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Date: Sat Dec 05 09:00:10 GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. Kidd lures McClair to Ewood Park 
2. Brian Kidd by Pete Hargreaves
3. Brian Kidd by Paul Scully
5. I played bit-part in United title win, now it's for real
6. Yorke mourns Kidd departure the loss of a 'life-long friend' 
7. Soccernet: Questions about Kidd


Daily RED Trivia  Sat 5th December:

5/11/1931: Tom Manley made his debut against Millwall. Manley scored a crucial goal
 at Millwall in 1934 to prevent United slipping into Division 3, and in 1936 the
 versatile performer scored 4 in one game against Port Vale, the season United
 won promotion. He made a total of 195 appearances between 1931-39, scoring
 41 goals. Manley joined Brentford in July 1939, but continued to play for United
 during wartime football.       

1956: Uniteds Tommy Taylor 3 and Duncan Edwards 2 score all of Englands
 goals as they beat Denmark 5-2 at Molineux.

1987: United won 2-0 at Queens Park Rangers in a Division 1 game watched by
 20,632. Peter Davenport and Bryan Robson got the goals. Team was: Turner,
 Duxbury, Albiston, Moses, Moran, O'Brien, Robson, Strachan, McClair, Davenport, Olsen. 


Barry Daily Comment: 
Todays news FULL of Brian Kidd with a few "personal" comments from Pete and Paul.
Todays game is important but we can afford a draw or even a loss.
It is imperative we get a result WED v Bayern Munich.
This fact may affect todays match?

Remaining 1998 games: 

ALL Result/Fixture Index:

Today!    Aston Villa   (A) PL 15.00
Wed  9/12 Bayern Munich (H) CL 19.45
Sat 12/12 Tottenham     (A) PL 15.00
Wed 16/12 Chelsea       (H) PL sky sports time 20.00
Sat 19/12 Middlesbrough (H) PL 15.00
Sat 26/12 Nottm Forest  (H) PL 15.00
Tue 29/12 Chelsea       (A) PL sky sports time 19.45 UK

UNITED Stats v Aston Villa:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079
08/11/98    Newcastle United         Home     D  0-0     3    55,174
14/11/98    Blackburn Rovers         Home     W  3-2     2    55,198
21/11/98    Sheffield Wednesday      Away     L  1-3     2    39,475
29/11/98    Leeds                    Home     W  3-2     2    55,172 

Prem Table 29/11:
Pos Team                  P   W   D   L   F   A   GD  Pts
 1  Aston Villa          14   8   5   1  22  12   10   29
 2  Manchester United    14   8   4   2  30  16   14   28
 3  West Ham United      15   7   5   3  20  16    4   26
 4  Arsenal              15   6   7   2  15   7    8   25
 5  Chelsea              13   6   6   1  22  13    9   24
 6  Leeds United         15   5   8   2  22  14    8   23
 7  Middlesbrough        15   5   8   2  24  17    7   23
 8  Liverpool            15   6   4   5  26  19    7   22
 9  Derby County         15   5   6   4  15  14    1   21
10  Wimbledon            15   5   5   5  19  25   -6   20

Champions League:
Group D         P  W  D  L  F  A   Pts
Bayern Munich   5  3  1  1  8  5  10   
Man United      5  2  3  0 19 10   9
Barcelona       5  1  2  2  9  9   5    
Brondby         5  1  0  4  4 16   3   

Sep 16 Brøndby         2-1 Bayern München
Sep 16 Man Utd         3-3 Barcelona
Sep 30 Barcelona       2-0 Brøndby
Sep 30 Bayern Munich   2-2 Man Utd
Oct 21 Brøndby         2-6 Man Utd
Oct 21 Bayern Munich   1-0 Barcelona 
Nov  4 Barcelona       1-2 Bayern Munich
Nov  4 Man Utd         5-0 Brøndby

Nov 25 Barcelona       3-3 Man Utd
Nov 25 Bayern Munich   2-0 Brøndby
    to play.....
Dec  9 Brøndby          v  Barcelona
Dec  9 Man Utd          v  Bayern Munich



