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- DMC -

Published: Mar 10 99

A Wedding, A Birth & A Funeral.
The Devil May Care -

This last few weeks has read like a page from a newspaper with a birth a
wedding and a funeral.

The birth
Young Brooklyn was born to Becks and Victoria and I expect should this lad
ever pull on a Red shirt as his father says he will, he will be called Joe.
I can't imagine us singing "Brooklyn Becks, Brooklyn Becks running down the
wing," can you?

By the time he grows up I expect he will have enough money to buy Brooklyn
the way wages are spiralling. But more of that later.

The wedding
Young master Scholes landed his catch of the day not long ago. The ginger
prince married his longstanding girlfriend for a match obviously made in

The funeral
And talking of which one of the greatest strikers of all time is now
playing his matches up there with the rest of the Babes.

Dennis Viollet will be forever remembered for his style and grace. The
style on the pitch and the grace off it. Never did Dennis refuse an
autograph and whenever a supporters hand was offered he would always shake
it while looking you straight in the eyes.

He was a man of the people and will be missed by us all.

As I haven't had the opportunity to write recently I have to delve back
into January first when our own Wizard and his newest box of tricks were
given the Carling manager and player of the month awards.

I couldn't for the life of me think who else they might have given these
accolades to, but it's a nice feeling when Reds get them.

Dwight has been superb since his signing. I don't think there are any of us
who could have dreamt he would spark so much. Not so much a spark more a
forest fire I hear you say and with Andy providing the coal that fire has
been raging for a few months now.

The team are writing the lyrics and soul brothers are calling the tune.
They started the month by causing a conflagration at Forest and with both
of them on a hat-trick a cool Norwegian stepped up and dowsed their flames
scoring four in ten minutes.

What a record breaking performance that was and for it to be achieved on
February 6th made it all the more poignant. A superb Red day out for all
who were privileged to be there.

The Wizard now has a new number two who was appointed just before that epic
day in Nottingham so he must have been pinching himself at the City Ground
wondering whether it was all a dream.

"Why do they need me", he'd surely have been asking as the Reds ran riot,
but if he's Fergie's choice, he's ours too.

Nice one by Fartin though. Has he been taking lessons from his mate Mark
Booth from Sky? Fancy introducing Steve McClaren as "Steve McClarridge".
What a joker he is. It was a joke wasn't it? No, don't tell me he was
serious. DOH. That's another nice mess you've got yourself into then Marty!

McClaren seems one for the scientific approach with his computers, well
perhaps he could help our beloved Chairman out by plugging him in, turning
the dial to full power and sending him into cyberspace for a pixel party.

There are even new massage beds installed I believe which aid injury
recovery periods. Judging by the way our young Red bucks have been dishing
it out lately they are in no great need of massage beds, but I'm sure there
are a few supporters who wouldn't mind a go depending on who the masseur is
of course.

So Fergie is to receive the freedom of Aberdeen in May in recognition of
guiding the local team to unprecedented success in the 80's. Some other
Reds south of the border are rather hoping it may be a joint celebration
that month and that the Wizard will be returning to his native Scotland
with a bit of a suntan after a champagne week in Spain.

The great man is about to negotiate a wizard deal for himself thus making
him the best paid boss in the country - about time too I say. It's a wonder
Fartin even knows his name, or maybe he doesn't. Was his "hello Mr
Frigginhell" a jolly joke or another slip of the tongue?

Maybe it's nervous anticipation waiting for the new book of revelations
written in stone and due to be sent down from the mount this summer.

In any case how can the best manager not receive the best pay? How can the
best manager not be paid as much as his charges? It's a good job he bleeds
for this club as much as we do. Fortunately for him he doesn't get bled as
much as we do though.

All this talk about him taking over from Mr Cheerup (K.K.) is ridiculous.
Can anyone in their right minds see a committed Scot like Fergie managing
the auld enemy? You've got more chance of seeing inside Fartin's money

And a money belt is what Fergie dished out at a dinner the other week. He
says the spiralling wage demands by the players is crippling the game. It's
crippling us, I know that.

Who the hell needs that much money per week? And when it was revealed that
the Munich survivors were given around £45,000 each for their pain and
suffering, you have to equate that with the fact it is only what some
footballers get for a week's 'work'.

Let's get our values into perspective shall we. He's right IT IS crippling
the game.

Talking of which the MMC hand over their verdict to Steven Byers this
coming Friday. I have had a gut feeling all the way through this nasty
episode that Murdog will be defeated I only hope I'm right.

Meantime each and every person on these lists in the UK should write to
their MP and urge then to sign the latest EDM 266. If you don't know what
this means by now then find out by signing on to the IMUSA list at

Don't delay or we'll all have to pay.

The Devil May Care - DMC.

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