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Man Utd Managers
and Secretary / Managers

In the early days of the club, the position of Secretary was much different to today.
The job included responsibilities for team affairs which is why they are detailed below.

19001903James WestSecretary
19031912Ernest MangnallSecretary
9/9/1228/10/12T.J.WallworthActing Secretary
28/12/1416/9/16John RobsonManager
16/9/1631/10/21John RobsonSecretary - Manager
31/10/218/10/26John ChapmanSecretary - Manager
8/10/2613/4/27Clarence 'Lal' HilditchPlayer - Manager
13/4/279/11/31Herbert BamlettManager
9/11/311/8/32Walter CrickmerSecretary - Acting Manager
1/8/329/11/37Scott DuncanManager
19381944Jimmy PorterManager
194415/2/45Walter CrickmerSecretary - Acting Manager
15/2/4511/8/70Matt BusbyManager
1/6/6911/8/70Wilf McGuinnessChief Coach
11/8/7029/12/70Wilf McGuinnessTeam Manager
11/8/7029/12/70Sir Matt BusbyGeneral Manager
29/12/708/6/71Sir Matt BusbyManager
8/6/7119/12/72Frank O'FarrellManager
22/12/724/7/77Tommy DochertyManager
14/7/7730/4/81Dave SextonManager
9/6/814/11/86Ron AtkinsonManager
6/11/86currentAlex FergusonManager

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