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Date: Tue Nov 03  GMT+00:00 1998
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This Issue:
1. We scored, but we didn't know"  by "Our Salford Lass"
2. www.red11.org Survey Results:  
3. Man Utd ready for Europe but Bayern slump 
4. The official terms of reference
5. Casper's Reading Transfer (TeamTalk)
6. King Keane holds court but bigger challenge is lying ahead


Daily RED Trivia  Tue 3rd November:

3/11/1936: Gordon Clayton born in Chadsmoor, Staffordshire. Clayton won an FA Youth Cup
Winners medal in 1953, but despite a senior debut at Wolverhampton Wanderers
in March 1957 he made just 2 appearances in six years at Old Trafford. A secure keeper,
he left to join Tranmere Rovers in November 1959, later serving United in a scouting
role in the 1970's.  

3/11/1962: United win 5-3 at Ipswich Town in a Division 1 game watched by 18,483.
Denis Law 4 and David Herd scored for the Reds. Team was: Gregg, Brennan,
Cantwell, Stiles, Foulkes, Setters, Giles, Quixall, Herd, Law, Charlton.


Barry Daily Comment:  

Please read todays DTI Press Notice "P/98/835" from Secretary of State
so that you can continue to help on this matter.
Manchester United for the supporters NOT the media!


Next 4 games: 
Result/Fixture Index:

Wed  4/11 Brondby     (H) CL 19.45
Sun  8/11 Newcastle   (H) PL
Wed 11/11 Nott Forest (H) LC 
Sat 14/11 Blackburn   (H) PL

UNITED Stats v Newcastle:


Date        Opposition                        Score   Pos.   Attend.
15/08/98    Leicester City           Home     D  2-2    11    55,052
22/08/98    West Ham United          Away     D  0-0    11    26,039
09/09/98    Charlton Athletic        Home     W  4-1     9    55,147
12/09/98    Coventry City            Home     W  2-0     5    55,193
20/09/98    Arsenal                  Away     L  0-3    10    38,142
24/09/98    Liverpool                Home     W  2-0     3    55,181
03/10/98    Southampton              Away     W  3-0     2    15,251
17/10/98    Wimbledon                Home     W  5-1     2    55,265
24/10/98    Derby County             Away     D  1-1     2    30,867
31/10/98    Everton                  Away     W  4-1     2    40,079

Champions league: 21/10             
Brondby 2-6 Man Utd
Bayern  1-0 Barcelona
Table as at 21/10:
    GROUP D P  W  D  L  GF  GA  Pts 
ManUnited   3  1  2  0   11  7  5     Next "CL" Match
BMünchen    3  1  1  1   4   5  4   Man Utd v Brondby OT 4/11
Barcelona   3  1  1  1   5   4  4 
Brĝndby     3  1  0  2   2   9  3 


