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Date: Thu Sep 03 11:44:11 GMT+00:00 1998
Mail: barry@www.red11.org

This Issue:
1. Jackie Blanchflower dies of cancer
2. Jesper shines and Jordi is Man-of-the-Match
3. Pontins league

Daily RED Trivia  Thursday 3rd September:

1905: Tommy Bamford born in Port Talbot, Wales. A free-scoring Centre-Foward,
Bamford scored on his United debut against Newcastle United in October 1934. He
won a Second Division Championship medal in 1936, scoring 7 in the opening 6
games, and again was a part of the promotion-winning side of 1938. Between 1934-38
he made 109 appearances and scored 57 goals, moving to Swansea Town in
June 1938. 5 caps for Wales.        

1959: United beat Chelsea 6-3 at Stamford Bridge in a Division 1 game watched by
66,579. Warren Bradley 2, Dennis Viollet 2, Bobby Charlton and Albert Quixall
scored for the Reds. Team was: Gregg, Cope, Carolan, Brennan, Foulkes, McGuinness,
Bradley, Quixall, Viollet, Charlton, Scanlon. 

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Total:	133 voted
What do you think of the 12.6 Million deal for Dwight Yorke?

Very good 		16 12.0%
Good 			52 39.1% **************
Satisfactory	 	27 20.3%
Poor 			28 21.0%
Very poor 		10  7.5%

Barry comment:
So it looks like we all agree Fergie should have paid the high fee.
39+16 55% Say good or better
Interestingly 38% thought it was a poor or worse decision!
The proof of the pudding will be in the eating.

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Roy at the Cliff 18th aug 98.

Subject: Jackie Blanchflower dies of cancer To: MUFC@LISTSERV.INDIANA.EDU BUSBY BABE JACKIE LOSES CANCER BATTLE Manchester United Munich air crash survivor Jackie Blanchflower has died at the age of 65 after a long battle against cancer. The Belfast-born centre-half, younger brother of Tottenham star Danny, won 12 Northern Ireland caps. He made his debut for his country in 1954 in the same side as his brother. His career was cut short by the 1958 Munich disaster, when United's plane crashed on take-off, killing eight of the legendary Busby Babes. Jackie joined United as an amateur in May 1949 and turned professional a year later. He was badly injured in the 1958 air crash which claimed 23 lives in all. After the crash, he was unable to continue playing and retired in June 1959 to become an accountant. He was a popular after-dinner speaker and two weeks ago, was amongst the guests at the Munich testimonial game at Old Trafford. Fellow Busby Babe Bill Foulkes was among the first to pay tribute to Blanchflower, whose closest footballing friends, Tommy Taylor and David Pegg, were two of the eight United players who died in the crash. Foulkes last saw Blanchflower at the Munich Tribute game at Old Trafford last Tuesday. "We had a private chat but he wasn't very well," he said. "Jackie was a brilliant footballer, capable of filling in for Duncan Edwards in midfield and Tommy Taylor in attack. "His rib cage was badly damaged at Munich at he never played again." Foulkes remembers Blanchflower as an outgoing member of Busby's squad, a skill he put to good use on the after-dinner speaking circuit. "Jackie was a fun-loving character, a little bit more outgoing than his brother Danny," he added. "He was a first-class man and footballer. He will be sadly missed." mfl Blanchflower's former Northern Ireland team-mate Billy Bingham expressed his shock at the death of a man he has known since they were children. "We lived in the same district of Belfast and both played for Orange Field Star, a local team which Jackie's mother ran," said Bingham, who later went on to manage his country. "We played schoolboy internationals together and though our careers took different paths we always came together for Northern Ireland games." Bingham revealed he still has a team picture on his wall, taken as a 12-year-old, with him and Blanchflower together. "Danny was five years older and because of that Jackie was in his shadow a little bit. "But he came out of that and was very much his own man, a fun-loving guy who would definitely have played in the 1958 World Cup had it not been for the Munich crash. "I haven't seen Jackie for quite a while but we go back such a long way that this news comes as a huge shock. "My thoughts go out to his wife Jean." PA Sporting
Roy at the Cliff 18th aug 98.

