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Published: 20th June 2000

Start a debate.
by Justin

This is a copy of a letter I have sent to Man United about being refused once again a season ticket.....LMTB. I am ranting on and on and wondered if any other reds on the list have probs with getting season tickets etc.?And again if you hear of anyone in the UK who is not renewing and would want to part with a season tkt then let me know....

I just want to go on a bit about my apathy at the current way United run there season and LMTB ticket books.I have just applied once again for a LMTB for the coming season and again have been turned down for not having enough vouchers from the relevant cup games or maybe its because I live too close to Old Trafford!? ie:Middleton,Manchester.

I have been going to United for about 20 years now and Im 29 and year upon year I write and yet every time I am turned down.I apply for all games and as you know the membership far excedes the allocation so 50% of the time I dont even get tickets that way and therefore have to rely on friends who have season tickets spare or buying on the black market.I hate doing both these things but if it means I get to watch my team play then I have to resort to these measures.

I have noticed as many have that the noise levels are decreasing as the crowds increase and I put it down mainly to the lack of local support within the ground.Paying at the gate will never return but I think the local lads and lasses would like a fairer crack of the whip than they get now.I dont know if I will ever get the Willy Wonka Golden ticket(Season Ticket) but I will always remain a loyal red even if it means selling the Big Issue on Market Street to fund my ticket buying.I want to know why so many people have so many season ticket books and they are constantly allowed to renew them even though most of the names on the books dont exist anymore.Its a joke that means the likes of me who would give his right arm to get a book have to struggle through every season wondering if and how they will get to the next game.Its making me more bitter and cynical towards the money making machine that is United but they know that as much as we moan we will always be there.Thats the rock and hard place we have to choose between.

By the way....if anyone knows of a man who might be selling theres or wants to part with a book for the coming season...please dont hesitate to contact me here in cloud cuckoo land.


Your ranting......... Forever Red
J Eagleton
' just ' an artist

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