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Subject: "We scored, but we didn't know" by "Our Salford Lass" It was an unusual day yesterday - I managed to go to a United game without once getting soaking wet! Unlike Wednesday when everything seemed to conspire to make my life difficult, the public transport system, the weather and lady luck (in the shape of a well-placed goal post) contrived to make it a pretty decent day! An hour after setting off from home, I was walking down Sir Matt Busby Way ready for the short journey to Merseyside. Apart from dire warnings on the coach that Liverpool fans were planning a "welcome to Liverpool" party for us (which of course never materialised, as these things rarely do), it was a relaxed group of United fans who headed off down the M602 a little after 1pm. 45 minutes later, after a very uneventful trip through some of the bleakest areas of Scouse occupation (anyone been to Croxteth?) we pulled up by Stanley Park and made our way into the ground. After a pasty and a chat to Pete, Hal and Tony, the Sausage Man appeared with the beautiful Paula. Much to our delight (and Dobson's disgust) Paula proceeded to tell all about the perils of sharing a small car with our hero - apparently not a pleasant experience, especially when he's asleep!! Eventually, we had to tear ourselves away and find our seats. As we were towards the back of the lower section, this experience was like watching the game through a letterbox. Not just a letterbox, but one interrupted by pillars at regular intervals! Even with the seats around me empty I could only see two thirds of the pitch, once everyone had arrived I could see the goal immediately in front of me without struggling, but if I wanted to see anything else I had to stand on my tiptoes. I looked down at the wooden floor beneath me and tried to expel all thoughts from my head of the Bradford fire! Gradually the away section filled and as it did, Tony arrived in the seat immediately behind me. This proved to be a mixed blessing. Tony is a lovely man of whom I am very fond, and I enjoyed sharing the game with him, but (as I said to him at half-time) I wouldn't like to sit in front of him every week! He knows why!! As we warmed up our anti-scouse repertoire, Tony tried to convince me that these scousers were not "proper" scousers, as he felt some sympathy for the treatment they were receiving ("If you all hate scousers", "In your Liverpool slums", "Get a job you lazy t***s"). Unfortunately, when in Liverpool my hands and voice seem to have a life of their own and when prompted by the clarion cry "If you all hate scousers ...............", I just can't seem to help joining in! The game started and, as usual at Goodison, there was an excellent atmosphere in the United section. Whilst the Everton fans sat in there seats silently, we stood and sang and generally had a good time. There wasn't a policeman or steward in sight as we sang the Calypso and all the old favourites. The chant that is rapidly becoming the seasonal favourite puzzled the Everton fans - they couldn't understand why we were singing "There's only one Arsene Wenger", not being able to make out what the rest of the words were! The old stand at Goodison might be crap in terms of its facilities but it's brilliant for singing in - the acoustics are wonderful. I don't know how much can be heard in the rest of the ground though, on MOTD last night you could hardly hear us! Whilst we were left to get on with it by the police and stewards that wasn't the case in the rest of the ground. One of the funniest parts of the afternoon was winding up the Everton fans for the whole of the first half and then seeing them getting thrown out for retaliating with aeroplane impressions (good to see at least one police force, though, actually taking these sick taunts seriously). This taunting of the locals came to a crescendo after their bizarre own-goal. The game had started with a bit of a scare for us as Duncan Ferguson almost scored in the first minute, but Peter (looking fit again, thank Eric) saved that one and we soon settled down. A wonderful lofted pass from Cole to Scholes down at the other end of the pitch saw Scholes pass to Yorke. Yorke hit the ball straight at their keeper who knocked it straight back at Yorke. He didn't make a mistake with his second chance and we were one-nil up, as Yorke wheeled away with that wonderful grin on his face. "Manchester, La La Laa". A few minutes later, Becks (I think - I could see little) passed a high ball across the goal, the Everton defenders got in each other's way, and Short headed the ball goal-wards. It looked at first like it had gone in, but there was so little response from the players that we assumed the ball had gone over or into the side netting and we waited for United to take the corner. It was a bizarre moment - we all stood there quietly waiting for a corner, as the players made their way back to the centre circle - what was going on? It was only when the goal was announced that we realised the ball had indeed gone in! So the celebrations were a little delayed as the Everton fans to our left sat with their heads in their hands and we sang "We scored, but we didn't know." So we were two-nil up and it was looking good - not that the pessimist behind me accepted that, muttering about United not liking to be two goals in front and disaster only being round the corner! Unfortunately he was partly right. It wasn't a disaster in the end, but for the rest of the first half and the first 10 minutes of the second half, it looked like one in the making. The United