"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

Subject: Kidd lures McClair to Ewood Park By Daniel Taylor Saturday December 5, 1998 Brian McClair will be named as Brian Kidd's assistant at Blackburn Rovers early next week. Kidd has wasted no time in sounding out the former Manchester United striker about becoming his No.2. And McClair, who spent 11 years at Old Trafford, will travel to Ewood Park on Monday to hammer out details of a lucrative three-year deal. Kidd will take direct control of team affairs immediately after Blackburn's match against Charlton today. During his initial talks with Jack Walker, the club's owner, Kidd made it clear he wanted to forge a managerial partnership with McClair. The 34-year-old McClair left United in the summer to become the player-coach of Motherwell but has indicated he is ready to link up with Kidd. Now the move depends only on the former Scotland international's pay demands. But, with Walker's funds, that should not be a major stumbling-block. Blackburn have doubled Kidd's wages to £500,000 a year with massives bonuses to lure him away from Alex Ferguson's side. And, barring any last-minute hitches, McClair should be in place before Blackburn's home game against Newcastle next Saturday (December 12). The pair have remained close friends since their days at Old Trafford and speak most days about footballing matters. Initially McClair had emerged among the favourites to replace Kidd as Ferguson's No.2. Ferguson is a staunch admirer of the player, who played a major part in United's rejuvenation as the premier force in English football during the late Eighties and early Nineties. Despite the move Blackburn have assured the caretaker-manager Tony Parkes that he will keep his coaching position after 28 years which include four spells in temporary charge. Parkes will still be in control of team affairs today.
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

From: Peter Hargreaves Subject: Brian Kidd I think that this is a defining moment in the recent history of Manchester United. I am on record as saying that I believe that, whilst a brilliant strategist, Alex Ferguson is a poor tactician. If I am correct (who knows?) and the tactics have been down to Brian Kidd then I think we are in deep trouble. Now this might, in the first instance, sound like a criticism of the great man (Alex), it isn't. I happen to know that he is a great man and also, I believe, a footballing management genius. However there are occasions when I think his tactics leave a great deal to be desired. Whilst there is a lot of criticism of the Board of Manchester United (some of it justified) it has to be said that they have invested a great deal of money in the 'development' of Brian Kidd. In terms of 'training' expenditure you would have to go a long way to find an employer who has given more to an employee. By that I mean the funding which has been made available to allow him to travel extensively to watch other coaches around the world. In some respects Brian has let the Club down by taking this 'investment' to another place. But I am old and gnarled, and understand the ways of the world, so I do NOT criticise Brian for his actions. He must make his own way in the world, do what he feels is right for himself, for that is the way in modern society. I read in the newspapers this morning that Brian has 'quadrupled' his salary (reckoned by the seagulls to be about £150K at Old Trafford). Good luck to the lad says I. However the shitehawks are (non too subtly) suggesting that it is a money thing, that Brian has left Old trafford because of money. If this was to be proved as being the case then I would be absolutely horrified. Brian Kidd has contributed so much to Manchester United, for so long, then he should be paid more than he is worth. Simple as that. As for the future? Well in Brian's case I happen to believe he has made a big mistake. I hope I am wrong. I have met him on several occasions and I just wonder if he has the facility to actually manage a club, rather than coach players. For the lad's sake I hope he is a great success. Somehow I doubt that he will be. And for Manchester United? Well, I think that this is a black day indeed. I truly believe that we have lost (allowed to leave, perhaps) the best coach in the WORLD. It is our loss, of that there can be no doubt. As an aside. When Shankly (a man I respected very much indeed) left Anfield my dad said "You watch there will be no dip in their form". There wasn't. In fact under Paisley they went on to far greater things. My dad had seen all along that Paisley was the man and not Shankly. In some respects there were parallels at Old Trafford with Matt and Jimmy Murphy, and most certainly at Maine Road with Mercer and Allison. What you see is not always what is there (if you see what I mean). But the die is cast and Brian has gone. A smashing lad, two days my junior. I have seen, and known him, about the Manchester footballing scene all my life and I respect him as a smashing lad. Keep the Faith, Pete Copyright © 1998 Peter Hargreaves. All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author.
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