Date: Wed, 02 Sep 1998 23:24:11 -0400 From: L Harvey Subject: Jesper shines and Jordi is Man-of-the-Match Manchester United Reserves 4 Aston Villa Reserves 0 Just got back from the reserve game at Old Trafford and an excellent game it was. The subject line sums up the game - we were witness to an excellent debut from our new signing and (believe it or not) the Man-of-the-Match was Jordi Cruyff, who had an excellent game, setting up all four goals. In front of a larger than usual crowd (it looked around 5-6000), a very efficient United side controlled the game against a Villa team with very few ideas. The scoring began about 20 minutes into the first half when Jordi Cruyff forced an own goal from one of the Villa players. Soon after this, Jordi was active again, setting up Mark Wilson's first goal. The other two goals came in the second half, another from Mark Wilson and a final goal from Jonathan Greening, both of which resulted from some excellent football from Jordi. Jesper Blomqvist played for most of the game and was very impressive. He is fast, agile and strong (much stronger than he looks), not afraid to go in for the tackle and impressive tackling back. He linked up well with the midfield and forwards, especially with Jordi Cruyff, and showed some very skilful touches. He fully deserved the standing ovation he received from the crowd when he left the pitch, and I look forward to seeing him play for the first team. It was good to see Raimond back, looking strong and reliable and also to see Terry Cooke back on the pitch after his cruciate ligament injury. Like Keane, he looks like he has some way to go until he is fully match fit, but the signs are there that the lad is on the way back to a full recovery. Of the youngsters who were playing, I particularly impressed with Mark Wilson - who carried on where he left off in the Testimonial game. David May had a shaky first half, but settled down in the second half and looked much more like his old self. Jonathan Greening looks like a good buy from York. But the two stars of the evening were Blomqvist and Cruyff. It would be good to see Cruyff transfer this sort of form into the Premiership. Teams United: Raimond Van Der Gouw, Michael Clegg, Danny Higginbotham, David May, Ronnie Wallwork (Russell Best), Paul Teather, Terry Cooke, Mark Wilson, Jonathan Greening, Jordi Cruyff, Jesper Blomqvist (David Healy). Sub (not used): Jamie Wood Villa: Michael Oakes, Ben Petty, Tommy Jaszczun, Lee Collins (sent off at about 80 minutes), Lloyd Samuel, Riccardo Scimeca, Fabio Ferraresi, Aaron Lescott, Richard Walker, Darren Byfield, Simon Grayson. Subs: David Curtolo, Michael Standing, Darren Middleton. Next Pontins League game: United Reserves v Birmingham City Reserves Thursday 17th September 1998, Old Trafford, Kick-off 7pm. ****************************************************** Linda Harvey linda@eccles.u-net.com ******************************************************
Roy at the Cliff 18th aug 98.