fans got increasingly frustrated as we allowed Duncan Ferguson more and more freedom. Eventually, the inevitable happened - Stam lost Ferguson who scored an easy header right in front of us. At this point, the whole atmosphere in the ground changed as the Everton fans woke up from their slumbers, sensing that there might be an upset on the cards. Fortunately, more due to good fortune than anything else, we managed to cling on to our lead until half-time. I was confident that Fergie would sort out any problems (Tony was less confident and looking paler by the minute). For the first 10 minutes of the second half, it looked like I was wrong and Tony's worst fears were justified. We were all over the place, Duncan Ferguson was causing all sorts of problems, Collins hit the post and Stam almost out-did Short by heading into their goal! At this point, I considered it a blessing that I couldn't see the other end of the pitch very well, although Tony did kindly share the details of every shot at goal with me! Soon, however, harmony was restored in the United section when, in a wonderful move downfield, Scholes passed the ball to Blomqvist on the edge of the box and Jesper put a lovely ball through to Andy Cole who put the ball unerringly into the net, off the far post. We almost brought the old stand down jumping up and down in celebration and the Everton team (and their fans) deflated like a spent balloon. From then on, it was never in doubt - even Tony began to think that we might actually manage to win it! The Everton fans were now back to sitting with head in hands as we found our voices again and enjoyed singing "The Red Flag", "Forever and Ever", "We've got Wesley Brown", "You are my Solskjaer" and "What's it like to score a goal?". The best bit of the whole day though, was the singing of "What a friend we have in Jesus" (I love the chorus of Ooh Aah Cantona) and "The twelve days of Cantona". Every United fan joined in and the acoustics made it sound even better than normal - brought a tear to the eye though, as always. Not long after, Jesper scored his first United goal, to ours and his delight. Keane won the goal in midfield and passed to Becks, Becks passed it to Blomqvist and he made a mess of his first shot. All was not lost however, as he redeemed it by heading the ball into the net! He was delighted, Becks came running over to us punching his fist in the air and we sang "Jesper, Jesper Blomqvist, Jesper Blomqvist on the wing". Then it was business as usual at Goodison. The Everton fans left in their thousands as we celebrated. Those that stayed booed Becks, screamed abuse at the referee and threw plastic bottles onto the pitch in and around Peter's goal. According to one very irate Everton fan on the radio later Becks deserved the abuse he got because he had upset the children in the crowd by pulling his tongue out at them and pulling his shorts up to show some of his bottom!! I imagine the children in the crowd thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle! My man-of-the-match? It has to be Roy Keane. I don't think he has come back as good as he was, he's even better - absolutely awesome. I also have to mention Jesper's perfomance as well. He's given us back what we used to have - width on the left (these days, even when Giggs is playing on the left, he doesn't stay out there). And for such a soft-looking lad (does he have to pull his sleeves down over his hands like a kid in a school playground?) he's a tenacious little bugger - I'm very impressed with him. So we left Goodison happy (even Tony!) and found it still wasn't raining outside! Walking to the bus the police vans were screaming all around us, apparently something had "gone off" somewhere but we were mixing with Everton fans quite happily as we all headed off towards Stanley Park. We ended on a moment of high comedy as one lad decided to hitch a lift on a passing police van. He jumped onto the step at the back grabbing hold of the door handle as he jumped. Unfortunately, the door wasn't locked as he expected and it opened - about 12 coppers were staring back at him! The look on his face was very similar to that on the face of Matthew Simmons as he realised Eric was coming over the barrier - talk about brown underpants! We all roared with laughter, but the best bit was him leaping off quicker than he got on and walking away with his hands in his pockets trying to pretend he had never been anywhere near a bloody police van! Absolutely priceless. Copyright İ 1998 by "Our Salford Lass". All rights reserved. Not to be reproduced without permission of the author
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Subject: www.red11.org Survey Results: Results of Survey #24: What do you think of UNITED's young defender Wes Brown? Very Good 94 60.6% Good 49 31.6% Satisfactory 9 5.8% Below Average 0 0.0% Should play for City 3 1.9% Total 155 voted Barry Comment: Expected result 92% said good or better! :)) This tremendous talent was voted reserves young player of the year last season and is looking at a bright future. Already a permamnent fixture in the first team and that takes some doing. Ok, 3 voted "should play for city" please send your names and addresses on a postcard, the "blue boys" will be around to sort you out! (only joking its a free world and life is too short) btw Can any one tell me - Who are City? This week: Which of the following players will not be on UNITED's books at the start of next season? Schmiechel Van Der Gouw Irwin Berg May Sheringham Cruyff Solskjaer Suggested by John Whitney. Vote now at this address: http://www.red11.org/miva/survey.mv Thanks for voting!