From: "Scully, Paul" Subject: Brian Kidd I cannot believe the way some people seem to have accepted the departure of Brian Kidd from United so easily. Without doubt, this could be the worst thing that has ever happened to us. I feel more gutted today than I did when Eric left and I couldn't give a toss about a Sky takeover if it meant Kiddo staying. Where are all the people who've been fighting Sky for the past few months - fuck the meetings and the anti-murdoch campaigns, football comes first and maybe if the same kind of support had been shown for Kidd as was shown by the Leicester fans for O'Neil we wouldn't be in this position right now. It is quite easy to look back at when United started winning trophies and when the superb line of home-grown talent began to appear. Fergie might be the one who pulls the strings but it's Kidd in the background who has coached these youngsters to play the United way ever since they came to the club. Kidd is the one who travels the world studying coaching methods and integrating them into his own training routines and has become a respected coach the world over. Already Dwight Yorke has said that Kidd is the best trainer he's ever had and that it is a pleasure to come into training every day and he's only been there a few months. On a more personal note, I have met Brian Kidd on numerous occasions mainly because I lived around the corner from him in North Manchester for 20 years and he is red to the core. Before he worked for United he would come to our school at least once or twice a year and talk about the football or hand out football trophies. Even after he joined United I would still see him in church every Sunday and shake his hand and you couldn't meet a more genuine down to earth guy. I can imagine that it is breaking his heart leaving United and I just cannot for the life of me understand why he's doing it, especially in the most crucial week of our season so far (maybe he will explain in time). I am also disgusted the way The Mirror newspaper rag has used this story to stir up United fans into another anti-murdoch campaign. Those gullible enough among you will probably believe the shit they print about it being Skys fault for treating Kidd as another cog in the wheel and probably use it as yet another weapon in the takeover war. For me though, the war has been lost already when fans failed to show a lack of support for Kidd on Wednesday night - it seems too many people have become so interested in fighting political battles that they've forgotten what's really important. Who knows, maybe the Sky people would have had the balls to tell Blackburn to Fuck Off like they did to us with Shearer. Maybe I'm being slightly harsh on Edwards in that apparantly Kidd told him he wanted to try management before he was too old, thus forcing his hand, but in that kind of position the only thing that could have brought Kidd back to his senses would have been the support from the fans - and I hate to say, we failed. I'm now very very pissed off - you only have to look at Fergies face to realise he feels the same way. Only time will tell what this will mean to the club, but for the first time in years I'm starting to worry about our future and it has f..k all to do with a takeover bid! Paul
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

