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Published: 14 MAY 2003

by Pete Hargreaves

I have a great affection for Real Madrid and wanted them to win tonight.

HOWEVER, the seagulls and other 'experts' (my arse) told me that Real
Madrid were "the greatest team in the world". Anyone who knows even the
smallest amount about football could see that, whilst they have some
talented midfield and forward players, their defence is not even
pub-football standard. Had we had just a little more confidence we would
have beaten them without doubt.

If that Carlos is world-class then I might think about getting my boots
down off my office wall. He might be able to take free-kicks, but as a
defender he is total shite. There ought to be more to your game than taking
free-kicks if you are to bear the label 'world class'. Carlos' lack of
ability is exceeded only by his arrogance. Lack of ability showed tonight -
but I didn't see that swagger about him at the end. Tosser.

Having comfortably beaten Juventus, twice, we should have won the big one
this year. Had we had just an ounce of luck in either tie, and a wee bit
more belief (which WILL come in time), we would have beaten Real Madrid
(nothing more than a 'good' team) and thus gone on to Old Trafford and the
big silver pot.

But such is life, we must 'settle' for 'just' the League Championship.
'Just the League Championship'! Bloody hell, me and my dad trudged home at
the end of twenty-six bleeding seasons wishing that we could win it JUST
ONCE MORE!!! Now, eight in eleven. This man, Sir Alex Ferguson, is a genius
- an absolute, gold-bleeding-plated genius.

Keep the faith, Pete

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