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Subject: Man Utd ready for Europe but Bayern slump LONDON, Nov 1 - England's Manchester United and Arsenal warmed up for European action this week with domestic victories but German league leaders Bayern Munich slumped to their first defeat of the season. European Cup holders Real Madrid extended their 100 percent away record and Juventus moved to the top in Italy for the first time this season. All five clubs are involved in key Champions' League matches on Wednesday. ENGLAND Manchester United smashed four goals past Everton to move to within a point of Aston Villa at the top of the premier league. Duncan Ferguson scored a consolation goal for the hosts -- their first at home all season -- but Everton, unbeaten in 10 games before this match, had no answer to United's pace and power. Villa's match at Chelsea was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch. Champions Arsenal won 1-0 at Coventry City in a match marred by the death of a steward after he was struck by the Arsenal team bus in an accident outside the stadium before the game. England midfielder Paul Gascoigne returned for his first game since leaving a rehabilitation clinic in Middlesbrough's 1-1 draw with Nottingham Forest. SPAIN Real Madrid stormed back to the top of the Spanish first division, extending their 100 percent away record this season with a 5-1 win at Extremadura. Barcelona also won as two goals apiece from Brazilian pair Rivaldo and Sonny Anderson gave them a 4-1 victory over Real Sociedad. GERMANY Leaders Bayern Munich slumped to their first league defeat of the season when they had a man sent off and lost 1-0 at promoted Eintracht Frankfurt. Eintracht midfielder Thomas Sobotzik scored the only goal of the match in the 32nd minute to stop Bayern's brilliant run of eight wins and a draw. But they still have a comfortable five-point lead over city rivals TSV 1860 Munich, who lost 3-2 at home to lowly VfL Wolfsburg. Bayern and TSV 1860 clash in a top-of-the-table derby next Saturday.
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Subject: The official terms of reference Here is the official press release. We have to send a letter by 20th November stating that we would like to submit evidence to the address at the bottom of this message DTI Press Notice P/98/835 29 October 1998 PROPOSED ACQUISITION BY BRITISH SKY BROADCASTING GROUP PLC OF MANCHESTER UNITED PLC REFERRED TO MMC Terms of reference Whereas it appears to the Secretary of State that it is or may be the fact that arrangements are in progress or in contemplation which, if carried into effect, will result in the creation of a merger situation qualifying for investigation, as defined in section 64(8) of the Fair Trading Act ("the Act") in that: (a) enterprises carried on by or under the control of British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC ( a body incorporated in the United Kingdom) will cease to be disdinct from enterprises carried on by or under the control of Manchester United PLC; and (b) the value of assets to be taken over exceeds ?70million; Now, therefore, the Secretary of State, in exercise of his powers under sections 64, 69(2) and 75(1) of the Act, hereby refers to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission ("the Commission") for investigation and report within the period ending on 12 March 1999 the following questions: (i) whether arrangements are in progress or in contemplation as described in paragraph (a) above which, if carried into effect, will result in the creation of a merger situation qualifying for investigation; (ii) if events so require, whether the actual results of those arrangements are the creation of such a situation; and (iii) if so, ineither case, whether the creation of that situation may be expected to operate of (if events so require) operates against the public interest. In relation to the questions in paragraphs (i) and (ii) above the Commission shall exclude from consideration one of paragraphs (a) and (b) of section 64(1) of the Act if they find the other satisfied. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Commission would like to hear from anyone who wishes to submit evidence in writing to the inquiry by 20 November 1998, to be sent to: The Reference Secretary (BSB) Monopolies and Mergers Commission New Court 48 Carey Street London WC2A 2JT.
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Subject: Casper's Reading Transfer (TeamTalk) Casper To Join Royals Chris Casper will quit United to join Reading today in a £300,000 deal. The Second Division club have been very impressed with the 23-year-old centre back during his one-and-a-half month spell on loan - spurring Tommy Burns to make the move permanent. Casper's accomplished defending and ball skills have strengthened Reading, currently unbeaten in their last six matches, at the back. Burns said: "Chris has given us an extra dimension in defence. He has lots of talent and at 23 he sees this as his chance to get first team football." Casper made two senior appearances for United, one in the league when United won 2-1 at White Hart Lane. He played for Bournemouth and Swindon on loan before Reading offered him the chance to play regular league football.
