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Published: Tuesday 5th Oct 1999

Taibi or not Taibi
The Team -

Opinions from Barry - Bill - Salford Lass - Paul - Justin & Dave(MuTV):

Before we start here is the result of last weeks survey:
What do you think of UNITED's new keeper Massimo Taibi?

He's good but he's no Schmeichel - YET! 44 55.7%****
Very Good 10 12.7%
Not impressed 10 12.7%
Excellent 9 11.4%
Awful, sell him quick 6 7.6%
Total: 79 voted
Closed 03-Oct-99 04:15 GMT

So the general opinion of REDS before yesterday was that
Massimo Taibi is good enough. A confidence vote!

>>>>>>>>>>>>Webmaster Barry

Nobody can be compared with the great Dane and all players [remember Jaap]
need a seetling in period. One thing for sure we cannot blame a result such
5-0 yesterday on Taibi. Maybe he had an effect with a mistake to 1-0 but after
that played without mistake. He had no chance in the remaining four goals.
One can say a solid defence starts with confidence of the goalkeeper in
any side. Our goalkeeper Massimo Taibi is not commanding enough yet but
needs to be given a chance. I will not complain if Raimond is given his
chance right now as the times that he has played the back four have had
confidence in him. The future will hold the answer, I trust Sir Alex.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Webmaster Bill

I've only SEEN him play vs Liverpool, so I don't feel qualified to comment.

>>>>>>>>>>>>OUR SALFORD LASS

I think Massimo is a good keeper who is rapidly being made a scapegoat by
some fans. Most of those who were abusing him yesterday (and saying he
isn't good enough to replace Peter) have obviously forgotten not only
Peter's shaky start when he came to the club, but also the number of times
he picked the ball out of the net a couple of seasons ago - 11 goals in 2
games and according to the seagulls, and many United fans, he was finished.
Of course he wasn't finished and neither is Massimo crap. He is an
excellent goalkeeper who will replace the big Dane - he may never be as
good as Peter (but then who will be) but he is, in my opinion, an excellent
buy and will settle in.

As for yesterday - he made a mistake for the first goal but the rest of
them? Poor defending as far as I could see and he had little chance
against them (Sutton, for example, had a free header). Towards the end of
the second half he made two saves which kept the score from being even more

So my comment is - to all those slagging him off - get off his back and
give him a chance. The defeat yesterday wasn't down to him, it was down to
the whole team who played appallingly, to a man.

>>>>>>>>>>>>Masterfan Paul:

It is rather premature to write off Massimo Taibi. However, United need
to stablise the defence urgently, and so Raimond should take over
for the Watford game. The defence do not have any understanding with
Taibi on crosses, and at the moment he is coming out when he should
stay eg the Hyppia/Poyet goals, and staying when he should be
advancing. On the one hand, the language problem may be a factor.
Perhaps he is not able to communicate as he wants to. The alternative
is that his judgement is flawed, and this will be exposed as time goes on.

Hopefully a spell out of the firing line will help Taibi settle, learn how to
defend as a unit with his colleagues and build his confidence. From what
I have seen of him (excepting the Le Tissier gaffe) he is a capable
shot-stopper and must have some quality about him as the Wizard chased
his signature for over a year.

To bring Bosnich back now is an option, but VDG is a no-risk option,
and we cannot afford to gift goals away like we have in the past few weeks.
Bosnich must improve his kicking to play in the Premiership, no matter
how good his handling is.

I really think the Chelsea hiding was building up for a while, and the loss
of Keane protecting in front of the back four, fatigue showing with
Stam/Berg through
lack of replacements, loss of Butt for 70 mins, wrong tactics by the Wizard,
Chelsea due a win against us at the Bridge etc all contributed.

Without Giggs on the left flank the balance of the side is affected, and
as seen lately has to be confronted. Retaliation just means suspensions, good
for our rivals, no good to us. Hopefully the shirts can regroup, and put
another 29 game
unbeaten run in the Premiership. Enough wins in that and we might have
another title!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Graphics Designer Justin:

A thought occurred to me at about 28 seconds past 4 on Sunday
afternoon...MASSIMO TAIBI in Italian must translate to 'BIG MISTAKE'!
I think this guy needs a spell in the reserves to adapt to the British
game and get to learn the language.

Kick,Punch and Throw would be a good start for
him, especially if he plans on going out in this great city at night!At the
moment he is a liability and he cost us 2 points last week and maybe a full
3 more yesterday...this is not acceptable for a team of our stature and a
team hoping to repeat past success. Raimond has not put a foot wrong when he
has played and like we saw against Arsenal he is a saver of crucial points
against the most important opposition as you would expect from a keeper who
enhanced his game alongside Schmeichel. Fergie surely can't stick with him
after this performance and I would hope that Silvestre gets a break too
whilst he adapts to the pace.

United are also badly missing a left sided player who can do Giggsys' job
for the half a season each year he is injured, surely Fergie can see that we
need another option other than 'give it Becks'. As record profits are
announced again today I wonder how long it will be before the Edwards wallet
is breached and at the same time whether any of this 100 million will be
used to secure the future of our much missed club captain.

Uniteds' performance with or without Nicky Butt yesterday was like
watching United in the pre Schmeichel days.....Everytime Chelsea got near
our goal I thought they were going to
score.Its not the end of the world and maybe a good hammering will hit the
likes of Taibi...Butt....and Beckham hard. Since the treble and the crest of
the wave that was the first six games of the season United have started to
stutter and the defeat yesterday has been on the cards for a few weeks.

Maybe I am being too cynical and think that United can and should beat
everyone but hey...thats what its all about. I pay my money every week so I
am entitled to give an opinion on what I see and I think I can just about
cope with losing one game a year!I fear a backlash for the next team to come
to Old Trafford though....Let me see who it is...erm...Watford...Now that
should be an easy game?..?

Funny how we lose for the first time in a year and this morning the sun is
shining over Manchester after a month of constant rain?.....mmm.......God
must be a Bitter Blue?!.

Justin E.
Graphic Artist

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dave MUTV

As far as MUTV is aware, Massimo will remain Number 1 for the Prem. games
and Ray van der Gouw will take over during the Champions League.

Bosnich will not be featuring until he gets back to full fitness.

Personally, I think we should stick with Taibi, he's playing with half a
side at the moment and as soon as Keane,Giggs,Neville etc return we will see
the real Manchester United doing the business.

Dave (MUTV)


This article was written by the team at
The Theatre Of Dreams

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