Subject: STAKES ARE HIGH FOR BOSS BRIAN TOO, WHILE UNITED YOUNGSTER SAYS THEY'RE ALREADY MISSING HIM AT OLD TRAFFORD By Ian Cruise BLACKBURN last night confirmed Brian Kidd as their new manager in the biggest gamble of Sir Jack Walker's Ewood Park tenure. The 49-year-old left Old Trafford to take on the challenge of rescuing Rovers' season but, if he fails, it will spell disaster for both parties. That said, the new man at the helm surely had little choice about accepting the challenge - and it is clear from the reaction at Old Trafford that he will be sorely missed there. After Roy Hodgson's departure, Walker was expected to recruit a proven manager to replace him, with the likes of Roy Evans, Bobby Robson and Gordon Strachan being linked with the post. And had Kidd turned Rovers down, their next target was said to be Wimbledon's Joe Kinnear. Instead, in hiring Alex Ferguson's former assistant, Walker has opted for a man whose only previous experiences as a number one are failed spells at Barrow and Preston a decade ago. Though the situations are so far apart as to be almost incomparable, even if the job title is the same, this will hardly inspire confidence among Rovers fans that he is the man to steer them away from the Premiership relegation zone. The task facing him is a massive one, particularly as he will inherit a squad of players whose confidence is at an all-time low. And he will need to inspire them quickly as tomorrow's home game against Charlton is the proverbial relegation six-pointer. What does it mean for Kidd? The rewards for success would be huge. He is rumoured to have quadrupled his salary - from £150,000 to £600,000 - just by taking the job at Ewood Park. With a contract until the end of 2001-02, that is a guaranteed £2m. Football365 suggested earlier in the week that Kidd needed to leave Old Trafford and take a manager's job if he was ever to realise his ultimate aim of being Manchester United boss, and Rovers' fans must accept the fact that if he succeeds at Ewood that is likely to lead to his eventual return to United as Ferguson's successor. Failure, though, would have dire consequences both for him (whatever the value of a pay-off) and Blackburn. If he is unable to save the club from the drop this season he will find himself under massive pressure and, quite possibly, out of a job. If that happens, his hopes of one day returning to Old Trafford as boss will take a nose-dive. As for Blackburn, they may never recover from relegation to the First Division. Although Walker would surely throw more money at the problem, many of the fans would up sticks. The club would find it virtually impossible to attract big-name players, or to hang onto the current staff, lured to Ewood as much by the big name managers, Kenny Dalglish and Roy Hodgson, as the cash. For the moment, though, it's United who have arguably been left with the greater worries following Kidd's decision, particularly as it comes just six days before their vital Champions League clash with Bayern Munich - a match they must surely win if they are to reach the quarter-finals. And his departure will come as a hammer blow to the players. Defender John Curtis, who played in Wednesday night's 3-1 Worthington Cup defeat at Spurs, told Football365 last night: "He's a great coach and a really good bloke. Everyone will be disappointed that he's gone." Kidd has played a major part in United's successes in recent years, not least with his work on the training ground. "He took coaching every day," added Curtis. "The gaffer told him how much to do, but he sorted out the sessions himself and decided what to do. He's been very helpful with us younger players, too, and helped us come through. It's like Glenn Hoddle and John Gorman - Gorman's meant to be the liaison officer and pass on things between the manager and the players, like Brian did. He will definitely be missed."
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