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Subject: King Keane holds court but bigger challenge is lying ahead Everton 1-4 Manchester United: Monday, November 2, 1998 Long before Roy Keane became captain of Manchester United, Alex Ferguson talked of him as if he had been born for the challenges that now lie ahead. When the Republic of Ireland midfielder arrived at Old Trafford, Steve Bruce was still captain and Paul Ince was hoping to inherit the armband. Yet Ferguson was always certain of Keane's true birthright. And Keane, as his manager had envisaged, proved himself worthy. That was his first challenge as a United player. Now, having produced the evidence at Goodison Park that proves he has overcome the second major hurdle of his life - recovering from a debilitating knee injury - he can define his place in Old Trafford history following the news that Ryan Giggs will be out for a month with a fractured foot. For having rediscovered the dynamism that made him one of the most intimidating midfielders of his generation, the Manchester United captain faces a new, perhaps more daunting, task - leading his club towards their Holy Grail of the European Cup. Keane won the respect of Everton adversary John Collins following a performance of awesome power. It helped his colleagues give Walter Smith a first-hand insight on how far he has to go before he can think of rivalling the Old Trafford boss after their first managerial head-to- head. In one simple sentence, Collins delivered his verdict: 'Roy Keane is now back to his best.' That, from a proud Scotsman who took great professional satisfaction in ruining United's Champions League ambitions last year by helping Monaco knock them out of the quarter-finals, may be all that the Irishman needs to be sure in his own mind that his recovery is complete. Keane will need that reassurance. For while United may have been too much, too soon for Smith and his revolution at Goodison, Giggs' injury means that the Irishman's credence is about to be put to the ultimate test. Brondby, on Wednesday, should not prove too much of a problem. Having already beaten the Danes 6-0 in a friendly, then 6-2 in Copenhagen to lead their section, Keane and his team-mates would see anything less than another victory as abject failure. But with Giggs also out for the visit to Barcelona's Nou Camp stadium three weeks later, Keane's influence will be crucial. At least Ferguson can count on one of them being around for the second series of their section. Collins is convinced that Keane can hold the fort until Giggs returns. He said: 'I think this may be United's year. Since I played against them last for Monaco they have become stronger and more impressive.' Of course, there are reasons other than Keane's re-emergence for that. Jaap Stam is starting to feel at home and Dwight Yorke has given United an extra dimension in attack, his partnership with Andy Cole having now produced nine goals. Ferguson has another naturally left-sided player in Jesper Blomqvist to fill in for Giggs. He gives the team the width it requires to operate at optimum levels. Everton, who might have gone ahead in the 15th second had Peter Schmiechel not brilliantly blocked a Duncan Ferguson volley, have more mundane problems confronting them. Such as how to translate chances into the goals that will ensure there is not to be another fight against relegation. They made several chances. Stam's attempted clearance struck a post, as did a Collins shot and Ferguson headed one opportunity wide while Short missed with a volley. New £4.5 million signing Ibrahim Bakayoko suggested he may add an extra cutting edge. Having gone behind to Yorke's opener and Short's misdirected header, Everton fought back after Ferguson headed Everton's first Premiership goal at Goodison in nine hours, 24 minutes of play. Yet with Keane constantly cracking the whip, goals from Cole and Blomqvist gave their side an over-stated winning margin. Everton face FA action after Schmeichel's goal became a missile landing zone near the end of the game. Referee Peter Jones will include the incidents in his match report.
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BREAKING NEWS - Monday 02 November 1998 Subject: UNDERSTUDY BLOMQVIST CAN RISE TO OCCASION Jesper Blomqvist is ready to step into the void left by Ryan Giggs as Manchester United prepare for a European onslaught which could carry them from the 'group of death' and into the Champions' Leagu e quarter-finals. With Brondby coming to Old Trafford on Wednesday and the crucial clash with Barcelona just three weeks away, Alex Ferguson says Blomqvist could prove a key figure. They currently top Group D after beating the Danes 6-2 in Copenhagen last month, and another big win on Wednesday would strengthen their chances of reaching the knockout stage once again. An injury to Giggs at this stage of the competition could have proved drastic, but that is why Ferguson invested £4.5million in the Swede during the summer. Last year, without cover for Giggs, United finished trophyless. But, despite the Welsh star's broken foot, the United manager is confident his team can cope this time. "That is the reason behind having such a strong pool - Jesper Blomqvist will do the job," said Ferguson. "Losing Ryan for a month is now a blow; it's a disappointment. Blows are something which can flatten you, but we are not going to allow that to happen. Jesper makes a difference." Blomqvist, who scored his first goal for United on Saturday, confesses to being amazed by his new team-mates' performances. During October in a programme cut short by a two-week international break, United scored 21 goals - and the Swede could scarcely believe some of the performances. "I have never played at a club where the goals come like that, but when we get the passing going and the ball working it's amazing," he said.
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