely the role model player for the next century. He is from a different football culture than the under-fire Sheringham and Paul Gascoigne. The words Owen delivered so coolly further underlined the difference between him and the team-mate pictured, fag in mouth, chatting to a blonde behind a table full of glasses. Sheringham is not under fire because he didn't spend time with his family. He's under attack because coach Hoddle made it clear his players were still on international duty in between their return from their training place in La Manga, Spain, last Monday and their final regrouping yesterday. Hoddle was desperate for his players to keep out of the headlines after the controversies surrounding Gazza. That was why Sheringham was sure to have had some explaining to do when he arrived at the team headquarters at the Burnham Beeches Hotel in the Buckinghamshire countryside. He made the three-day golfing trip to Portugal with his pal, 43-year-old former Millwall goalkeeper Brian Horne, who said: "He was not drunk and it is all being blown out of proportion. "We just went for a few days' golf and a bit of relaxation. What's wrong with that? Teddy knows the score and he wouldn't have done anything to harm himself or the England team at such a time. He has simply been stitched up." Owen's helicopter waited to take him from London's Docklands to Buckinghamshire yesterday lunch time. But he was only too aware of the picture it would have presented if he'd set down in the grounds of the team hotel like some movie star. So he opted to land nearby and make the last part of the journey by car. If Hoddle has been unimpressed by Sheringham, it could allow Owen to kick off in England's opening World Cup game against Tunisia on June 15. That's been the growing clamour since he scored his first goal for his country against Morocco last week, smashing a 60-year record held by the great Tommy Lawton. Even that has left the supremely but unassumingly confident Owen unfazed. This is a boy who will surely never let fame or fortune lift his feet off the ground. "I can't do a lot of the things a normal 18-year-old would do, but I wouldn't change my life for anything," he said. "I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love to be in my position." Marcus Lionel van Geyzel. "I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking very good either". -- Dogbert

Reply-To: Mike Keeley Sender: "Manchester United Football Club (soccer)" From: Mike Keeley Subject: Sir Bobby on Teddy To: MUFC@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU Charlton questions discipline of England team Copyright 1998 Nando.net Copyright 1998 Reuters LONDON (Jun 5, 1998 - 10:03 EDT) - Sir Bobby Charlton, the respected elder statesman of English soccer, openly questioned on Friday the current England squad's off-field discipline. "Every time we think we've got a chance someone seems to turn round and kick us in the teeth," Charlton told a news conference. "People will now be saying: 'England can't do it because they have not got the sort of discipline you need'." Charlton's comments follow lurid pictures in Friday's tabloid newspapers showing England striker Teddy Sheringham drinking, smoking and embracing a 20-year-old woman at a night club on Portugal's Algarve this week. "Sheringham, 32, spent half an hour in a toilet cubicle with mini-skirted Jane Halsall, 20," The Sun reported. England coach Glenn Hoddle has told his players they were supposed to stay at home in the three days between leaving their World Cup training camp in La Manga, Spain, and assembling in their English base on Friday. Sheringham's escapades follow Hoddle's unexpected decision last Sunday to drop midfielder Paul Gascoigne from his final World Cup squad because of doubts about his fitness. Gascoigne later confessed he had been drunk the previous evening. Both Sheringham and Gascoigne were involved in the notorious "Dentist's Chair" incident before the 1996 European championships. Sheringham was photographed having two bottles of spirits emptied into his mouth while sitting on a dentist's chair in a Hong Kong nightclub. Charlton, a member of the 1966 World Cup winning team, was obviously saddened by the antics of his successor both in the national and Manchester United sides. "With behaviour like that, you have to wonder whether we can win the World Cup," he said. "It's nonsensical. The players should have the sense to know how to behave themselves. "Teddy should be embarrassed. He has not acted his age. We've had the frenzy over Paul Gascoigne all week and this is the last thing we need." Charlton said the 1966 coach Sir Alf Ramsey had allowed his players to drink before the tournament but each player had known when to stop. "Sir Alf always made it clear that if we did not behave ourselves then we would have to go home and miss the World Cup," he said. "Sir Alf would always make sure that our passports were on our beds, we knew where we stood. A couple of beers would not worry me. "I gave up smoking more than 25 years ago because it was stupid and does no one any good." Sheringham was driven at high speed to the England team's training headquarters on Friday and did not speak to reporters after getting out of the car. The Football Association had earlier confirmed it would be investigating the incident.

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