Subject: I played bit-part in United title win, now it's for real Saturday, December 5, 1998 It occupies pride of place in the Stratford-upon-Avon home of Dion Dublin. Yet that most honest and admirable England striker, one suspects, regards his Premiership-winning memento as a trifle fraudulently gained. There are few people who even realise he possesses such a prestigious battle honour - associating most of the 130-plus goals of his career with Cambridge United's climb up the lower divisions or Coventry City's perennial fight for survival among the elite. Yet when United manager Alex Ferguson celebrated the first of his four championships in five years for Manchester United in 1992-93, he ordered a trophy specially struck for Dublin, who had contributed in only seven games. It said much for Ferguson's loyalty. It meant much to Dublin, who made his United debut that season with a match-winning goal at Southampton and then broke his leg on his full Old Trafford debut against Crystal Palace a few weeks later. Dublin wasn't to know it at the time, but his booking at the theatre of dreams was over before it had really begun. Enter French genius Eric Cantona and exit, after only 11 frustrating months, the boy from the Midlands backwoods. But Dublin walked. Wasn't even nudged. He saw the star-studded writing on the wall - Cantona, Mark Hughes, Brian McClair - surveyed the odds against breaking back into a team on a roll and made the most difficult decision of his footballing life: to quit United. Imagine his feelings. He said: 'My dreams turned to ashes and it was nobody's fault. Alex, the fans and the club were all brilliant to me - but after I recovered from the accident, I could see there was little chance for me to become a first-team regular. 'Heaven knows, I didn't want to leave, not one little bit. It was a hard road to take, but Dion Dublin, the footballer, had to leave if I was to get anywhere and resurrect my career. 'Naturally when I signed from Cambridge for £1million I thought I'd got it made - from the bottom of the Football League to the very top of the pile. No club was bigger than United. 'It took your breath away just to say: "I play for Manchester United" and find yourself sitting next to players you'd only ever seen on Match of the Day. 'On international weekends the place was like a morgue because everyone was away. Amazing, really amazing! 'Alex Ferguson had gone out of his way to make me feel one of the boys that first Championship year. I appreciated that. 'He didn't have to give me a trophy because I hadn't played enough games to qualify for one, but he said I had been around and played a part. 'Then, that second season, I started to realise it wasn't enough for me to be a Manchester United player if I wasn't in the first team on a Saturday afternoon. Enough for some, perhaps, but not me. That's what I live for - a taste of the real thing. 'If I couldn't do it for them, then I was happy to try elsewhere. I've got this passion to be out there playing in big games. You must have it, don't you see. You must want to win everything - games, tackles and score goals. Otherwise there's no point. 'There are probably a small number of players in the game who want to live a footballer's life without being a footballer. But you have to be a footballer on the pitch to be able to enjoy the benefits and lifestyle it brings.' It is just that attitude which has endeared him to all his managers - John Beck at Cambridge, Ferguson at United, Phil Neal, Ron Atkinson and Gordon Strachan at Coventry and now, certainly, John Gregory of Aston Villa. The towering striker has, after all, just been named Carling Footballer of the Month for November following the launch of his time at Aston Villa, which started with him scoring seven goals in his first three games. He is, to every one of his managers, the big man in a real sense. Dublin has the simple attitude that success will come to he who waits - provided he works at it. He said: 'The Old Trafford experience and broken leg stopped me in my tracks, but if I hadn't made that difficult, soul-searching decision to leave for Coventry, I probably wouldn't be where I am today - and life couldn't be much better than it is at the moment. 'After four great years at Highfield Road, which I enjoyed enormously and where I learned a lot, I'm with Aston Villa, a massive club with a terrific blend of quality, experience and young players. 'The Championship is a very realistic target, whatever happens in today's match against United. I'm in the England squad and I'm scoring goals. What more could anyone ask? 'It just makes it easier for Dion Dublin to play his football and to enjoy it. But it hasn't been an overnight success. I've waited a long time and worked damned hard for my career to come together the way I wanted. 'To be honest, I was surprised at the amount of interest when a move from Coventry was on the cards because I thought clubs might shy away from someone 29, going on 30. 'It was gratifying that so many had the bottle to look at the individual rather than the age and say: "We'll have you here with us". Nice to have had a choice, but I really wanted to come only to Aston Villa because it meant I could continue to live in the same locality, not uproot my family and yet move to a club I was convinced was going places.' Ambition may be limitless for Dublin, but he insists his feet are solidly on the ground because of the roots embedded in football as a trainee with Norwich and raw predator with route-one Cambridge. He said: 'I definitely believe the time I spent at those clubs helps me appreciate what is happening to me now. I had to work for a living at a leisure centre and in a factory. I have done a normal job and realise what it means to the ordinary working bloke to have the opportunity to play the game you love for a living - and a lucrative one at that. 'I've been fortunate to get the taste of professional football and it has been like a drug to me. My addiction has intensified. 'When you play, the least you can offer is 100 per cent to the man on the terrace, who knows the sort of money you're earning these days. 'There are people who look to knock footballers whenever they get the chance, so it's important not to give them an opportunity. The simplest, though not the easiest, way is to deliver hard graft. It's genuine. 'Being selected to play twice for England has been the icing on the cake. Walking out at Wembley, singing the National Anthem. It doesn't get any better.' Perhaps it might if Villa get a favourable result against his old club, United, this afternoon and keep their noses in front in the title chase until the end of the season. 'Yeah,' said Dublin. 'Wouldn't it be great to pick up a Championship medal - for real.'
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

Subject: Yorke mourns Kidd departure the loss of a 'life-long friend' Saturday December 5, 1998 Any fears Brian Kidd had that his name would now be mud at Old Trafford were dispelled yesterday when Dwight Yorke summed up the mood among the Manchester United players by saying: "I have only been here three months but I feel as though I have lost a life-long friend." Kidd will take over as Blackburn manager for today's visit of Charlton to Ewood Park after signing a £700,000-a-year contract on Thursday, but Yorke was adamant that Kidd's seven seasons as the No.2 at Old Trafford would not be forgotten. "I am sure the rest of the players feel the same way that I do," he said. "Brian will be missed in many ways. He's been fantastic. Everything seems to happen through him and there is a great deal of respect for him right throughout the club." United's chairman Martin Edwards revealed yesterday that Kidd had turned down a pay-rise in moving to Blackburn. "Brian's decision was clearly not about money," Edwards said. "We offered him a substantial package to stay but...the simple fact is Brian wanted to become No.1." Tony Parkes, assistant manager at Ewood Park, said: "Blackburn have got a top-class man, and I just hope the club can go from strength to strength." Meanwhile, BSkyB yesterday insisted they had played no role in Kidd's decision to join Rovers in the face of allegations that he would be denied the chance to succeed Ferguson should the satellite network's proposed takeover of United go through. Vic Wakeling, head of Sky Sports, insisted the broadcasting company had nothing to do with Kidd's decision to go. He said: "We are not involved because we do not own the club. I know as much as I have read in the papers."
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

