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- DMC -

Published: May 7th 1999

DMC special edition.
The Devil May Care

Well it seems as though some of you out there need cheering up and a more than a little encouragement. Don't you know this is what it's always like supporting United. It's not bland and boring like supporting any other club. Imagine what it must be like supporting Arsenal - bloody boring, that's what.

And then ask yourself why you love Manchester United. Ask yourself why we fight so hard for the club, why we love it when everyone else despises us, why we stand up in defiance of others. Ask yourself why so many fought so hard and long to dump the BSkyB bid and save the club's independence.

So, why do you support United? Is it because of the aura surrounding the club, the history, the pain and glory? Is it the style of play, the swashbuckling swagger of the men wearing the red shirts, the never say die attitude? Or is it because they win stuff?

If it is just the latter, you shouldn't call yourself a supporter at all, because those of us who have followed United through thick and thin, year after year support them because they are Manchester United a very very special football club who don't have to win anything for us to support them.

Some want to change the face of football so desperately they would be only too pleased to get rid of the likes of us. Dump us for a fast buck. They've got a fight on their hands and they know it. And who are leading the fight to "SAVE OUR GAME"? Manchester United supporters - who else.

"Typical of that lot". Can't you hear them in the dark and dusty rooms of the FA where the carpets nearly touch the ceiling because of all the shite that's been brushed underneath them. No doubt after Wednesday night those very same carpets will be brushing the rafters.

After the game against the scouse I couldn't speak, I was so angry. I have never been more angry after a game in my life, and was afraid I may do something really stupid and land myself in a deal of trouble. Thankfully I held myself together and managed to stay out of trouble, but it wasn't easy.

I was angry at the incompetence of one man and we all know who that man is. I hesitate to call him a cheat, but can think of no other word to describe his actions. The second half was littered with decisions which would have lead to a lynching had they been made at the local park. Carragher and Ince should have been sent off and the match won after that disgraceful tackle on Blomqvist. But to add insult to injury he prefers to turn his back and pretend nothing was wrong.

And what is the fourth official going to do about this - f**k all I expect. What do they ever do - sweet FA - that's where the name comes from. As for the so called penalty - not even the Kopshite thought it was, they couldn't believe their luck when they heard the whistle.

It was the worst display of biased refereeing I have seen since the Italians came over with their wads of cash in the sixties and seventies. I have already faxed the FA and would urge everyone else to do the same. This particular man in black must be stopped and never allowed to referee another United game for the rest of his pathetic career. If I ever come across this individual, even if I live to be 100 I will tell him how much contempt I harbour for him. He ranks alongside the cheating MacParland, the unworthy to have ever worn the red shirt - Ince and the despicable Willis. If you don't know who the other two are, ask someone about the 57 and 85 Cup Finals.

And then yesterday something happened. Out of the loathing which coursed through my veins, the hate which spilt out of my mouth. After nearly a whole day of isolation having not listened to the radio or watched TV I calmed down and came to my senses and thought, maybe it is the best thing that could have happened after all.

I know you're probably thinking that ol DMC's gone completely off his head - but wait....................

We didn't lose the game did we? We still have the same chance of winning the title as the Arse don't we? All we have to do is win three more games and score more goals than them and it's ours. We can do that can't we?

Think about the way we do things at United. Wouldn't it be the best possible way to win - on goal difference? Wouldn't those pathetic moronic excuse for football fans, the scousers,with their Bayern banners, Munich chants, Bacofoil European Cups - wouldn't they just luv it if we did that? In fact wouldn't everyone else just luv it. The thought fills me with such joy I can't wait.

The irony awaits us, destiny is calling. Imagine the scene........We go to face United old boys, the Arse are facing theirs. Both teams triumph. It goes down to the last day of the season. We play Tottenham the Arse's hated rivals. The Arse play Shotgun and his crew. Tottenham are tied between hating us and loathing the Arse. In effect it matters little as the rampant Reds run out victors. The Villa faithful are so desperate to see us lose they're wetting their pants, but their heroes pull off a famous victory at Highbury and the Gooners are distraught while we celebrate.

It's just too good to be true, I hear you say. Wait and see and admire as Keano lifts the trophy at OT - the real trophy, not the fake one which is at Highbury on Sky 2.

Remember what the Wizard said, "We are just not going to let the referee stop us from winning this league".

That's good enough for me. The Wizard will demand success for all of us who love this club.


The Devil May Care - DMC.

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