The Throstles Nest

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the pub of choice for list members when
attending matches at Old Trafford

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- Kieron Higgins -

  the Landlord of the Throstles Nest

How the ListPics was born - by Barry Leeming

Having joined the internet Manchester United Mailing list run by Cp Cheah I then started to build a new website to be named "The Theatre Of Dreams" sometime around 1996. At the start things were slow but after gaining experience things moved fast and the website developed!

As you may well know yourself, the daily dose of Man Utd mails becomes a kind of drug. One becomes hooked and soon there are many "Electronic" friends out there from ALL over the globe. Bill Stevens in Winnipeg was one of the first personal contacts making me feel welcome. Bill and i have never met but have promised each other that it will happen one "sunny RED day".

CP Cheah started the list and it has developed into a 2000+ mail-list of REDS from deep Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom to the West Coast of USA. I was caught in this net and decided that it would be "cool" to be able to see some of the faces involved in the daily posts. The power of the internet, I invited folks to send their pics by email attchments or snail mail and the Listpics was born!

This idea developed rather quickly and soon the pages were full of pics. Today the listpics have been re-designed by Bill McArthur at Simplenet for easier navigation. There are well over 130+ faces and REDS are sorted into Europe + Canada&Usa + World sections to help download time.

Pete Hargreaves in Manchester has been a great help in developing the listpics website as he has taken "many" a pic with his own camera, developed and scanned them sending them to Denmark for publication. Many REDS have added a short introductory text to thier pics and the result
of the above story can now be seen on your PC screen at:

Enjoy the show!

Barry Leeming, Born in Lancashire
Living in Aalborg,  Denmark