Subject: Pontins league Manchester United Reserves + Junior Teams Pontins/FA Premier Academy U-17/U-19 Updated 24/08/98 by Paul Hinson 97-8 98-9 AUGUST Thu 20 SUNDERLAND (H) - 0-0 SEPTEMBER Wed 2 ASTON VILLA (H) 1-0 4-0 Sat 5 Everton (A) 2-3 Thu 17 BIRMINGHAM CITY (H) 2-0 OCTOBER Thu 1 NOTTINGHAM FOREST (H) 1-1 Wed 7 Liverpool (A) 2-2 Wed 14 BLACKBURN ROVERS (H) 2-2 NOVEMBER Wed 4 STOKE CITY (H) 4-2 Tue 10 Derby County (A) 4-0 Mon 16 Leicester City (A) - DECEMBER Wed 2 Leeds United (A) 0-3 Wed 9 PRESTON NORTH END (H) 5-2 Mon 14 Sunderland (A) - JANUARY Wed 6 Aston Villa (A) 1-0 Wed 27 DERBY COUNTY (H) 2-1 FEBRUARY Wed 3 Birmingham City (A) 2-0 Mon 8 Preston North End (A) 6-1 Tue 23 Nottingham Forest (A) 1-0 MARCH Wed 3 LIVERPOOL (H) 0-1 Mon 15 Blackburn Rovers (A) 1-3 Mon 22 Stoke City (A) 2-1 Sat 27 EVERTON (H) 7-0 APRIL Wed 14 LEICESTER CITY (H) - Wed 28 LEEDS UNITED (H) 1-1 First 3 and last 3 Home fixtures at Old Trafford, Kick-off 7pm. Remainder at Gigg Lane, Bury, Kick-off 7.30.. All Saturday fixtures Kick-off 2pm. Fixtures subject to alteration. Pontins League Premier Division Results from last week: Birmingham City 1 Liverpool3 Blackburn Rovers 4 Leeds United 1 United 0 Sunderland 0 All facts and figures updated by Paul Hinson P.L.Hinson@ais.salford.ac.uk Webmaster barry@www.red11.org --------------------------------------------------------------------------- PONTINS PREMIER LEAGUE (before today's win) P W D LF A Pts Sunderland (-) 2 1 1 04 1 4 Derby County (8) 2 1 1 04 2 4 Liverpool (10) 1 1 0 03 1 3 Blackburn Rovers (3) 2 1 0 15 5 3 Everton (7) 1 0 1 01 1 1 UNITED (2) 1 0 1 00 0 1 Nottingham Forest (11) 1 0 1 00 0 1 Leicester City (-) 2 0 1 12 4 1 Birmingham City (5) 2 0 1 11 3 1 Preston North End (9) 0 0 0 00 0 0 Sheffield Wednesday (13)0 0 0 00 0 0 Stoke City (6) 0 0 0 00 0 0 Tranmere Rovers (12) 0 0 0 00 0 0 Leeds United (1) 1 0 0 11 4 0 Last seasons position in brackets --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Manchester Senior Cup JANUARY Tue 12 MANCHESTER CITY (H) FEBRUARY Thu 11 BURY (H) MARCH Wed 10 Oldham Athletic (A) Wed 31 Bury (A) APRIL Tue 6 Manchester City (A) Wed 21 OLDHAM ATHLETIC (H) Venues/Kick-off times to be decided. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FA Premier Academy League Under-19 SEPTEMBER Sep 5 West Ham United (A) Sat 12 DERBY COUNTY (H) Sat 19 WATFORD (H) Sat 26 Wimbledon (A) OCTOBER Sat 3 FULHAM (H) Sat 17 Manchester City (A) Sat 24 EVERTON (H) Sat 31 LIVERPOOL (H) NOVEMBER Sat 7 Bolton Wanderers (A) Sat 14 Blackburn Rovers (A) Sat 21 ASTON VILLA (H) Sat 28 CREWE ALEXANDRA (H) DECEMBER Sat 12 MANCHESTER CITY (H) Sat 19 Everton (A) JANUARY Sat 16 Liverpool (A) Sat 30 BOLTON WANDERERS (H) FEBRUARY Sat 13 BLACKBURN ROVERS (H) Sat 20 Aston Villa (A) Sat 27 Crewe Alexandra (A) MARCH Sat 6 Crystal Palace (A) Sat 20 BRISTOL CITY (H) Sat 27 Sheffield Wednesday (A) Home fixtures played at the Cliff, Lower Broughton, Salford --------------------------------------------------------------------------- FA Premier Academy League Under-17 SEPTEMBER Sep 5 West Ham United (A) Sat 12 DERBY COUNTY (H) Sat 19 WATFORD (H) Sat 26 Wimbledon (A) OCTOBER Sat 3 FULHAM (H) Sat 17 Manchester City (A) Sat 24 EVERTON (H) Sat 31 LIVERPOOL (H) NOVEMBER Sat 7 WIMBLEDON (H) Sat 14 Blackburn Rovers (A) Sat 21 ASTON VILLA (H) Sat 28 CREWE ALEXANDRA (H) DECEMBER Sat 12 MANCHESTER CITY (H) Sat 19 Everton (A) JANUARY Sat 16 Liverpool (A) Sat 30 Tottenham Hotspur (A) FEBRUARY Sat 13 BLACKBURN ROVERS (H) Sat 20 Aston Villa (A) Sat 27 Crewe Alexandra (A) MARCH Sat 6 Crystal Palace (A) Sat 20 BRISTOL CITY (H) Sat 27 Sheffield Wednesday (A) Home fixtures played at Littleton Road, Salford
Roy at the Cliff 18th aug 98.

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