Subject: Soccernet: Questions about Kidd Saturday, December 5, 1998 The biggest question in football last night was whether Manchester United's brilliant coach Brian Kidd will ever have the toughness in him to leave the warmth of the womb that is Old Trafford. Yet again - with Blackburn Rovers anxious to make him their manager - it seems the opportunity to strike out on his own is likely to be spurned in favour of a lower profile existence in the shadow of his great mentor Alex Ferguson, and in doing so settle for never having the true recognition for his part in the great United success story. His reluctance to go it alone could ultimately dictate whether he ever finally becomes Old Trafford successor to Ferguson. Certainly, the feeling of those closest to the club is that the plc will want a man of proven managerial calibre to succeed the game's finest modern day manager once Ferguson decides to step down. Assistant manager Kidd has already made a major imprint, of course, on the Old Trafford psyche. He celebrated his 19th birthday with United's third goal in the European Cup triumph over Benfica in 1968. For that he will forever be lauded by United supporters. But the time has now come when Kidd must make the most difficult, stressful, though potentially most rewarding choice of his illustrious career. And it is likely to be driving him nuts. For he has already turned down other equally gilt-edged opportunities to break away. This time, however, may be the last time he gets such a chance. And the clock is already ticking. On three counts. Blackburn owner Jack Walker has already taken steps to attempt to bring in Coventry City's Gordon Strachan if Kidd, who will speak with Rovers in the next 24 hours according to chairman Robert Coar, fails to make up his mind fairly quickly if he is offered the job. Kidd is already 49. Should he decide that there is no place like home, he would be at least 53 if he is hoping to succeed 56-year-old Ferguson, who insists he has no intention of picking up his bus pass for several more years yet. But perhaps most importantly of all - and what must surely be troubling this shy, unassuming man most - will be how he sees himself, and how others will see him in years to come. Will he always be considered only as a No.2, albeit one of the most successful aides in British soccer history, or someone who finally decided to step out of the buffer zone? He has left Old Trafford before, playing successfully at Arsenal, Manchester City and Everton as well as Bolton. He managed Barrow and Preston. But the bonds linking Kidd to United are stronger than those which tie anyone else to the club, apart from Sir Bobby Charlton, his team-mate at Wembley all those years ago. Kidd supported United long before he played for them. Even though, last night, the soccer grapevine was buzzing over the prospect of him walking away, there were others within the game convinced he will never be able to do so, no matter how much money he is offered. He was, after all, given the chance by Francis Lee to take over at Maine Road. Kidd got to the Old Trafford exit but simply could not walk through it, much to the chagrin of the former City chairman. Earlier this year, Kidd might have had another chance to change his route to work from his north Manchester home when solicitor Raymond Donn, in conjunction with Juventus, wanted to take over City. Kidd was the choice as replacement manager - but the Donn bid for City failed. This summer, following the departure of Howard Kendall from Everton, the recently departed chairman Peter Johnson also thought he had captured one of the brightest British coaching talents. Again, Kidd declined at the 11th hour. That same moment is fast approaching once more for the coach who is held in genuine affection by his players. They may earn more than 10 times what Kidd is paid each year - he is understood to be on a salary of around £230,000 - but they will always pay homage to him. As former United defender Gary Pallister said before returning to Middlesbrough: 'We can never do anything but respect Kiddo. He has done what we're still trying to do - win the European Cup. But just as important is the work he does with us. 'We know that he has gone all over the world, educating himself, coming back with ideas which help us become better players. No day is ever dull. He consistently comes up with new training and coaching techniques that keep us interested and sharp. We all know we owe him a lot.' Quite how Ferguson would fare without someone whom Juventus coach Marcello Lippi numbers among his close friends is another huge question? One reason the Scot has always insisted he could go on for another 10 years is because his English assistant handles the brunt of the physical work these days. Unless he could find an adequate replacement, even Ferguson's shelf-life might be affected. The ultimate irony is that Kidd, if he would one day like to become his manager's successor, could only do so by going away first. Just like one of his potential challengers, Bryan Robson, has done. Chairman Martin Edwards is on record as saying that Robson has already been pencilled in as a possible future Old Trafford manager, but had to go away to further his management skills. This he is doing successfully at Middlesbrough. The same criteria would almost certainly be applied to Kidd, for so long happy in the shadow of Ferguson. But to make his family financially secure - he would treble his salary by moving to Ewood Park - and to give himself a far better chance of one day taking over at Old Trafford, he may first have to forego his current safe haven for the treacherous waters of Premiership management.
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

