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Published: 16 APR 2003

by Pete Hargreaves

Below is a copy of my letter to the FA. Please do likewise if you agree.
Thanks, Pete

P.S. If I got the date wrong for Denis PLEASE don't bloody go on about it.
JUST write to the bastards at the FA.

PPS I think the FA's FAX is - 020-7402-0486 If it isn't will you let me/us know.

The FA's email address is
< yourviews@thefa.com >


The Chief Executive
The Football Association
25 Soho Square
London W1V 5FB

16th April 2003

Dear Sir,

I would ask you to cast your minds back to an incident at Anfield in, from memory, May 1999. Denis Irwin, one of the most respected and decent men ever to play professional football, was sent from the field for, in the opinion of the referee, deliberately kicking the ball away after a free-kick had been awarded. To say that the decision was harsh would be one of the biggest understatements in my fifty years of watching football.

As a result of that sending-off Denis Irwin missed the Football Association Cup Final.

Having pointed out that issue of precedent I now wish to ask you to act in a similar manner.

Irrespective of how nice Sol Campbell is. How many babies he regularly kisses, dogs he pats, or old ladies he helps across the road, he quite deliberately elbowed Solskjaer (without any doubt whatsoever even you MUST see him look back and see Solskjaer coming before the elbow is struck) and was, quite correctly, sent from the field for violent conduct.

You must then forget that Sol Campbell is NOT a Manchester United player and MUST invoke the punishment that befits his misdemeanor. You must not allow him to serve the ban NEXT SEASON. You must behave in a proper manner. You really must.

He MUST be banned for at least THREE games. If this causes him to miss the Football Association Cup Final sobeit. That will be sad for him but NO sadder than it was for Denis Irwin.

I intend to copy this letter around the world via the Internet. You might well expect some similar responses from my fellow Manchester United supporters as they, like me, do believe that the Football Association has one set of rules for players of Manchester United and one set for all others particularly Arsenal.

On this occasion (at least) you MUST do the right thing and be seen to so do.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Hargreaves

P.S. Cantona assault of spectator NINE month ban. Carragher assault of spectator NO ACTION. I rest my case. I COULD cite other examples of your obvious bias.

Copyright 2003 by Pete Hargreaves. All rights reserved.
Not to be reproduced without permission of the author.

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