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Date: Wed July 1 GMT+00:00 1998
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1. Schmikes (Times)
2. LIST: Becks' $$$$ (Carling)



X-Sender: red-devils@pop.pipeline.com X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:06:09 -0700 To: manutd@pipeline.com Subject: Schmikes (Times) Schmeichel takes pride in keeping up appearances FROM DAVID POWELL IN PARIS NEVER mind the Hand of God, the hands of Peter Schmeichel are a big World Cup subject. At least they are in the mind of Bo Johansson, the Denmark coach. "Every time we have a good victory it is because Peter Schmeichel is available," Johansson said after Denmark had defeated Nigeria on Sunday to reach the quarter-finals for the first time. While the margin of victory was hardly flattering, the course of the match might have turned in the seventeenth minute when Denmark, 2-0 up and apparently cruising, almost gave away a sloppy goal. Schmeichel, though, clawed the ball away from Nwankwo Kanu's feet, his timing immaculate when a lesser goalkeeper might have conceded a penalty. Denmark continued to play with flair, dominating with a mixture of organisation and style. Laced together by the elegance of Michael Laudrup, Denmark played so well that one could see them giving Brazil a hard time in Nantes on Friday. Brian Laudrup, playing alongside his brother behind Peter Moller in a 4-3-2-1 formation, also demonstrated exquisite ball skills. It was a performance of some force, made possible, Johansson said, by Schmeichel. "If Denmark is going to play the game like this, we need to have a goalkeeper of the standard of Peter," the coach said of his Manchester United custodian. This is Schmeichel's first World Cup and, at 34, his last, surely. He more than anybody got Denmark to France with heroics against Greece in a goalless draw in their last qualifying match. He marvels at Denmark, a nation of 5.2 million inhabitants against Brazil's 157 million. "For such a small country to play the best team in the world is such a great achievement," Schmeichel said. Schmeichel is now Denmark's most capped player, his 103 appearances surpassing the 102 achieved by Morten Olsen. Sunday was a night for records. As well as his personal landmark and Denmark progressing farther than ever, Ebbe Sand scored the fastest goal by a substitute, 16 seconds after entering the match. If there was a regret for Schmeichel it must have been that Denmark did not win a late penalty. "I am more than fed up with seeing '0 goals' next to my international appearances total," he said. A plan had been hatched. "Michael Laudrup and I have discussed it. If we are 3-0 or 4-0 up with a couple of minutes left and we are awarded a penalty, then I will take it." Somehow, getting into that position against Brazil seems unlikely. Even Michael Laudrup did not imagine that Denmark could play as well as they did against Nigeria. "It was incredible the way the team passed the ball around," he said. "Football can be a very strange game." Not for the first time. When Denmark won the European championship in 1992, they did so only after Yugoslavia had been excluded because of civil war and Denmark were invited to take their place. A 750,000 purchase from Brondby in 1991, Schmeichel represents one of English club football's shrewdest buys. One more win for Denmark and two for England, and the semi-final in Marseilles next Tuesday will be a club reunion with attitude, with Schmeichel possibly in opposition to his four United team-mates: Beckham, Scholes, Neville and Sheringham. But first Brazil, and Schmeichel had better leave himself a note to turn out the light when he goes to bed after the game. Recalling that tense last qualifying match against Greece, he said: "It had been a long time since the adrenalin flowed like it did in that game, and, that night, I was knackered. I even went to sleep with the light on and it is years since that happened to me." The question is: will Denmark go out before the lights? Marcus Lionel van Geyzel. "I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking very good either". -- Dogbert