BREAKING NEWS - Saturday 05 December 1998 Subject: McLEISH 'FLATTERED' BY UNITED LINK Alex McLeish has admitted speculation linking him with the vacant Manchester United assistant manager's job "flattered" him, but stressed he remains focused only on Hibernian matters. The former Aberdeen and Scotland centre-half has been one of several names already linked with the Old Trafford club as a replacement for Brian Kidd, the new Blackburn boss. United manager Alex Ferguson has already stressed no appointment is imminent and Easter Road boss McLeish, speaking on BBC Radio Scotland, refused to consider anything but tomorrow's visit to Greenock Morton. He said: "It is flattering and there have been questions asked by journalists since the speculation, but I have to deflect that because I have got a tough job here at Hibernian which I am proud to be in." He added: "My desire is to take this club back into the Premier League and be facing top clubs again and that, starting with Morton tomorrow, is at the top of my agenda just now." Hibernian chairman Tom O'Malley has reacted angrily to the prospect of his club's manager departing south to be reunited with Ferguson who managed him at Pittodrie. "I haven't had a sniff of this," he said. "It is a total and utter surprise to me. "We would be very resistant if this avenue was to be pursued. As far as I am concerned there is nothing in this whatsoever. "We have had no approach and even if we did we would fight it tooth and nail. It is all speculation and we are not contemplating losing him." McLeish joined Hibernian 10 months ago from Motherwell but could not prevent the Edinburgh club being relegated from the top flight, yet they are now on course for a quick return as they currently lie top of the First Division.
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

Kidd lures McClair to Ewood Park By Daniel Taylor Saturday December 5, 1998 Brian McClair will be named as Brian Kidd's assistant at Blackburn Rovers early next week. Kidd has wasted no time in sounding out the former Manchester United striker about becoming his No.2. And McClair, who spent 11 years at Old Trafford, will travel to Ewood Park on Monday to hammer out details of a lucrative three-year deal. Kidd will take direct control of team affairs immediately after Blackburn's match against Charlton today. During his initial talks with Jack Walker, the club's owner, Kidd made it clear he wanted to forge a managerial partnership with McClair. The 34-year-old McClair left United in the summer to become the player-coach of Motherwell but has indicated he is ready to link up with Kidd. Now the move depends only on the former Scotland international's pay demands. But, with Walker's funds, that should not be a major stumbling-block. Blackburn have doubled Kidd's wages to £500,000 a year with massives bonuses to lure him away from Alex Ferguson's side. And, barring any last-minute hitches, McClair should be in place before Blackburn's home game against Newcastle next Saturday (December 12). The pair have remained close friends since their days at Old Trafford and speak most days about footballing matters. Initially McClair had emerged among the favourites to replace Kidd as Ferguson's No.2. Ferguson is a staunch admirer of the player, who played a major part in United's rejuvenation as the premier force in English football during the late Eighties and early Nineties. Despite the move Blackburn have assured the caretaker-manager Tony Parkes that he will keep his coaching position after 28 years which include four spells in temporary charge. Parkes will still be in control of team affairs today.
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