X-Sender: red-devils@pop.pipeline.com X-Mailer: Windows Eudora Pro Version 3.0 (32) Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 14:04:10 -0700 To: manutd@pipeline.com From: "Red Devil Marcus" (by way of RED-DEVILS Mail List ) Subject: LIST: Becks' $$$$ (Carling) Man United 30 Jun 1998 BECKHAM CASHES IN David Beckham is England's top earning footballer according to a report published this week. The 23-year-old Manchester United midfielder, who scored with a stunning free-kick against Colombia on Friday, is paid even more than England captain Alan Shearer, according to BusinessAge magazine. The magazine's poll of the World's top 25 football earners calculated that Beckham's annual earnings total 8.1million with Shearer commanding 7.75million. But their pay packets pale into insignificance when compared with 21-year-old Brazilian superstar Ronaldo, who topped the poll with 20.5million. Beckham's earnings comprise of a mixture of salary, sponsorship, endorsement offers, bonuses and investments. He is currently receiving 1.4million a year from Adidas, 1million from Brylcreem and 1.35million basic salary on top of bonuses, signing-on fees and dozens of other incentives, said BusinessAge. Shearer's princely sum comes from various advertising deals with the likes of Lucozade, Braun and McDonald's. He also recently signed a 14-year deal worth 25million with Manchester-based sportswear manufacturer Umbro. The England duo, who finished 9th and 10th respectively in the poll, are still way off Brazil's top players who fill the top four places. Second-placed Denilson, who is currently struggling to command a place in the Brazilian team, insured his left foot for 1million last year. Shearer's opposite number in tonight's crunch game, Argentinian hitman Gabriel Batistuta came 15th with a total of 3.25million. International footballers' performances in the World Cup could have a great deal of impact on future earnings, with the prospect of summer transfers and lucrative advertising deals THE WORLD'S TOP 25 EARNERS Name Age Country Team Earnings 1 Ronaldo (21) Brazil Inter Milan 20.5million 2 Denilson (20) Brazil Real Betis 18.75m 3 Rivaldo (26) Brazil Barcelona 17.75m 4 Roberto Carlos (25) Brazil Real Madrid 15.85m 5 Alessandro Del Piero (23) Italy Juventus 15.25m 6 Dennis Bergkamp (29) Holland Arsenal 13.75m 7 Roberto Baggio (31) Italy Bologna 10.75m 8 George Weah (31) Liberia AC Milan 9.25m 9 David Beckham (23) England Man United 8.1m 10 Alan Shearer (28) England Newcastle 7.75m 11 Paolo Maldini (29) Italy AC Milan 6.8m 12 Jurgen Klinsmann (33) Germany Tottenham (97/98) 5.2m 13 Fabrizio Ravenelli (29) Italy Marseille 4.4m 14 Gianluca Vialli (34) Italy Chelsea 3.8m 15 Gabriel Batistuta (29) Argentina Fiorentina 3.25m 16 Raul (21) Spain Real Madrid 3.15m 17 Juninho (25) Brazil Atletico Madrid 3m 18 Oliver Bierhoff (30) Germany AC Milan 2.85m 19Brian Laudrup (29) Denmark Chelsea 2.25m 19Romario (32) Brazil Flamengo 2.25m 21 Marcelo Salas (21) Chile Lazio 2.2m 22 Zinedine Zidane (25) France Juventus 2.1m 23 Jaap Stam (25) Holland Man United 1.95m 24 Christian Vieri (24) Italy Atletico Madrid 1.8m 25 Pierluigi Casiraghi (29) Italy Chelsea 1.75m Marcus Lionel van Geyzel. "I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow isn't looking very good either". -- Dogbert

Subject: BLAME BECKHAM FOR DEFEAT By Frank Malley, PA Chief Sports Writer, Saint-Etienne Rarely have the Three Lions of England roared more gloriously in defeat. Never can an England team have performed more bravely than the 10 men who lost to Argentina on penalties in one of the truly great World Cup matches. It was wild and wonderful, it was dramatic and draining; tonight in Saint-Etienne it was simply, heartbreakingly sensational. Each one of those 10 men, who battled understrength with one of the world's top sides for more than an hour, deserves a medal - they ran until their lungs burst and their legs ached. They were simply magnificent - David Beckham was simply a disgrace. He should hang his head in shame this morning after letting England down in the biggest game of his life. He deserves to have the Three Lions stripped from his shirt for an act of crass stupidity when he got himself sent off for kicking out at Argentinian captain Diego Simeone. So let's not blame the courageous David Batty for missing the penalty that cost England a place in the quarter-finals. Let's instead blame Beckham's peevish and sly kick, foolishly enacted under the nose of referee Kim Milton Nielsen. It let down an English defence which had stood rock solid against one of football's most awesome strikeforces. It let down Glenn Hoddle, the manager who had restored Beckham to the team and rebuilt his World Cup dream. It let down Michael Owen, at 18 the youngest England player and yet the one about whom the headlines should all be on this captivating night after he scored one of the truly memorable World Cup goals. It let down every English player who ran until he dropped to try to make up for Beckham's rash and reckless actions. In short, the moment Beckham saw red he let down a nation, millions of whom were back home on the edge of their seats, biting their fingernails on the most dramatic and emotional night of this magnificent tournament. He became the fifth England player to be sent off and the first since Ray Wilkins was dismissed in the World Cup back in 1986 - the year ironically England also lost to Argentina. But the worst thing Beckham will have to live with is that his aberration took the shine off an England performance of quite compelling courage and sparkle. It was a performance which had Hoddle leaping from his dug-out one moment in triumph, the next in trepidation. It was a performance which said they could have won the World Cup. To paraphrase a famous soccer song "England's Coming Home" - football, meanwhile, goes on and England's one consolation is that when the World Cup trophy is presented on July 12 they may well have fallen to the champions. That, however, should be no consolation to Beckham.

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