Friday 04 December 1998 Subject: KIDD'S THE MAN FOR BLACKBURN BRIAN KIDD has decided to succeed Roy Hodgson as manager of Premiership strugglers Blackburn. Kidd agreed to sign a contract that runs until June 2002 after holding talks with Rovers owner Jack Walker at Ewood Park yesterday afternoon. He has been Alex Ferguson's number two at Old Trafford for seven years but has now decided to strike out on his own. Hodgson was dismissed in the wake of Blackburn's home defeat against Southampton, which sent Rovers to the bottom of the Premiership. Blackburn officials were locked in top level negotiations with Kidd on Thursday before Walker emerged to say: "Brian was always our first choice, and I am delighted he has accepted.'' Kidd will take a back seat for this weekend's vital Premiership match at home to Charlton, with caretaker boss Tony Parkes remaining in charge. Kidd's appointment will bring some much-needed stability to the struggling club. The Rovers players feel the former Manchester United assistant manager's arrival will dispel much of the uncertainty surrounding some of their futures. Winger Damien Johnson says some players have become unsettled at the club because of their poor start to the season, which cost Hodgson his job. "A couple of the senior players are uncertain about their futures at Blackburn and over who might come in, but I think Brian Kidd will be welcomed," he said. "He has a great track record with United and I think that will reassure many of them. Some of the players did not get along with Roy Hodgson and that was OK when we were winning, but when things started going wrong they really got disgruntled. I think some of them were glad to see him go, but now the ones who liked him are disgruntled. Everybody at the club would welcome the stability brought by Brian Kidd. Even (caretaker boss) Tony Parkes does not know whether he is coming or going. Hopefully, Brian Kidd can get all that sorted - and bearing in mind our position in the league, the sooner the better." Northern Ireland Under-21 player Johnson, who has become a regular for Rovers in recent months, feels Kidd will be a good appointment for the club. He believes it will answer those critics who claim they lack ambition. "Jack Walker has always gone for the best managers and Roy Hodgson was renowned throughout Europe when he came to the club," he said. "I think Mr Walker has shown that he still wants the best and is still ambitious in getting Brian Kidd." Kidd had a great rapport with the Old Trafford youngsters, who he has helped guide to stardom. Johnson is one of Blackburn's brightest rising stars and he feels he must earn the new gaffer's respect rather than expect it. "I've read all about Brian Kidd and the young players at Manchester United, but I don't know what he will be like with the young players here like me," he said. "What I do know, though, is that it is up to us to prove to him that we are good enough to figure in his future plans." United were desperate to keep Kidd and only reluctantly agreed to let him talk to Blackburn. Now they must search for a new number two to Ferguson with Saturday's top-of-the-table clash with Aston Villa and next Wednesday's crucial Champions League clash with Bayern Munich looming large. Chief executive Martin Edwards admitted that Kidd's departure would be a big blow to the club. Only last week, Edwards claimed the only way Alex Ferguson's long-time lieutenant would leave the club would be "over my dead body''. Motherwell have dismissed reports linking skipper Brian McClair with a return to Old Trafford as Kidd's replacement. "It is pure speculation,'' said a spokesman. "We have had no approach from Manchester United." CHARLTON boss Alan Curbishley has warned Kidd he will no longer be in 'the comfort zone' after opting to go solo at Ewood Park. Curbishley says the Manchester United No. 2 will find it a major challenge to suddenly become the man who is right in the firing line. "I do know that it's a little bit of a comfort zone being a number two," said Curbishley, who had a similar experience when joint manager at the Valley with Steve Gritt. "There is a difference in attitude between the number two and the players and a different pressure. A number two can be more of a friend to the players but now the buying and selling falls on Brian's shoulders. Also, instead of Alex seeking advice from Brian, he'll be seeking advice from other people. But it'll be a big chance for him. "Maybe it's got to the stage where he'd like to give it a go. He might find things a little bit different but I'm sure he's looking forward to the challenge. Perhaps it's something he's always wanted to and it hasn't come up at the right time for him. Perhaps the success Man United have had over the last three or four years he wouldn't want to leave. It's very difficult for a Premiership club to take another club's manager, as Martin O'Neill found it. Perhaps Brian wasn't tied up in that so it could be a good move for everybody." Write to the list: Has Kiddo made the right decision? Have Rovers? Tell us what you think!
"Brian Kidd, the end of an era........."

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